Luca Ghiotto, F2, Baku, 2017

Ghiotto to make F1 test debut for Williams in Hungary

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Formula Two racer Luca Ghiotto will make his Formula One test debut for Williams at the Hungaroring, the team has announced.

The 22-year-old will drive in next week’s test following the Hungarian Grand Prix. Felipe Massa will also run in the team’s FW40.

“I think the first F1 test for any driver is a special moment,” said Ghiotto, “and to do it with such an historic team is even better so I’m really excited.”

“Of course, I also need to focus on the F2 weekend beforehand, but I’m really looking forward to the test and I really hope it goes well.”

Ghiotto lies fifth in the F2 standings with Russian Time having finished in the points in ten of the twelve races so far this season. He drove in the championship last year when it was called GP2 and won once for Rapax on his way to eighth in the standings. Prior to that he raced in Formula Renault 3.5.

Prior to that he finished runner-up to Esteban Ocon in the 2015 GP3 championship. Ghiotto won five races to Ocon’s one and narrowly missed out on the title after arriving at the final round as the points leader. He has 24 FIA superlicence points.

Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams said she “looks forward to seeing how he performs in the car next month”.

Among Ghiotto’s F2 rivals who will also drive at the test are points leader Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), Nicholas Latifi (Renault), Nobuharu Matsushita and Gustav Malja (both Sauber).

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  • 9 comments on “Ghiotto to make F1 test debut for Williams in Hungary”

    1. Fair driving. Considering the other available rookies out there, snapping up Ghiotto makes a lot of sense. He hasn’t set the world alight in Formula 2 but he is reliable and consistent enough.

    2. His teammate Markelov deserves this more, currently second in the championship and pretty much better than Ghiotto in every race, has an exciting driving style and is a great overtaker and I would have thought his Russian money would help him

      1. Wholeheartedly agreed @lolzerbob. I don’t care if he is 2nd in the championship. What I do know is that he is BY FAR the most impressive driver on the grid.

        1. By far the best on the grid? You do know LeClerc is in the same series?

      2. This is Markelov’s fourth season in GP2/F2, while it is Ghiotto’s second. Last year he did really well in the notoriously limited Trident GP2 operation. He’s been a bit unlucky this year. No reason for Markelov deserving it any more than Luca.

      3. I always found Markelov quite inconsistent. I remember some flashes of good driving but also quite some fades and errors. Ghiotto hasn’t been particularly shining either though but I’d take the latter.

    3. He was evenly matched with Ocon in GP3. He’s fast & pretty mature behind the wheel, so..bring it on!

    4. Who’s testing the McLaren cars?

      1. If memory serves, Stoffel Vandoorne and Landon Norris.

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