Hamilton hits back to claim pole position in Baku

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying

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Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in a reversal of his troubled run at the track 12 months ago.

In 2016 he headed every practice session then struggled in qualifying. This time he recovered from a low-key practice performance to dominate the qualifying session and claim his fifth pole position of the season.

Hamilton took his 66th career pole position, one more than Ayrton Senna, leaving him two shy of the all-time record held by Michael Schumacher.


After a quiet run in practice, Hamilton came to the fore in Q1, leading the times by more than half a second. Max Verstappen back on track with a repaired car following his stoppage in final practice, was second.

With Jolyon Palmer’s Renault needing lengthy repairs following its earlier fire, only four other drivers dropped out during Q1. For the first time in 2017 this included both McLaren, as a late improvement by Kevin Magnussen eliminated Fernando Alonso. But only one of the Haas drivers made it through – Romain Grosjean was eliminated, unhappy at the time he lost at the weigh bridge.

On a difficult weekend for Sauber the team managed to get one of its cars into Q2. Pascal Wehrlein made the cut while Marcus Ericsson dropped out.

Drivers eliminated in Q1

16Fernando AlonsoMcLaren-Honda1’44.334
17Romain GrosjeanHaas-Ferrari1’44.468
18Marcus EricssonSauber-Ferrari1’44.795
19Stoffel VandoorneMcLaren-Honda1’45.030
20Jolyon PalmerRenault


Mercedes stretched their advantage in the second part of qualifying. Hamilton produced a 1’41.275 which was over six-tenths of a second quicker than anyone not in a silver car could manage. Bottas took second ahead of Vettel and Verstappen, who were separated by mere hundredths of a second.

There were few surprised in the rest of the field as the four Mercedes customers used their power advantage to claim places in Q3. Both Toro Rosso drivers dropped out, the pair having used a single set of super-softs throughout the session, as they also had in Q1.

Drivers eliminated in Q2

11Daniil KvyatToro Rosso-Renault1’43.186
12Carlos Sainz JnrToro Rosso-Renault1’43.347
13Kevin MagnussenHaas-Ferrari1’43.796
14Nico HulkenbergRenault1’44.267
15Pascal WehrleinSauber-Ferrari1’44.603


The contest for pole position was building to an intriguing climax when a mistake by one of the drivers brought everything to a sudden halt. Daniel Ricciardo slid sideways out of turn six, clouting the barrier and damaging his Red Bull’s suspension. That brought out the red flags.

Prior to that the Mercedes pair had been in close contention for pole position. A 1’41.274 for Bottas put him narrowly ahead as a couple of mistakes for Hamilton at turns one and eight left him second.

The session resumed with just over three-and-a-half minutes remaining. Verstappen led the cars back on track, followed by the two Mercedes. The Ferrari pair held back, ensuring both drivers a traffic-free run.

Hamilton and Bottas were closely matched through the first sector. But around the sinuous middle part of the lap – where Hamilton’s qualifying effort came to an end 12 months earlier – he was sublime. With pinpoint precision he took four tenths of a second from his team mate at that part of the track alone.

He carried that advantage through to the end of the lap, and the result was his fifth pole position of the season. Bottas made it a Mercedes one-two, and improvements from the two Ferrari drivers put them on the second row ahead of Verstappen.

The Williams drivers only had time for one lap each, and neither was able to get ahead of the Force Indias. However Lance Stroll narrowly beat Felipe Massa for the first time this year.

Top ten in Q3

1Lewis HamiltonMercedes1’40.593
2Valtteri BottasMercedes1’41.027
3Kimi RaikkonenFerrari1’41.693
4Sebastian VettelFerrari1’41.841
5Max VerstappenRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’41.879
6Sergio PerezForce India-Mercedes1’42.111
7Esteban OconForce India-Mercedes1’42.186
8Lance StrollWilliams-Mercedes1’42.753
9Felipe MassaWilliams-Mercedes1’42.798
10Daniel RicciardoRed Bull-TAG Heuer1’43.414

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    123 comments on “Hamilton hits back to claim pole position in Baku”

