Teams and fans’ best social media pictures and video from F1 Live London

2017 British Grand Prix

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Formula One descended on Trafalgar Square in London today for a motor sport extravaganza ahead of the British Grand Prix.

All ten teams and all bar one of their current race drivers – Lewis Hamilton being a conspicuous exception – took part in F1 Live London.

Here’s a selection of highlights from the event as posted by the teams, drivers and fans.

Mika Hakkinen gave a lift to Sergio Perez in a two-seat Caparo T1:

Hoy me tocó ser copiloto de una leyenda en Londres… prefiero ser el piloto! 🤣@f1mikahakkinen

A post shared by Checo Pérez (@schecoperez) on

McLaren and Honda demonstrated one of their better collaborations – the 1991 MP4-6 which Ayrton Senna used to win his final world championship title. Stoffel Vandoorne drove:

Most other teams brought their current cars:

Despite only being officially announced 24 hours before it went ahead, the event drew a huge crowd of fans:

Not bad…👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#F1

A post shared by Fernando Alonso (@fernandoalo_oficial) on

Here’s a small selection of their images and video from the event:

Hamilton’s absence did not go unnoticed:

But another British world champion was present:

The full field may not have been present but thanks to Rene Arnoux there were 20 drivers on stage at the end:

And when it was all done Carlos Sainz Jnr took the tube home in true London style:

Event #f1live in #London done! Going back home in the tube! 😂😂 city totally collapsed!

A post shared by Carlos Sainz (@carlosainz) on

F1 Live London in pictures

Over to you

Did you attend F1 Live London or watch the event? What did you think of it? Have your say in the comments and share links to any of your pictures and video.

2017 British Grand Prix

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    70 comments on “Teams and fans’ best social media pictures and video from F1 Live London”

    1. Derek Edwards
      12th July 2017, 22:16

      Rene Arnoux was my hero when I was a young F1 fan and I was thrilled to meet him at Goodwood a few years ago. The poster he signed is one of my treasured possessions, although I think he was a little scared at a fortysomething man attempting to tell him in bad French that he was the greatest..!

    2. Loved watching Stroll barely getting his car around and needing help from marshals backing him up to make the hairpin. After that Vettel came out and drifted around the track doing perfect circles of smoke in the hairpin before blasting away.

      1. mark jackson
        13th July 2017, 1:40

        To be fair to Lance, according to Jake Humphrey, the drivers were told not to do doughnuts. After Seb did the doughnuts, the others followed.

        1. The drivers before Lance also did doughnuts

      2. Lol

        Is there a video of that?

        1. Of Stroll doing advanced parking? Or Seb actually doing donuts?

        2. @todfod @Mart

          I mean they are directly after each other so it should be the same video. FIA broadcasted it live for free on youtube so it shouldnt be hard to find clips of it basicly everywhere and fast forward to Stroll/Vettel.

          First time in the hairpin Stroll couldnt make it around because the turningradious was to big on his F1 car but he managed himself by putting in the reverse gear. Second time he tried to powerslide the car around but hesitated with to little throttle and got stuck again, Before he got the reverse in concerned Williams engineers ran out and helped him back up instead. Moments later Vettel quickly silenced the random boos by smoking around the track, he couldnt have made a better entrance in UK after what has happened recently.

    3. Does anyone know what Lewis’ commitments were that he couldn’t make this? This is his home GP.

      1. committed to his partying destination as seen on his twitter. Honestly as a Ham fan I was severely disappointed by his flop at his HOME RACE. Great example as preached by him from Baku…..

      2. @wesley He said he needed a couple of days off and went on holiday. I think he posted a video from Greece today

        1. How patriotic of him.

      3. On one hand this event is a celebration of London and the British Gp on the other hand, the event was almost unscheduled. Unwise to miss but also brave considering the backlash.

        1. With a whole section of London closed off, requirements for staff, security, as well as to ensure all teams and drivers were available for the event, I doubt this event was ‘almost unscheduled’. I don’t think the City of London, Liberty and all 10 teams could have coordinated this event in 24 hours.

