2017 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Team Total
1 Mercedes 357
2 Ferrari 318
3 Red Bull 184
4 Force India 101
5 Williams 41
6 Toro Rosso 39
7 Haas 29
8 Renault 26
9 McLaren 11
10 Sauber 5

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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26 comments on “2017 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. I support Vettel over Hamilton, but I wouldn’t have faulted Hamilton if he kept the podium. Bottas didn’t keep him in range after the swap, and kept falling back, all the way near Verstappen’s clutches. Extremely decent of Hamilton to have done the swap back at the end, especially given Bottas is a title contender.

    That one action of Hamilton – combined with Ferrari’s refusal to release Kimi ahead of Vettel – puts a different perspective on which teammate is a second driver.

    1. I have a lot of respect for HAM and Merc for switching back, kudos to both! but I feel like it was also a smart move: 3 points might be a small price to pay to have a BOT willing to help later in the championship…

    2. It does show, doesn’t it @phylyp. It certainly makes one appreciate Hamilton for being a good sport and teamplayer. Although Kimi is really a teamplayer, pretty impressive how often he has been stomped in his face that he is the no2 driver in the team. This year Kimi has been racing really well, but the team really used him as the team pawn all year.

      One also has to wonder, if a Verstappen would go to Ferrari, surely they would have quite different things in their contracts to avoid such a situation.

      It is certainy a reason for me to respect Mercedes more and be more happy when they win (with either driver) than when Ferrari wins a race.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        30th July 2017, 14:49

        Raced really well?!?!? Are you sure you’re not (re)watching 2005??

      2. It certainly makes one appreciate Hamilton for being a good sport and teamplayer

        @bascb – quite true.

        Also, in the past years’ rivalry with Rosberg, initial impressions were often that Rosberg was a victim, a card he played quite well. But some comments that have come to light since about Rosberg, combined with Hamilton’s behaviour today makes one go back and reassess those past clashes between the pair.

        Talking about teammate rivalry, I’d like to see how things boil over at Red Bull. Ricciardo has the measure of and understands his teammate’s mentality, with his “sore loser” comment. Christian Horner doesn’t exactly seem the kind to manage battles between his drivers well. Max does seem to be the favoured child in Red Bull, so it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

        1. Red Bull clearly is a team that tends to put all their focus, and all their praise and attention on a “favoured child”. We saw it with Webber/Vettel, to an extent it probably contributed to Vettels lacklustre form once Daniel became his teammate (suddenly he wasn’t the focus anymore) and it shows now as well.

          I agree that this is pretty certain to boil over before too long.

    3. Marian Gri (@)
      30th July 2017, 15:16

      Ridiculous comment! So, just as SkyTV jokers, you’re making NORMAL seem ABNORMAL and ABNORMAL seem NORMAL! What’s this, rallying?? The best time of the stage gets the win?? I thought F1 is about overtaking too. What happened at Ferrari was simply normal, RAI couldn’t even mount a pass, he was asking the team to tell VET to move aside! That’s what you want to see, that’s the way races should be won??! What’s next, Mercedes/Ferrari drop 100 millions in RBR bank account and ask them not to bother them anymore in the titles fight?!? All that hate MSchumacher got over the years because RBarrichello was told to let him in front was for nothing it seems, these days it seems just the right thing to do for some…

    4. That action gave me much respect for Hamilton – and this is from a Raikkonen and Alonso fan. I wish more drivers would be decent like this, though I guess that is hard to ask due to the level of intense competition inherent in sports like this.

    5. Hey, I want Kimi to win a race, but if he can’t get past Vettel with a broken steer, he doesn’t deserve the win. Simple as that.
      Hamilton giving back the place was the basic decent thing to do. I heard around lap 51-52 saying that Lewis had to pass within 5 laps. Took him another +10 to give the position back.
      It’s F1, if Lewis wants to be ruthless (like Senna), that’s ok, but then he has to pass Bottas on his own also.

    6. Why should Ferrari release Kimi ahead of Seb? Ferraris 1-2 was never under that much threat as overtaking is so difficult in Hungary.