    1. Lewis threw down the gauntlet. Such a legendary pole today. Tomorrow is the day he MUST WIN.

    2. nelson piquet
      24th June 2017, 15:16

      rip ferraris title hopes. i feel so sorry for vettel and alonso

      1. Why do you feel sorry for Vettel? Why did Ferrari put an old engine in?

        1. nelson piquet
          24th June 2017, 15:30

          there was something leaking in the current engine. i feel sorry for him because he is by far the best driver this season while hamilton will most likely walk away with the title

          1. By far???

            1. nelson piquet
              24th June 2017, 15:39

              in my opinion yes. i carefully said in my opinion because this is an uk site

            2. this is an uk site

              @keithcollantine It’s been a good few years since the last time you defended against this @keithcollantine

            3. Well I’m french, and i am really happy to be in an era which has lewis’ talent on display (against other great talents).

          2. yes its your opinion,but you gave no reason as to why you think that?

            1. I can see his point although I don’t agree with the “by far” point.
              Vettel has been good but had more than his share of bad luck. Some from Ferrari’s blunders and others like the “golden boy” making a banzai move in Montreal that ruined his race.
              Probably won’t make any difference anyways as Merc is in top form once again.
              All the hype but beginning to look like false hope at Ferrari.

            2. It´s my opinion too. Fair reason? Just look at the WDC standings.

          3. Vettel has been impressive in the first part of the season, whereas Hamilton (and Bottas) have been mostly just good. However Hamilton has now secured two exceptional poles in succession, while Vettel shows signs of fading. So a bit earlier to decide on the entire season I think.

            1. Vettel shows signs of fading? What?! Hahaha, than what do you call Hamilton in Russia and Monaco? Asleep at the wheel?!

              In Canada Vettel was the only one who got closest to Hamilton in a slower car. This weekend he’s again had car trouble. Something Hamilton hasn’t had to endure so far this season.
              And we both know how he’ll react when it does.

            2. @David. But Merc gave away Australia win with crazy pit strategy. I agree Vettel has been slightly better so far (although Lewis blows everybody away for qualy). But if Lewis wins tomorrow, he’s the top dog

            3. To be fair Lewis was let down for two qualifiers when his tires were poorer than his team mate Bottas, this made all the difference to the Ferraris pulling away.

              I hope there is no more micro management behind the scenes, like we had last year. I hope the ‘A’ driver gets the full support he deserves, and that the best team wins on merit, and not to satisfy a ‘story book’ based in nostalgia or what might be term as ‘good for the sport’.

              Speaking of micro management, I’ve always wonder about the unconscious rivalry which must exist between Lauda, with his 3 world championship wins, and Hamilton who remains on the cusp of bettering that.

          4. It’s a little too soon for that.. although I’m glad to see Vettel endure some of Alonso’s agony during the Ferrari years.

          5. Don’t agree that Seb is the “best by far”, LH and SV are on a par, VB. MV and KR are in a pretty handy position to. I think the title will be a 2 horse race but I don’t see LH walking away with it unless Ferrari really slip up.

      2. You give up easily!
        More Nelsinho than Nelson then ;)

      3. Nonsense, watch Ferraris race pace tomorrow and how long they run on the supersofts

        1. They have been struggling all fps and qs… unless they find a magic formula, unlikely they will be gunning for lead, most likely 2nd best after mercedes… having said, merc has tendency to screw up their starts, so they have a chance there, and if they get by the first corner leading, is not the tough bit, merc has very good top end speed as well, so come 3rd lap without incident, merc will sail pass on the straight… and wave good bye… merc has been way out front for ferrari to answer for as of yet… worst is vettel is the worst of the two currently… so it wont be an easy thing for him… with redbulls showing one of their unusual pace once in a while and breathing on their necks……

          1. There race pace on the supersoft once the tyre was warm was superior plus they should be able to run longer, the downside is that the margin over the soft isnt great

        2. Well in Canada Ferrari were fastest in just about every free practice too. Hamilton put in that amazing lap in Q3 to get ahead anyway and from there Ferrari’s race unraveled. First Vettel had a bit of a poor start, which caused him to be overtaken by two car and end up with a damaged front wing, Raikkonen had brake issues. It was just going from bad to worse.

          Only bit of luck they had was that Perez would rather lose his position to Vettel than to Occon and of course that the lead cars are so much faster again that they can just about lap the entire field (or come from last to fourth) with relative ease.

