2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix grid

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Row 11. Lewis Hamilton 1’40.593
2. Valtteri Bottas 1’41.027
Row 23. Kimi Raikkonen 1’41.693
4. Sebastian Vettel 1’41.841
Row 35. Max Verstappen 1’41.879
Red Bull
6. Sergio Perez 1’42.111
Force India
Row 47. Esteban Ocon 1’42.186
Force India
8. Lance Stroll 1’42.753
Row 59. Felipe Massa 1’42.798
10. Daniel Ricciardo 1’43.414
Red Bull
Row 611. Daniil Kvyat 1’43.186
Toro Rosso
12. Kevin Magnussen 1’43.796
Row 713. Nico Hulkenberg 1’44.267
14. Pascal Wehrlein 1’44.603
Row 815. Carlos Sainz Jnr* 1’43.347
Toro Rosso
16. Romain Grosjean 1’44.468
Row 917. Marcus Ericsson 1’44.795
18. Stoffel Vandoorne** 1’45.030
Row 1019. Fernando Alonso*** 1’44.334
20. Jolyon Palmer**** No time

*Three-place grid penalty for causing a collision
**30-place grid penalty for power unit component change and five-place grid penalty for gearbox change
***40-place grid penalty
****Did not set a time in Q1; received a dispensation from the stewards to start the race.

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40 comments on “2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix grid”

  1. *Three-place grid penalty
    **35-place grid penalty
    ***40-place grid penalty

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  2. Top 10 all in performance order apart from Ricciardo. In for a boring race I can feel…

    1. @sravan-pe it is looking like a potential procession…..who knows this year might be a first lap mess, to make up for last years rather clean start!

  3. Monster lap under pressure by Hamilton, with no margin for error.

    1. Right, he was only a second faster than the first non-Mercedes. The pressure must have been immense.

      This era is killing F1. Four years of watching one team have unprecedented superiority, locked in by idiotic rules, is not something F1 can survive.

      1. Dude.. were you in comma for a year? You know rules are changed and teams had a year to do free development.

  4. Well, that was very disappointing. Really starting to like the track, but Mercedes dominance is very annoying and depressing. Red Bull ultimately letting down too, Verstappen not using his final lap, I don’t know, the Ferrari doesn’t seem faster… Hope the differences aren’t as big tomorrow, because this track has great racing in it, potentially. And this better not be a prelude for the season, because I don’t see Vettel holding on to make it a fight in that case.

    1. Max had an technical issue in the last lap. Something with the gear sync that cost him the lap.

      So the Bull let him down ones again

      1. Is that so?

        1. That’s what he told on Dutch tv

        2. Some people will never be happy. Mercedes are NOT dominating this year. Seb has led the points all year.

          1. The Mercedes car has been dominant again this year. Seb is leading the points (until tomorrow) because he’s been by far the best driver this year.

          2. Fireblade the Ferrari is every bit as good as the Merc this year,if not better.

    2. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      24th June 2017, 15:27

      That Mercedes is on another plane in this circuit, but I don’t think anyone is surprised. Let’s hope that there’s some interesting race strategy tomorrow.

      1. @Fireblade.

        Wrong, again…….You have a selectively short memory. Ferrari had the better race car at the start of the season.

        It looks like Mercedes are learning more and more how to get their rather awkward car working in the right zone. Right now, they are ahead. The others have a chance to catch up. Try to appreciate the work and talent of all of these people.

  5. What a final lap from Lewis!!! He laid it all on the line in the middle sector…. which was the sector where he was slower in FP2/3….

    Great job from Kimi too. He beat Seb fair and square. What will happen to reverse the order in race day? (insert conspiracy theory here).

    Lance Stroll has made a big effort, and finally out qualified the old man… (Massa). He didn’t put it in the barriers in FP air qualy …. great stuff.

