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2017 British Grand Prix

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140 comments on “Rate the race: 2017 British Grand Prix”

  1. Nice battle between Verstappen and Vettel. Predictable race from Bottas and Ricciardo, nothing exciting there. No fight for the win. End result heavily influenced by a bad tire manufacturer. Not what I enjoy to see. All in all, boring race, 4/10.

    1. GtisBetter (@)
      16th July 2017, 14:32

      yes. Clearly it’s pirelli’s fault. They were the ones who told Vettel to stay out and blow his tyre

      1. I think it was good, 7. There was more movement than in Austria, but there was absolutely no fight for the lead and in the end it is drama that sets this race apart. DRS I don’t know why worked much better than in most tracks but that’s not a good thing, the stewards played their part again, this season it has been very artificial, some people get penalties on first lap incidents others don’t, some people can overtake off the track and some don’t. Quite a lively race for Silverstone, best race of the Hybrid era at the revamped track.
        We knew Pirelli wasn’t that comfortable with their tyres, they kept upping the pressures of late, nevertheless they’ve done their usual mediocre job, it’s not like they’ve been that bad, but honestly this is nothing comparing to past years, tough luck. Victim shaming, respectable.

        1. I think it was not much different from Austria to be honest. Just a little bit more action, like the fight of Verstappen and Vettel. But other than that, all other fights were heavily unequal. I don’t care about Bottas overtaking Haas mid-straight.. and I can’t be bothered of Ricciardo driving by cars as if they are standing still. I want to see real fights, and other than Ver/Vet, I haven’t seen any.

          Then seeing a race result end due to car failure, tire failure, whatever, I absolutely do not enjoy. It leaves a bad taste, especially when it happens in the final laps. Like Le Mans last year. I enjoyed the beginning of this season so much, with real fights between Mercedes and Ferrari. Fights for the win. That’s what I want to see. But yet again, Ferrari shows they are not competitive when it comes to in-season car development.

          I am hoping not to see more of these races for the rest of the season.. it will be as dull a season as the previous two.

        2. 9 for me, one of the most enjoyable races I’ve seen in years. Only thing missing for a 10/10 was a fight for the lead.

          Regarding all the complaints about the tyres: That’s racing! The tyres didn’t blow up randomly, they blew up because the Ferraris pushed their limits just a bit too much, and they did so because Bottas was pushing them so hard. So kudos to Bottas, DotW in my view for passing both Ferraris on merit.

    2. Yes….well, you clearly live on another planet, my friend….

    3. Simon (@weeniebeenie)
      16th July 2017, 14:58

      Only two tyres failed and they were both on the same car. Yet somehow you’ve already decided it was nothing to do with their setup or car in general, it was a general Pirelli issue.

      1. Pirelli tires should not blow up. That’s it. The fact that RBR pitted Max just out of caution shows enough, they don’t trust these tires either.

        But I’m sure we’ll get a Pirelli statement, saying “it was not our fault”.

        1. They could always opt for a 2 pit stop strategy. No one said that Pirelli tyres were supposed to last for a max 1 pit stop per race limit. Considering that 90% of he grid was fine, I would think it was Ferrari’s issue and RBR’s caution.

          1. Surely that is 85%?

        2. @spafrancorchamps, do you think that no other tyre manufacturer has had problems in the past with teams pushing the performance boundaries of their tyres? As for complaining that Pirelli will come out with a statement saying “it was not our fault”, so have other tyre manufacturers (I can remember Bridgestone and Michelin coming out with similar statements in the past when they were in F1).

          As @todfod points out, other drivers ran longer stints than both Ferrari drivers with no discernable problems – we even saw with Bottas that he was able to manage his tyres for longer whilst arguably pushing them harder than both Ferrari drivers (at one point matching Vettel despite having more heavily worn tyres).

          Whilst Red Bull did stop Verstappen, that now looks like they were just being extra cautious – Verstappen said that he thought that he could have finished the race without having to make that tyre change – suggesting that the problems were really limited to Ferrari, and most probably due to excessive heating of the inside tyre shoulder from a set up probably orientated more towards the supersofts (which have a higher working temperature) than the softs.

