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2017 Canadian Grand Prix

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Which Formula One driver made the most of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

It’s time to give your verdict on which driver did the best with the equipment at their disposal over the last five days.

Review how each driver got on below and vote for who impressed you the most at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Driver performance summary

DriverStartedFinishedRace changeLap 1 changeHighest positionLowest positionGap to team mate*
Lewis Hamilton110011-19.783
Valtteri Bottas32+102319.783
Daniel Ricciardo63+3+136
Max Verstappen5+322
Sebastian Vettel24-2-2418-22.725
Kimi Raikkonen47-3-25722.725
Sergio Perez85+3+137-0.24
Esteban Ocon96+3+1280.24
Felipe Massa7
Lance Stroll179+8+2917
Fernando Alonso1216-40512Not on same lap
Stoffel Vandoorne1614+2+5916Not on same lap
Carlos Sainz Jnr13
Daniil Kvyat11+1717
Romain Grosjean1410+4-31017-1.49
Kevin Magnussen1812+6+58151.49
Nico Hulkenberg108+2+1812Not on same lap
Jolyon Palmer1511+4+11116Not on same lap
Marcus Ericsson1913+6+31317Not on same lap
Pascal Wehrlein2015+5+21418Not on same lap

    Vote for your driver of the weekend

    Which driver do you think did the best job throughout the race weekend?

    Who got the most out of their car in qualifying and the race? Who put their team mate in the shade?

    Cast your vote below and explain why you chose the driver you picked in the comments.

    Who was the best driver of the 2017 Canadian Grand Prix weekend?

    • No opinion (0%)
    • Pascal Wehrlein (0%)
    • Marcus Ericsson (0%)
    • Jolyon Palmer (0%)
    • Nico Hulkenberg (2%)
    • Kevin Magnussen (0%)
    • Romain Grosjean (0%)
    • Daniil Kvyat (0%)
    • Carlos Sainz Jnr (0%)
    • Stoffel Vandoorne (0%)
    • Fernando Alonso (3%)
    • Lance Stroll (5%)
    • Felipe Massa (0%)
    • Esteban Ocon (16%)
    • Sergio Perez (2%)
    • Kimi Raikkonen (0%)
    • Sebastian Vettel (29%)
    • Max Verstappen (2%)
    • Daniel Ricciardo (1%)
    • Valtteri Bottas (0%)
    • Lewis Hamilton (39%)

    Total Voters: 546

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  • 114 comments on “Vote for your 2017 Canadian Grand Prix Driver of the Weekend”

    1. Lewis. Grand Chelem, dominated the whole thing.
      Great pole lap and superb race.
      Ocon, Vettel, Ricciardo and, why not, Stroll were great also.

      1. Lewis, great quali and no mistake during race
        Max, great quali and super start, dnf battery dead
        Ocon, great Quali and was faster then Perez during the race.
        Vettel, Quali was good terrible start.
        Riccardo, great defending by keeping the FI behind him

      2. Stroll good? in a car that’s capable of easily reaching 4-5th in this race. Massa would’ve been half a lap in front of him, and Massa isn’t ALO/HAM/VET

    2. Lewis Hamilton. Esteban Ocon. And sympathy to Fernando Alonso..

    3. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      11th June 2017, 22:23

      Vettel. The start didn’t seem a case of him having a bad start – more Verstappen having a brilliant one – and he was unlucky to have front wing damage afterwards. After such an unlucky start I thought he was doomed to pick up 8th or 9th at best – I’d never have thought he’d managed to come within a few car lengths of third by the end.

      Excellent fightback though with risky, measured aggression from someone leading the championship. He’s arguably driving better this season so far than some of the years he won the championship.

      1. Completely agree, perhaps Hamilton got more points this weekend (Lewis probably did indeed have a better weekend) – but this is a good result from Vettel. There will always be races where you have to deal with issues that you were not expecting, quite often they can ruin a championship campaign. The fact that Vettel was able to make the recovery he did means it was actually an excellent result. There’s a good chance that something similar may happen to Hamilton later this season, and there’s no guarantee he will recover as well as Seb.

        It is results like this (Vettel) that can win you championships…as counter intuitive as that may sound.

    4. Lewis by a mile. Yes he was out front the whole time and didn’t ever have to get his elbows out the way Seb did, Hamilton was on absolutely blinding form this weekend. Near-perfect pole lap, wins the race at a canter, leads every lap and scores fastest lap. Grand Chelem. Top stuff. Vettel’s recovery drive was brilliant and Ocon drove his socks off, but Lewis owned the entire weekend. And that’s coming from someone who isn’t a Hamilton fan.

      1. It’s the car, not the driver. As people repeated insistently every time Vettel won from pole.

        1. Explain why Bottas was .8 off then. The same driver who handily beat him at Sochi. Just admit it, Hamilton was on fire this weekend and made the difference.