      4. To be fair Lewis was let down for two qualifiers when his tires were poorer than his team mate Bottas, this made all the difference to the Ferraris pulling away.

        I hope there is no more micro management behind the scenes, like we had last year. I hope the ‘A’ driver gets the full support he deserves, and that the best team wins on merit, and not to satisfy a ‘story book’ based in nostalgia, or what some might call ‘the good for the sport’.

        Speaking of micro management, I’ve always wonder about the unconscious rivalry which must exist between Lauda, with his 3 world championship wins, and Hamilton who remains on the cusp of bettering that.

    3. @just-an-fan

      I thought he had no skill lol. Vet was going off road so many times i lost count

    4. Wouldn’t it be annoying if Stroll turns out yo be good?

      1. He’s outqualified a way past it Felipe Massa for the first time after 8 races. Massa was literally all over the place, who knows that Williams should have been able to qualify third.
        Stroll spent last week training with legendary driver trainer Rob Wilson, who probably taught him some stuff. There is a modicum of talent there, I don’t think anybody is denying that. He’s just not good enough for F1 (yet) and the fact he’s in a car where top quality drivers ought to be fighting for (near the) podium rankles, as it should.

        1. Let’s just watch his development through the rest of the season before we discard him! He’s no Verstappen that’s certain however he is still young and can develop substantially as a driver, and that’s the crux: will he develop and then start to out pace Massa before the end of the season?

        2. @hahostolze No matter how “past it” Massa is, he’s still a decent driver as shown by his qualy performances so far. So if Lance Stroll can beat a decent driver on a tricky track he has never driven at before, surely Lance put in quite a decent performance himself, especially if you look at his Q2 lap, which was almost as good as the Force India drivers did in Q3. It’s a shame that he couldn’t set a proper lap in Q3 at the end.

          Still, credit where it’s due man…I hope he can do well in the race.

        3. Stroll is improving compared to him though – if he keeps improving at this sort of rate he’ll become very handy.

        4. Give the lad a break

      2. @johnmilk Why would it be??

        1. Just take a look at some of the comments around here @neutronstar ;). No particularly in this thread, but previous ones

      3. @johnmilk I seriously actually don’t think so, since IIRC everyone here was actually relieved and happy when Grosjean put in rather great performances in late 2013 around one year after http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/motorsport/formulaone/9592262/Mark-Webber-calls-Romain-Grosjean-an-embarassing-first-lap-nutcase-after-collision-at-Japanese-Grand-Prix.html .

        If Stroll starts to consistently be better than Massa people here will be happy to finally see Stroll being good enough to justify dropping a Massa that’s seen by quite a few here as being past a sort of expiry date

        1. @davidnotcoulthard I saw a lot of bitterness around here
          But taking into account how he got to F1 he will have to learn with the fact that people will think of him in only two ways. He either makes it big, and gets respected or will forever be labeled as a pay driver.
          That’s quite the environment for an 18 year old just entering the sport

          1. @johnmilk I think GRO got a similar treatment here though

      4. No because we get a good driver. It would be frustrating if he doesn’t but can afford to buy a seat still.

        It’s win win if he comes good because frankly it won’t revise history and how poor he’s been until now so the criticism he’s received won’t become wrong and fans get a good driver.

    5. Feel like this one might be a cake walk for Lewis assuming he makes it past turn 1 first.

      1. nelson piquet
        24th June 2017, 15:32

        it will, and it will continue to be like that if ferrari don’t catch up in development

    6. Well, tomorrow’s race won’t be exciting methinks

      1. This circuit takes no prisoners, with all the hazards it has, you couldn’t
        place a bet on any driver, no matter how good they are. We’ve already
        seen some of the very best car handlers make the tiniest fraction of
        a mistake in practice and end up with a wrecked car.

        In the race you could be running extremely well, on the right tyre, and
        very well placed; then you come steaming into one of those tight,
        unforgiveable chicanes and right in front of you lies the wreckage of
        somebody who didn’t make it; who got it ever-so-slightly wrong.

        End of story.