          1. The Verstappen argument is irrelevant, he had more than enough time for a precautionary pitstop without losing a position. Looked to me like a reactionary move.

        3. They didn’t blow up. They wore out! Ferrari could have brought the cars in and changed the tyres before they blew just like Red bull did. But they took the risk in order to try to maximise their points. This is part of F1 and always has been. If they randomly blew up with little warning and well within the track life of the tyre then yes it would be rubbish and Pirrelli should be held accountable. However the tyres on the ferraris were looking dodgy for a good while before they let go and they let go at what would be considered the limits of their lifespan. Merc also said that their tyres were also close to the end.

    4. Marian Gri (@)
      16th July 2017, 15:00

      There was someone expecting a fight for the win… when HAM qualified 0.5 sec faster than 2nd car on the grid?? Must have been football fans lost on a motorsport race.

      1. Who is talking about expectations? If there is no fight for the win, I will not go above 6/10. If rest of the race is boring too, that grade will go down further. You can disagree, but no need to attack me personally on that.

        1. Marian Gri (@)
          16th July 2017, 17:16

          There was no attack.

        2. @spafrancorchamps so when ferrari has no answer for mercedes, and they use their tires aggressively to past their limits, it must be a boring race… i m guessing they are investigating Hamilton now, for his role on the tire blow ups… Maybe Ham’s brass balls scraped the surface causing excessive wear on both ferrari’s tires than normal…

    5. I gave the race a low rating but I think in this case I’m rating the coverage more than the race itself. In the first part of the race far too much was shown on replay and not as it happened which for me takes some of the shine off the action. The tire failures at the end added a nice shock to the finish but I was left feeling like I had “missed” too much of the action even though it was shown on replay.

      1. @velocityboy
        Most of the replays were shown during the safety car though, unless you’re talking about after that?

    6. Predictable fron Ric? What race you warching????? he was dod

      1. What? Were you expecting him to have troubles getting into the top 6 then? I had no doubts he would. RBR is third best car and has quite a margin to the midfield teams.. he drove passed them easily.

        1. Marian Gri (@)
          16th July 2017, 17:20

          Exactly. See, we actually think the same stuff. RIC is a good driver indeed, the car is the 3rd fastest by some margin, he overtook everybody in the same place and there was no resistance at all, something like VET encountered when trying to pass VER in the same place. It was great, but predictable.

        2. Tony Mansell
          17th July 2017, 10:04

          Spafrnacorchamps. Wrong sport for you matey. You should watch banger racing. Topline motorsport is inherently predictable. Fast cars win, best drivers have the cleanest race. 10 Kvyats vs 10 Strolls and yeh you have action every corner. 5 turn ins and oversteer on each exit. So, do yourself a favour because f1 is not for you.

          That was a good 8 easy

          1. Topline motorsport is MotoGP, it doesn’t get any better than that. I have been F1 since 2007 and I have seen many races that were better than this. This race doesn’t even get close to great races we’ve had in China or Bahrain. So yeah, even in F1 you’ll get better racing than this. Fans should just demand more.

    7. I don’t think this is Pirelli’s fault.
      Silverstone has lots of high speed corners and very grippy, abrasive tarmac. Yet they did not go with the hard tires; the hardest compound was Medium and the teams chose to avoid it.

      On a high speed track with high speed corners, the tire deg goes worse as the cars get lighter. As they get lighter the corner speeds grow, soe does the downforce in those corners, allowing even more speed and downforce – and stress on the tires.
      Ricciardo could make a very long stint (37 laps?) on his used Supersofts from the start, but the stresses at the end meant the Softs struggled to do 30 laps at the end of the race.

      These are still Soft tires on a hard track, doing more than half the race. Not that bad, if you compare it to last year?

