2017 Austrian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Austrian Grand Prix

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2017 Austrian Grand Prix

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60 comments on “2017 Austrian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. It looks like the only way Hamilton get closer is Vettel to have some problem

    1. To be fair, we are anticipating Vettel to get some penalties later on this year due to his higher power unit component use.

    2. Well, Vettel has used 4 TCs and 4 MGU-Hs. I’m sure component change penalties are on the horizon for Vettel.

      1. They replace the components as a quick fix. They keep re-using it for races in the future. Unless there is a significant upgrade, I don’t see a need for them to go more than the allocation. @phylyp

    3. @tiagocomodoro I don’t agree at all. 20 points in it, 275 points up for grabs, this could go either way regardless of luck.

    4. No, it just needs Hamilton not to have mechanical problems for most of the rest of the season.

    5. or Vettel to cause some crashes on leading car when it is ham, and play the blame game as hard as he can to waterdown his own penalties… he should have gotten a race ban, but to stir up the entertainment value, Ferrari Int Assistance came to help… and here we are half way through, and someone is suggesting ham cant keep up unless vettel has problem? should laugh? i think yes… vettel is well overdue for penalties for component changes now as he racked them up before half way… he should pray from now on that he doesnt need any major component changes… as you will see he will be advocating for his view of the unfairness of component change penalties…

      1. Turbo and mgh is planned and will be changed according to race so no issue. Obly used 2 engines and most miles on 1st engine as a quick change for leaks. 4800km on 1st engine. When Merc tried this Bottas engine blew. More likely Hamilton will have an issue. Plent left on Veytels 2nd engine (more powerful than 1st) and an anticipated 3rd engine with much more power to come soon. I am hoping for Vettel to have a 50bpoint lead by the summer break. Can but dream.

  2. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    9th July 2017, 14:43

    Bottas is closer to Hamilton than Hamilton to Vettel. Toto must be having a headache soon.

    1. @omarr-pepper – not really – with that sort of positioning, Mercedes will be able to run away with the constructors quite easily (and with contract renewals coming up, that actually gives Toto a slight edge). Kimi falling further adrift of Ricciardo is what will be causing headaches for Arrivabene – that would be scuppering any hopes Ferrari had for the WCC.

      1. Exactly. I don’t see why having two great drivers in the WDC fight would be a headache for any team leader. Bottas and Hamilton seem to be getting along great both outside and on the track, so there shouldn’t be any unnecessary incidents between them.

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          9th July 2017, 15:59

          @hotbottoms I’m not talking about the good relationship. That’s out of the question now. But Bottas is not going to be so easygoing if the championship starts to appear at aim. Maybe his contract is not going to let him be more independent about that, but let see how this develops.
          Dan also replied (sorry there is no way to “@” you) … I know the headrest is going to be the Malaysia 2016 of this season, but talking about “cold points”, you can see how Bottas is so well positioned now to give it a try.

          1. @omarr-pepper
            Still – why would Wolff be concerned about having two great drivers fighting for WDC? That only makes sense if Wolff wants Hamilton to win the WDC instead of a Mercedes driver winning the WDC.

        2. Racerdude7730
          9th July 2017, 17:05

          It is going to be a problem because we see how HAM reacted when ROS started to really push him so he is prob dreading the fact BOT may soon be putting pressure on him

          1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
            9th July 2017, 20:43

            +1 @racerdude7730.
            I preferred not to state it myself since I know I am going to be trashed by many if I imply it in the slightlest way. Good to see you can see it as well.

      2. Kimi can only be part of the Ferrari plan if they include him. He should never have been kept out on his tyres for a long as they did. 40 laps is not indicative of a team that has a “plan” and then everybody is up in arms when he couldn’t keep Bottas with a brand new set of boots at bay. This is not the first time Farrari has kept Kimi out on old tyres this year effectively screwing his race. Vettel may be perceived by many as Ferrari’s saviour but I hate to disappoint the “many”. He is by no means top managements “pet project” and he is skating on thin ice with the Ferrari Board. People are sick and tired of pre madonna’s like Vettel.

    2. @omarr-pepper Not really Hamilton is still the better driver and would be almost leading wo the headrest failure which also put Bottas further forward remember. What we can all agree on though ypure driver like drivers way past there peak. Merc have fastest car but Vet has missed a few poles this year btw. Vettel needs someone his age in that car. It just shows Hamilton actually has a good teammate yet again.

  3. Without Bottas’ engine failure at Spain he’s tied with Hamilton. Include letting Hamilton past (twice) in Bahrain and VB is coming 2nd…

    1. @juan-fanger And wo a mechanic not putting on Hamilton headrest correct Hamilton would be nearly in lead of WDC wo forgetting Hamilton had a 5 place grid drop aswell.

    2. Please let’s not start this discussion. Hamilton has also had mechanical troubles (last race and this weekend), so I think their point situation is fair.