  6. Red Bull so close to Ferrari on a power track? Seems Ferrari is at its old habit again, losing the “development war” mid season. Again, again…. and again

    1. No, they just didn’t get the tyres right.
      No way they’re a second a lap slower than Mercedes.

      1. They are and Red Bull is gaining every race weekend. At the Hungaroring or Spa, Red Bull is in front of Ferrari.

    2. Arad (@just-an-fan)
      24th June 2017, 15:46

      Ferrari hasn’t lost anything. It is Mercedes blatantly cheating and FIA allowing them to get away with it. Mercedes single handedly introduced the new 5k oil limit(well above what can be used as fuel) =)) what a joke F1 has turned into.

      1. Why Ferrari also not use it? FIA in schumi time was always known as “Ferrari International Assistance”

  7. Well then… Mercedes struggle on street tracks.

  8. The season is over, aside from going through the motions. Ferrari is losing pace and competitiveness versus Mercedes, and Bottas is no match for Hamilton.

  9. @just-an-fan Vet should join an off road series

  10. Brilliant pole lap again from Lewis. He’s really on fire ATM.

    Very disappointing result for Max, his Bull let him down ones again with an gear sync issue in his final Q3 lap. In his own words: this cost him P3. Again he was faster than RIC all weekend so far.

    1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
      24th June 2017, 15:42


      I’d say Hamilton was only mighty impressive on his very last attempt (where he was fastest). That crash could have had a worse impact and Hamilton messed up his first lap, unlike Bottas. This would have resulted in Bottas getting pole due to Hamilton not performing when it matters. I’m not sure who will win tomorrow. It probably well be between the 2 Mercedes drivers. Hamilton’s pace on the long runs during practice looked quite a bit down on Bottas so we will have to see how he performs in the race. I think Bottas has a decent chance of beating him if he gets a good start like he did in Russia. But we will see.

      1. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        24th June 2017, 15:43

        That crash by Ricciardo I mean could have ended qualifying altogether.

        1. Hamilton without a shadow of a doubt performed when it mattered. It’s was an incredible lap.

      2. Unlike 2016 Hamilton was very impressive through all of Qualifying this year. The first lap in Q3 was the only blight on the session for him, even then his times through S1 & 2 showed the additonal pace he had found in the car vs Bottas.

  11. Arad (@just-an-fan)
    24th June 2017, 15:39

    What a bunch of vile cretins are the sky commentators. During Q2 they were insinuating that Vettel needs a tow from Kimi to get into Q3. They are full of s h i t !!

    1. Marian Gri (@)
      24th June 2017, 15:47

      +1. Didn’t know “western media” is so garbage!

    2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      24th June 2017, 15:49

      And they kept rolling and rolling the “Kimi will help Vettel in the championship”… and adding the rest of his statement like an hour later “if he doesn’t stand a chance in the WDC”.

    3. Lol, yesterday you were saying that “When skills are needed, a certain driver crambles”.
      Any update on this today sweetie?

    4. Hardly, Ferrari have a history of assisting the Number 1 driver, surely you remember Monza 2013! Even though that day the tow didn’t work for them!

  12. I think we are up for another huge snooze fest.
    Unless some dramatic happens, I predict it will go like this:

    HAM in front, with a decent gap to BOT.
    BOT on 2nd, with a decent gap to VET.
    VET on 3rd, with a decent gap to either VER or RAI.

    The only battle will be between the Mercedes powered cars and I hope for some excitement there.

    1. VET is 4th not 3rd, a whopping 2/10 of Raikkonen. Don’t make up stuff, like you want to read it.

  13. I heard Vettel was using an older engine, which might explain the large gap…

  14. Marian Gri (@)
    24th June 2017, 22:12

    2016 reloaded for Ferrari (… so far): they were more than 1 second behind ROS in Quali last year too. VET started 4th last year too, finished 2nd. Hope he’ll finish again 2nd tomorrow. There’re few chances to win it unless HAM DNFs, so 2nd seems like least damage in the WDC at the moment.

  15. I see Stroll Qualified ahead of Massa

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