        2. They coordinated for a long time. It was just not announced until the previous day due to security measures apparantly. Im sure the teams had ample time to prepare and drivers ample time to schedule their “off times”

        3. If Joe Saward and others in the paddock knew about it and agreed to keep schtum about it, it wasn’t “almost unscheduled”.

      4. @wesley I think he was in Los Angeles for the Espys.

      5. He was here, in Greece, in Mykonos island, having a great time …

      6. The lifestyle of the average F1 driver is just not cool enough for Lewis, it would have been a loss of face. He is already embarrassed to show up each race weekend. Image > Person.

    4. Also, I love the fact that you brits are out there for this even under current circumstances. We must live our lives and stay strong!

      1. What current circumstances? I doubt that “current circumstances” crossed anyone’s mind.

        1. Any burkas or men in dresses present?
          I very much doubt it.

          1. Why would ‘burkas or men in dresses’ not be present?

            F1 supporters can be found in all countries independent of dress code or religious beliefs.

            1. Men in dresses sure, the burkas i dont even see in the Arab races.

        2. “Current circumstances” is obviously a reference to Murray bowing out of Wimbledon, leaving Claire Balding to choke back the tears.

        3. Indeed, @Lee1, @frood19 regardless of where you live in the UK, it is a tireless self-asserted stereotype.

          My point @wesley is that some people seem to think there is a constant fear of terrorism hanging over the population (london especially) and that we are somehow terribly “brave” for daring to head out under such circumstances.

          That view of the current climate and how people react is a stereotype, probably assisted by the press etc. That people bravely come out to defy the terrorists etc. It is just a falsehood as to how people conduct their lives.

          So, to clarify, even with “current circumstances” it is wrong to think that this is an ever present cloud hanging over people and something that determines what decisions they make with regard to attending public events.

          Yes, some bad things happen, but most people move on. Not because of any inner conviction to defy terrorism, but usually because it is a normal reaction, they just want to get on with their lives, go to work, enjoy themselves etc. Whether you like to admit it or not, most countries have the same attitude.

          I am also inclined to agree with @charleski , murray being knocked out is more likely to dent the national mood more…as well as the standing around being hot and stuffy……or is that another stereotype?

          1. Excuse me then. Sorry to show my support. Just carry on.

      2. It was a bit hot and stuffy for all that standing around.

      3. @wesley londoners don’t really think about that stuff. it’s tough when it happens but it’s a very resilient city and people slot back into their normal (or usual – there’s plenty that not normal about living in london) routines very quickly. anyway, as @charleski said, we’ll get over murray getting knocked out.

        1. Not sure why this is always seen as a London trait…

          The whole of the UK is staunch in the face of such threats as Manchester has just shown, Birmingham has shown in the past etc. In Glasgow someone even punched a terrorist! Northern Ireland still goes about its life despite being still under the threat of terrorists.

          London is indeed getting on with it but they are not unique when compared to the rest of the country

          1. i’ve lived my whole adult life in either manchester or london and spent time in both cities in the last few weeks. i can’t quantify or define it exactly, but the way things went back to ‘the london way of life’ was far quicker than it was in manchester. i’m not saying this is good or bad, just oddly noticeable to me. even the media coverage was more drawn out for the manchester attack, but i think that anything predominantly involving children automatically evokes a stronger emotional response.

            anyway, this has gone seriously off topic. back to the racing line…

    5. This looks awesome and reminded me of when my dad took me to the 2004 event in London.

      Full video from today here-

      1. @sato113

        Thanks for the YouTube link, I was travelling and couldn’t watch it live. It is only part 1 though, and there is no part 2. Can anyone find a link?