    8. SpaFrancochamps – perhaps one had to be there to really appreciate the buzz – far more than last week in Austria.

  2. 10/10 – good overtakes, clean racing, riveting finish

    1. Good race, I was expecting some drama few laps towards the end because I was expecting Rain. We did not have rain but Ferrari and Pirelli did the job though…

      I gave it an 8.

  3. Verstappen ruined this race. Again.

    1. What? Max was the cause of the best moments of this gp. If it weren’t for him it would be a 5 for me instead of 7.

    2. Its not his fault. We cannot get rid of all the rest and have Ferrari v Merc. I am a Ferrari fan but Verstappen was racing. Good battle but denied us a battle at the front but so what. 10 more taces to go and all square nearly. 10 race championship.

      1. Nah, he illigally extended the track at the end of Stowe. He wouldn´t have been in a position to defend the next corner if it wasn´t for that.

        Also, with RIC claiming 5 podiums in a row Verstappen couldn´t do it this race. Meanwhile RIC started at the back and finished right behind him. I mean, are we sure Max is ´Senna level good´?!!

        1. RIC started at the back and passed Saubers, Haases, Force Indias, Williams, Renaults, Toro Rossos, McLarens and a punctured Ferrari in the pits. WOW, HE IS SCHUMACHER LEVEL GOOD!

        2. Your ‘I hate Max Verstappen’ hat got in front of your eyes again? Vettel ran Max of the road at stowe, so why would he let Vettel in front then. And he kindly returned the favor at the next corner.
          Bar at the Austrian GP at all of Daniels poduims at least 2 Ferrari’s/Mercs ran into trouble so he defaulted onto the poduim.
          At the Chinees GP Max started at the back and finished in front of Daniel.
          Just face it, overall Max has been the better of the two all season

        3. RIC finished behind Max because of his precautionary pit stop.
          Do you remember China? Max actually finished ahead of RIC…so RIC has not shown jack…

      2. It’s not like Seb would have matched Lewis anyways, especially considering he couldn’t even get past the Red Bull.

        Max made this race really interesting. His start and battle on lap 13 were the highlights of the race.

        1. Has Seb got past a Mercedes (bar race starts) this year?

          1. Marian Gri (@)
            16th July 2017, 18:22

            But was that something expectable when he’s been racing an inferior car, only sometimes equal at best all season?

    3. I really wonder whether we saw the same footage there @smartez.

      I saw only 2 things he did not do great – first when in reaction to Vettel putting HIM on the grass he did not leave Seb any room either. And then when he questioned his team for the second pitstop, Horner quickly pointed out to him that as he was saying that, Vettel’s tyre went bang. Still, questioning the team there was more or less natural, nothing that ruins a race.

      Instead, his great start and fighting with both Ferrari’s made the first phase of the race great before we got Bottas and Ricciardo battling towards the front. He clearly was a positive for this race.

    4. @smartez What are you saying man!!
      Max had a great start and Sebastian could only pass with an undercut.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        16th July 2017, 15:07

        Another VET supporting moaner… Grandpa Seb simply couldn’t pass Max on-track… face facts!

        1. Yeah Vettel has been poor all weekend starting by being beaten by Kimi in qualifying. It really is shocking how Vettel made Even Kimi look halfway decent this weekend. 1/10 for Seb. 8/10 for the race including an extra point for the fans.

        2. @timeslides
          Just like Hamilton then. Except Hamilton has an even faster car.

        3. Marian Gri (@)
          16th July 2017, 17:34

          At least he tried and almost did it, but HAM sports even more shame if talking about this particular aspect: he couldn’t even get close to a lot slower cars in a dominant Mercedes in the past years!

          1. Marian Gri (@)
            16th July 2017, 17:38

            I hardly believe Ferrari was dominant compared to the next best car in the last 13 years. This is year nothing’s changed, Ferrari is by no means dominant compared to RBR.

          2. @corrado-dub someone missed specsavers sign multiple times… were you watching some alternate reality last year?

    5. Verstappen clearly on a higher level than Vettel. He needs to get a better car and team.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        16th July 2017, 17:31

        Not so sure. RBR is maybe the best car under braking and this is how the RBR guys managed most of their overtakes and resisted opposition in the last years: by braking significantly later.