      However, Bottas is only 15 points behind Hamilton. That isn’t much at this point of the season, especially since Bottas is getting better and better. In my opinion, WDC is a three way race at the moment.

      1. Aleays an excuse for Hamilton. Hopefully Vettel can follow Button and Rosberg in beating him.

        1. Meant Botras but Vettel beating him would be great.

  4. Dan Riccardio again is having a hell of a season!!

    1. Ferrari/Mercs sign him up!!

      1. No thanks only race in this podium run you can say was on merit. Ric one of best qually drivers around has beaten Max once in five starts. Ves was ahead in 4 of Ric podiums btw. Max is clearly doing just as good a job if not better.

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          9th July 2017, 16:02

          Probably Horner comments about Sainz staying in Toro Rosso are more aimed as a warning to Kvyat than to Sainz. And I’m sure that Kvyat is definitely going to be summoned by Horner this week (Max said on his FB account that the bad start was due to a clutch problem, but he could have tried a recovery run if it hadn’t been for Kvyat).

          1. Kyat probably lost his seat today due to his rookie mistake which also ended Max’ race.

        2. Yeah, if it wasn’t for excuses A to ZZZ max would be leading the championship.

    2. Not really, he’s being soundly beaten on pace by Verstappen. He’s having a pretty average season with lots of luck.

      1. Soundly beaten…. Max had an awful start today which was why he was caught in the mess caused by Kyvat.

        Max unfortunately barely completed half a race recently and Dan has over double his points, yet Dan is being soundly beaten?! You get points for potential.

        1. Well As33 Max was clearly ahead in the previous races when his car let him down. He is more often than not also the faster qualifyer at Red Bull this season. I think that is a pretty clear picture for who is beating whom.

          Haven’t seen enough about it, but if a clutch issue hurt Verstappens start, we can hardly hold that against him either, he could well have been right in the mix here.

      2. That’s laughable. Qualy-pace is basically equal at 5-4 and RIC leads the points by 107-45… even if Max wouldn’t have had his bad luck he’d still be behind RIC.

        1. Yeah, but since both the win and 2 podiums that counted towards Dans points came only after Verstappen’s car failed while leading him, it’s quite easy to see how the points would look had Verstappen not dropped out of those races (with Verstappen up to 60 points higher than he currently is and Ricciardo some 17 points lower)

          1. @bascb Except it’s impossible to know where VES would have finished. In Spain, Canada Baku and Austria he retired so early you simply can’t just assume where Max would have finished especially with his driving style and the way Baku went obviously.

            The only thing we know for sure is that RIC has been impecable: always quick and always in a position to seize opportunity, which can’t be said about VES this year. You make your own luck.

            Like qualifying badly and then falling back into the pack, it simply makes you prone to these kind of accidents.

  5. Sviatoslav (@)
    9th July 2017, 15:09

    Vettel is much more stable than Hamilton. I do believe now that, unfortunately, Vettel is going to win the championship.

    1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      9th July 2017, 16:04

      @sviat how stable? Today he keeps complaining about the jump start (see another F1F article about it).
      I’m so big a fan of Seb, but if he doesn’t learn to keep his cool, he is going to lose his best shot at a championship in recent time.

      1. Exactly @omarr-pepper, Vettel showed us again that he has issues with his temper sometimes clouding his mind. That can easily hurt his championship battle this year. All it takes is a badly judged move made while in anger that gets his car damaged or gets him more points on his licence and it could easily go downhill.

        Also, while Ferrari seemed to be the (slightly) better car at the start of the year, by now Mercedes has edged ahead, making it harder to beat them and making it even more important for Vettel to keep his cool.

    2. Racerdude7730
      9th July 2017, 17:07

      Any drive would have done the same bc if they see the chance to gain a free spot they will. It’s smart driving from anyone. No diff when you hear HAM or anyone else on the radio trying to get race control to make a call to help them

    3. Well Vettel is a 4 time champ v a 3 time champ and many years younger. Have some sympathy for Hamilton in 2007 he was looking like dominating his generation but sadly Vettel came a long. Another sporting case of the Germans beating the Brits.

  6. Somewhat interesting for the WCC : Williams passing Toro Rosso for 5th by virtue of two drivers contributing somewhat equally to the points tally… Something we can’t really say about Scuderia Toro Rosso.

    I would’ve expected that to be the other way around.

    1. (My bad, they were already ahead, and only added to the gap, but the point about balanced/similar contribution stands)

  7. 6 Sergio Perez 50
    7 Max Verstappen 45

    That’s got to hurt.

    11 Lance Stroll 18
    11 Nico Hulkenberg 18
    11 Romain Grosjean 18

    3 very different seasons they’re having, funny to see them all on the same points total. Stroll had a horrendous start to the season and one really good result making up most of his 18 points, Grosjean has been steadily scoring points and getting better results, while Hulkenberg had been steadily scoring points and the last couple of races have not been so hot. Not sure in which position I’d rather be.