        So I reckon that if you even go make a cup of coffee you could easily
        come back to totally different race in the twinkling of an eye. We’ve
        seen some of the safest pairs of F1 hands come to grief. A totally
        merciless track. You make slightest mistake and you’re a goner.

        1. Michael Brown (@)
          24th June 2017, 19:51

          Didn’t people say this last year?

      2. Then do some gardening instead

    7. Graham (@guitargraham)
      24th June 2017, 15:21

      that must be ominous for his rivals. lewis was making the car dance again

    8. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      24th June 2017, 15:23

      I’m really pleased for Stroll, to my mind that qualifying session trumps the points in Canada. I didn’t think he that level of performance in him, I’m very happy to be proven wrong. Fair play to Williams for nurturing him through a tough period as well. Looks like they’ll reap the rewards of good man management going forward. A lesson for some of the more cutthroat teams.

      1. let’s hope isn’t a single time after a good canadian gp at home for stroll, maybe that helped him to have more peace of mind, its nice to have a tight top 10 with both williams drivers

      2. Fully agree, @rdotquestionmark.
        He got too much flak from us couch potatoes before Canada.
        I’m stoked for the kid.

        Also happy for Ocon continuing to deliver, and Verstappen seems to be putting some space between him and Ricciardo.

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          24th June 2017, 16:39

          @f1-liners Yes I have done nothing but moan about Stroll ever since the announcement and I’m really glad for him to prove me wrong. The fact he’s performed so well at such a tough track bodes well also.

          Agree about Ocon he drives with such maturity for a young rookie. Very excited for his future. I wonder if Mercedes will ever use one of their junior drivers? Ricciardo looks a little distant this season, I know he’s had a few podiums but there is a fairly big gulf in speed between him and Max now.

    9. Q3 was almost 4s off the pole pace …

      Q2 almost 3s dow

      Even ferrari was 1s off the pace …

      I’m the only scared about how big are these gaps?

      Last week the gap between LMP1 and LMP2 at le mans was around 10s in a 13 km track …. so 3 to 4s in a 5 km is too much …. one can say that we have two categories inside f1 right now …

      1. Apparently there is still a huge difference in engine power between the different manufacturers it seems, as this is pretty much a power circuit.

    10. Arad (@just-an-fan)
      24th June 2017, 15:38

      I wonder for how long FIA are allowign Mercedes to get away with this blatant cheating. First they wrote the whole PU script, then came with token, then limited parts…..now are blatantly burning oil during QP. I wonder who wrote rule regarding how much oil can a team burn. What a massive joke F1 has become.

      1. nelson piquet
        24th June 2017, 15:44

        it’s not like others can do it too. all teams now had 3 years to catch up but i think we have to admit that mercedes is doing the best job by far. even tho the dominance is boring and gifts hamilton one title after another, they deserve it

      2. Don´t be so ridiculous, winning does not mean cheating.

        1. Agreed, some people are so full of hatred for Merc and Hamilton that it blinds them to reality and if their driver or team is not winning they cry foul play …. I actually wonder if some of these armchair critics are real racing fans or just like this site so they have their petty whinge.

      3. It’s Ferrari who are burning oil not Mercedes.

      4. Good… let the hate flow through you..

        1. The Force is strong with this one :)

      5. You’re hating so much on Mercedes when they’re on top of things.

        Let those oily tears flow.

      6. @just-an-fan While I agree that they shouldn’t be allowed to, if they are, then Ferrari and Renault have had 3 years to learn how to do it too, so…

      7. Can’t wait to see your reaction to when Hamilton breaks Schumi’s pole record.

        1. Surely you are not meeting the fuel regs if that is the case, measure the oil now

          1. Fran, given that there are now allegations that Ferrari might in fact have been the ones who were burning excess oil instead of Mercedes, it suggests that Vettel and Raikkonen would be in more trouble if that rule was applied.

      8. @just-an-fan

        Would love to see the expression on your face when Seb and Ferrari lose the title this year. It will be priceless..