      2. Apparently Ferrari were offering Vettel a $120 mln deal for another 3 year contract. I think their money would be better spent by buying Verstappen out of his contract from Red Bull.

        1. Marian Gri (@)
          16th July 2017, 18:53

          They don’t “think” that far, unfortunately… in a way. I’d love to see them take a more daring approach from time to time, fire these +30 years old drivers and hire some proven young shots like VER, Sainz, Ocon, Wehrlein. It won’t cost them so many millions either. Thing is, overall Ferrari is right tho, the car is the most important. If the car is slow, doesn’t matter at all who’s behind the steering wheel, he’ll lose the WDC to a Maldonado, Palmer, Kvyat in the fastest car. They have a great driver – VET – all they need more is a car capable to fight for wins all season long, not just 3/5 of the season. Ferrari also need to have less bad luck and better strategies sometimes. They lost too many points due to poor strategies, even champs. But yeah, would be something to fire RAI and hire VER.

  4. I DOnt know what to make of it. I nearly fell asleep for the most part but the last few laps were pretty good, although absolutely not how a Grand Prix should end,

    1. Every race should end like this ! Just fantastic.

      1. I’m with you there Tom. Gripping to the last.

      2. As a one-off it was entertaining, but if every race ended like that I don’t think I would bother watching. It detracts from the entire two hours that took place before it

    2. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      16th July 2017, 14:39

      I dozed off in the middle right there. But that end was a rude and/or pleasant surprise, depending on who you support, and buttery popcorn for a neutral. The championship is certainly spicing up, and I hope Kimi maintains this form and gets closer to contention.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        16th July 2017, 15:03

        About the Kimi part: ahahahaaaaaaaa!

      2. “The championship is certainly spicing up”

        No it isn’t. Merc are gonna run away with it. Quite easily. It’s a miracle Vettel is in P1 still after Merc has had the advantage since Spain.

        1. Exactly, I actually feel now that there is just one point between them, Mercedes will get a bigger lead in the second half. If Vettel had a ~15 points lead it would take more time for Hamilton to close that gap

  5. Thought it was fairly meh, much like Austria. But I’m sure it’ll rate better.

  6. A decent race overall. Unlucky end for Ferrari.

    1. Not unlucky just a poor strategy. For both cars to suffer shows they just couldn’t do the required laps.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        16th July 2017, 15:16

        Do not think so. A 1-stop strategy is faster with the 2017 tyres than a 2-stop strategy. That’s why they didn’t change VET strategy to 2 pit-stops, he wouldn’t have been fast enough to recover a 20 seconds deficit. I’m pretty sure nobody expected to see the Softs explode after 25 laps, it’s not 2013 anymore.

        1. deMercer (@)
          16th July 2017, 17:30

          A 1-stop strategy is faster with the 2017 tyres than a 2-stop strategy.

          Not this time: before the race it was said that the 2-stopper should be 10 seconds faster than the 1-stopper.

  7. the 1st 15-20 laps were a 9.

    however the pit stops ruined this race due to not only the undercut ruined good ontrack battles (Vettel/Verstappen for instance) but they also strung everyone out. had this been a non-stop race like the 1992 & 1993 races i was watching last night it would have been much, much better.

  8. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
    16th July 2017, 14:28

    Dull race, this Silverstone is such an average track. Kind of glad if it’s going.

    1. Chips O'Toole
      16th July 2017, 14:34

      I think I’ve come to the same conclusion in regards to F1 at this track. It’s produces poor racing and the track itself is nothing to look at. However, WEC and Blancpain put on good shows there.

      1. Blaize Falconberger (@)
        16th July 2017, 15:10

        Yeah, often thought thy myself… it easily ranks 9 or 10 on my top ten pieces of tarmac to gaze lovingly at… Now, have you seen the A50 north of Burton, now that’s a piece of road!

        1. Chips O'Toole
          16th July 2017, 15:18

          Good job missing the point!

