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2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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185 comments on “Rate the race: 2017 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Verstappen got what he deserves

    1. Arnoud van Houwelingen
      11th June 2017, 20:31

      What are you talking about .. he was in front of Vettel .. look at the pic above!!!!!

      1. @magnusy For what? Didn’t see him do anything wrong. He wasn’t investigated for anything either.

        Is this about the Vettel contact? If so that’s completely unreasonable. Verstappen was well ahead. Clearly not to blame.

          1. Keith Collantine always defends Max. I didn’t expect anything different.

          2. is that link about the SPA incident last year? That doesn’t have anything to do with this incident, not even remotely resembling.

          3. @philby: I would not say so. F1 fanatics is the least biased website covering F1 in my opinion, and for proof check planet F1 or skysports F1. I am just expressing my opinion on the incident and it seems that Karma agrees with me !

          4. Kim Philby …even Vettel defends Max: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVSVOw7NHNI

            Even questioning whether he could have done better himself.

          5. @Malik, He defended him for that outright dangerous move he put on Raikkonen in SPA or the blocking in Hungary or the chicane cutting in Mexico.

          6. @Malik Even Vettel doesn’t believe it’s Max’s fault, but of course, you, the genius, know better.

          7. @magnusy Couldn’t disagree with you more. And referencing another race from another season is not pertinent in this case. Max made a fantastic racing move off a great start. SV doesn’t blame him. That’s all there is to it. My takeaway from the incident…boy oh by are we in for a ton of fun from Max throughout his career.

          8. Max defended Max. His dad has already taught him when and where to whine and deny. He is a pro in more ways than just driving. So far he has excused every incident ala Maldonado. Expect it from here on.

        1. Think youre being generous to to tbe annointed one. He knew Vettel was there and chopped across regardless. The stewards have stated publicly that the first corner is treated differently, hence no investigation. Would you say the same if it was last race and the championship depended on it. Max is a tad too arrogant with his let me overtake or crash approach.

          1. I remember a number of years ago another driver had the similar “let me overtake or crash” approach, his name was Ayrton Senna.

        2. Racing incident for me. Max did a great move but Seb ended up out of space because Bottas was inside.

          1. Max is great off the grid and finding lines into the first corners this year almost freakish, even Ric jumped kimi..

      2. Verstappen clipped of front wing of Vettel, although 3 cars into that 1st corner was never going to work. Anyways both Verstappen and Bottas were clear of that Vettels car.

        1. Vettel did brake late. He chose to dive into the corner on the left, then let it run wide while he already was behind Verstappen. So he really did it himself.

          Later in the race Vettel forced Ocon off track in the same corner. Ocon could have easily made the corner but saw Vettel coming in, knew it would end in tears, and chose to use the runoff instead.
          Anyone who chooses to criticise Verstappen and not Vettel must be heavily biased.

          1. Yeah anyone who chooses to disagree with you must be heavily biased.

          2. Plus one Kanan !!!

          3. All I can say is watch the onboard frame by frame.
            Vettel stops steering to the left and instead steers towards Max once he sees him.
            Why? I don’t know. But he would have kept his front wing if he hadn’t.

      3. As a huge Ferrari fan who is very biased Max did nothing wrong it was just a racing incident and he could of got a puncture. Vettel said as much 3 cars into 1 corner he was just unlucky. He had to brake for hamilton Bottas on the left and Max was on his right. No big issue. Made for a lot of entertainment with Vettel coming from the back.

    2. 7 for me. It’s us who suffer. losing a race, and losing a racer in Max. The 4 way fight for the win turned into a fight for 3rd after turn 1. What a mistake from Ferrari not to change the dangling front wing in safety car period and then run softs, they risked it, so it broke immediately after SC pitted. Impossible to race without DRS, DRS trains, and also car pretty much topping out so no speed differential to get an overtake done.

      We F1fanatics need to make an intervention to Sky sports f1, they don’t follow the race at all, and of late are more contempt in hunting Ferrari more than anything else, as long as the race is Hamilton’s the rest is irrelevant. Vettel’s wing was clearly damaged they missed it, there was action all over and they are simply not following the race. FOM is also to blame, last weekend the Monaco director didn’t get any of the few overtakes made that Sunday this time he missed 5 or 6 Vettel overtakes, also he didn’t focus early enough on the turn 1 chaos, and many many overtakes all over the field, we don’t need to focus so much on Stroll and we don’t need to focus so much on a DRS train.

    3. Arnoud van Houwelingen
      11th June 2017, 20:57

      He is front of the corner and keeps outside on the racing line .. Bothers made a mistake with braking and therefore Vettel was squashed .. Vettel made a very bad start lets be honest now!

      1. Vettel made a very bad start lets be honest now!

        No he did not make a bad start per se, but did make a mistake. Look at the replays again shown from Vettel’s car camera. Vettel got directly behind Hamilton to try and get a slipstream but in doing so, opened the door to Verstappen on his right. You cannot blame the Dutchman for trying to take advantage.

        Vettel unfortunately got squeezed between Bottas and Verstappen as they arrived at the first corner and had to brake hard. This literally flung Verstappen ahead just as he was making the left turn and so clipped Vettel’s wing.

        IMO, a racing incident and nothing more.

        1. I’d say all front runners made fairly even starts and Verstappen just had a great one. That said Verstappen had room to take a bit wider line at the apex of T1 but didn’t and squeezed Vettel.