          As for Vettel’s wins. He always had a deferential forced number 2 team mate that the team expected nothing else but help from. At one point they went as far as to remove the nose/fw from the said team mate’s car and put it on Seb’s.

          1. Explain why Webber was often .8 off then?

            As for Vettel’s wins. He always had a deferential forced number 2 team mate

            Not like Bottas, eh?

            At one point they went as far as to remove the nose/fw from the said team mate’s car and put it on Seb’s.

            With said team-mates agreement.

            1. Webber absolutely was not happy about the wing incident in 2010, he fumed about it in the post-quali presser

            2. Only AFTER Webber realised they would give the wing to Vettel.

            3. Lewis Hamilton never had any deferential team mates like Vettel @ Red Bull and Schumacher @ Ferrari. He had to fight tooth and nail for all the titles he won. The man is being dissed for not being classy, but the most classy racer of them all he is. He said multiple times that he never asked for a number 2 driver in the team that would be there to do nothing but serve him. If he had them, he would’ve had 2007 and 2016 to add to his title total, and most probably 2010 as well.

            4. @shrieker
              The wing incident again? Really? Webber didn’t use it in Saturday practice, as he was more comfortable with the older spec. Vettel’s failed through no fault of his own. Outperforming someone doesn’t make them a “deferential” teammate. Fireblade’s first reply was salty, but deal with that, rather than making out that Vettel and Schumacher didn’t have to fight for their own titles.

            5. @Fireblade

              I am afraid that you are coming across as a berk.

              BTW, have you read the Comey transcript yet?

          2. Arad (@just-an-fan)
            13th June 2017, 15:08

            How? simple! the oil burning mode was switched off on Bottas’s car. Remember when they gave Bottas defective PU, and the upgraded PU to Hammy? hahaha

            1. Or had Bottas move over in Bahrain for Lewis to “try” and catch a car that was 20 seconds ahead in about 10 laps?

    5. Very difficult this one

      I voted for Sebastian Pecon with a hint of Lewis Hamilton.

      Congratulations to Stroll on his first F1 points. It was scruffy, but the times that we saw him at least he wasn’t to eager, and there a couple of occasions where it could have gone quite wrong, especially with Vandoorne.

      Hulk had another good race, more points for Renault, they will be very important, especially because Palmer does not appear to be able to score any. He is now one of the only 4 drivers with 0

      1. …and it would be harsh to “expect” a McLaren or a Sauber to score points right now.

    6. Vettel. From last to four! Astonishing!
      Also a great weekend for master Hamilton.
      Good job by Ricciardo, Ocon, Hulkemberg and Stroll.

    7. Graham (@guitargraham)
      11th June 2017, 22:29

      voted for lewis. his pole lap was beyond special and put him in the right position to take advantage of the chaos behind him. if you consider its the driver of the weekend i cant think of any time where lewis put a foot wrong. brilliant performance

    8. Pierre Racine
      11th June 2017, 22:45

      Really impressed by Stroll times (he was faster than ALL the drivers in front of him, from lap 25 o the end, up to the 7th place which was Vettel, and the passes, maturity, coolness, not a wrong foot… After all the bashing now is the time to give him credit.

    9. Lewis Hamilton, what a dominant weekend, i would have vote Ocon if he would outqualify or outrace Perez, but he didn’t, so goes to Lewis.

    10. Hamilton. Pole win fastest lap. Vettel was very good considering some bad luck. Max was onto something special till his car broke. Anyone get the feeling Ricciardo is in a role reversal of 2015 when Kyvatt beat him although not as fast. Max seems to be better than Ricciardo at everything but is suffering bad luck.

      1. Yeah I had the same thought regarding Max and Daniel. Need to see more races where they both can compete but so far I’d say Max has been slightly better but Daniel getting the rub of the green.

      2. I feel the same. VER lost so much point because of bad luck this season, unbelievable. RIC is doing nothing special but collecting free podiums. But I feel that is also a strength and not luck.

        1. Last season, RIC was having the season VEr is having now!

    11. Hamilton and his 65th pole and 56th win of course. Surprised to see Seb with almost equal votes, he had an entertaining race, but that was down to a poor start.

      1. The number of votes is very few at this moment. If Hamilton can’t win the vote with a Grand Chelem, then that means he’ll never win the vote here. Don’t think he’ll be losing sleep over that tho ;)

        1. @shrieker

          he’ll never win the vote here

          Hamilton was won this poll more times than any other driver.

          1. And let’s not forget that sometimes the driver who dominated such as LH did is seen to have cake walked it whereas it was SV that had the better opportunity to show something out of the challenge that was presented him after his broken front wing.

          2. @ Keith Collantine

            Tunnel vision ? I said exactly “if he can’t with a grand chelem”. Note that people won’t vote for him anymore if he hasn’t done everything perfectly in a weekend. In the past he may have won more, i’d like to see how many he had won year by year. I’d be willing to bet he’s winning less and less despite similar performances.

