Baku City Circuit, 2017

Caption Competition 132: Baku driving

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This rather untypical machine for an F1 race weekend was spotted on the track in the run-up to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 170 comments on “Caption Competition 132: Baku driving”

    1. CAUTION: May not accelerate out of corners as quickly as you expect.

      1. Yes. This.

    2. “Fernando Alonso takes to the track in his McLaren Honda in Free Practice”

    3. Alonso tests new McLaren

    4. Honda were caught running secret engine testing at Baku.

    5. Completed more laps than Jolyon Palmer did all weekend

    6. No wonder Hamilton was complaining about the safety car going to slow.

      1. Lol almost word for word my first reaction. Good one.

      2. +1; I wanted to use LH’s exact words:
        13 From Lewis Hamilton The Safety Car is driving so slow it’s dangerous for us. We can’t get the temperature in these tyres as it is.

    7. Sebastian Vettel serving his punishment after the collision with Lewis Hamilton.

    8. This is a trial run for the new Safety car for 2018 season and It has a LPG system.

    9. RossoToro (@)
      1st July 2017, 12:04

      Spot the car that has done more laps than Red Bull.

    10. No more hybrid power unit. Let’s go back to the good old days engine.

      1. Easily my favourite comment!

    11. We’re catching Fred !

    12. McLaren unveil their new engine partner, running an older model, Lada take 2s off Hondas fastest lap.

    13. Hamilton finally found a car with proper headrests and are gonna show his engineers what hes been talking about.

    14. I’m fastest through the corners..

    15. With doubts cast over the future of the McLaren-Honda partnership amongst Fernando Alonso’s promises to jump ship, McLaren begin to explore drastic measures to increase engine performance.

    16. One more driver overtakes Alonso without DRS

    17. Force India trial their new chassis as their drivers make it clear that they will race each other very hard on the track.

    18. Everyone was surprised by FIA’s new F1 closed cockpit concept.

    19. After Pascal is knocked out in Q1, he asks the team if they’re sure Ericsson isn’t getting better equipment…

    20. Vettel’s extra punishment was learning to drive in a straight line, at low speed, with one hand off the wheel.

    21. Alonso is Faster than you.

    22. 10-VS-958. Lucky for some.

    23. No worries, the marshals have about an hour to get off the track…

    24. Lance Stroll spotted during his training. Surely this is one enough to be authorised by the FIA.

    25. Lewis Hamilton is warned to maintain 10 car lengths from the new safer, slower safety car.

    26. Future of F1: Less reliance on aerodynamics, more equal engines and head protection.

    27. Rare footage of a driver doing a clean lap of Baku.

    28. The driver’s parade in Baku was not a very spectacular event.

    29. Uber driver takes wrong turn but still manages to get 2 points for Lada.

    30. Made in China.
      Early prototype for the rumored Chinese F1 team spotted testing in Baku.

    31. Niki Lada

      1. PUNcture

    32. FIA tests out new safety cars in hopes of improving the show on race weekends.

    33. Maldonado private testing

    34. Bernd Mayländer was not happy to learn what cutting costs in F1 meant for him.

    35. Following Alonso’s race at the Indy 500, McLaren and Honda’s secretive Le Mans entry is put through it’s paces.

    36. At last, the final version of cockpit/halo/windscreen has been approved and looks startlingly better than previous prototypes.

    37. McLaren were surprised to find that even this old Lada was faster than their Honda powered car.

    38. Brian (@flyinglapct)
      1st July 2017, 13:43

      One of the marshals offered up this beauty after the Mercedes safety car was sidelined with a broken headrest.

    39. The plans to revive ’80s style support races didn’t translate well to Azerbaijani.

    40. Brian (@flyinglapct)
      1st July 2017, 13:48

      “Honey, I think that red car just rear ended us again.”

    41. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      1st July 2017, 13:48

      The 2020 F1 engines will go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene.

      1. @theawesomefish Put in in ‘H’!

        1. Take her for a test drive and you’ll agree; Zagreb agrem zlotig liev!

    42. The new virtual safety car.

      1. It’s virtually safe, as long as everyone else is in a Lada too.

    43. “When you drive never drink.”

    44. Fernando, the Lada is faster than you.

    45. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      1st July 2017, 14:03

      The steering wheel comes off in this one too. Nice touch. How do I put it back on before I reach the corner?

      (real life experience with Lada owned by uncle’s shipping company)

      1. “hey… hey… Steering wheel!”

    46. One of Stroll’s secret tests between races. Took off the sponsoring decals, nobody the wiser.

    47. The Safety Car as described by Lewis Hamilton.

    48. “A frustrated Max Versappen tests a more reliable car.”