          1. Lol Ferrari fans now complaining about the track after Vettel’s struggles with his dip in form. Keep the excuses coming, they are like music to my ears…..

          2. @blackmamba

            Classic trakcs like Silverstone, Monza, Barcelona, Hockenheim, Monaco, Austria and Hungary all tend to provide pretty boring racing imho.

            It’s actually some Tilke tracks who have produced the best racing in the V6 era imho: Bahrain, Sepang, China and COTA. Other Tilke tracks like Abu Dhabi and Mexico are super dull though. And there’s Canada, Brazil, Suzuka, Spa Francochamps and Singapore who can both provide dull or spectacular racing.

          3. Yes (@come-on-kubica)
            17th July 2017, 0:09


            Ain’t no Ferrari fan, just a bored watcher of Silverstone. Every since the change it’s been a vastly overrated race despite being dull for the most part.

    2. Yes, its kind of dull , the track.

      Whenever I do a F1 championship race on my PC, silverstone is where I get bored , there is no feel to the track, no flow unlike other tracks.

  9. Tire strategy fascinates me. But you have to pay attention to enjoy it so I expect a range of scores on this race. Rain and more of a contest for P1 would probably increase the overall score but I enjoyed the battles down the field and the drama at the start and end.

    1. good point @scalextric, this really was a very solid race that only missed a few things to make it great.

    2. Agree with this completely, gave it a 6.
      Curious about those punctures because Ferrari are known to push tyres quite well…

      But apart from that. The race had some fine scraps but not all were high impact. I didn’t expect that apart from the obvious Max vs Seb scrap.

    3. @scalextric i’ve always found tyre strategy to be really dull & i’ve always hated seeing races decided in the pits via tyre/fuel strategy.

      i want to see racing done on the track, i want to see overtaking done on the track so seeing them have to pit for mandatory stops and all that has always been a big turn off for me since 1994.

      this race was looking good early on & it was purely down to pit stops that ruined this race as it killed the great on track fighting we were seeing beforehand and stung the field out which led to less racing from then on. same thing happens in indycar, good racing which green flag pit cycles always ruin.

  10. Adam (@rocketpanda)
    16th July 2017, 14:29

    Dull. Championship’s pretty much done now too.

    1. @rocketpanda Feels like Vettel really needed that gap, now it’s gone, the Mercedes has improved in all front along the season and Ferrari pretty much stayed still.

      I’m sure Ferrari will be better at Hungary but I can’t see how will they win races, slow on the straights and pretty much the same on the fast corners, seemingly good on slow corners but poor on strategy and up against Mercedes who’s a phenomenal foe. I’m sure Bottas will bark a little bit but he’s has already contributed to Hamilton and Mercedes are so quick they are already shielding themselves from dnf’s by incurring grid penalties for precaution.

      1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
        16th July 2017, 15:04

        I’ve always believed from the start the Mercedes was a better car than the Ferrari so this isn’t so much surprising, just disappointing. But like you, I don’t really see how Ferrari can win races now. In a way I don’t think this was a case of Ferrari losing a development race but more Mercedes not getting the best out of their car from the start. With the Ferrari clearly losing ground and inevitably going to suffer grid penalties in the future… I think it’s done now. Rather expecting a really dull 2nd half of the year and Hamilton to have wrapped up the title with a race to spare. Yawn.

        1. Marian Gri (@)
          16th July 2017, 16:13

          +1. Great comment about what’s really going on!

          1. Alex McFarlane
            16th July 2017, 17:12

            +2. We all knew the current car was something special from a technical POV, but even I am surprised it took so long to get it fully going.

        2. @peartree @rocketpanda I agree with you both, how long will it be until the announcement from Ferrari… “We have switched to developing next year’s car”.