    6. Why was Lewis absent?

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        13th July 2017, 0:36


      2. As it turns out, he was/is on vacation in Mykonos -gay parade- island in Greece. What a nice promotion of F1, especially to his home event. His fans (and sadly the brit young drivers who have him as an idol) must be so proud of him…

        1. Im pretty sure well hear some boos and jeers from the crowd come Fri-sun. especially if he gets on the podium. He will absolutely be grilled for the entire weekend for his snub on his home race and his “blessed” fans. A major PR blow and I think this may rattle him for the rest of the season. If he indeeds loses the WDC these last few weeks and today will be the exact reason why

          1. I don’t see his absence having any impact on how the season pans out, unless you have some inside information.

            1. @ho3n3r on the contrary, Lewis has just set himself up for totally unnecessary scrutiny and pressure at a pivotal point in the season – over nothing! He’s snubbed his team, his sport and his fans. Imagine how the entire paddock will feel about him this weekend? He wanted to party for two days instead, and the official reason given by his boss for doing so is, effectively, that he feels under pressure. No other driver seems to need that. So which is it, selfish diva or uniquely stressed diva who needs to party in order to focus on his racing? It’s a colossal own goal which can only work against him.

        2. Tony Mansell
          13th July 2017, 9:34

          Couldn’t care less actually. Whatever Lewis is doing the haters will moan

    7. The Primadonna was absent. I guess he is the perfect role model for the “young people” he was talking about a couple of weeks ago in Baku. Alright then.

    8. The man who say what Vettel did last race was bad because they must be “role model person” is the only one that not was in London. In his home grand prix party.
      Well done, Hamilton!

      1. Maybe you should not screw a guy over in Baku then ask him to come to a parade.

        1. And you decide to punish the fans, your home fans, which you thank after every race. Well instead of saying thank you how about show some respect by not being the only one that doesnt show up. All talk, but no walk. He works once every two weeks. Let him change jobs with one of the people, which managed to arrange with their day jobs to attend this event and maybe then I will understand him when he says he needs a vacation.

          1. Tiger Woods routinely played about 16 tournaments a year while all the other golfers were around 23. Life goes on. Can’t please everyone. Lewis has been around 10 years. People conform to his schedule, not the other way around. Fans can go to practice if they want.

            1. Are you sure you want Tiger Woods as an example of how to do your PR-business?

      2. @jorge-lardone You really think it’s a greater offence to miss a PR event than to use your race car as a weapon?
        Hitting your opponent on purpose is a no go in any category of racing and should result in a black flag.
        It’s disappointing, shameful, what you want of Hamilton not to show up when all the others drivers are here, but please keep things in proportions: what Vettel did is a disgrace and should only be compared to similar events.
        Hamilton is not perfect (nobody ever tried to support this theory) but in this case it’s just a minor offence.
        Save your words for when there is a serious enough offence to crush him. ;)

        1. technically it was a contractual obligation to attend the event so really Ham was in breach of contract. might not do anything now, but it may damage his reputation in the long term (not that he cares anyways) and also alienate himself from the rest of the paddock. Theres a 50/50 chance that it might just blow by to nothing if he wins the next few races, but if the press continues to jab at him for snubbing his most loyal friends for booze in Greece and it gets to him, it may very well affect his WDC this year. This man for his great talent is the type of person who seeks validation in whatever he does. There are thousands of negative tweets and replies on his social media and the backlash that he will most certainly face for this from his HOME fans will most likely affect him in some way for the short and medium term. Only the WDC this year will vindicate him

        2. And yet look at the reaction Vettel got in Hamiltons ex-“backyard”.

    9. mark jackson
      13th July 2017, 1:35

      Even Jenson showed up and he only did 2/3 of a race this year!

      1. And a bit of wheel-banging too, while he was at it :-D

    10. Racerdude7730
      13th July 2017, 3:42

      I love there are not people blind to the fact it’s pretty sad Lewis was the only one who couldn’t be bothered to do this event. Just like testing he can’t be bothered for and the team has to lie saying he was ill or some how hurt when he is fine. Even worse it’s for your home fans

      1. I confess to being a long term Lewis fanboy. but his absence from Goodwood FoS and London event is straining at my fandom. Well done to every other driver for helping to put on a good show. Great respect for all of you, especially Ricciardo & Vettel. Shame on you, Lewis (but I still hope he wins on Sunday).

    11. The 2017 world champion was there :)

      1. We don’t have a 2017 champion yet.

      2. …and the 2016 Champion ;-)

    12. The joke is that i have family that lives in myconos even though i have never been in that Island, anyway he called me telling me that Lewis is there… and i told him he is wrong with the London event in mind….. oh well how wrong i was.

