Austrian GP weekend to be dry and warm

2017 Austrian Grand Prix weather

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Formula One is set for another dry and very warm weekend in Austria.

Temperatures will reach 31C during Thursday’s media day at the track but the mercury may rise even higher tomorrow, hitting 32C in the afternoon. This is a few degrees higher than last year’s peak, when track surface temperatures in qualifying reached a punishing 54C.

As Sunday is forecast to be a few degrees cooler, Friday’s practice running may not give a great guide to how the tyres will perform over a race stint. Pirelli has brought the three softest available compounds this weekend. Sunday is also forecast to be the cloudiest of the three days which will also serve to keep track temperatures down.

Hot conditions put strain on the power units as well as the tyres. The high demand on the MGU-K and MGU-H at the Red Bull Ring places additional strain on the battery, which may force teams to adjust their cooling arrangements. Even in the fourth year of the V6 hybrid turbo regulations some manufacturers are continuing to have reliability problems, notably Renault and Honda.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Red Bull Ring

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2017 Austrian Grand Prix

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11 comments on “Austrian GP weekend to be dry and warm”

  1. The Dutch f1today claimed it gonna be raining, so i’m a bit confused here..

    1. @noname predicts a 50% chance of rain between 13 and 16 o’clock on Friday and Sunday as well. But as those precipitations are predicted to be due to scattered thunderstorms, there’s no telling how the weather will eventually be.

    2. German/Austrian weather reports are accurate only for the next 3 hours :)

    3. AccuWeather says that the temperature will be around 29ºC for all the 3 days, albeit thunder storms should be expected.

      Regardless, I don’t know where Keith fetches this info, but it is correct more often than not, and certainly more accurate than the sources I usually find

    4. Yeah, I think I read on Sky’s twitter that Friday and Saturday showers are likely…
      Shame that it’s almost always the Sundays when we miss out on rain, but hey, could be the lucky day.

    5. @noname @johnmilk @hunocsi @sato113 After all that, not a drop of rain!

      1. F1Fanatic ypur n°1 weather forecaster

  2. The weather can be really different in the alps and its foothills, sometimes rain in one valley and sun in the next.

    1. exactly! mountain weather is inconsistent. Keep an eye on radars on the day…

  3. From Ian fergusson (BBC F1 weather guy):

    ‘Hot & volatile (for different reasons to Baku!) Fri-Sun at Spielberg: moderate-high risk PM showers/t-storms each day

  4. I’m hoping for at least a partly wet race.

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