            1. @shrieker Not sure I take your point. Very often the winner of dotw is the one that was perceived to have done more with less. People aren’t always enthralled when a driver dominates without challenge, and would rather support, on a given weekend, a driver like SV that had to work his way back up the field through no fault of his own.

              LH is leading this poll, so I’m not sure what your problem is.

          3. Ha! Keith.. I bet if you subtract the DOTW wins during his Mercedes years it would be no more than 5.

    12. Miltiadis (@miltosgreekfan)
      11th June 2017, 23:01

      I voted with my heart:Felipe Massa,just for being that unlucky as usual :-(
      Ηamilton,Ocon,Vettel,(with that order) would have been my other votes

    13. How is VET driver of the weekend? Spun in practice, mistakes in qualifying that led him to p2 on the grid? Next thing is that he was not quickest in the race even though on EXTREME FRESH US compared to Lewis’ SS, even though Lewis was calmly out in front? Yes, it was clear that the Mercedes under Lewis’ hands was the class of the field this weekend. But VET driver of the weekend? He did a superb comeback but for the weekend? Ocon, Alonso and Hamilton are the best choices for the WEEKEND NOT THE RACE.

      1. Everyone spins in practice as they try to find the limit. It’s better they do it there rather than in the race, surely? I didn’t really spot any major mistakes in quali. He locked up at the hairpin, but so did Hamilton, and it wouldn’t have got him pole anyway, the Merc was just the faster car this weekend. His start was on par with Hamilton’s and Bottas’s, but he got pinched through no fault of his own. And from the rest of the race onwards, he was an absolute demon.

      2. @krichelle – I watched Hamilton smash the quali record in Q3 and was blown away. Then Vettel came within seven thousandths of a second… wow. Of course Hamilton had an even faster run later but I was really impressed by Vettel’s fighting spirit and commitment.
        In the race Vettel had a decent start but got monstered by the prodigious Verstappen. Vettel then fought his way all the way back to the sharp end to collect important points. It was a tough, entertaining and exciting performance.
        So I fully understand why people would vote for him, he was excellent all weekend. Although I didn’t vote for him, as it happens.

        1. Fukobayashi (@)
          13th June 2017, 9:45

          Vettel could have salvaged a podium place by pitting under the safety car, but he thought he could get away with the front wing damage. I don’t know why he thought that as even under slow safety car speeds the thing was flapping around and he or Ferrari would definitely be able to see this because we could at home on the onboard. So Vettel and Ferrari do not deserve best of the weekend because they relied on telemetry rather than common sense and their eyes.

          I would however give him overtake of the weekend for his move on Ocon but that’s not what this poll is for.

          1. @offdutyrockstar

            he thought he could get away with the front wing damage

            Actually the full extent of his wing damage didn’t become clear until after the Safety Car had gone in:


            1. Fukobayashi (@)
              13th June 2017, 14:10

              Hola Keith! Yes indeed but my brother and I could see the wing flapping around by the safety car and we both said there is no way that will stick once they are up to full speed surely. Lo and behold it flew off as soon as he pressed the loud pedal, what im saying is either he or the pit should have anticipated this.

    14. Vettel was a monster. Ocon is shaping up great.

    15. Andre Furtado
      11th June 2017, 23:19

      Vettel for an amazing drive having to recover from something that was not his fault. He pushed that Ferrari past its limit all weekend. Took risks that paid off.

    16. Neil (@neilosjames)
      11th June 2017, 23:20

      Hamilton was magnificent in both the sessions that mattered. Destroyed Bottas – who is very good over a single lap and always goes well in Canada – in qualifying, and looked totally in control and easily quick enough to repel anyone from the first corner in the race.

      Pole, fastest lap, race win, led every lap = DoTW, except in exceptional circumstances… and I don’t think there are any of those this weekend.

    17. @David-A

      They did, always with the help of their team mates. Whenever their team mates were in a position to help them, they were always pressured into aiding them by the team and had no choice in the matter. By contrast, Hamilton had to contend with the likes of Alonso, Button and Rosberg. And contend he did.

      1. @shrieker
        I don’t see how “they were always pressured into aiding them by the team”. For instance, looking at Vettel, he contended the title with his teammate until the final race of 2010. Unfortunately, Mark Webber wasn’t as consistent on the Pirelli tyres 2011 onwards, and even then, the only occasions where MW helped Vettel were near the end of 2012, when he was already out of contention. It is not unreasonable to think that if Rosberg or Button were out of title contention, they would have helped Hamilton if he was still in contention.

      2. petebaldwin (@)
        13th June 2017, 15:11

        @shrieker – In all fairness, for 2 of Hamilton’s 3 Championship wins, his team mate was his only competition so he wasn’t likely to get the same sort of help others did when they were fighting against other teams….

