F1 can expect another warm weekend in Baku

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix weather

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There’s little change in the weather forecast for the second Formula One race in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku this weekend.

As was the case last year, teams can expect three consecutive days of warm, dry weather. Air temperatures should be consistently in the upper 20C range, potentially nudging into the thirties on race day.

The weekend should be sunny throughout, although Friday may begin with some cloud cover. The chance of rain showers is very slight.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Baku City Circuit

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2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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7 comments on “F1 can expect another warm weekend in Baku”

  1. I’m not trolling here, but how is this news? It just sounds like a regular weather report for Baku. I would’ve at least expected something in the lines of how this might affect Mercedes with their tiny temperature window for the tyres, or which teams are favoured by hot weather. But not even a hint at that? People who are interested can just enter Baku on their smartphone weather app and see the exact same information.

    1. @addvariety Fair question. No I don’t think there’s much newsworthy here! But every race weekend gets a weather preview because, as you say, it can have a bearing on performance. So it’s not so much a case of looking for something newsworthy. Another example would be Bahrain, where the weather forecast is usually the same.

      (And don’t get me started on the reliability of smartphone weather apps. Remember all those stories about how the Indianapolis 500 was going to be rained off?)

      1. @keithcollantine You’re right, some races are always the same weather, especially the really hot ones. I guess I was just expecting some more background info for this race, since I’m actually afraid it might be just as boring as last year. The change in cars and tyres this year is especially visible on tracks with high-speed corners. Baku is basically just straight lines with low speed corners in between for the most part.

        Regarding smartphone apps I switched to Weather Pro from MeteoGroup a couple of years ago and hasn’t let me down ever since. Here in The Netherlands the weather is just as unpredictable and changing day-by-day as it is in the UK, so that says something for this app.

  2. Does anybody know what the weather is normally like in Baku in April? I’m curious to know if this might change next year

    1. @strontium Happy to answer this one. It usually is very windy in April and it can rain quite often.

  3. emre (@holdenwait)
    22nd June 2017, 14:30

    so excited for this race :)

  4. Warm weekend or not I hope some of the other teams step up. How long can some of these teams be also-rans? The last winning car that wasn’t a Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull was in Australia in March of 2013 – 2013!! F1 is becoming less of a sport and more of a exclusive playground for the teams with the most money. Surely Renault, Williams and McLaren-Honda can at least start to attempt to be actually competitive and not think that picking up the points scraps is a great result. I hope Ross Brawn can sort this out because we are deluding ourselves if we think F1 can reward all the other teams with a win – and it’s been that way for too long.

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