      1. ^ Brilliant :’)

    49. “no Mr Todt you misheard, LOUDER cars, no Lada cars…”

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        1st July 2017, 18:54


        1. Excellent, great tag line.

    50. Revealed. Russia F1 team breaks cover.. about 40 years too late.

    51. McLaren’s new engine partner Lada will put the “works” back in “works team” with the MCLada 33.

    52. 2018 F1 team entry not as well funded as first thought, still a major threat to McLaren Honda

    53. “Strat nine, just charge the battery. Front temperatures really good now. So let’s keep them up there and push on the next lap.”

      1. Very funny!

      2. pastaman (@)
        2nd July 2017, 0:47

        Haha nice

      3. excellent!

    54. Alonso is so ‘over’ Formula one, he books an Uber for the race.

    55. Shock announcement!
      McLaren spied in Baku testing the latest engine from their new engine partner Lada!

    56. I bought this one from Bernie, he told me it was a Ferrari.

    57. Alonso delighted with new aero package and engine upgrade.

    58. Azerbaijan Touring Car Championships delighted to be able to support the F1 race.

    59. Ron tests MP4’s latest car in an attempt to challenge McLaren Group.

    60. Despite split rumours, McLaren unveils it’s brand new “Honda Racing White” inspired livery.

    61. Neil (@neilosjames)
      1st July 2017, 15:50

      After hearing a dad had promised to buy his 18-year-old son a car when he got his first podium, an enterprising Baku dealership decided to send one over.

    62. Derek Edwards
      1st July 2017, 15:52

      The Honda saga had devalued Ron’s remaining shares so much that he had to scale back drastically on his retirement present to himself.

    63. Calum Menzies
      1st July 2017, 16:00

      Honda progress with Spec 3 engine testing!

    64. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      1st July 2017, 16:16

      Herbie’s “square” cousin finally spotted in Baku!

    65. With more horsepower and more reliable machinery at his disposal, Alonso finally managed a points finish.

    66. Rumours of a new team are confirmed as prototype is sighted.

    67. According to Google maps, the museum is right around the corner.

    68. Bernie Ecclestone thought he could visit Baku incognito…

    69. Onboard with McLaren-Honda.

    70. The 2018 regulations finally succeed at limiting aerodynamic grip.

    71. Pirelli testing the hard tires.

    72. Monisha Kaltenborn’s severance package included a “prestigious European sports car”.

    73. Paul Hembery ‘satisfied’ with latest Pirelli tyre test

    74. “We could have won this race”

      1. ..was waiting for this one

      2. Winner

      3. pastaman (@)
        2nd July 2017, 0:48


    75. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      1st July 2017, 18:16

      As the qualifying session ended, Kubica was desperate to show he could beat Palmer’s times.

    76. – “GP2 engine! GP2 engine!”
      – “Please, Fernando, not again…”

    77. Great to see the Manor team back in the series

    78. New F1 management appears to be serious about cutting costs, to make fielding a race team MUCH more affordable.

    79. “Scuderia Ferrari’s version of Azerbaijan GP road rage incident.”

    80. At Secret test of new halo replacement.
      Engineers: as you can see the Light Airborne Debris Avoidance system is race ready and has only marginal affect on the aerodynamics of the F1 car.

    81. Antoon van Gemert
      1st July 2017, 19:15

      Max Verstappen: “Hey wait up, guys! I’m in the race again!

    82. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      1st July 2017, 19:20

      Mosley: “Whats that on track, is that a Riva Bernie?”
      Bernie: “No Maurizio is in the Ferrari garage.”

      1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
        1st July 2017, 19:22


    83. FIA make decision on Vettel’s car for the Austrian GP.

    84. Do you truly believe it’s enough to impress McLaren and get that engine suppl deal?

    85. Its such a shame, we could have won this race.

      1. Could have won the caption contest – if it was first ;)

    86. Even though Alonso’s Mclaren was in DRS range, it was clear the 1978 1.2 L Lada had the edge on straight line speed.

    87. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      1st July 2017, 20:28

      The KGB in pursuit of a F1 car!

    88. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      1st July 2017, 20:30

      The ultimate joy of racing in clean air!

    89. Alonso sets personal best during ride back to the pits.

      1. nice :)

    90. And now its time to put a star in our reasonably priced car…
      Some say it has a Lada understeer.

    91. Honey, where are we?

    92. Finally, a car that McLaren can beat!

    93. Lance Stroll caught practicing in secrecy…

    94. GtisBetter (@)
      1st July 2017, 21:09

      The local spec series was another blowout.

    95. honda’s f1 hybrid engine has a future after all.

    96. Local reporters new to F1 couldn’t really understand why they kept hearing ‘nick a Lada’ around the paddock, but in an effort to blend in they took the suggestion to heart.