        1. His other two challenges were severely hampered by his team mates in 2007 and 2010. Of course, no body was expecting Alonso and/or Button to move over for Hamilton. But while he had to contend with those situations, Vettel and Schumacher were always clear number 1 drivers. In Vettel’s case in 2010, he even enjoyed clear no 1 privileges when his chance for the title was running out compared to his team mate towards the season’s end.

          1. @shrieker

            In Vettel’s case in 2010, he even enjoyed clear no 1 privileges when his chance for the title was running out compared to his team mate towards the season’s end.

            That’s nonsense. Unless Vettel’s engine blowing up in Korea is your idea of a “clear no 1 privilege”.

            1. Webber was sure to get the title in Brazil with a win, but just for an outside chance for Vettel in the last race, they refused to swap their drivers. If things had run their normal course, Alonso would’ve become the world champion just because they refused to help Webber.. Because you know, no 1 driver should win and if he does not, a driver from another team winning is better than no 2 becoming WDC. That’s exactly how they saw it.

            2. @shrieker
              What?! Alonso was leading the championship after Korea, by a considerable margin I might add.
              And Webber’s performance up through that point resulted in Red Bull backing Vettel. Webber lost a potential championship lead all on his own in Korea by spinning off.
              Combine that with the fact Red Bull knew Vettel was able to extract more from the RB6 and you have your reason why they didn’t switch them in Brazil. Also, they made the promise to both drivers that as long as a mathematical chance existed they would not ask them to switch. A result from Webber being furious at Silverstone for losing a toy he wasn’t intent on playing with.

              And seeing as Webber hit the wall in Abu Dhabi and damaged his tyre AND Vettel got pole and did indeed take the title, Red Bull were 100% right to do what they did.

            3. @shrieker

              Webber was sure to get the title in Brazil with a win, but just for an outside chance for Vettel in the last race, they refused to swap their drivers.

              First, that is wrong, as Alonso was leading the championship. A win for Webber in Brazil would have eventually handed Alonso the title. Second, your suggestion would have been Red Bull giving Webber the “clear number 1 privileges”, don’t you think?

              Because you know, no 1 driver should win and if he does not, a driver from another team winning is better than no 2 becoming WDC.

              Wrong. It’s actually your suggestion that would have given another team’s driver the WDC. Red Bull were instead able to win it without using team orders.

    18. Josh (@canadianjosh)
      12th June 2017, 0:07

      I’m still very drunk from the 10 dollar tall boy Bud Light beers, and wind burnt face but Lewis was in a class by himself after Vettels terrible start and wasn’t challenged. For me he was the best all weekend. The crowd where we were sitting were going crazy for Lance even on Friday and his battles had everyone who was Canadian standing with our fists up towards the sky when he made a pass. Truly fun to be apart of it. So proud of his drive today but Vettel, boy was he a man possessed today. He drove harder than anyone all day long, I could literally smell his brakes at some points and hats off to him. Seeing Bottas live for the first time in a Mercedes was dull though. Wish it was Fernando. He’s a true number 2 driver which I guess isn’t a bad thing though. 365 more days till my favourite day of the year. Cheers!

      1. Drunk? Drinking Bud Light?…..OK then!

        1. They were “Tall boys” ;)

      2. I wouldn’t call VB a ‘true’ number two, which implies to me an ‘always’ number two. He’s never had nearly this competitive a car so it’s new for him to be fighting at this level, whereas LH has had it his whole career in F1. He’s new to the team and they to him. And he’s up against LH no less. What would it say about LH or F1’s degree of difficulty if he was to just walk into this team and match or beat LH on average? Yet he has done so here and there. VB is doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. And he’s learning and growing and this will only help his experience going forward. I don’t expect to see him back at Merc so I do hope that he is back in a top car as soon as possible. F1 insiders will not be looking at him right now as someone squandering the equipment or the opportunity…only some armchair fans will be doing that. Some people described LH’s performance on the weekend ‘otherworldly’ so if that is the benchmark for VB then is it really fair to knock him? Would be different if VB had a few WDC’s and some otherworldly performances of his own and still lagged behind LH as much as he does sometimes.

    19. I like Ocon but he finished behind his teammate, how 15% think he can be the driver of the weekend is very strange. Same for Vettel and his multiple mistakes this weekend.

      Lewis Hamilton is the logical choice for me. Absolute beast this weekend. Already one of the best qualy laps I’ve seen yesterday, killing Bottas by 7 tenths, a margin you don’t except at the top between two top drivers, but Hamilton is something special at his peak. He’s not always at his 100%, but when he is there’s nobody on the grid close to him. Perfect race too, his pace was amazing.

    20. There were a lot of good drives, with Lewis dominating, Vettel being brave and Stroll finally getting some points, but in the end, I went with Ocon, simply because he didn’t drive like it was his first time around the track. Traded blows with his much more experienced team-mate in qualy but marginally lost out, and was potentially even faster on raceday. Very impressed. :D

    21. Vettel by a mile. Managed to get P2 in qualifying even though his car was clearly not as fast as the Mercs on this track. Overcame that first lap accident and car damage to overtake several cars and fight back to P4.