    13. ‘Twas great show even on youtube stream :)
      And dayyuumm Stroll took it easy lol, but as Brundle said it’s not that easy to do some precise donuts in those hybrids ;)
      Shoutout to Rosberg, looked relaxed and happy man.

    14. Even though I’m a spaniard, I travel to London for work quite often. We had some scheduled tasks for this week, but I had a busy weekend, so we decided that another colleague would go instead of me. Fast forward to last tuesday and I read about this event :________(

    15. Staggers me that it didn’t make the 10.o’clock news in the uk, looked a great event, shame.

    16. Yeah!!! I’m in Alonso’s video! I hope he never deletes it.

      It was such a great evening, F1 has to do this in as many major cities around the world as possible.

    17. Have to say I thought it was a truly excellent event, hope Keith does more of a feature on it and its benefit to F1, there were a lot of interesting interviews inc with the team principals Arrivabene, Horner and Wolff (all looking very cool in civvies), Vettel, Rosberg, Jenson, Damon Hill and Jackie Stewart, and the head honchos with Ross Brawn.

      Really great to see Jake Humphries back as front man of F1 (still think the BBC’s presentation of F1 was the best), also David Coulthard and Martin Brundle working together was fantastic and very entertaining (even better without a sniff of Crofty in sight or sound, bliss).

      With the “drivers as heroes” theme being the core of the event, it was fantastic to see the car demos, the donuts, and the drivers parade on foot with fans either side. Really fabulous seeing them so happy and relaxed and enjoying themselves, making an effort with the fans yet it seemed effortless. All interspersed with musical performances and a celebratory festival atmosphere. I’m certain a lot more people were exposed to F1 that maybe wouldn’t normally and new fans were created, as well as reaffirming the more hardcore fans’ belief in the sport’s future. It’s a very positive sign of things to come from Liberty, and you can imagine the impact and resonance this kind of event would have at, say, New York.

      1. It’s a very positive sign of things to come from Liberty, and you can imagine the impact and resonance this kind of event would have at, say, New York.

        ^ This. I like Liberty’s steps in this regard. Get people involved as casual fans to begin with, and then let them be converted into more ardent fans.

        1. And that’s also the reason I am perfectly fine with the fans who left after Max retired at Austria. Let these casual fans come in for some reason – any reason, and then let the overall sport be good enough to get their attention and keep them coming back.

    18. Managed to bag a prime spot stood on a window ledge 😂 was a great event, especially once Vettel and Ricciardo started lighting their rear wheels, until then the drivers were taking it a little easy (Not sure Stroll broke 10 miles an hour and didn’t manage to round a single corner…). If they re-enact next year they could do with finding somewhere with space to really stretch… the Trafalgar Square end of the track didn’t allow for any donuts or burnouts, and this is where a majority of the audience were…

      The key takeaway for me was the reaction to the current engines… as Stroll came around in the 1st turbo car I could hear lots of people saying ‘That car sounds sick‘, or ‘is he gonna break down?’ Not a great indictment for casual fan sentiment. The V8’s on the other hand made people ears bleed, and the grins/gasps spoke volumes…

    19. Felipe Massa put some very nice live footage on his Instagram Stories.

    20. my 2 cents

      In a week it isn’t going to matter if Lewis was there or not.

      F1 is getting additional free publicity for the event because Lewis wasn’t there

      If Lewis wins this weekend, all will be forgotten

      1. But, as a fan and one making time on a weekday to go to an event expecting your hero to be there only to find he’s not could weigh down on your dedication to following said hero. Another thing he opened himself up to is additional media scrutiny which is an additional burden that he didn’t need for this weekend. Bottas is no slouch at Silverstone and Bottas now has the same machinery.

        With that said it doesn’t really matter, everyone will forget about it.

      2. he will get many jeers this weekend, and unlike austria last year he has nothing to back himself up with.
        he voluntarily snubbed his most loyal fans and his whole country for a party

    21. Looked like a good night out and nice that London got to be the centre of attention for once.

    22. You can check my instagram account for more pictures of the F1LiveLondon event!

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