2017 Hungarian Grand Prix race result

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Pos # Driver Car Laps Time/gap Difference Reason
1 5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 70 1hr 39m 46.713s
2 7 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 70 0.908 0.908
3 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 70 12.462 11.554
4 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 70 12.885 0.423
5 33 Max Verstappen Red Bull-TAG Heuer 70 13.276 0.391
6 14 Fernando Alonso McLaren-Honda 70 71.223 57.947
7 55 Carlos Sainz Jnr Toro Rosso-Renault 69 1 lap 1 lap
8 11 Sergio Perez Force India-Mercedes 69 1 lap 1.036
9 31 Esteban Ocon Force India-Mercedes 69 1 lap 8.730
10 2 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren-Honda 69 1 lap 0.595
11 26 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso-Renault 69 1 lap 7.706
12 30 Jolyon Palmer Renault 69 1 lap 0.479
13 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas-Ferrari 69 1 lap 3.270
14 18 Lance Stroll Williams-Mercedes 69 1 lap 20.514
15 94 Pascal Wehrlein Sauber-Ferrari 68 2 laps 1 lap
16 9 Marcus Ericsson Sauber-Ferrari 68 2 laps 17.468
17 27 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 67 3 laps 1 lap
Not classified
40 Paul di Resta Williams-Mercedes 60 10 laps 7 laps Oil pressure
8 Romain Grosjean Haas-Ferrari 20 50 laps 40 laps Wheel nut
3 Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull-TAG Heuer 0 70 laps 20 laps Accident

NB. Magnussen was given a five-second time penalty for forcing Hulkenberg off the track

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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23 comments on “2017 Hungarian Grand Prix race result”

  1. Not sure Bottas deserves this podium.

    1. @paeschli Had he not let Hamilton passed he would’ve still been third. The pace was second to just the fact of being in front.

    2. Not really but I’m sure Hamilton wouldn’t have been able to overtake Bottas. Honourable decision from Hamilton. Last lap last corner, perfect execution, don’t know how Lewis managed to do it. Not sure whether Mercedes knew or wanted him to do that in the last lap, if they did, Mercedes was incredibly brave, lets just see how thid pans out.

  2. Big kudos to Mercedes and especially Hamilton, as a Finn I really appreciate that. Ferrari, on the other hand, well… let’s just say that with better strategy Kimi would have won this.

    1. @diceman Can’t blame Ferrari really, Kimi had a go at the start and then again with DRS, didn’t work out. Staying out on the first stint, like RB, would have been the preferred strategy but given that Lewis tried the undercut, he was quicker on new softs so Kimi had to stop.

    2. Marian Gri (@)
      30th July 2017, 15:24


  3. Kimi is the true winner today. Team sport, yes, I know why Ferrari played it this way, but Kimi clearly had more pace today.

    Kudos to Hamilton for letting Bottas rightfully past as he promised. Fantastic sportsmanship.

    1. @huhhii I agree that Kimi looked so great in this track, but Ferrari hasn’t resorted to team orders, and thankfully so hasn’t Mercedes, today that is. Merc have resorted to team orders many times, had Bottas signing a decent multi year contract, I would not let Hamilton past.

      1. @peartree Well Ferrari cut Kimi’s super fast 1st stint short in order to place him behind Vettel. Clear team order if you ask me.

        1. @huhhii No and no. Mercedes forced Ferrari to pit, the undercut was working, and the front runners were about to hit traffic. Lewis was the fastest man on track on softs, by the time both Ferrari’s come out of the pits, Mercedes had closed the gap significantly. What race did you watch?

          1. @peartree I don’t know what you were watching but I was keenly following Hungarian GP and Spa’s 24h. Mercs were closing in, that’s right, but there were definitely enough gap left for Kimi to push for a few laps and exit the pits in front of Vettel, if he was given right to. Mercs undercutting Kimi wasn’t even close.

          2. @huhhii Go take a look at the lap chart When Kimi comes out of the pits Bottas is 1.9s behind, before Bottas pitted he was 6 s behind the undercutting was working, even Kimi’s only lap of free air cost him time, he lost 2.2 and 2.5 secs to the Mercs, new tyres were clearly going to overhaul Kimi had he stayed an extra lap.

          3. @peartree There was still enough gap for Kimi to do 2-3 more laps and exit the pits in front of Vettel. Don’t forget Vettel was already back on track on that point so he would’ve slowed Mercs down due to dirty air. Mercs closing the gap would’ve ended right there and Kimi could’ve taken the lead with succesful overcut.

          4. @huhhii No he wouldn’t because Kimi hit traffic, he hit Di Resta off the backmarkers.

  4. Not the best race but did get a bit exiting towards the end. Good sportsmanship shown by Hamilton, and Bottas. But oh dear Verstappen….trying to win the race on the first lap again. Maybe he should try Drag racing surely he could control himself for 1200 meters?

  5. Verstappen takes Ric out to close the points gap to his team mate.

    Nice work by the new Maldonado. When is he going typo learn it’s not a 1 lap sprint.

    1. I like how your typo was the word “typo”

      1. Lol I know!

    2. @homerlovesbeer – I don’t think there’s anything for him to learn, its an attitude change that’s needed.

      Ricciardo summed it up brilliantly just seconds after his incident “sore loser” – Max’s great start and moves past Hamilton looked threatened by Ricciardo, and Max just went aggressive as a result of that.

      Max really took away what could have been a great scrap for the top 6 spots.

    3. @homerlovesbeer He really doesn’t allow anyone to get one up on him. Today he looked silly, that said I think the stewards penalizing Max today, for that incident is ironic, what about the other clashes, this only hurt RB.

      Ricciardo read it perfectly, he made a good start, was quick down to turn 1 but got caught out by Raikkonen trying to overtake Seb, as Danny said, then a good start became a bad start and he just tried to compensate and cut down on his losses by trying to make sure he wouldn’t be overtaken by Ricciardo, as illustrated by the fact he didn’t take the inner most line on turn 3 and also by out-braking himself into Daniel.

  6. Di Resta went really well on the first stint, clearly the ss were the better tyre and the one stop was the right strategy, Paul looked like he started to struggle physically, in the end Williams probably retired the car not in order to change the gearbox penalty free as they were far from scoring. Renault also retired Hulk, Magnussen should have gotten at least a drive through, it’s consistent behaviour from Kevin, the stewards are a wider topic but they keep making mistakes, they keep adding up to the inconsistencies, I don’t think you should penalize a driver according to their track record, it should be written on the regulation but it hurts to see some drivers making bad decisions and not getting penalized and also to see drivers drive dangerously and ruin someone elses penalty and only see a penalty that only hurts yourself.

  7. Lazenby and Hill are tremendously bias, it’s hard to watch sky’s post race, particularly after bad results for Lewis. Davidson did a good job, I don’t agree with his assessment of the race incidents but I do respect his opinion. I was shouting at the TV when SKY missed Grosjean’s undone rear left wheel, they kept looking at the fronts, but apart from that they were on top of the race, they made it more exciting that it was but good job nonetheless. Alonso with the fastest lap and great overtakes is the driver of the day for me, I don’t think he would have achieved the fastest lap if Vettel wasn’t slowing down the top 3 but still he schooled Sainz jr and he drove like only Alonso does around this track.

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