Top ten pictures from the 2017 British Grand Prix

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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2017 British Grand Prix weekend.

Jolyon Palmer and Nico Hulkenberg

Jolyon Palmer, Renault, Silverstone, 2017

Renault celebrated 40 years since their F1 debut by bringing some of their old cars and giving their drivers retro overalls. They might as well have given Jolyon Palmer a retro car as well, as his RS17 broke down before the race even started.

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa, Williams, Silverstone, 2017

Williams also marked their 40th anniversary but it wasn’t a great weekend at home for the team. Felipe Massa salvaged a point.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso, McLaren, Silverstone, 2017

Yet more power unit penalties and unreliability spoiled Fernando Alonso’s weekend. But he was sublime in Q1, gambling on a 11th-hout-and-59th-minute switch to slick tyres to set the quickest time on a damp track.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2017

This was Kimi Raikkonens best weekend of the year so far but a likely second place became third due to a late tyre failure.


Start, Silverstone, 2017

Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel

Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel, Silverstone, 2017


Pascal Wehrlein, Sauber, Silverstone, 2017

There was more grief at Sauber as Marcus Ericsson accused Pascal Wehrlein of forcing him wide.

Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas

Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas, Silverstone, 2017

This lock-up for Vettel proved costly: The tyre eventually let go, forcing him into the pits and dropping him to seventh at the flag.

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari, Silverstone, 2017

The top championship contenders saw little of each other until after the race.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Silverstone, 2017

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