      1. Fukobayashi (@)
        13th June 2017, 9:49

        I love how Ferrari fans just magically conjure up stats that the Ferrari was ‘nowhere near the Merc this weekend’ despite practice telling a different story. This isn’t 2014, 15 or 16 anymore, Ferrari are genuinely fast now. Seems everyone has accepted that apart from their own fans!

        1. This isn’t 2014, 15 or 16 anymore

          That remains to be seen. It could be less one-sided than 2014-16 and still be be an easy win for Merc. After all, 2011 and 2013 were closely competitive seasons compared to 2014-16.

        2. @offdutyrockstar
          Actually, last weekend was A LOT like 2014-2016. Mercedes hyping up the competition and fans getting excited because another team was heading the training sessions only for Mercedes to turn up the car in q3 to suddenly go 7 tenths quicker than they had done before and get a very easy 1-2 finish.

    22. Definitely Vettel for me. He was crazy as hell when he was behind Perez and Ocon. One more lap, he would’ve been on the podium.

    23. It was a close one between Ocon and Hamilton for me. Had to go for Hamilton though.. he was just flawless all weekend, and his qualifying performance on Saturday was a real masterclass.

    24. Should’ve been VER, but the battery died.

      Now it’s HAM. Stunning pole lap excellent race

    25. How can we look past the pole lap and race masterclass ? He didn’t entertain d7ring the race, but to be honest​he wasn’t pushed much. Lot’s of good drive. Force india guys back on it, vettel with a magnificient recovery and hulkenberg, grosjean and stroll showing that you can score points despite a difficult start if you keep your nose clean.

    26. Voted for Hulkenberg. Perfect qualy and race. 100% out of the car. Hamilton fits that description too so it was hard to chose between these 2.

      Also great were Vettel, the Force India warring brothers, and Alonso up until the Honda expired again.

    27. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      12th June 2017, 9:06

      LOL at people voting Vettel: he messed up qualifying and the race start – a good recovery from a poor race strategy, but then he was in pretty much the fastest car! Hamilton dominated every aspect of the weekend, except for free practice, and never put a foot wrong.

      1. Every single part of that is wrong, including the words “a” and ‘in”. Vettel did not mess up either qualifying or the race start. He drive a brilliant lap to out-qualify Bottas in the faster Mercedes. Hamilton was the one in the fastest car. and cruised around in front in a fashion which, if performed by Vettel a few years ago, would never have won any votes.

        1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
          12th June 2017, 17:45

          Fireblade, the only thing I missed out (it was mentioned on the BBC podcast after I posted) was that Vettel also messed up the strategy – the team HAD asked him whether he wanted to pit for a new wing during the safety car period. He made mistakes all weekend, his fans can’t even claim he was stellar in free practice, as Raikkonen was generally quicker. Vettel made mistakes in free practice, qualifying and the race – driver of the weekend??? LOL!!!

          1. What “mistakes” did he make in qualifying and the race? He crushed his teammate in qualifying and also out qualified Bottas who was in a faster car. His car was damaged at the start through no fault of his own.

            1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
              12th June 2017, 19:46

              What mistakes, did you watch qualifying? Here’s Vettel himself –

              “I think we have [the pace to win],” said Vettel, who failed to improve his time on his final attempt in Q3. I’m not so happy with the last run I had in qualifying.

              “I would have loved to repeat the second run and find a little bit. I tried to push a bit hard, but then pushed too hard. I knew I had to improve, even if just by five thousandths.”

              “I was confident to go with the first lap,” Vettel said. “You saw the lap times getting better. I was confident we made the right call.”

              “We always expected Mercedes to be very quick, especially in the last segment,” Vettel added. “Lewis did a better job today and got a good lap. He was the better man today.

              “I thought we could step it up and find a bit of time. I lost a bit into Turn 2, and then lost two tenths out of the second corner and then I knew I had to catch up, which I did until the end of the lap which I did to get the same as before.

              “Nevertheless the car was very good, I was happy this morning, happy this morning and we should be good in the race.”


            2. SevenFiftySeven
              13th June 2017, 10:07

              No point in debating with those that believe Ferrari is the faster car this year. And, I would see red flags all over if BBC’s F1 endeavor is used as a source. Furthermore, you can’t be corrected over a matter where personal views and opinions are sought, which means there’s no right or wrong answer. I would, myself, vote Vettel driver of the race, and maybe vote Hamilton driver of the weekend. But, I won’t be doing that because I thought Vettel made mistakes. Vettel did the best he could on that Ferrari by getting second, ahead of Bottas. Maybe more was possible. Just because a driver says that doesn’t mean he did a bad job. It means theoretically, there was more possible. Such analysis is based on a driver’s knowledge of his own car, not others’. Which means this, even if Vettel was 100% happy with his lap, it could still only have been best for 2nd. Mercedes at the hands of Lewis (as opposed to Valleteri) was much faster than what Ferrari could do in qualifying. Maybe in the race, Vettel could have put up a challenge if not for him losing his front wing. It was not his fault this happened, nor Verstappen’s. It was a racing incident where Vettel lost his advantage.