      9. Fukobayashi (@)
        24th June 2017, 19:00

        Ferrari are burning the most fuel at the moment you ridiculous man

        1. Fukobayashi (@)
          24th June 2017, 19:01


          1. I don’t get this obsession with adults using the word “hate”, I thought it was used by kids in their terrible twos.

            1. + about eleventy five billion!,,

    11. This lap and the lap in Canada is why I think Lewis superior to all.That magic he possesses I havent seen since Micheal and Senna.We have seen Vetel and the likes perform at a very high level but we have never seen that unexpected magic from them,and thats why Lewis has won a race and taken pole for all of his 8yrs in f1,even when Vetell had the car to win 8 consecutive races .

      1. His lap in Russia and Monaco on the other proof he’s no better than most other front runners.

      2. Sebs first few laps in a race in his title winning years are on parity to the above names

    12. A Montreal-like cakewalk for Lewis is definitely possible tomorrow.

    13. Merc turns up the wick.
      Another boring season about to transpire.

      1. This was about tyres not wick

    14. Interesting that Mercedes (and Ferrari) managed to turn on the tyres for the last lap dash when previously they had to cruise around for at least two warm up laps. Where did the pace suddenly come from?

      1. Yes, most odd?

      2. Yes this had me scratching my head too, did the track really evolve so much?

        1. l can’t see how, more likely the wood got in the way of the pit box techies

    15. Well done Baku.
      For delivering the most boring qualifying of the year.

      1. Which channel did you watch?

    16. No matter how fast Mercedes was in qualy today, Hamilton still beat his teammate by almost five-tenths…Bottas is a pretty good driver, and neither did he seem to be struggling/all over the place like Hamilton was in Monaco. The gap between them was pretty large in Canada too.

      I’ve come to believe that no matter which driver you put alongside Lewis in that Mercedes, he’s going to have a really tough battle on his hands.

      1. Oh please. Bottas is still an unknown. Yes he beat Massa but that’s not exactly impressive.
        We saw last year what the deal is when Hamilton has a hungry, fast teammate next to him.

        1. So you’re saying that Rosberg didn’t have a hard time against Hamilton? That’s all I’m claiming…it’s really really hard to beat Lewis, especially when he’s on song like this.

          1. Oh definitely. But Rosberg is no Alonso or Vettel.
            He was always quick but never regarded as one of the quickest.
            But in the end Rosberg did beat Hamilton. So Hamilton can be beaten and is therefor not as impeccable as you and Sky try to make him out to be.
            Because for every brilliant race Hamilton can have an absolute stinker as well.

            1. Who says Rosberg wasn’t better than Vettel? Seeing how Vettel got humiliated by Riciardo and Rosberg also beaten Schumacher in all three seasons, I would not rate Vettel that highly and Rosberg that lowly.

              Only Alonso was almost able keep up with Hamilton.

        2. You mean the year when Hamilton had 3 engine failures his teammate didn’t have, yet only beat him by a few points? … and then retired because he knew he got lucky and wouldn’t be able to repeat the feat without more luck?

          1. Also don’t discount Toto’s recent comments saying Rosberg employed all kinds of Psychological warfare behind the scenes in the 2016 season

          2. Yes, the year where Hamilton made numerous atrocious starts that cost him the championship.
            Meaning Rosberg did a better job.
            Perhaps if Hamilton wasn’t so busy writing pop songs with Justin Bieber he would have had more time to figure out the start sequence.

            Oh wait, I forgot, when something goes wrong it’s Mercedes’ fault. When it doesn’t it’s because of Hamilton’s brilliance…

            1. @Baron You do realise, pointing out Lewis messed up plenty of starts in 2016 just reinforces how much stronger than Rosberg he is. Bad starts, mechanical failures – and it still went down to the wire…

            2. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
              24th June 2017, 21:56

              @Baron in the end, Rosberg won because he smashed into Lewis in Spain. Had he simply driven and competed, he would have also lost last year. That would have been a huge surprise given the troubles that Lewis faced during the season but not a surprise considering the fact that Nico didn’t win any other year and never managed to overtake Lewis on track…

          3. Guys, please stop tagging the untaggable!

    17. Incredible lap from Hamilton today, showing his skill under massive pressure. I don’t think there is anyone in F1 today that you could have put in the other Merc and got a different polesitter.

      1. nelson piquet
        24th June 2017, 16:03

        kvyat? vandoorne?

