2017 British Grand Prix team radio transcript

2017 British Grand Prix

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Red Bull pitted Max Verstappen as a precaution at the end of the British Grand Prix because he was “right on the limit” with his tyres, team principal Christian Horner told him at the end of the race.

2017 British Grand Prix in pictures
Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari had just suffered a tyre failure which cost him second place. However while Red Bull summoned Verstappen came in Ferrari left Sebastian Vettel out, despite the championship leader having said his tyres were “blistering for 20 laps” earlier. Soon afterwards, Vettel suffered a tyre failure of his own.

Was there a discussion between Ferrari and Vettel following Raikkonen’s failure about whether Vettel should come in? If so, it wasn’t broadcast.

Verstappen was able to make his pit stop but come out without losing a place as the next car behind him was his team mate Daniel Ricciardo, who had been delayed following an earlier mistake. “I made work for myself”, he admitted on the radio afterwards.

For the second race in a row Daniil Kvyat picked up a penalty following a first-lap collision. And not for the first time this year he launched into an expletive-ridden tirade when told he had transgressed.

The mood was much happier at Mercedes, where Lewis Hamilton paid tribute to his fans following his fourth win in a row at Silverstone. Valtteri Bottas was also in high spirits after salvaging second place, and produced one of the race’s memorable messages by reminding his engineer he wanted “minimal talking” during the closing laps.

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2017 British Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRTo Stoffel Vandoorne

Tyre info: Palmer, Kvyat, Sainz, Ricciardo and Fernando on option, everyone else is on prime.
PRFrom Lewis HamiltonHow’s the weather looking?
PRTo Lewis Hamilton

Lewis we’re still expecting it to be dry for quite a while. No rain coming from Brackley at the moment. Currently still a tail wind into one and three.
FLFrom Jolyon PalmerAh, BBW failure, brake pedal going long.
FLTo Jolyon Palmer

Understood, we’re looking at it.
FLFrom Jolyon PalmerBox of neutrals. I’ve got a hydraulic problem.
FLTo Jolyon Palmer

OK Jo we need to go to neutral and stop the car, we’ve lost hydraulics.
FLFrom Jolyon PalmerYep, copy.
FLTo Kimi Raikkonen

OK we currently have a yellow, Palmer stopped on track. I’ll let you know what’s happening.
FLTo Kimi Raikkonen

OK extra formation lap Kimi.
FLTo Fernando Alonso

And there are currently yellow flags turn 15 while they recover Palmer’s car.
FLTo Kimi Raikkonen

Still yellow at turn 15. Clear now. Track clear.
FLFrom Max VerstappenSebastian’s left brake drum is on fire.
2To Carlos Sainz Jnr

All OK with the car Carlos?
2From Carlos Sainz JnrYeah all OK. You can tell Danny he did a very good job there.
2To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK, are you able to rejoin the track?
2From Carlos Sainz JnrNo, car is broken.
2To Carlos Sainz Jnr

2From Daniil KvyatHe just turned into me.
3To Kevin Magnussen

Please provide information we saw probably a contact with a Toro Rosso we are not sure. Tell us if you think everything’s fine.
3From Kevin MagnussenFeels OK. Yeah I felt it as well but the car feels OK.
4From Romain GrosjeanMassa pushed me very wide into turn six. I almost had to go on the grass to avoid the contact.
4To Romain Grosjean

OK understood.
4To Kimi Raikkonen

Just think about Hamilton and what he does normally with restarts.
5To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate, nice job, let’s keep going good effort.
6To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel is the car OK? Question.
6From Daniel Ricciardo[Censored by FOM] knows. Think it survived.
6From Romain GrosjeanMan I got… they pushed me again off-track.
6To Romain Grosjean

OK understood.
6From Kimi RaikkonenI had the hesitations again exit of four.
6From Lewis HamiltonGetting a lot of de-rates.
6To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis they’re all to be expected at the moment, we’ll keep monitoring.
8From Marcus EricssonHe pushed me wide two corners in a row, come on. I give the space and he gives me no space, thanks.
8To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus, crack on with the race, is a long race, push.
8To Daniil Kvyat