          This was actually very similar to how Vettel squeezed Raikkonen in Belgium last year now that I think of it. However, I didn’t think it was worth a penalty (then or now).

          I has to be said that though, that in both cases one could say that Verstappen was the over-opportunistic one….

    4. Yep….he’ll certainly get what he deserves when Mercedes, Ferrari, and any other top team
      yank him out of his second string role and he gets the drive every superb young driver seeks.
      This is the driver with the most potential in virtually every department that F1 has seen in
      decades. And you, my friend , must be wearing some very oddly focussed spectacles.

      1. Yep. He’s good but Dan Ric can match him. They would both kill Vettel in the same machinery and both give Hamilton and Alonso a decent run for their $.

        1. Uhm no, nothing has proven that so far. Every driver has his off season but to this day I highly doubt even Alonso could match either Vettel or Hamilton.

    5. Vettel admitting it was his misstake rather than Verstappen’s is what he got.

    6. I mean it was clumsy at best let’s be honest. It happens at the first lap, but it is what it is. Bottas also almost collected Hamilton and Vettel there.

    7. It’s not F1fanboy.co.uk you know.

  2. Hamilton had an easy day, but rest of the field kept it exciting!
    And I rate the #F1RaftRace a 10/10.

    1. 9/10 for the race. +1 point for Patrick Stewart’s podium interview

  3. 8/10. It was a great race, especially towards the end. The three way battle at the end was epic! I wonder if Ocon was instructed to stay behind Perez. He didn’t open his DRS at the start/finish straight, which might have just put him into 5th. They could have gotten a podium though if only Ocon waa allowed to attack Dan.

    1. Yes, I agree with that @mashiat, it was a great race indeed. A bit of a shame Verstappen dropped out though, he could have made it more interesting for the top 2-3. Now it was almost too easy for Hamilton. But he really deserved a good race after that great pole position yesterday and it plays out very nicely for the championship as well.

      I am pretty sure that had FI made it immediately clear that Perez would have to let Ocon have a go at Ricciardo, they could have finished 3-5th today. I think that with the very solid positions they were in, and several really agressive defensive moves from Serio, Ocon just was careful not to be the one to take both of them out of the race.
      Perez clearly cared nothing about that, just about finishing ahead of his teammate today. And it could have been even worse, had Kimi not suffered a break issue, he would have probably been right behind Vettel (surely Ferrari would not let him get in the way of Vettel’s hunt for the podium).

      Good recovery from Vettel after where he found himself after the first corner, solid drive from Grosjean too to get into the points in the end, although Alonso dropping out helped him a bit. I actually think Stroll also did a good job today, he did seem a tad reluctant at moments, but I guess he just felt that it was not the right moment to lose the car or hit anyone.

      1. Well said you two @mashiat, @bascb – fully agreed. I really had forgotten for a bit that Hamilton, pause, Bottas – were somewhere ahead of that scrap for thrid when HAM crossed finishline, LOL; we got to see the more interesting bits of the race instead.

    2. Yep, solid 8. Graded on a curve: Montreal, ‘street’ circuit, green, narrow, yada yada. Vettel injected some pure joy however. In light of that, it probably should have been higher, but Montreal, yada yada.

  4. Good race. Quite a few battles for a position throughout the field.

  5. Excellent race, exciting all through the field. Immense battle for 3rd, though I’d liked to have seen Ocon have a go at Ricciardo.

  6. Enjoyed that, 8/10.

  7. 6/10. Was going to be 8/10 but took away 2 points for awful stewarding. Double penalty for Kvyat was undeserved and should not have happened.

    1. Why not. He should have started last. Clearly the drive through wasn’t enough. But I agree, one penalty that would have put him last would have been better.

    2. @adamgoh Those pre-start rules are all there for safety reasons, the penalties need to make sure a team/driver is not better of breaking the rules and taking the penalty than he would have been if he just followed the rule. Therefore the initial drivethrough was not enough.
      I agree the stewards would have looked slightly better if they’d gotten it right on first try, though.

      1. You dont issue a penalty after half the race because the initial penalty wasnt as effective as you thought. Its an absolute farse. Theres no safety in amateur stwards.

    3. @adamgoh IIRC, the penalty for failing to start in formation lap like Kvyat did (the whole field already passing the SC1 line) is to start at the back of the grid or 10s stop-go penalty. This is one instance when the penalty is specifically written and not under steward discretion. So the stewards make an error and they just trying to fix it the best as they could. In fact, I argue drive through and 10s penalty is still better than 10s stop-go penalty since the driver didn’t need to waste time braking and accelerating to/from 0kph.

      1. I agree a penalty was deserved, but the double penalty was not. If it was written in the books they should have just given the stop-go penalty outright instead of making him serve the penalty twice. It ruins strategy planning and just psychologically messes up the driver. Amateur hour for the stewards there.

        1. @adamgoh I’ve checked, and it’s indeed written in the rules. While it’s clear the stewards is at fault here, at least they can and try their best to correct it. Leaving Kvyat without additional penalty is unfair to other drivers in past and future who also do the same infringement.

  8. Could have been exciting at the front as Vettel had the pace but it wasn’t to be.


  9. I don’t want to say this but Verstappen robbed us of what could’ve been a classic Grand Prix. It was still great nonetheless, but I have a feeling it could’ve been just that much better.

    1. Mad Max only robbed Vettel of chance to fight for win.

      1. Max had a great start. Seb was tentative on attacking Lewis than reverted to defend Bottas opening the outside line to Max. There was no space for 3 cars their, being behind forcing himself in was not a good move for Seb.