              And, I’d vote Hamilton the driver of the weekend, because he nailed quali to put himself on the clean side of the track and in number 1, and then managed to keep up with the deltas the team was requesting of him and made the tires last as evidenced by the fastest lap at the end. Everything went as planned for him, which is why I’d give him driver of the weekend. Driver of the race for me was Vettel for his majestic driving to get back to 4th after having his front wing damage earlier in the race and going back down to 18. He overtook cars swiftly thereafter, pitted twice and made a determined, daring overtake on Ocon and subsequently took Perez to finish 4th. In conclusion, both drivers drove a champion’s drive.

      2. @@thegrapeunwashed “Hamilton dominated every aspect of the weekend, except for free practice…..”

        Oh! except in Free Practice you say? Well by other peoples logic he CAN’T be driver of the WEEKEND then can he?

    28. In race he was not much fun, but in quali that Q3 laps…. M n m.

      And matching Senna on alltime list. Good job Lewis.

      Also bring home 25p.

      Vettel was close second, due to all overtakes.. But messed up start.

      1. I thought the funniest moment of the race was when Vettel, after pushing his new ultrasofts hard and setting several fastest laps, finally reached the Force India’s. Then Hamilton let it rip for exactly one lap. He went half a second quicker on worn supersofts than everything Vettel had done up to that point. Made me smile.

        1. Which proved the Merc was miles ahead of the Ferrari last weekend.

    29. No one but Ocon.

    30. Gotta give it to the kid. After all the criticism and pressure he came up with a very solid drive in his first home race.

    31. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      12th June 2017, 12:57

      A very historical Canadian Gran Prix. Hamilton fittingly ended it with a grand slam. Even the numbers 65 poles and 56 wins are opposite numbers of each other and done over the same weekend.

      Max’s start was unbelievable. Vettel is looking better and better thanks to Raikonnen.

    32. I am surprised by the number of votes that people give to Vettel. This has clearly no reason at all. In a GP that failed to get close to P1, did not get off the line superbly and -more or less- forced another off the track to gain position (somewhat unfairly). Had Ocon not avoided collision, where would your vote now be?

    33. This is actually a tough weekend to call:

      Lewis for his Grand Chelem and a brilliant pole.
      Vettel for his recovery, a totally committed and fearless move on Ocon (who says he can’t pass?), and brilliant P2 in Qualifying.
      Ocon for running so long in P2 and outperforming his teammate who also was having an exceptional drive.
      Honorable mention to Verstappen – maximized his qualifying, one of the best starts we’ve seen in a long time (the imagination behind popping to the outside of T1 and going around Vet was next level stuff), and nearly got Hamilton on the restart after the SC.

    34. I voted for HAM as DOTW.
      He was 1st, quite convincingly, on qualifying and he left no room for doubt (especially when VER tried to overtake him after the restart) during the race. Deserved.

      For the stars of the race, I am gonna pick the Force India pair. OCO for showing that he has a huge amount of potential, and PER for just being himself, racing, fighting and denying team orders.

      I definately have to mention Stroll too. He deserves to be mentioned after his performance.
      I really hope that the fact that he is almost 1.5 second behind his teammate on qualifying sessions, it has to do with that he hasn’t been able, so far, to adjust with the car, just as Fisichella when he was signed by Ferrari, and not with the insinuation that he is not F1 material.

    35. Hamilton was sensational this weekend in both qualifying and the race, absolutely inspired driving. Nobody comes close although I felt Vettel had a good one and Hulkenberg was very unlucky with a slow pit-stop otherwise he could be near the front scrap and FI pair were good.

      1. Also how can Ocon get so much of the vote, but Perez so little?

        Yes, Perez was a bit stupid with rejecting team orders, but that doesn’t affect the fact that he outqualified and outraced Ocon and scored a very nice top five result. Ocon was only faster due to a better strategy and finished the race behind his teammate on fair terms.

    36. Seb for me. I watched the race on a Monday here in singapore having recorded it (2 am on a Sunday just doesn’t work uless you like to absolutely wreck your Monday or if it’s a Long weekend). Needless to say, it was a Super end to the first day of the week. Boring race at the front which came to life because of one man – whilst his moves initially on slower cars were pretty much made easy because of DRS, you absolutely have to admire his daring move on Ocon and then getting it done with Perez too. An extra lap and you had the feeling he would have had Ricciardo too. He was the second best driver in Qualifying but he and Lewis were in a league of their own. I still feel Merc have a bit more in the bag when they turn up the engine in Quali.

