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Ricciardo ‘disappointed’ after suspected turbo failure

2017 British Grand Prix Qualifying

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Daniel Ricciardo says he is disappointed he was not able to show more of Red Bull’s potential after he was sidelined in Q1 with a suspected turbo failure.

Ricciardo had set the fastest time in the early phase of Q1 in his Red Bull, but suddenly slowed along the Wellington Straight before pulling off the track at Woodcote, bringing out the red flags and ending his session.

Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner admitted to Channel 4’s commentary team during the session that Ricciardo had suffered from a suspected turbo failure.

“It isn’t sure yet, but it’s suspected,” explained Ricciardo. “It sounded a little bit sick, that was the first thing. I lost a bit of power and then I heard some weird turbo noises.

“I thought I could make it back to the pits but then everything went off. Definitely a big failure of some sort and we couldn’t stay for the session, so disappointing.”

After setting the early pace during the damp start to Q1 before the failure, Ricciardo says he is disappointed that he did not have more opportunity to show his speed.

“We know these conditions could’ve given us a bit more opportunity. We were quick at the beginning there,” says Ricciardo.

“Obviously tomorrow is another day, I’m just disappointed not to have shown more of what we could do in qualifying. But yeah, tomorrow is where the points are. We have some work ahead of us to get back into them but until we can it is what it is.”

Ricciardo was already doomed to start five places below his qualifying position after Red Bull were forced to change his gearbox following Friday practice.

“I thought five grid places was bad but we’re definitely at the back now,” says Ricciardo. “Well, Alonso’s starting at like Stowe now.”

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  • 11 comments on “Ricciardo ‘disappointed’ after suspected turbo failure”

    1. Aditya (@adityafakhri)
      15th July 2017, 16:19

      “Well, Alonso’s starting at like Stowe now.”

      This is gold. Much banter. Personally, I think this should qualified as COTD.

    2. no speed and no reliability at redbull this year

      Can be some interesting silly season if they don’t get it right very soon.

      1. nope @anunaki. The team is within the top 3, the drivers are in the top 5 and it has proven to be a winning car. In other words, no get out clause for either driver, they are bound to stay

        1. Max was again really disappointed. This car is so far of the pace again. And again a car breaks down. I think they are 1 on 1 now or even above. Every weekend a car breaks down in the race or qualy. Not to speak of FP

          I think it’s a real disgrace for such a big team

          1. They are worse than McLaren on breaking down..

          2. Max was disappointed that his competition is starting at the rear?

            1. He was disappointed by the lack of pace of his RB13

    3. Looking at the real top teams Ferrari and Mercedes, they seem to be able to keep two cars racing.
      What happened with RBR.. they look like manor now.

    4. Ricciardo’s comments about talking to Alonso over a beer to discuss how to work best together to move up the order in the race was really funny:-)

    5. Would really like to see both RB’s running. Missed opportunities so far this season.

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