        1. While we’re at it, Palmer?

        2. Lmao if they are genuine suggestions you are really showing your lack of F1 knowledge there!

      2. Palmer, Vandoorne, Ericsson, Grosjean and Massa wouldn’t

        1. Nor Raikkonen

          1. Nor would Vettel.. considering he finished behind Kimi.

    18. What looked to be an interesting season looks to become a massive borefest.

      Oh well. Maybe Max can hit a Merc wing or two.

    19. One cold qualie session doesn’t make a season

      1. True, but unfortunately it’s the second qualy in a row where Mercedes were easily quickest. Bottas made a mistake in his 2nd run in Canada which means he’d easily been 2nd if he had a clean lap.
        What’s more is that the Merc is now easily fastest in the more technical sector where Ferrari was able to give them a run for their money in the first couple of races.
        So now Merc is back to not only having an advantage in power but also in aerodynamics.

        I can’t wait for Toto to tell us how close Ferrari is just before grabbing pole by a second in the upcoming races.

        1. But not in the race

          1. We’ll see. Canada wasn’t much of a comparison for obvious reasons but I doubt Ferrari has got the pace to attack Mercedes. And with puppy dog Bottas as a rear gunner Hamilton should be able to get a nice lead.

    20. Another great lap by a great driver, Hamilton.
      Astonishing the work of Stroll!
      Y think tomorrow we will see one safety car, maybe more. That can be interesting.

    21. Ham is really on it at the moment, great lap today. That pole record is in sight. The win record? Fugeddabowdit! Schumacher’s tally is unbelievable.

      1. Today yes, yesterday no

    22. I vote for Davide Valsecchi to replace David Croft in commentary, he’s hilarious!

      1. I have not had chance to watch an F2 race this year, however Valsecchi was great value last year on the GP2 commentary.

    23. Lewis makes a serious mistake. By blowing away his closest competitor by more than 1s and his teammate by 0.5s shows 2 things none particularly positive. a) His car is a rocket-ship giving him no credit for beating them and b) his teammate is more Kovalainen than Rosberg, in other words he is average.

      1. True, the qualy gap is staggering, still points are only awarded on Sundays

      2. Presumably Hamilton too is Kovalainen on occasion

        1. He definitely wasn’t Senna in Russia or Monaco.

    24. Nice pole, but when Vettel does it they say ‘it’s the car’

      1. Uhm but Vettel hasn’t done it more than once this year. Isn’t it like 5 – 1-1-1 for pole count this season among the top four drivers… Surely vettel could have evened the score if not for mistakes in australia and barcelona. Heck in bahrain too Vettel gave up a pole.

    25. I did not see qualifying yet (on the road),.. I love the result though. Valtteri was more comftable, likeley Hamilton had to dig deep. And I love that, great to see great drivers being pushed to greatness.

      Now I have to find out what happend to Vettel.

      1. @jureo Vettel had to use an old engine with more miles and probably also less developed. Makes a big difference in Baku. I don’t think there were any real mistakes on his final lap.

        1. FYI – RAI had the ‘newer’ Ferrari engine but was unable to challenge HAM’s time in any of the sectors. Unable to confirm or challenge your comment about mistakes because the feed I viewed did not show Vettel’s lap till 1:31 into his flying lap.

    26. Vettel prisoner of Azkaban or was it Azerbaijan

    27. Hm it seems Mercedes still has a Massive advantage on this track, Ferrari was more than a second behind.

      So tomorrow will be easy 1-2 for Merc?

    28. GRO lost it completely – nice to see MAG saving the day for the Haas team…maybe Ferrari should think twice before signing with GRO..

    29. Err Felipe what’s going? Stroll beating you? Really?

      You better beat him in the race tomorrow.

    30. geoffgroom44 (@)
      25th June 2017, 12:12

      Am I the only one that sometimes gets the feeling that Hamilton plays a game in practice, refining minor aspects of the trim…throwing a dummy at the contenders…..and then Hammers the opposition in qualifying?
      To produce such a qual lap under such conditions is a clear demonstration of his skills, despite what some ‘commentators say’ about rocket ships. Even a rocket ship has to be controlled and managed. 2 more poles and MS’s record goes.
      I wish Lewis well today in the race.
      Merc have shown they are not invincible, but Merc AND Hamilton are sure getting very close to that definition

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