    2. Arnoud van Houwelingen
      11th June 2017, 20:32

      Again look at the pic above .. he was clearly in front of Vettel so what are you on about ??????????????

      1. Before you get defensive, I never said it was Verstappen’s fault.

        1. And you are right. Without the incident, we could have gotten a great race. Now we got a very boring one. Vettel was the only one who could make this a fight for the win.

    3. Vettel allowed two slower cars to dive past him. How is this Verstappens fault?

      Its a shame but Bottad and Verstappen was amazing and i call it a racing incident, if anyones to blame its Vettel.

      1. Even though I often consider VER moves at the start risky, this one in particular was just a racing incident. No one to blame.

      2. I never implicitly said it was Verstappen’s fault… I’m saying that incident robbed us a battle for 1st

      3. Yeah chopping someone’s front wing trying to overtake… Great spatial awareness there. Clearly if it’s anyone’s fault, it must be the driver whose front wing got run over. Except for, you know, every case that doesn’t involve Max diving here and there everywhere.

  10. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    11th June 2017, 20:30

    That was pretty good in the end. Verstappen had an amazing start!

    Vettel was stunning – very risky overtaking given he’s leading the championship. Excellent come-back!

    1. Vettel made the race for me, personally. Which says a bit about the rest of the race, unfortunately :\

  11. Extraordinary performance by VET.
    A Sunday drive in the park (literally) for HAM
    More psychotic go kart driving from VER
    Selfish, non team behavior from PER
    Excellent drive by OCO; this kid’s a future champion.

    8/10 race

  12. Well, omit Hamilton’s only competition and he’s going to win by some margin. A good ol Sunday drive to take 1st. Vettel is outstanding and limited what could have been MUCH worse. And Kimi? What’s happening with Kimi? *sigh*

    1. “A Sunday drive by the river” – Sir Patrick Stewart

  13. One thing’s bugging me… How come VER wasn’t even investigated for contact? He ruined VET’s race! And the Sky commentators were saying it was a cracking move! I really don’t understand. And don’t start saying that on the 1st lap the stewards are more lenient because that is only true because there are a lot of cars in the same space and contact is unavoidable, but that clearly could have been avoidable, in my opinion..!

    Also, props to Liberty Media (or whoever decided this) for bringing back the rafts race which was good fun and also for making a very small (but in my view important) change to the broadcast: keeping the table with the driver’s standing permanently on display!! Makes it so much easier to follow the whole field!

    1. easy .. it is because he was in front of VET before turning in..
      The same rule when you are on legal roads, when you are behind you have to care to do not collide

      1. Well, not really! If a car cuts in front of you and you two crash it’s kinda of his fault, not yours!

    2. Vettel ruined his own race with a bad start….VER was a car length ahead…give the guy some credit!

      1. VER touched VET with the front wheel, how can he had been one car length ahead?

        1. Max touched Vettel with his rear left.

        2. Front wheel? Did you watch the race?

      2. That doesn’t give Verstappen a free license to run over his front wing.

        1. Exactly Vettel took any avoiding action he could. He didn’t try to win an positions after his start just to turn in one piece.

        2. VER did nothing wrong. VET had BOT on the inside so he got in a sandwich. VER took the race line

          1. It was messy half baked move that led to an avoidable contact. It is easy when you are not fighting for the WDC to go for the early glory. I am not a Vettel fan but Verstappen but I am bothered by his antics, he is always involved in incidents that ruin races.

          2. Fighting for WDC? We have only done 7 races.. if you can not fight for WDC after 7 races you can better stop after the first race.

        3. Live from German tv: I don’t blame max. You don’t see the front wing from the car behind you in that position. I could have breaker earlier but would have lost out.

      3. Its one thing losing 2-3 positions and quite another having your race compromised because somebody was reckless again.

        1. guys… please review the slomo’s again and put your anti-verstappen glasses off.
          You’ll find out that a world opens.

          VES was completely in front of VET. VET was busy blocking BOT and overshot the corner.
          I.m.o. VET was the one to blame because VES was completely in Front of VER

          1. Doesn’t give Max the right to chomp on the inside to ruin Vettel’s race.

          2. @Michael “anti-verstappen glasses” ridiculous. The only glasses I wear are the “I want clean racing” ones.

          3. Even Vettel admitted there was no problem. So let’s trus ton his judgement and not some anti-VER talk.

      4. Bad start? He had a better one than Hamilton. He was just left with nowhere to go.

        1. @evered7 Then how comes hes 3 wide with slower cars from down the grid instead of 2 wide with Hamilton?

          1. @rethla Because he started 2nd? He should have had a good one and Hamilton a poor one for what you mention to be happening. Hamilton had a normal start. Max had the biggest jump.

        2. This comment makes no sense

    3. i felt it was a racing incident, as VER was almost a full car ahead and he took the racing line very close to the track limit. What was he supposed to do, get on the grass? I get it that people want VET vs HAM fights, and this ruined it for us, but VET can only blame his bad start for this.

      1. As you said “almost”.

        1. Yeah the rule is clear: if you’re not a full car ahead of VET you have to let him pass you again

          1. I just remembered another rule: if you are partially in front you are entitled to run into other’s front wings.

          2. lol you’re entitled to take the racing line.

          3. @Patrick Lol? You are entitled to the racing line only if you are in front, If he was there wouldn’t be contact. According to you then Sainz was also entitled to do what he did, he was also partially in front.