We need to keep looking after the car on the exit kerb. We have some floor damage, for info.
9From Pascal WehrleinI have no power.
9To Pascal Wehrlein

Pascal we’re still checking the data, keep pushing, we’re still checking the data.
11To Daniil Kvyat

Box, Danny.
11From Daniil KvyatWhat a [censored by FOM] [censored by FOM].
13To Fernando Alonso

Let’s see what Ricciardo does with Stroll, see if we can use it to our advantage.
13From Daniil KvyatThis is [censored by FOM] Formula 1 it’s not [censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] racing. [Censored by FOM] [censored by FOM].
14To Stoffel Vandoorne

The gap to Massa now 1.9. Let’s show them a clean pair of heels, Stoffel.
14From Max VerstappenHe wants to play bumper cars or something.
14To Sebastian Vettel

We get him next lap.
15From Romain GrosjeanOK he went off track to overtake me.
16To Max Verstappen

Good lap, Max.
16To Kimi Raikkonen

Good laps Kimi, keep it up, keep squeezing him.
17From Daniil KvyatLight breeze out of seven.
17To Daniil Kvyat

Copy, Danny.
17From Kimi RaikkonenOK it’s raining in turn seven.
17To Kimi Raikkonen

Understood Kimi we’ll keep an eye on it.
18From Sebastian VettelThat was another move on the braking.
18To Sebastian Vettel

Copy that, understood.
19To Romain Grosjean

Slippery track reported five through seven.
19To Max Verstappen

OK Seb has pitted, Max, everything you’ve got.
20To Max Verstappen

Keep pushing Max. Box and confirm. You will be racing Sebastian.
20To Valtteri Bottas

So this is your chance, Valtteri, just get the hammer down.
21From Max VerstappenWhat happened there at the stop?
21To Max Verstappen

There was an issue with the wheel nut there Max.
21To Fernando Alonso

Fernando is the lap time loss due to deg?
21From Fernando AlonsoYes. I want off in turn 15. Not because I am sleeping. Box, box.
21To Fernando Alonso

Yep box now, stay right of bollard, limiter.
24To Valtteri Bottas

So critical stage. Anything you can do will gain for us later.
24To Daniel Ricciardo

Alright Daniel good job. Next one Perez, Perez next car ahead.
25To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis box, box.
26To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis so it’s going to be very close with Valtteri on exit.
26To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so you are still quicker than the Force Indias who have pitted, they are on softs, you are quicker than them. You’re doing a great job.
27To Lewis Hamilton

So if you can’t pull away from Valtteri, let him past, but I’ll just leave you to it.
27From Lewis HamiltonI’ll pull him along with me.
28From Kimi RaikkonenThere is something jumping in my leg. Something is loose, I don’t know what.
28From Daniil KvyatIt feels like the suspension is broken or something.
28To Daniil Kvyat

OK we are checking Danny. Box Danny, box box.
29From Fernando AlonsoIs the rear-left OK? No puncture, nothing on the rear-left?
29To Fernando Alonso

Yep nothing, no puncture.
29To Kevin Magnussen

Very good first and second sector. Come on, keep pushing.
30To Felipe Massa

OK Felipe that’s really good. So that’s the two Force Indias ahead, they’re currently being held up by Magnussen. So we can catch them up quite quickly now.
31To Kevin Magnussen

Absolutely excellent pace.
32To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel we’re going to be stopping very soon now. Everything you’ve got now. Going to be one or two laps.
32To Valtteri Bottas

Box box.
33To Kimi Raikkonen

So Bottas is in, he will fall behind Sebastian as well.
33To Fernando Alonso

Stroll +0.9. Let’s push hard now. Magnussen close to the pit gap.
33From Fernando AlonsoNo power, no power.
33To Fernando Alonso