        3. @rocketpanda I completely agree. In pre-season Mercedes were affected by some PU issues, they got them fixed in their #2 engine iteration. They said the upgrade made no more power but allowed them to ran the engine as intended in pre-season. There’s also Mercedes complaining about the tyres earlier in the year, they suggested there was an italian connection and then all of the sudden they stopped complaining about the tyres, and back in Shanghai Hamilton hinted at an aero correlation problem that Merc fixed with a new floor. As you pointed out looking at the PU allocation Ferrari is probably going to incur some penalties or risk dnf’s.
          Now that Merc sorted their car, even in weekends the cars are close in pace, I can’t see Mercedes not being more reliable and cleverer than Ferrari.

      2. Chips O'Toole
        16th July 2017, 15:05

        Unless Ferrari can improve their PU they don’t stand a chance. Way to many tracks left in the schedule with huge straights and DRS zones.

  11. Boring at the front.
    Vettel / Verstappen was fun.
    Rest was a snooze.

    Great Drive from Ricciardo however.

  12. 8 for me. Great overtakes throughout the field, different strategies and an unpredictable finish. It was only let down by the dull periods.

    Also had to feel sorry for Raikonnen, especially on the podium.

  13. How did Mag’s super softs last longer than the softs of the Ferrari?

    1. He was going slower

  14. 6. Decent race, exciting end.

  15. The start was interesting, Kvyat must be done now, surely. Races with no battle for the lead can never really get more than a 8 in my books. I gave it a 6, thought about giving it a 7, but it was as if the race itself was like Palmer’s car and couldn’t quite get going. Sure, there were some fine side-by-sides and the double Ferrari puncture was a bit dramatic, but one car streaking off into the distance doesn’t get me that excited.

    1. Bumped it up from a 6 to a 7 mostly because of all the last lap drama around tyres. I know people claim it’s manufactured drama, but setting strategy is a key part of a team’s job, and obviously the strategy on tyres wasn’t set correctly.

  16. The most british team won the british GP!

    1. McLaren didn’t win…

    2. Williams didn’t win…

      1. That’a the joke! British shall be proud because the whole Mercedes team is British!!!

    3. Manor didn’t win… Or race…

  17. Would have been a 8…but added a point on for Lewis going all the way round, inc off the track at the end to wave to everyone after the flag……that’s how to promote the sport..
    Not a bad race with quite a bit going on throughout…..tyres seem a bit too hard wearing with just one stop.. despite the excitement at the end…and Renault need a kick….1 new floor for Hulkenburg only….Palmer got the hydraulic leak instead

  18. Andrew Purkis
    16th July 2017, 14:44

    good start boring middle good end

  19. Pretty much a bit like Austria, Ferrari are going to have words with Pirelli and you got to feel for Kimi who deserved P2 today.

    Hungary is going to be interesting.

    Overall a 6/10, Hulk for DOTW.

    1. Why are Ferrari going to have words with Pirelli? Ferrari pushed the tyres too much and they failed. It is as simple as that!

  20. Was watching at work, with quite a few glimpses missing… Such as the start.

    Also RTL planted some commercials on me.

    From what I did see was flawless laps by Lewis, Vettel trying and finally making ot past Verstappen and then tire failures…

    1. Vettel never passed Verstappen on track.

  21. 7/10
    For me, more than the race itself, it is individual performances that were the highlights of British GP this year.
    Bottas and Ricciardo made this a great race. I am really impressed with Bottas. He has the best car right now and he is getting better and better every race. Ricciardo, man he is always there…always!!
    A shame Kimi could not keep his second place and Vettel seemed unsettled and unlucky.
    Nico (now there is only one) had a steady race even with the issues.
    And Alonso….Sigh!!

  22. 7/10. Pretty expected run for the top teams. Did Ferrari push too much? Should Verstappen gamble on not pitting to get that podium? This race left so many question that can only be truly answered by hindsight sadly.

    1. Verstappen answered that last one for you.
      He said that he would have come out 1 second ahead of Räikkönen if he had not pitted, but would be a sitting duck on his worn Softs (struggling with the front left like Vettel did) against Kimi’s newish Supersofts.
      Honestly, as Verstappen entered the pit lane at the moment Kimi left it, I doubt he would even come out ahead at all.