      2. @gechichan, I’m not saying he should have been penalised. But we have seen investigations for much, much less. It just seems to me that some times the the stewards are more lenient on VER than most drivers

    4. First turn. That was more an issue of the wings being too wide and too far forwards of the front wheels than racecraft. I thought it was a great move and just a bummer for Vettel.

  14. Sir Patrick Stewart – 10/10
    Not a great interview on substance but what a great guy

    1. Yes, that substance was disgusting. Yuk!

  15. 9/10. Exceptional from Lewis in a class of One. Shame for Max with a failure after a fab start.

    Ricciardo must be happy after the three way battle behind him. Super drive from Seb to hit fourth. Happy to hear that McLaren are rumoured to be heading to Mercedes for the PU.

    Added 2 for Patrick Stewart doing a shoey, and the fun on the podium!

  16. Solid 9/10

  17. Racing 9/10. Patrick Stewart made it 10/10 :_)

  18. Phenomenal race by Vettel in a damaged car. If you made a list of the top ten overtakes of the 2017 season so far, half of them would be by Seb.

    1. Agreed. He’s been immense.

    2. Were there any other overtakes lol?

      1. Stroll did ;)

  19. Great race. Solid 9.
    Lots of great drives.

  20. Michael Brown (@)
    11th June 2017, 20:45

    Best or second best race of the season

    1. My joint best with 8/10. The other was Spain.

  21. The stewards were awful in my view I’m not commenting on the SEb incident. I’m talking about Magnussen weaving all over the place, Grosjean being Grosjean doing his 2nd major mistake this season, Vandoorne also weaving dangerously, Kvyat getting a double penalty, it was the stewards mistake to issue the wrong penalty.
    The directing was pretty poor and finally ever since sky got that big contract the standards on journalism are absolutely gone.

    1. Magnussen is a menace.

    2. Couldn’t agree more.

      It was a good race, but I got annoyed at the stewarding in more than anything.

    3. Agree with that @peartree. Magnussen was blocking left and right on so many occasion, I was really wondering when we would see a penalty come up for his weaving, and yeah Vandoorne was pushing that limt too often too.
      And we never even saw any indication if they would investigate the start of the accident that took Massa out of the race and ruined it for Grosjean and hurt Alonso’s race. Instead they were going to investigate Sainz hitting Massa, but surely at that point you could hardly blame Sainz for sitting in an out of control car.

      The penalty for Kvyat was really strange, surely they should rather give themselves a reprimand for missing something, they could have just given him a stop and go right away, but after they gave a drive through, giving one more was just plain vile.

      I also agree that the directing was not great. We should have had the replays of what happened when they were running behind the SC, not once they got racing again. And we got too much of the pitlane and VIPs when there was action on track (including showing Alonso in the grandstands for a minunte while a good fight for the podium was going on)

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        11th June 2017, 22:03


        I think the 1st incident should have had Grosjean, Sainz and Massa investigated. Grosjean had to take avoiding action for Sainz and then Sainz attempted to get past again, but this time, i caused himself to loose control and hit into Massa. Grosjean and especially Massa were not responsible at all IMO. I have seen loads of people say they think that was a really clumsy mistake from Sainz. He’s now had 2 this year and I can see yet more penalty points coming. I really do think he’s been over rated this year. Kvyat has had several good performances even though the points hardly show that. Kvyat has just been extremely unlucky with 3 retirements that were all not his fault. He also had a problem in Australia which resulted in him finishing behind Sianz. He will have been comfortably ahead if it wasn’t for this.
        At the moment, Sainz really isn’t looking any better than his team mate. At leased Kvyat hasn’t made any obvious mistakes this season.

        1. Yeah, Sainz has been praised out of his depth. Especially by the SKyF1 lot, you’d think it was the second coming of Clark.

          It was a bullyish move and he got away with it the first time, but it was daft to try it again. Hopefully there’s some self-criticism and some learning for him, or else the midfield’s gonna be it for the rest of his career.

        2. I entirely agree with you on Sainz Ben Rowe. I made a post similar to this on the F1 round-up today.

      2. Magnussen didn’t get penalised for weaving as the rules states it is OK to change direction once, and back to original racing line again. Which was what Magnussen did.

        And furthermore I think the new owners supports more racing, like wheel to wheel racing. Fights for positions, close combats, etc., rather than 1½ hour of cars circulating in a long procession.

        Even though it is annoying if your hero were behind Magnussen, he complied with the rules. The cars sufficiently faster than Magnussen easily went by, whereas the midfield teams did not have the power surplus.

        Do you really want a fight where the frontrunner just pulls over at let the other ones by…. :-)

  22. Another messy start from VER almost destroyed Vettel’s race thus robbing us of any excitement for the win. To win you need luck and this is what Hamilton has in spades, Raikkonen, Bottas, Ricciardo, Verstappen and Vettel have had bad luck this year yet Hamilton had none.

    1. Must be tough to see Hamilton win. Vettel should have been on pole, then he wouldn’t have been at so much risk.

      1. No it isn’t. When his main rival has if front wing damaged and his teammate isn’t allowed to challenge him. A very deserved victory for Hamilton.

    2. @philby I’d say HAM had some bad luck in Monaco

      1. You mean the retirements that handed him places? Because other than that he was awful.

        1. What about Vandoorne crashing in Q2 bringing out a red flag and stopping him from advancing to Q3?

          1. Given his car was able to lap 0.045 of pole he should have done it one way or another. Also it is dubious if he would succeed he was only 0.1 up on the tenth place driver.