      Mercedes are in a different position to Ferrari as Valtteri has a legitimate chance of the WDC of his own, in addition to Hamilton’s challenge. Kimi really doesn’t have any chance, he is too many points behind, especially as the Mercedes is the faster car at most circuits.

  2. Vettel could not have won this race without Kimi.
    Ferrari used him to frustrate Mercedes all race so it was still team orders at play.

    1. I don’t know about that. While VET may have been slowing RAI down, the end result is that both Ferraris were lapping at around the same pace for most of the race. Since neither Mercedes could get past RAI, I don’t think they would’ve had any more success getting past VET.

      1. Marian Gri (@)
        30th July 2017, 15:16


      2. Well when you know your team mate will protect you, then you can focus on your race, but with a different team behind, you will make a mistake easily. Kimi ran at Vettel’s pace, but was much faster.

        1. There was no reason why Vettel would make a mistake if the Mercedes were behind him.

        2. Driver’s frequently run with a different team behind them, it does not cause them to “make a mistake easily”.

  3. With Mclaren able to score points now, it will only take retirements for Palmer to score points. Sauber are going to be last again.

    1. With their ridiculous pace today it serves them right, too. Wehrlein and Ericsson were so far behind I’m surprised they weren’t lapped by the entire field.

      1. Good point, so I guess their update hasn’t really brought what they hoped from it, or alternative only now do we see how much weaknesses it has that even a big update couldn’t give them sufficient pace to at least be in a fight with an unoptimised Di Resta Williams.

  4. From 3 points clear to 6 points behind, not a good race for Sauber, but still not impossible to win P9.

  5. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
    30th July 2017, 15:12

    There does seem to be quite a lot more respect to Hamilton than Bottas. I think both were extremelly good team players. Hamilton first asked if he could get past Bottas. He had been stuck behind for 13 laps. I think that basing on the fact Kimi couldn’t get past Vettel, I think it will have been unlikly that Hamilton will have got past Bottas without team orders as the tyres will have just got older and older. Hamiltoon did indeed have more pace. It was the right decision. Hamilton dis pull away but once he caugut the leaders, the gap only changed dramatically between him and Bottas when Bottas had issues with traffic. It is hard for the back markers but he lost 4 seconds when he was trying to get past Hulkenberg. He also had a pit stop 1 second slower than Hamilton which was unlucky. Hamilton was quicker but he couldn’t get past the Ferrari’s. I really respect him for letting Bottas back through. But equally respect Bottas for the same earlier as it is quite likely Hamilton will have finished 4th anyway if it wasn’t for that.

    These 2 get on so much better than Rosberg and Hamilton. I think they work togeather better than Hamilton paird with Alonso or Vettel too. It just seems really relaxed and their team play is very fair. Respect to the team and both drivers.

    1. Having more pace is one thing, but it is a ‘race’. Hamilton should have qualified higher or passed bottas on track. I remember the man of his word ingoring team orders as early as last race last season.

  6. Before this race I was thinking it had to be frustrating for Kimi being so far behind Ricciardo. Now he’s only one point behind.

    The midfield fight must also be getting frustrating to some, Williams, Renault, Haas and McLaren all now seem to have off-weekends and weekends where double points are possible, meaning it’s going to be somewhat random who ends up where. Sauber probably needs to reconsider their race strategy this weekend, not having lost their 9th spot but also finished out of sight to Stroll.

    Seems not that long ago that Williams were regular podium contenders..

  7. I seem to have a hard time finding all the people who said Hamilton would run away with the title from now on…

  8. In my opinion Bottas is driving quite strong, or better, consistent.
    New to the team, against someone many people call the best driver in history, he’s not that far behind. This while still being a very generous teammate.
    Yes, he couldn’t pass Raikonnen, but neither could Hamilton.
    He lagged Hamilton on the softs, but perhaps that is also wise driving to spare his motor?
    What’s the qualification tally between the Mercedes drivers?
    He doesn’t show genius like others, but he is doing very good.

    1. Hamilton leads Bottas 6-5. They seem to be very evenly matched in qualifyings.

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