    97. Fans flocked back to the track after the race after they heard a louder car going around the circuit.

    98. ” – Hamilton kept repeating that the Safety Car was going too slow.
      – I told you that we shouldn’t have used the Mercedes camouflage. “

    99. Jean Todt soon regretted his offer of a free grid slot to any team that could outpace McLaren.


    101. Is it just me, or are there fewer logos on the 2017 cars?

    102. Baku highlights the time taken for cars to unlap themselves behind the safety car.

    103. “What Vettel thought Hamilton was doing during the safety car period.”

    104. A picture of the f1fanatic driver of the week – having lost both eyes and brain pointing at stroll – this must be the next candidat…

    105. Team Radio Transcript

      From 10-VS-958: What is Alonso’s pace?
      To 10-VS-958: We are currently 1 second faster per lap.

      1. not bad

    106. For reasons unknown, driver complaints about traffic surged during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

    107. Reports have emerged that Mclaren are testing an unknown engine in a mule car made to mimic the performance of the MCL32.

    108. Derek Edwards
      1st July 2017, 23:56

      Azerbaijan’s wannabe racers have to take turns on the career Lada.

    109. Some say he finds walls attractive and that his father paid for him to have his blood replaced by maple syrup. All we know is it’s time for a “Stroll in a reasonably priced car!”

      1. :D very good!

    110. Confirmed. Mr. Bean will replace Alonso next year.

    111. ‘They said I could be anything, so I became a F1 driver.’

    112. Saurabh (@sksahukanker62)
      2nd July 2017, 5:01

      lets make this race interesting, lets go the wrong way, where’s hamilton…

    113. Red Bull furious at the lack of aero in the 2018 car.

    114. FIA testing new ways to improve the sound of modern f1 engines. The first attempt was a roaring success.

    115. Speed. I am speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am … Lada McQueen!

    116. Vitaly Petrov’s state funding dries up.

    117. Lee H (@stopitrawr)
      2nd July 2017, 9:08

      After being rejected by Mercedes, McLaren test their secret replacement for Honda power.

    118. Marian Gri (@)
      2nd July 2017, 9:55

      LADA… just Putin everybody to shame.

    119. Kimi says ‘Are you sure I’ve got equal equipment to Seb?’

    120. Azerbaijan shows off it’s racing heritage.

    121. Lewis: The Safety Car is driving so slow it’s dangerous for us.

    122. Niki Lada

    123. Lewis: The Safety Car needs to speed up, guys. It’s just too slow.

    124. Lewis: Charlie can you not see that the Safety Car is actually dangerous.

    125. Carlos Patrão
      2nd July 2017, 11:51

      Eat my dust McLaren’s. And Jolyon.

    126. You vs the guy she told you not to worry about

      (Safety Car Reference)

    127. A Baku team used the occasion to test their new LMP2 challenger sponsored by Kolles

    128. Is it OK for the driver to smoke?
      I thought tobacco advertising was banned in F1…

    129. And Lada unveils it’s tender for the next generation of safety car……..

    130. Spy Cam: Honda caught evaluating the competition.

    131. Levente (@leventebandi)
      2nd July 2017, 18:45

      After the 2 seater Minardi experience with Zsolt Baumgartner, Liberty ups the game with the 4 seater Mclaren – Honda experience, with Taki Inoue

    132. The true Azerbajan GP safety car was revelaed without the Mercedes disguise.

    133. “Spared no expense”

    134. Fernando caught testing in a more reliable car that can help him see the chequered flag without a drama finally, he is at peace at last

    135. This Safety Car was tested as part of an innovative cross-promotional campaign between Liberty Media and Uber, drawing bitter complaints from Mercedes for being too slow, from McLaren for being too fast, and from Force India for looking too good, while several other teams left comments that they had asked the driver to turn the music down several times.

    136. Grand Theft Auto 6 European tour: A Baku Story.

    137. Akshat Mehta
      3rd July 2017, 6:38

      Still faster than a Honda.

    138. Whilst similar to a modern day F1 car in as much that it has 4 wheels and no cup holders, this little beauty at least sports a useful ashtray….

    139. Alonso spotted in another car: “I just wanted to feel the speed in this straight”

    140. FIA tests a new safety car. Todt said “McLaren-Honda is damaging the F1 image, they can barely follow the current safety car”.

    141. Mclaren Honda score there first point in Baku after reverting to the older spec engine

    142. Justin (@vivagilles27)
      4th July 2017, 3:12

      The view for the entire race for the Saubers…….

    143. How to speak Azerbajani?

      Marco Andretti’s future Formula 1 ride!!!!!!!!

    144. Look Mummy!
      No Honda engine!

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