    3. Yes there clearly needs to be a rule change. Only VET and HAM can have good starts and try to overtake. This way we get the best possible F1 season

    4. VET had the messy start… and don’t ignore what BOT was doing on the inside

    5. Another messy start from VER almost destroyed Vettel’s race thus robbing us of any excitement for the win.

      Yeah.. he made a mess of it. He got off the line a little too quickly and then made a perfectly legal move on Vettel to move up just 3 grid spots. These messy starts are the exact reason no top team would hire him….

  23. One of these days the stewards are going to have to stop giving Mad Max such lee-way. He’s involved in incidents every race weekend.

  24. More Patrick Stuart and people like him please!, also the raft race was a welcome addition to break up the tedium.

    My only regret was that nobody prompted Patrick to say ¨Make it so¨.

    The race was alright too.

  25. This just felt like a typical 2014-2016 race.
    Stroll atleast managed to prove himself. So 2 out of 10.

  26. Sviatoslav (@)
    11th June 2017, 20:55

    DRS is killing racing. I gave it 1.
    I’m happy, though, that Ferrari lost. Hopefully, Ferrari won’t win any more this season.

    1. @sviat

      I’m happy, though, that Ferrari lost. Hopefully, Ferrari won’t win any more this season.

      which would be because?

    2. I’m happy, though, that Ferrari lost. Hopefully, Ferrari won’t win any more this season.

      @sviat Spoken like a true racing fan!

    3. Keith runs a really positive site that encourages half-full outlooks. And thus, historically the rating has always been one point below what the race was. I’d give it an 8 for F1, and a 6 for racing in general. I thought it was much needed shot in the arm for F1. Overall, good race for me. Did you seen Indy at Texas? If not, then you missed the bravest drivers in the world. No racing would pay me enough to do that.

  27. 8/10. Great race with lots of action. Congrats to Lance for his first points. There must have been some pressure on his shoulders. Too bad for Max after his super start. And well done Seb for pushing until the end. In my opinion Seb deserves driver of the day for this.

  28. Congratulations to Lance Stroll for earning two points. They cost $40 million per point, but nevertheless good job.

    1. I thought he started off really tentative today, but found a lot more confidence as the race went on. He actually pulled off some great overtaking moves. For his sake, I hope this performance gives him some confidence going forward, and he can gradually start turning things around.

      He looked like a shoe in for the worst driver of the year before this Sunday. Now it looks like Palmer is leading that race.

    2. @Gary Yeah because Massa isn’t benefiting at all from the money Stroll has injected.

  29. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    11th June 2017, 20:57

    Good race even though as a force india fan miffed at Perez, should’ve let Ocon go, not doing that cost the team a podium

  30. 7.

    No DRS and that probably would have been a 9.

  31. This was an enjoyable race: a title contender with a comeback drive and some racing for position around the pit stops. This should be the average F1 race, so somewhere between 6 and 7, but in the 2017 reference frame it will be raining 9’s and 10’s here.

    1. Yeah, I have similar thoughts. Not a bad race (and could have been better on TV as director missed Vettel’s early charge) but the standards have definitely gone down lately. In early Pirelli era this would have been an average race, now it is an exciting one. No way a 9 or 10. Probably a 7 taking missed action into account.

  32. MG421982 (@)
    11th June 2017, 21:03


    BHOAW… how things can change! I think Ferrari just lost the WCC for good now. They can be quite unlucky sometimes, each driver lost 2 positions at the start and got stuck behind slower cars while the Mercedes were distancing from the rest. They really need to look at the starts, at least for VET, this could be a decisive aspect regarding the WDC. The tyres hold a lot better now, so it’s not that easy anymore to pass a car equipped with 30 laps old SuperSofts while being equipped with 5 laps older UltraSofts. Precious points could be lost which might decide the WDC. Plus, I think Ferrari won’t have the luck to see Mercedes have the unluck they had this race with both drivers and gain on Mercedes many points in just 1 race. Given the fact that they have RAI in the 2nd car… not many expectations from them to fight Mercedes for the WDC.

    Congrats to HAM, deserved win, totally dominated BOT. Expected more from BOT. Still early, but dunno, to me BOT kinda looks somehow worse than ROS, not sure if he’s WDC material.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      11th June 2017, 22:19


      Remember this is still Bottas’s first year with the team. If Hamilton had had equal reliability, the points difference won’t have been that different actually. If Hamilton retired this race like Bottas did in Spain, then Bottas would have 100 points, and Hamilton 104. That isn’t a great difference is it? Bottas’s pace wasn’t good here but he finished 2nd. It couldn’t have been a better result for the team. And as Hamilton is ahead in the championship and has a better chance of winning it, the team may well have wanted Hamilton to beat him anyway. When Bottas realized Hamilton was much quicker this weekend, he may have actually realized that he didn’t need to push very hard at all to finish 2nd. He was well ahead of Ricciardo and sometimes not pushing can save the tyres and even the engine. Once he realized he couldn’t challenge Hamilton, he may not have been trying his absolute hardest as there wasn’t really any need to. He knew it would still be the best the team could achieve, which Hamilton appreciated when then got a 1-2 finish.