Power should recover. Keep pushing for the moment, we’re monitoring.
33To Daniel Ricciardo

OK you’re going to be very close to Perez at pit exit. It’s going to be Magnussen, two Force Indias, going to be very close at pit exit let’s get stuck in.
34From Fernando AlonsoNo power.
34To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando box now we need to retire.
34From Max VerstappenCan he move out of the way?
36To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job. Magnussen next, he’s on old softs, he has not stopped yet. Let’s get him.
36From Daniel RicciardoWho’s next?
36To Daniel Ricciardo

Next car ahead Hulkenberg, he can do 33.1s. Hulkenberg 11 seconds ahead of you.
38From Lewis HamiltonFeels like these tyres are blistered.
38To Daniel Ricciardo

You need everything you’ve got to catch Hulkenberg. You were half a second quicker than him before.
39To Daniel Ricciardo

Last lap you took eight-tenths out of him, gap now 9.8.
39To Stoffel Vandoorne

Cars ahead are fighting. There’s going to be opportunities, Stoff. Let’s get stuck in.
40To Daniel Ricciardo

OK that was another seven-tenths out of him. Gap now 9.2. You will need that level of push all the way to the end to catch him.
41To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico correction to lap count: 11 laps to go at the end of this lap.
41From Nico HulkenbergJesus, that’s not good, man.
42From Max VerstappenMy left-front tyre is giving up. Can’t get the rotation in any more.
42To Max Verstappen

Understood, Max.
42From Nico HulkenbergI think I’ve got a blister on the front-right but it’s OK.
42To Nico Hulkenberg

No problem Nico pace is good enough at the moment.
42To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel good stuff, that was another nine tenths, gap now 7.7. Keep pushing.
43To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico, nine laps to go at the end of this lap. If you could find another couple of tenths it’d be really good.
43To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel that’s another seven-tenths. Gap now seven seconds. I predict you’ll catch Hulkernberg two laps to go.
44To Max Verstappen

Alright Max so the deal is Sebastian and Bottas are playing games at the moment. Bottas is trying to pass him. They’re through turn four. If we pit we’re unlikely to be able to capitalise anything. So unless you think we’re in any danger in terms of bringing this car home, at the moment we’ll stay out.
44From Max VerstappenOK no worries.
44To Valtteri Bottas

Good job.
44From Valtteri BottasCopy. Minimal talking.
45From Sebastian VettelI have no more fronts. They’ve been blistering for 20 laps. I have zero front.
45To Max Verstappen

Sebastian might be struggling ahead max with front tyres. I’ll keep you posted on his lap times. Don’t give up the fight just yet.
46From Romain GrosjeanMate he’s so stupid, unbelievable. I don’t know if he damaged the car or not.
47To Kimi Raikkonen

OK so Bottas 6.5 behind. His last lap was 31.0. Obviously you had a blue.
47From Kimi RaikkonenOK but put on the pit board the right numbers [censored by FOM] one-and-a-half seconds you show me all the time.
47To Kimi Raikkonen

47To Daniel Ricciardo

There are six laps remaining, six laps to go, let’s get him.
48To Lance Stroll

OK we have loss of aero, we can carry on.
48From Lance StrollOK but I’m just going to keep losing positions because I can’t go any quicker with the car the way it is.
48To Daniel Ricciardo

OK that last lap nine-tenths quicker than him. Gap now 2.9. You’ll catch him two laps to go.
49From Nico HulkenbergI have de-rates. Why did I have so many de-rates on that straight?
49To Nico Hulkenberg

We have a problem, Nico. Just need to keep pushing.
49From Kimi Raikkonen[Censored by FOM] me my left-front tyre, it broke.
50To Valtteri Bottas

So two laps remaining there’s debris turn five to six, probably from Kimi, you’ve been through it already.
50From Max VerstappenCould’ve stayed out, there.
51To Sebastian Vettel