    37. Archit (@architjain07)
      12th June 2017, 17:57

      For me it was Alonso! Came within 1.2 s of best Q2 time with a dog of an engine which everyone knew was down by almost 16 mph on the straights! Fought his way upto P10 even though he got caught up in Sainz Massa clash! Just coz he retired 2 laps before can’t rob him off the magnificent effort he put in to secure the 10th spot he was running at! Of course that is my personal opinion! Hoping to see him in a more competitive car next year! Cheers!

      1. ALO also had the 4th fastest lap, which is incredible considering the lack of power and straight line speed.

    38. I voted for Lance Stroll simply because as a true rookie at his first F1 home race I am sure he felt an amazing amount of pressure to not screw up in front on family, friends and fellow Canadians. He surpassed his previous races by scoring his first point. Could of voted for Ocon as well…………… Thanks, Racernorriski

    39. Scuderia-Racing-Or-Ping-Pong (@)
      13th June 2017, 7:58

      No one can ever beat Lewis Hamilton because he pulled away every single lap.

    40. 1 Vettel
      2 Hamilton
      3 Ocon

    41. Alonso.
      Get him a new engine now before he burns himself out.

    42. petebaldwin (@)
      13th June 2017, 12:33

      There are reasons for and against most of the usual suspects but sod it – I’m voting for Stroll.

      He did really well to score points in his home GP despite being under a lot of media and fan pressure and can look to push on from here. He made some decent passes and certainly didn’t look out of place.

      I don’t think he was the best driver out there (by a long way) but he was the one who impressed me the most.

    43. Over the whole weekend it has to be Lewis. Exceptional performance!

    44. I’d vote Alonso but I’m not sure if the engine gave up or just went out of fuel, which would be his fault
      From the rest, I’d go with Max

      1. Please, Honda never went out of fuel, because it will fail before that! Seriously, that’s just really stupid rumor, if it’s really just went out fuel then you would have already know for sure. I can delieve that this needs to clearified.

        Yusuke Hasegawa, said, “Unfortunately, with just a couple of laps remaining, Fernando’s [power unit] lost oil pressure due to a mechanical issue.

        And as always:

        “We won’t know the exact cause until we get the power unit back to Sakura for a full investigation.

        So that’s an other ICE lost in Canada, there will be heaps of grid penalties coming for Alonso for the rest of the seaon, Honda is also investing if that MGU-H is still alive, if not then penalty is coming for the next race already, as it’s Alonso’s last one.

    45. The guy who got the Senna helmet.

    46. Arad (@just-an-fan)
      13th June 2017, 15:06

      Imagine where Hammy would have finished if he had to pit twice and drive from the rear end. Only god knows what sky muppets would say if Max had hit hammy instead of Seb!!!

    47. Arad (@just-an-fan)
      13th June 2017, 15:09

      There was a high chance that Vettel could have won the race had Mad max not ruined his day!

    48. I don’t know why Vettel is getting so much praise. His last run in Q3 was extremely sloppy. His race start could have been better, he only concentrated on Bottas and left the right hand side open for attack. Just because he made it through the pack and a good overtake he is driver of the weekend?

      Hamilton does everything pretty much perfectly and then comes the whole “it’s easy to do in the best car” quotes, yet if other people do it they’re masterminds.

      1. It would seem many people disagree with you, hence the percentage of votes SV got. It could be interpreted that his last run in Q3 showed him leaving it all out on the track. His race start was as good as everyone else’s bar Max’s. He concentrated on both VB and LH at the start and couldn’t have known what a jump Max got until Max was beside him. He made it through the pack and had some good overtakes and didn’t win dotw, LH seems to be doing that. And to your last paragraph..other drivers have done everything perfectly too, and not won dotw, simply because on those days someone else likely did relatively more with far less car, and so became the sentimental favourite for that weekend. Sometimes a driver cakewalks it and nobody does anything that remarkable so the cakewalker wins it hands down. It’s a mixed bag and is baseless for you and Shrieker to claim some sort of skewing toward or away from any one driver ‘all the time’.

    49. @robbie

      The problem is (was) ppl comparing this win with Vettel’s cakewalks between 2011-13 and claiming Hamilton should not be voted for.. because you know, Vettel wasn’t getting the votes back then. Which is total b0ll0x.

      1. I think it is likely that there were weekends where SV cake walked it and didn’t get the vast majority of votes….might have even come second for dotw on some of those weekends when someone else did more with less and so had a more sentimental result in the poll.

        My thing with you is you seem to be blaming either Keith, or the people here for voting as they do….and it just is what it is. Are you worried for LH or something? You started by saying ‘The problem is…’ What problem? Do you think LH gets some extra Championship points the more people vote for him on Keith’s site?

