“Why is he not moving out of the way?”: Hungarian GP qualifying radio highlights

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Traffic was a headache for several drivers during the busy qualifying hour in Hungary. Here’s what they had to say on the radios.

Third practice

Several drivers began the final practice sessions getting used to new brake sets.

To Kvyat: “Warm up the brakes if you can. We have new brakes.”

“All OK with the car, Danny?”
Kvyat: “There’s just a bit of knocking from the engine but it’s normal.”

Hungarian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures
Magnussen: “The retardation in these brakes is a lot less than yesterday.”

“How’s the balance?”
Palmer: “Yeah not too bad.”

To Perez: “Currently 20.7, Ocon 20.5,it’s just the middle sector, two tenths.”

Wehrlein: “My brake pedal is quite long.”

To Wehrlein: “You’re very strong on braking. We’re just losing in high-speed corners. Focus on high-speed corners.”

Having been quickest on Friday, Daniel Ricciardo’s Saturday started badly with a stoppage.

“Go to P1 Daniel.”
Ricciardo: “Yeah, stuck in fifth.”

To Verstappen: “OK Max so box. Can we have display ten. This is a functionality test.”

“Box this lap.”
Ericsson: “What?”
“We have an issue.”

“Much better than yesterday”
Romain Grosjean felt his team had made some progress with his car overnight.

Grosjean: “Think what we can do on the rear tyres Gary. There’s something not right. It’s much better than yesterday but something on top of it is just not working now.”

Grosjean: “I have had another big snap here in eight re nine on a slow lap so we need to check the aerod data guys.”
“OK we’ll check the aero data. Also the rear pressure is lower now.”
Grosjean: “Ah OK that may be the problem.”
“It is lower, yep.”

Grosjean: “Feels like they’re not the same tyres.”
“The right-rear tyre is much hotter than the last run, I don’t know why, we’re investigating.”

Sainz: “Yeah too much oversteer.”

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Paul di Resta faced a huge challenge as he was drafted in to take over Felipe Massa’s Williams ahead of qualifying. Despite no preparation he qualified 19th and got within eight-tenths of a second of team mate Lance Stroll.

To Raikkonen: “OK I didn’t realise he was going to get in front of us Kimi, unfortunate.”

“Checo how is the balance? Wehrlein is eight back.”
Perez: “The rear is giving up towards the end of the lap.”
Wehrlein: “Why is he not moving out of the way in the last sector?”

Stroll: “I got traffic. One of the Toro Rossos blocked me.”

Daniil Kvyat spun at the end of the session.

“How is the car, Danny?”
Kvyat: “All ok.”

Di Resta: “OK. Getting more comfortable.”
“Excellent. Good. That’s a fantastic job.”


“We aren’t through, are we?”
While Lewis Hamilton headed the second part of qualifying, he also began to report some problems with tyre balance.

Hamilton: “Feeling a vibration in these tyres.”

Verstappen: “Daniel was driving a bit in the way between eight and nine.”

“OK Carlos it is P10.”

Sainz: “Wow that’s good. That was a lap guys. Wow. Yes.”

Ocon: “We aren’t through are we?”
“We aren’t through, no.”


Still unhappy with his tyres, Hamilton had to settle for fourth place while Vettel took his second pole position of the season.

Hamilton: “Try and see if we can get the next set balanced a bit better.”
“OK copy.”

Hamilton: “Big vibration on these tyres.”

Vettel: “Woohoo! Yes, yes, yes.”
“Bravo Sebastian.”
Vettel: “Grazie ragazzi. I lost the front a bit in the last sector. Was really good the last lap. Grazie a tutti. Grande lavoro.”

Hamilton: “I had some traffic towards the end.”

“OK yellow G10. Stoff we are P9. Sainz has completed his lap so we’ll be P9. Good job.”
Vandoorne: “I think not a perfect lap but I think more or less the maximum possible.”

“Nice lap Fernando, found the time in the first sector, just wasn’t good enough to sneak into seventh so P8.”
Alonso: “I mean it’s doesn’t change anything so it’s OK.”

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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