Puncture, puncture.
51To Nico Hulkenberg

Vettel is in trouble at turn ten.
51To Max Verstappen

Sebastian is turn nine and limping home.
51From Max VerstappenCheck my left-hand tyres, I had to overtake on the debris.
51To Max Verstappen

All OK at the moment.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Beautiful work there mate. Lovely job. Home grand prix, mate. Can’t beat it can you? So mate that is a great team effort. P1, P2.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonFantastic job guys, fantastic job. All weekend. Great drive by Valtteri. So happy for everyone. Thank you.
VLTo Kimi Raikkonen

OK Kimi not sure what to say mate. P3.
VLFrom Kimi RaikkonenSo we never seem to have any single luck. [Censored by FOM] joke.
VLTo Valtteri Bottas

Great job Valtteri, really god job. Well driven, well-managed. Brilliant.
VLFrom Valtteri BottasYes guys! Told you it’s possible. Never give up.
VLTo Valtteri Bottas

Exactly. Never give up.
VLTo Max Verstappen

OK that is P4 today Max. Nice job mate.
VLTo Max Verstappen

That’s a good drive Max. We changed the tyres at the end there just because of what happened with Sebastian. You were right on the limit as well. So well done you got your elbows out and gave it everything you could.
VLFrom Max VerstappenYeah I at least tried. So not too bad.
VLTo Max Verstappen

It was definitely entertaining and you got to see the chequered flag.
VLFrom Max VerstappenExactly.
VLFrom Lewis HamiltonWhat can I say about these fans? We’ve got the best fans here. Thank you everyone that turned up. I see you out there! Thank you, God bless you.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoGood stuff, boys.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

That was a good day out, mate, nice job, very good, nice moves.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoNice one, thanks guys.
VLTo Daniel Ricciardo

Well done Daniel, great drive. You did it twice, well done.
VLFrom Daniel RicciardoYeah, I made work for myself.
VLFrom Sebastian VettelWell there was no sign of that happening. Sorry. I had vibrations but I had it for like 20 laps. It didn’t get massively worse. The tyres didn’t look good but they never look good.
VLTo Sebastian Vettel

From our side it was instantaneous.
VLTo Esteban Ocon

Good job mate.
VLFrom Esteban OconGood job.
VLTo Esteban Ocon

Nice one.
VLTo Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoff we’re P11. That was a great drive, really close, bit frustrating but I think you’ve done a really good job, good driving today.
VLFrom Stoffel VandoorneYeah, shame, no points. I tried the maximum. It’s a shame we lost a little bit of time with the pit stop.
VLTo Stoffel Vandoorne

Yeah pace was very strong.
VLTo Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus that’s it. P14. But was a good second stint.
VLFrom Marcus EricssonThank you, thanks guys.

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The Austrian Grand Prix radio transcript has been delayed due to technical problems

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    26 comments on “2017 British Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. Bottas typical finn: Copy. Minimal talking.

      1. But seems politer than our other famous Finn :-)

        1. Evil Homer (@)
          19th July 2017, 14:10

          Bottas is gold- Irony is he actually said 50% more words than his engineer !! :)

          1. Bot and ric are both quiet and seem calm on the radio and dont carry any penalty points

        2. Not just other Finns, he seems a lot more polite than most other drivers on grid.

    2. “So two laps remaining there’s debris turn five to six, probably from Kimi, you’ve been through it already.”

      Turn 5 to 6, if I’m using the right track map, is the straight where Vettel’s tyre failed.

      Wouldn’t it be quite the irony if Vettel’s tyre failure was a puncture due to Räikkönen’s debris?

      1. Yeah, I think they mean the Wellington Straight when they say “between turn 5 and 6”.

    3. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
      19th July 2017, 12:19

      Kvyat is too frustrated that he wants to leave F1.

      1. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
        19th July 2017, 12:57

        They had to censor a lot of what he said:-)

    4. 49 From Nico Hulkenberg: I have de-rates. Why did I have so many de-rates on that straight?
      49 To Nico Hulkenberg: We have a problem, Nico. Just need to keep pushing.