        The way the voting goes is going to depend on what happens as each weekend unfolds. I’m sure had LH cakewalked it and SV finished 10 seconds back, unscathed at the start, LH would have gotten the vast majority of the votes. Instead due to circumstances we had a chance to see SV nearly podium in spite of his early setback and extra pit. Had Max a healthy car all day and come second or third, he might have won the poll for putting the car where it didn’t really belong starting with his rocket start.

        Next race it will once again be a combination of who won and under what circumstances. Perhaps the winner’s performance will be overshadowed by someone who did more than expected with less car than the top 3 have.

        I’m sure if you go back you will see all drivers have been treated evenly on the dotw poll. If a driver who won didn’t get dotw it will have been for reasons that fans will have good arguments to justify for their choice over the winner.

      2. @shrieker Actually Vettel didn’t get the votes back then. He won 16 races in 2011/12, but only 4 DOTW.

    50. Lewis Hamilton. When he’s on-song, he’s un-beatable. Worthy Driver of the weekend

    51. Verstappen was mugged of what could have been an exceptional result, I think if he’d been able to finish 2nd he’d be a clear choice. But bad luck robbed us of that performance.

      Hamilton was on his A game though, I don’t think anyone could have beat him on Saturday and even though keeping everyone at arms length on Sunday makes it look easy, throwing out a fastest lap for fun was a demonstration of the performance he had in hand.

    52. Robert Kubica :) DotW after six years

    53. My driver of the weekend was Hamilton, after his superb lap in qualifying secured pole, he made a good start in the race and then was never really troubled and he just seemed to be controlling his pace, evidenced by the fastest lap he did late on.

      Out of the top drivers currently in F1 I think Hamilton is more likely to have off days but when he is on form he is probably the quickest out there.

      After the damage to his car at the start Vettel had to make do with damage limitation putting in good recovery drive, with the way things panned out fourth was the best he could achieve in the race. What dropped Vettel below Hamilton in my rankings for the weekend was that in qualifying I thought he did alright but that he could have done better.

      As you would expect Alonso once again put in another top performance only for his car to let him down a few laps from getting his first points of the season.

    54. Ru Chern (@)
      15th June 2017, 11:08

      Lewis is a strong contender for this week’s DotD but I feel Sebastian took the best out of his situation.

      Sebastian race was literally over at the start after receiving damage no fault of his own. Yes, his decision to stay out during the Safety Car (SC) period was sceptical as it would have been a free stop.

      However, he managed to climb back up to 4th from 18th without the help of the SC is an amazing fate. People will credit it to the car, but during qualifying, his pace had shown that he and Lewis were the only two drivers who made the difference to pull out amazing drives to go under 1:12.XXX. And with that, he is my DotD for Canada.

    55. @david-a,

      You’re only talking in hindsight. Points leading into Brazil were 231 Alonso, 220 Webber, and 206 Vettel. Vettel only had an outside chance under the most extreme circumstances. Webber should’ve been de-facto no 1 driver and helped into the title but they outright refused that. Had the roles been reversed, Webber would surely have been undermined in the race to give Vettel the lead, just as they did in Istanbul. Everyone knows this as fact simply because it happened before in that very same season. I’d like to see you challenge these facts. By the way, if a driver the caliber of Webber had won that season, I’d have stopped watching F1 altogether. His driving simply did not merit a title and I’m glad he did not win.

      1. @shrieker
        Your original claim was that “In Vettel’s case in 2010, he even enjoyed clear no 1 privileges”. Your evidence of this is that they didn’t move him aside in Brazil. Doing so would have been giving Webber the “number 1 privileges”. Not doing so doesn’t equal giving Vettel “number 1 privileges”. It is “winning on merit”.

        And no, they didn’t “undermine” or move Webber aside in the Turkish race. There were no team orders, Vettel was faster, but obviously messed up when making the pass for the lead.

        As for Webber’s caliber, he wasn’t as good as Hamilton, Vettel or Alonso, but IMO performed well in 2009/10, and looked handy in some slow and unreliable cars earlier in his career. His career was similar to Button, except for taking a more negative turn when he had competitive machinery.

        1. @david-a,

          A little merit, yes. And a little nudging in both directions from the team also goes a long way.

          1. @shrieker
            The only “nudging” here is your suggestion which would have handed Alonso the title. Beating your opposition and teammate fair and square is more than “a little merit”. And merit is something you can’t seem to give to anyone other than Hamilton it seems.

      2. Webber should’ve been de-facto no 1 driver and helped into the title

        It’s always amusing to see people argue that Red Bull’s not favoring one driver over the other is proof that they favored Vettel, and that Red Bull should have given preference to Webber.

        Webber would surely have been undermined in the race to give Vettel the lead, just as they did in Istanbul.

        Your memory is playing tricks on you, Webber was not ‘undermined’ in Istanbul. Certainly less so than Rosberg was undermined at Spa 2014.

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