      Anyway, both drivers have had mixed results this year. Bottas had a poor race in China but Hamilton had a really poor weekend in both Russia and Monaco. Bottas clearly outperformed him in these 2 race weekends. In qualifying, I’d still say they have been pretty even until this race. In the first 6, Bottas has always been 3rd or higher. He got one pole. Hamilton may have had more poles, but he also qualified 4th and 7th in a couple of races. Bottas also until Canada hasn’t been more than 0.3 seconds behind Hamilton, where as there have been an occasion where Hamilton was nearly half a second behind Bottas as well as a time where he didn’t make it into Q3. So all in all, I could still possibly say that they have overall been quite even in their qualifying performances this year. Hamilton is better in the races, but I still think Bottas has it in him to improve over the year. I still think he deserves another chance next year.

  33. Arnoud van Houwelingen
    11th June 2017, 21:04

    Even Vettel said on dutch TV that it wasn’t Max his fault so what are you guys on about .. he was a car length in front and took the racing line .. so unfair these remarks about Max .. let’s talk about Sainz ok because that was really awful but i hear nothing about that!!!

  34. I disagree with those who say we were robbed of Hamilton/Vettle tilt today.
    It’s just that they were competing for the championship, not for the individual race.
    There is no other way to see Seb’s determination.
    Though I am a Ferrari fan, I have never cared for the guy, but I gotta admit, that was a stomping performance today.
    We’ll see how his great pass today plays at the end of the season.

  35. Voted 8. Was watching on RTL, maybe endless german commercials ruined a 9 for me.

    Other than that race was great amazing Verstappen Banzai in to first corner… Saddly he singlehandedly ruined big part of the race… Taking out Vettel on lap 1, and then dropping with car problem.

    I would loved to have seen Vettel batteling from 4th without front wing damage. Equally I would have loved to see Ves do magic from P2. Real shame.

    How would Hamilton cope with pressure. How would Ves hold on? How would Vet tackle Bottas… Who knows.

    Result is also good for the championship.

    1. @jureo I also watched on RTL, and I don’t understand how people can bear this. I only do it once every two years ago when I happen to be traveling and only RTL is available.

      It feels like there are commercials for one third of the race (would be interesting to know the actual number), and the commentators are clueless.

      One example: Alonso said something about prime and option, and the commentator mentioned that this was nonsense as we now have three tyres, and it is just Alonso that has a hard time letting go of the habit to call tyres option and prime.

    2. Agreed. RTL is my only option (unless I fork out a massive amount of money for a package of other sports that I couldn’t care less for). It being free, I guess I am being ungrateful and spoiled for complaning, but, dang! I haven’t timed the commercials, but it does feel like something like 20 % of the time, and often with VERY poor timing.

      A friend texted me during the race (he has forked out the cash for coverage): “MAG vs three others – best fight of the season” and all I could reply was “Probably – currently busy being informed of the benefits of Always Ultra Sanitary Napkins“.

      On the plus side: my theoretical knowledge of German beer brands, D.I.Y. shops and amazing deals on mobile phones is second to none.

      1. Sometimes it was 4-5 laps per block… Poorly timed, I only endured because my Internet was to unstable for streaming.

  36. Rubbish. F1 is also about the crowd, and if a driver chooses to do something unique and make some of the fans’ day then fine by me.

    Blame FOM for broadcasting it then.

    1. (that was a reply to the Alonso crowd comment).

  37. 8/10. Great start and good battle for 3rd-7th position but sadly Kimi got BBW problem. Good recovery drive from Vettel, but considering this is one of the track that easy to pass if you have power advantage, it’s expected for a Ferrari to breeze half of the field anyway. Still, a good overtake moves on the Force Indias.

    However, I think this is the first time I really disappointed with Perez because not only he most likely denied Force India greater point finish, he already followed Ricciardo for effectively the entire race without even getting close to his gearbox or even attempting to make a move. Yet, he still denying Ocon while they still have time before they need to defend against the Ferraris.

    Shout out to the track marshals who clear the track fast enough (pretty surprised to see the SC called in so quickly considering there are 2 cars to clear and they need to push Max car back into turn 1 escape road) and of course Sir Patrick Stewart who, in my opinion, gives the best podium interview so far.

  38. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    11th June 2017, 21:14

    That battle between Ocon, Perez and Vettel reminded me about the crash between Massa and Perez in 2014. Good race for me 10/10.

  39. Victor (@victorandrei1999)
    11th June 2017, 21:15

    Just a little thing: feel very sorry for Alonso :(

  40. Pierre Racine
    11th June 2017, 21:18

    Stroll, at last, proved that he can race, pas and also be fast. His times were faster than anyone ahead of him up to Vettel who was 7th. Really impressed. Not a bad move. Never thought I would say this of him…

  41. MG421982 (@)
    11th June 2017, 21:19

    BTW, thumbs down again to Sky coverage regarding Ferrari. They try really hard to make VET look small and RAI big. After the 2nd pitstop RAI was like 15sec behind VET and they were already saying that RAI should breeze past VET but the team won’t let him do that. For the guys from Sky, 15-20 laps old SuperSofts were fresh rubber while VET 45 laps SuperSofts would have been totally destroyed tyres. We’ve all seen so far this season that the tyres lasted better than expected overall, so can these guys be much more far from reality than they are now?!?!