      I wonder if he’d kept Ricciardo behind if not for this… :(

      1. @hugh11
        Just be happy it wasn’t for a podium :)

        1. True… Then I’d have cried

    5. Webber is right the team should carry the points penalities with engine/gearboxs not the drivers with grid drops…

      1. @nosehair, I can’t help but feel that Webber’s perspective is being skewed by the fact that he spent the latter part of his career driving for a team that could afford to take the alternative sort of penalties he is proposing more comfortably than a smaller team.

        At times, what Webber or other figures have proposed feel like a regressive penalty, in as much as imposing financial penalties or docking WCC points would often hit a smaller team much harder than it would most of the front running teams.

        For example, if you docked 10 points from Red Bull right now, it’d make no difference to them in the WCC – do the same to Toro Rosso, their sister team, and it’d drop them two places in the WCC (from 6th to 8th).

    6. Keith sorry Ric would not of got ahead of Max even with his time off after being pushed off the track, he was the dod in my opinion

    7. ROFL at Ferrari saying:

      Just think about Hamilton and what he does normally with restarts

      I’d be more worried about what Vettel “does normally with restarts”. Or rather just before them.

      1. It seemed to work, though. Usually Kimi is nowhere on restarts after a SC but this time he was on it. I was half expecting Max to take him, like usual.

    8. Dunno about y’all, but I found it unusually charitable of Lewis offering his slipstream to benefit Bottas re-entry from the pits: “I’ll pull him along with me.”

      Early days yet how this pair pans out on teamwork, but so far, so good. The mutual respect is intact.

      1. Tommy Scragend
        20th July 2017, 20:20

        Not sure it was charitable, I took it as more of a “sod off” response to the suggestion that he might let Bottas through.

    9. As an aside, @keithcollantine could you please do a definitive article on the recent FIA directive on F1 teams burning oil for unfair racing advantage, how long this practice was perpetrated, the culprits concerned, and how this directive now impacts the current WDC and WCC battles?

      Would really appreciate the analysis, thanks.

    10. Don’t know what was said between Vettel and the team but, if they did not warn him of the likelihood of tire failure it was another mistake that the handlers made that cost Vettel and the team dearly.
      They have mad mistakes concerning Vettel’s tires before and if this was another it has to be the last.
      One point should be made and that is : that whether or not it was a team mistake which cost Vettel the P2 points he will NEVER blame anyone .
      He has said many times ” we win or we lose as a team”. I know he can be volatile and it can hurt his race and the team but, when it come to loyalty he is top -notch .
      All too often drivers point the finger of blame as the mechanics or strategists but, Vettel ,like Raikonnen NEVER does .Ferrari in that regard is very fortunate because both of their drivers are true team players and in a sport which like most is full of people who can’t see past themselves Vettel and Raikonnen set the standard.
      Now , if someone in Red can just find a little more pace , all will be right in Maranello .

    11. 14 From Max Verstappen > He wants to play bumper cars or something.
      14 To Sebastian Vettel > We get him next lap.

      Ehm…no he won’t

      Key to the final outcome of the race,fight for every single position on track…something more drivers should learn instead of justl roll over (Hulkenberg)

      1. There is a long game for all, if there is a possible shot, people do the maths… Unlike you from you armchair, they have a ton of armchair people at the track in front of computers, and tons more at the factory monitoring every bit of strategy possible… so you are wrong about single position… like Ferrari, they took a big risk achieving that single risk, and lost big time, and they did this before and they keep loosing… so yeah, they kind of playing bumper cars and see what bounces…

    12. Vettel got quite the talking to for his foul language on the radio. Will Kvyat too for some consistency?

      I know penalty points have been handed out, but were they for the actions on track rather than the disrepute?

    13. Where’s AustrianGP’s team radio transcript?

    14. Another proof that the racepace of MAG is excellent – compared to GRO… think GRO will need more than luck to keep him behind in the long run…

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