      However, big however:
      Vettel narrowly missed the pit entry when his tire blew. He drove past while he might have dived into it. One full lap on 3 wheels dropped him to 7th, but if he had pitted 1 lap earlier Verstappen would only have stayed ahead by not pitting.

  23. 8/10 for me.

    I enjoyed it, some typically tasty action between Vettel and Verstappen, and Bottas kept it interesting with his alternate strategy. Dramatic ending with both Ferrari’s suffering tyre failures, looks like a set-up related thing to me. Good race in my view.

  24. Race was okay, the end was exciting. Solid 6, I’d say.

  25. good race, nice to see Kimi back on some decent form tho his podium attitude could use some work, these drivers are really only interested in the top step.
    Great work by the Hulk, I wish Palmer had finished just to show him up for the loser he is.
    who got driver of the race? Bottas was good as was Ham but id give it to Riccardo just coz I like him.

  26. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    16th July 2017, 15:33

    6. Canada-esque race again.

  27. Normally a 5 (average, one dominant car), but I gave it a TEN (yes 10) for two reasons: first Silverstone seems to be under political or commercial pressure and I don’t want to see it disappear from the programme — because (second) today is the 64th anniversary of my first visit to an F1 GP. My Dad drove me down from Aberdeen in his MG TC, we camped in the car park, and I was hooked on Formula One… Trivia: Jimmy Stewart (Jackie’s older brother) was racing there that weekend.

  28. There were two things I was quietly confident about before the race that sadly came to parse:
    The rain would begin after the race, and Lewis would be unchallenged.

    6 from me.

  29. Slavisa (@sylversurferr)
    16th July 2017, 16:02

    Boring race,no fight for lead,5/10 .Only interesting was Vettel vs Verstappen fight,without that I would score even less.

  30. *For me every race starts out as a 5 (average) then up or down depending on the race* +1 for the drive by Ricciardo, +1 for VET/VER battle, +1 Bottas recovery for 2nd, +1 record tying home grand prix grand slam with monster pole lap as an honorable mention (I’m a big fan of seeing greatness/history in the making). 9/10, excellent race. F1 cannot afford to lose Silverstone.

  31. F1 seems to be really struggling at the traditional venues. People at the track might have had a fun day with their home favorite winning, but the on-track action was similar to Austria and Canada, albeit with 0 challenge for the lead today.

    Some feisty battles but ultimately the Mercedes and Ferrari easily handled the Red Bulls which easily handled the rest of the field. Shame about the tyre issues for Raikkonen, Vettel and Verstappen, either of them could have lucked (back) into P3 after Kimi’s tyre went.

  32. Absolute rubbish…. time for change.. been watching some 80s races lately, these current save the planet cars are so dull !!!!

    1. Pfft! The 80s. You know nothing. The 30s is where it was at! If that doesn’t excite then there’s always Ben Hur.

  33. 7/10. No challenge for the lead was a shame, but Vettel’s dices with Bottas and Verstappen were good fun. Bottas’s factor kept tension throughout as every championship point matters and there was big drama late on. If you add entertaining first lap and Ricciardo’s charge, they managed to outshine some dull periods and lack of battle for P1.

    With one-stop races we shouldn’t be surprised with less on-track action. On average, multi-stop races are better than one-stoppers, so we may don’t like tyre-conservation (although I believe they are still doing it) but flat-out races would usually translate to a high-speed procession and it’s not like drivers are crashing out because of pushing like hell or fatigue.

  34. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    16th July 2017, 16:39

    A race of “excellence” for Mercedes – Hamilton leading by a mile with a grand slam. Bottas fighting his way through.

    On the other hand, Sebastian ‘The Pusher’ Vettel doing what he does best. I’m not really sure he’s a good racer – much better at pushing than racing…

  35. Not overly brilliant, but was a decent race. We may not have had a battle for the lead but there was some great racing with Max and Seb, and was nice to watch Daniel and Valtteri carve their way through the field.

    Find it quite crazy that nobody had a ‘crash’ as such throughout the entire weekend, no barrier hits etc. and the worst was the contact between the STRs on lap 1.