    1. Verstappen had a terrible start which undoubtedly landed him in the trouble zone further back. But still, a really unlucky year so far, despite clear signs he’d be having a phenomenally good season without all the issues.

      1. This guys needs a break. So much potential – would love to see him let loose in a Merc of Ferrari

        1. At which point will the excuses become too much? VER put himself in the pack by his eratic qualy performance and bad start you know

    2. In all fairness Perez would be further ahead of VER had it not been for stupid Ocon destroying his car in the last race.

      I don’t remember Hulk ever flat out destroying Perez car out of frustration.

    3. Excellent achievement by The midfield sensation Perez so far.

  8. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    9th July 2017, 17:22

    This is going to be a very, very boring championship… The Mercs can’t pass the Ferraris even when they are having issues so it all has to be done with reliability and luck.

    That excludes Lewis from the running as he can get pole and start from the end of the grid somehow in every race (if his car starts or works or is in 1 piece or his tyres were actually made by Pirelli or whatever else can happen to him).

    Bottas is semi-lucky as evidenced by the fact that he’s 15 points behind and no one remembers him. If his luck holds he could win this so there’s really not much point in driving well for him…

    Vettel has probably already won it courtesy of his ridiculous past luck and the “free” bump.

    If the Red Bull was faster, Ricciardo could have won this championship – that guy is literally the guy you should take to the WSOP main event with you:-)

    No comment about Alonso and Verstappen – not even sure why they bother showing up for the races this year.

    1. No bad luck for Lewis this year or any year. He has better luck than his teammates. Bottas engine blew up in a race this year. Hamilton has finished every race. Hamilton is feast and famine. As per his whole career bar 2007 he is streaky.

      Headrest was probably due to Lewis big head making it harder to fit.

  9. It depends on the individual races. Some of the next few tracks – Silverstone, Spa and Monza will favour the Mercs, and Vettel will have to be careful to maximise his points from those even if he cannot win. But thereafter, Ferrari might be able to pull things back in Malaysia, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

    I think Bottas’ win in Austria favours Vettel more than it does Hamilton. Bottas now definitely has a sniff at the title race and will certainly not be willing to play second fiddle to Hamilton…and I doubt if Toto Wolff will force the Finn to do so. On the other hand, Raikkonen is already too far behind to be of any threat to Vettel and probably would not mind giving a hand as he has said so himself.

    1. Interesting point about Kimi so let’s see how many drivers will be linked to Kimi’s seat. So far we have VER, RIC, SAI, GRO, PER. Am I missing any?

      1. yes, Bottas

      2. If Vettel wins the 2017 WDC, IMO he will remain with Ferrari for another 2 years at least. Raikkonen will eave that the end of this season and Alonso should be a major consideration for a short (2-year) stint at Maranello. IMO if he does well, Bottas will be retained at Mercedes, especially if he remains within striking distance of Hamilton and helps to win the WCC for the team.

        1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
          9th July 2017, 20:57

          @loup-garou let’s make silly season even sillier:
          Mercedes : Bottas manages to finish the season ahead of Lewis. Lewis leaves to…
          Ferrari: Seb gets the WDC, Kimi leaves and Lewis takes his place, lured by Ferrari’s potential.
          Red Bull: Ric stays. Max gets sick and tired of his bad luck. Mercedes gets him.
          Williams: Massa retires. They need a new experienced driver. Grosjean gets in, tired of Haas brakes. Stroll stays.
          Renault: Hulk stays. Palmer is out. Kubica returns (cross fingers).
          Force India: same line-up.
          Haas: Magnussen is joined by Palmer (too much money to be ignored).
          McLaren: (Hopefully) Honda starts getting more performance and endurance. Regularly in the points. Alonso $tay$. Vandoorne too.
          Toro Rosso: Sainz stays. Kvyat is out. They get that new guy who I don’t remember his name.
          Sauber: Ericsson is out. Vandoorne is joined by a new rookie.
          * all my silly prediction doesn’t consider how strong contracts actually are.

          1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
            9th July 2017, 21:03

            Oh! I left an empty seat at Red Bull! Sainz takes it and Roro Rosso gets 2 rookies (it has happened before). Maybe Felix Ronkvist?

        2. Alonso back at Ferrari?? I was under the impression he left on bad terms. Let’s not forget McLaren pay him well to be a back marker.

        3. I think Seb would take PER over the Diva that is Alonso. There is only enough room for one Diva in the room.

  10. Last 3 taces are tailor made for Merc. I was expecting Vettel tonlose 21 to 30 points to Hamilton but only lost 4 points and beat Hamilton in 2 of the 3 races. Good going. Hope Vettel can win the next 2 would be nice for a Ferrari driver to be at least 34 points in the lead by mid season. Only Monza left as a stick on Merc race but Ferrari do have a rumoured huge engine improvement coming up.

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