Baku pole lap even better than Montreal – Hamilton

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said the lap which earned him pole position for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix was even better than his celebrated lap in Canada two weeks ago.

Hamilton equalled Ayrton Senna’s career tally of 65 pole positions in Canada and surpassed it with his 66th today.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying in pictures
“My pole lap in Montreal was pretty special,” said Hamilton, “but I think this one here tops that.”

Hamilton was initially slower than team mate Valtteri Bottas after their first runs in the pole position shoot-out.

“My first run in Q3 was actually really good,” he said, “but I was a bit greedy into the last corner, locked up and cost myself time.”

Hamilton was concerned about a tyre vibration following his lock-up, but a red flag meant he was able to put on a fresh set.

“After the red flag there was a lot of pressure on that final lap,” Hamilton said. “All weekend we’ve struggled to switch the car on over a single lap, but it was an all or nothing moment so I just gave it everything I had.”

“Valtteri was on a great lap as well, so when I came across the line and saw that I had pole, it was such a good feeling. Even if that time had only been enough for P2 it was a lap to be proud of.”

“We were struggling yesterday but we made a lot of changes overnight. A big thank you to the team who stayed late last night to get the car to where it is today – they did a fantastic job.”

2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

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    8 comments on “Baku pole lap even better than Montreal – Hamilton”

    1. It’s so quiet around here, and oh I know why? Lewis’ performance today, perhaps?

    2. Just ask Lewis, he’ll be the first to tell you how great he is.

      1. And that’s exactly the kind of attitude that a handful of drivers should have.

        A field of 20 modest drivers? No thank you.

        1. Anything less than full confidence from Lewis, and the press would be all over him with a whole other level of spin.

          No, in this game confidence is everything and so one can’t begrudge a driver with that attitude. Confidence can be infectious, and so long may he continue in that vain. Ali for our age.

        2. I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about that. As one former champion said (can’t remember who offhand), “You’ll never win the title unless you’re a selfish jerk,” or words to that effect.

    3. Really, why when you do for him.

      I like this years car specs, now drivers focus maximizing the setup for each individual and not for maximum tire life. This makes differences in skill standout ass they should.

    4. Ass as in butts’lol.

    5. Lewis still on course to equal Schumacher’s record at Silverstone, so no pressure then.

      Congrats on a Fantastic effort to get P1 with no warm on that final qualifying lap. I would put this down to the garage finally getting a handle on those tires and a much better balance of the car.

      I wonder if Mercedes have upped the spec on their tire warmers?

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