    7/10 from me.

    1. Sorry for the double post, the site had some loading issues I think when I clicked post!

  36. This rate the race won’t be subjective at all (rolls eyes).

  37. Although an Hamilton fan and love Silverstone, it was an OK race. The Vettel/Verstappen battle made it a 7

  38. Apart from lacking a battle for the lead this one was pretty entertaining with some nice overtaking and some drama. Solid 7/10.

  39. We got some proper ding dong wheel to wheel battles, interesting strategies in play, and late race drama. No battle for the lead is disappointing but still solid 7/10

  40. 8/10 awesome 1st lap from Max and Vettel, some more action between them later on. On the edge wheel to wheel racing. Bottas getting through the field and RIC the same from the back of the field. But also the amazing speed these cars have thorough these corners…. just wow. In the end some drama with failing tyres. Yeah…. had a good time watching.

    The clash of the Saubers again, Ocon on Perez, Hulk like a boss.

    Sure the top 3 car would always be strong enough for a top 6 finish, even from the back.

    Great GP in my book

  41. I toyed with a 6 but gave it a 7 in the end.

    An lively start and a good battle between Verstappen and Vettel. Vettel and Bottas was interesting for a while and then the excitement of the last two laps. Would have been better with a rain shower or two.

    Ricciardo and Bottas both drove well coming through the field. I thought the win for Hamilton was a foregone conclusion though after the safety car restart.

  42. Karma is call girl :) in case its forbidden to say :)

  43. I really enjoyed that, entertaining throughout, great battles for lots of positions apart from 1st, and drama at the end.


  44. exciting for the wrong reasons 6/10

  45. Now i really noticed how we dearly missed Verstappen the last races.
    Adding some needed taste to the race

  46. The start for me was fantastic! I had money on Palmer being the first retirement 😂😂 well done Jolyon. Sadly I think your days are numbered.

    1. He didn’t retire, he didn’t start

  47. When will Honda go away and stop wasting talent and our time? Pathetic

  48. 8/10. Max finally got some race time. Daniel was quite handy as well. Looking forward to seeing both RB’s closer on the grid and lasting longer than a couple of laps.
    Congrats to Ham he’s bloody quick when he’s in the groove.
    Good race for me.

  49. 10 for me . Still grinning ear to ear. What a race.

  50. Interesting until the first stops, and back again in the last laps. Boring between, I gave it a 5 (hesitated to go down to 4).

  51. A good race, I rated it a 7.

    After Hamilton made a good start and kept the lead, with the pace he had shown earlier in the weekend, it seemed like he was all set to take another dominant win unless he had car problems, but bearing in mind what happened in Baku I was not as confident of a Hamilton victory as I normally would be. Even close to the finish with the punctures the Ferraris suffered late on, considering Hamilton had been on the radio earlier about blisters on his tyres, it brought back memories of Hamilton losing out on winning the British GP in 2013 when he had a tyre failure.

    While there was no battle for the victory there was enough action to keep me entertained elsewhere during the GP.

    Throughout the race we had Bottas and Ricciardo making their way through the field. There was an exciting battle between Verstappen and Vettel battle in the opening stages, and of course as mentioned the late drama with the Ferrari tyre problems.

    Although it didn’t my rating of the race, going back to Saturday it was great to Alonso fit a set of slick tyres, just beat the clock and go on to set the fastest lap in Q1, like the fans at the circuit that got a cheer from me.

    While a big crowd does not make as big an impression on TV coverage in F1 as at a football match, I think that circuits like Silverstone and Monza do show that a large and passionate crowd can still be impressive, especially compared to some of the places F1 goes to.

    I think I have probably mentioned this in previous years but again the poor planning with regard to new pit complex showed, the podium is just not in the right place. I have only seen it on TV but its positioning with regard to the stands and then how close the fans can get when they are allowed on to the circuit, who seemed to be let onto the track rather late after this year’s race, just seems wrong. They should have done something similar to what is at Monza which has the best podium on the calendar.

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