    1. @corrado-dub Funny you think that because what Sky commentator said is logical when they said it. The fact is Vettel is on very old Super softs and stuck behind Ocon. Kimi just pits for new Ultra softs and lapping 1.5s faster. Given that fact of course people should expect Kimi can breeze past Vettel easily. However, given Vettel is leading the championship and Kimi is way behind in points, there’s no sense for Ferrari to give team order… yet (I don’t want to speculate because Vettel eventually also pits few laps later thus the circumstances changed). Also Brundle even surprised when Vettel still posting personal best just after Kimi pits, which makes him said he not sure if Kimi can breeze past easily like he’s suggested before.

      1. MG421982 (@)
        11th June 2017, 21:54

        Brundle is one of the reasons I still watch Sky. The problem for Sky coverage is their actual employees (and not the ex-F1 drivers): Crofty, Kravitz and the other guy. Yeah, it seemed logical at that moment, but we (him too!) are following F1 for decades now, so we know that RAI’s tyres would have 15-20 laps old when he would have been on VET’ tail, plus that 1-1.5sec advantage per lap would have been under 1sec after 15-20laps for sure. Then, VET has the same car, RAI is not that fast anymore… so, personally, I did not see RAI storming past VET although equipped with 20 laps fresher tyres.

        1. @corrado-dub The breezing assumption is made assuming Vettel didn’t stop again. Even Kimi tires is 15-20 laps old, its still 15-20 laps old Ultra Softs vs Vettel’s 65+ Super Softs. We already seen the ultra softs is still good after 30+laps from other drivers, but 65+ Super soft is unknown and with the inherent ultra soft supposedly faster than super softs, I think it’s very logical to expect Kimi can breeze thru Vettel.

  42. Well Ferrari messed up kimi again..this time with MGU issues they messed him up to give vettel the pass. Had this not happened kimi would have passed octone and Perez but they cleverly sacrificed kimi to get more points for vettel .. Had they not done this they would have been 4 and 5 instead of 4 and 7th.. This way they will loose both the championship if they keep compromising their other driver ..their car is still not as good as mercs.. Iastly redbull will catch them soon like last year ..

    1. I think the Ferrari is good enough of a car to keep Red Bull at bay, Vettel alone is already outscoring Red Bull I believe.

      And I don’t really think they compromised Kimi his strategy, car or race for Vettel’s race. Kimi, again, did not have the pace to get the job done, even without his damage he was slower than Vettel the entire race. Vettel came from P18 to almost right behind Kimi before either of them pitted. If anything they should’ve let Kimi push to get past Ocon when he was there, and pit Vettel first…

      1. MG421982 (@)
        11th June 2017, 21:56


      2. he pushing already…and was faster to about 1.2 sec per lap ..He had issue with his MGU (power unit) and lost the place vettel…and then they were telling do this and do that…they knew even if kimi is slow because of power unit he will be 7th..instead of going for 4th and 5th because kimi would have overtaken both force indias they just thought its better to compromise kimi and let vettel take max points..it could have been 4 and 5th Ferrari…I am just saying that they will mess up their own chances of WDC if they keep messing the other driver …

  43. 7/10. Entertaining but not something I’d feel the need to watch again.

  44. I’ve seen worse. I wholeheartedly dislike the track’s layout, but the race was okay. No competiton for first place after the first few laps, unfortunately. But decent entertainment from P3 onwards.

  45. Best start of the last couple of seasons, awesome crash, great restart, a red bull faster than a merc, drama, super tight battles, inter team drama, Vettel on the hunt, ballsy overtakes, Lewis masterclass and a 66% undeserved podium.
    Feels like a proper 9.

  46. A very good race. Shame the stupid move of Verstappen that ruined again four times champion Vettel race!
    Glad to see him out, poetic justice!

    1. Of course, that’s why Vettel is admitting on German tv and in the German press that it was his misstake.
      Oh wait, let me guess, it’s probably quite common for F1 drivers to admit to mistakes they didn’t make, right?

      1. Actually Vettel has a habit bordering on a fault of ‘admitting mistakes’. In this one respect he really should take a lesson from Alonso and Hamilton.

    2. People are making too much out of it. Yes, it cost Vettel a lot of time, but at the same time Max clearly wasn’t trying to damage any other cars on purpose, and Vettel was unlucky to be sandwiched between 2 cars, with Verstappen’s coming too late for him to really manoeuvre his car into a better position. Clearly a racing incident.

      And I am a Vettel fan.

  47. All this poop about Verstappen and no one mentions Sainz’s manoeuvre and as for Kimi conspiracy theories, dear oh dear is everyone thick on here?

  48. Rick Lopez (@viscountviktor)
    12th June 2017, 0:07

    8/10, very entertaining race but sadly nothing for the lead. Great midfield battles throughout, Force Indias looking very strong.

  49. 8/10

    no fight for the win at all
    lewis just doing what he needs when he is on the front

    could give 6 or 7, but a solid recovery drive by vettel and amazing performance by ocon throughout the race keep the race a bit alive, so 8

  50. Scuderia-Racing-Or-Ping-Pong (@)
    12th June 2017, 6:48

    8/10. Epic, but the only epic highlight was the fight for the third place.

  51. Loved the race for an unpredictable start and all that happened especially the last couple of laps when the raging Vettel cut through the field. Give it a 8.5 if it’s allowed. 2017, a great season so far, appreciate it while we can!

  52. 8 from me.

    Really feisty racing all round.

    Only two things drawing it back were the lack of battle for 1-2 (that died the moment Max got in to 2nd, then died again following his subsequent retirement!), and that stupid DRS on the back straight. Has always been completely unnecessary.

  53. Its a 8 race but iv voted it a 9 just because of the qually, pole lap was very quick and the Senna helm presentation really touched me.
    Max aggression the big talking point as usual, I think we had the same when LH came in. People dont seem to like aggressive drivers particularly when its one of their fav drivers is on the other end, for me I thought the chop on Vet was brutal but it passed within the “first corner” rule so its done.
    Saints on Grosjean was murderous, pushed him onto the grass and then turned in again to take his nose off and wipe himself and Massa out, dangerous.
    I was sad to see Kimi fall back, brake issues, dont think Ric would have let him past and onto the podium tho he would have had a few laps to try.
    Good race, what a difference from 2 weeks ago.

  54. Nice onboard views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEB9JZ0XGGQ

    Looks like Vettel kept going straight when he should have been turning.

  55. Interesting, I seemed to watch different race to most other voters. The race was pretty much done and dusted after the a few laps with Mercedes romping away at the lead and the rest driving in a nice queue. I did enjoy the midfield battles, but they weren’t particularly exciting: I’m sounding like a broker record, but once again it felt like the DRS was either overpowered and the overtake would’ve happened anyway, or then the “DRS train” happened like with the Force Indias behind Ricciardo.

    5/10, so very average.

  56. 6/10.

    The first 1/3 was interesting and eventful, but the rest was rather boring : I never believed Perez would pass Ricciardo, and apart from that battle, there was nothing going on. Mercedes had one of it’s easiest 1-2 result yesterday.

  57. Just because causing damage to another car does not rise to the level of needing investigation and a penalty does not mean that it was not a mistake.
    Was Verstappen deserving of a penalty for cutting across Vettel’s path and damaging Vettel’s wing ? No,but it was a mistake ( I hope ) and ruined Vettel’s chance at making Canada a true competition for P1. Verstappen’s driving ( again, I hope it was a miscalculation but, with Verstappen one can not be certain) ruined Vettle’s race and Ferrari’s but,more important it ruined the suspense that another Vettel Hamilton duel would have brought.
    I realize that there are those who just want a return to the 2014-16 dominance of Mercedes where Hamilton would often pull ahead to an insurmountable lead and essentially the race would be over after a few laps with the only car that had any chance of catching Hamilton was the other Silver Arrow but, I for one want to see a race and not 70 laps of follow the leader ,especially where the leader never changes .
    That is what we saw Sunday and the race is best described as BORING. We finally ,after 3 seasons, had a return to competition ( at least as between 2 teams ) and Verstappen by rushing across Vettel’s path destroyed the contest.
    The only good thing that came of Vettel’s wing being damaged was that the incident reinforced my belief in Karma . The racing Gods ( so to speak) paid Verstappen back for ruining the race.
    Rate the race : a 5 out of 10 .
    A return to the 2014-16 Mercedes assured 1-2 .
    If there is a competitive contest and the outcome cannot be known until the last lap or so then the Sliver Arrow 1-2 is fine from a fan’s perspective but, we all know that only Ferrari is close the Mercedes and with Vettel needing to pit so soon and take the time to replace the front wing we would be watching a contest for 3rd at best .
    When one compares the Canadian GP to the great battle in Texas that Indycar put on the night before I must ask myself why I continue to prefer F1 and note that if 2017 turns out to be anything close to the follow-the-leader routine of F 1 2014-16 my order of preference is sure to change .
    I prefer F1 cars to Indycars and F1’s tracks are more interesting but, where the cars battle side by side lap and the outcome cannot be know even after 590 of 600 miles it does put one on the edge of one’s seat .
    Compare that suspense to what we saw in Canada where the world-feed virtually stopped broadcasting the first two cars half way through they race . They knew no one wanted to see them and the only real races and entertainment were the contests for P3 and back.
    Hamilton and many in F1 feel that Indycar is an inferior circuit and I must admit that I prefer the F1 cars and tracks but, given the choice of watching an event where the P3 driver can’t see P2 and P2 can’t see P1 or a race with cars that are a bit less technical and tracks that are less interesting but , the P1 car is touching the P2 car and the P3 car is inches behind,that goes on for laps at a time even the last few laps and the are all going at 225 mph there is no question as to which event I shall select.
    Score : Canada GP : 5 ,Texas 600: 10 .

  58. It’s a hard race to quantify why I enjoyed. No real battle for the lead, less action than some races I’ve ranked lower. But it was entertaining. I’ve no doubt it didn’t have a record number of passes, but DRS didn’t seem to interfere so we saw some quality fights 8/10

  59. I gave the race 7.5

    I enjoyed the race, after the start it was obvious only car trouble would stop Hamilton taking the victory but there was plenty of action away from the front to keep it entertaining.

    Vettel was unlucky to be clipped by Verstappen on the opening lap but even without the damage, or even if Vettel had made a better start and retained second place I think Hamilton would have still won the race, however it would have made things interesting if Vettel had made the best start and had got ahead of Hamilton.

    Congratulations to Stroll on getting his first points in F1 and at his home Grand Prix as well, reading some of the comments sections he seems to have plenty of critics and I am sure this result won’t silence them but at least he has got off the mark.

    Such a shame to see Alonso retire so close to the end when he was on course to score McLaren’s first points of the season. With the comments Alonso has made regarding his future I cannot see how McLaren Honda will make the required progress to be competitive by September, so the question will be where will Alonso decide to go next season, will there be a vacancy at a competitive team next year in F1 or will he choose to go to Indycar full time.

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