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Vettel in no position to criticise rivals after Baku – Verstappen

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In the round-up: Max Verstappen says he doesn’t pay attention to Sebastian Vettel’s criticism after his rival’s behaviour in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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Here’s Pinak’s take on qualifying:

Bottas is doing really well at Mercedes. Usually Hamilton is very strong on Saturdays. But not today. Lets see what happens tomorrow if after turn one Bottas is still ahead.

The characteristics of Hungary track has suited Ferrari and more crucially both drivers have delivered. Expected at least one Red Bull to be in the second row. But that is not the case.

McLaren are not bluffing when they claim that they have a decent chassis. Both in the top ten.

Perez out qualified and Palmer delivers another 11th place. There is no gain any more in keeping Kyvat and Palmer. Brownies for Di Resta, at least he is not dead last.

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  • Jacky Ickx mastered the Nurburgring again for his final F1 win on this day in 1972, leading a Ferrari one-two

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32 comments on “Vettel in no position to criticise rivals after Baku – Verstappen”

  1. Keith why are my picks not listen for this week?!?!?!?! I entered them yesterday and then last night updated them? It’s really not cool or fair if they arnt there before it said my picks were excepted!

    1. Nvm it showed up when I looked on my pc. Idk why it wasn’t on my phone. The list was really short on the phone

      1. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
        30th July 2017, 1:30

        @racerdude7730 afraid I can catch you eh? ☺

        1. Very much so lol I have been doing horrible the last 4 races. I need a good one ;)

        2. Oh and I think this will be another one after qualifying 😢

  2. They won’t race Formula E cars on a real race track because it would illustrate just how slow the cars are.

    1. And the grandstands would not be very full either.

    2. Simply does not fit the car and does not provide the spectacle to the fans. Apparently FE is going to drive in mexico but surely not going to do the gigantic straight, probably they’ll do the stadium section.

      1. They’ve already been to Mexico. The had a longer bit In the stadium that doubled back and exited right next to where it entered. Then ran back around the entire stadium….but also what about FE at Monaco…is that another exception?

        1. @bmk1586

          but also what about FE at Monaco

          On a shortened track?

    3. How fast/slow are those cars anyway? Anybody knows? I don’t follow the series.

      1. I’ve heard 140mph / 225 kph mentioned as a top speed.

        It’s not a terrible series, but it’s good that they run on tight & short street circuits. Once they get rid of the car-changing mid-race that will make it less of a joke. Now if only they would also get rid of the FanBoost abomination.

        1. That’s worse than an F3 car….. They ‘look’ slower than a Formula Renault car when you watch the onboards. Somehow it has a higher profile though. Not sure why ex F1 drivers even feel it’s fun to drive.

    4. They will in time. I watched the first Montreal race yesterday and it was fantastic (fanboost aside of course), lots of tense battles. Buemi also went on a verbal rampage at the end and made himself look a complete fool.

      1. +1!
        I wanted to see the start as Buemi was 10 spots down the grid because of his crash in free practice and the race against the clock to repair the car. Then he hit Frijns and bent his steering array; managed to fight himself up to 4th anyway steering wheel askew!
        Lots of close combat fighting. Ended up watching the whole thing, never mind the slow speeds.
        It may well be that speed actually kills racing instead of making it better?

        The sound is horrible though – high pitch whine from the electric motors and the tire squeals in the corners sound peculiar. When the field goes through a chicane it sounds like a flock of quarreling turkeys…

        1. I watched the race with my 15 year old cousin last night and the first thing he said was that the cars sounded awesome. I wasn’t sure if he was joking, but he confirmed he was serious when he said he also said the cars look better than F1.

          I thought this was interesting, as he is perfectly in the target demo of “young new fan” and “first brand new car will be electric”, so they must be doing something right.

          Myself, along with most – I presume – seasoned petrol heads, am not a big fan of the engine sound, tyre squeal, electronic music, comedic starts, looks, or fanboost. At least they have some decent drivers.

          1. After the first few races I haven’t really thought about the sound, the racing, which is very good, is more important. Hopefully FE gets a bit faster but I think they’re artificially slowing it with the tyres and other rules so that they can race on temporary Street circuits.

            Also, if I think about it, it takes almost as much skill to drive at half the speed of F1 when the tracks are half the width.

            I wish they would make the races more regular though, it’s easy to forget it’s on some weekends.

          2. For some unknown reason they disable ‘series link’ on freeview, it’s almost as if they don’t want people to watch it. So I’ve missed a few races. If this nonsense carries on I’ll just stop watching altogether. Better things to do than hunt around trying to figure out what channel and when it’s on. When for everything else you can just tell the DVR to link the series.

      2. GtisBetter (@)
        30th July 2017, 11:11

        Lost a lot respect for Buemi. It’s good to have drivers say what they want, but Buemi just thinks he deserves special treatment complaining about others who were racing fair. Except maybe Abt in the pitlane. The fact that he had a second car was amazing, considering he crashed his.

        1. GtisBetter (@)
          30th July 2017, 11:19

          Even though the second car was 4kg underweight and got Buemi disqualified. Stil a heck of a job.

  3. Neil (@neilosjames)
    30th July 2017, 2:05

    I’m usually opposed to ‘what is x-publication doing there’ but… that Montreal article, Sherbrooke Times? It’s ‘written’ entirely with a translation program, made up of articles automatically scraped from French-language websites, with zero credit. The Jean Todt article in the roundup was stolen (literally the whole thing, even the author’s byline) from the Journal de Montreal.

    Quite disappointed that I just gave such a website a page view, small as the value of said view would have been.

    1. @neilosjames Thanks for pointing that out, I must admit I hadn’t realised it was taken from another publication, partly because it had been translated. I always try to stay alert to that sort of thing but this one slipped through.

  4. Rowland made his best Verstappen impression. I’m being unfair, maybe it was just bad timing bad luck, he made one move, can’t tell if he was shading Markelov.

    1. @peartree, if you watch in slow motion, you can see that Rowland actually starts moving across the track slightly before Markelov does – something which Markelov himself is in agreement with in his post race statements, where he blamed himself for the crash.

      From what Markelov has said about the incident after the event and from the footage, it looks more like Rowland anticipated Markelov’s move and began moving to the right just as Markelov committed to the move, with the latter then overcommitting to the move and misjudging the limits of the track.

    2. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      30th July 2017, 9:20

      The incident looked so similar to Rosberg/Hamilton at Barecelona but to my mind Rowland was perfectly fair here, whereas I put the blame 60% on Rosberg for their incident. It was just that subtle difference in timing that made all the difference, Rowland was already committed to moving to the inside before Markelov threw himself over their, whereas Nico did his move reactively.

      1. At no point Markelov was beside Rowland. Markelov litterally chose to try to pass him off track.

        The situation with Rosberg/Hamilton was a bit different.

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          30th July 2017, 11:16

          Yes exactly

        2. @jeffreyj

          At no point Markelov was beside Rowland.

          I don’t know it looks like Markelov’s front wheel was alongside at this point.

          At that point I feel he should have known that with the speed advantage Markelov had from the DRS (Something like 15kph in F2) he was only going to draw further alongside & therefore I feel he should have left a car width just as Nico should have at Barcelona last year.

          1. Replay for anyone that didn’t see the incident:

          2. @stefmeister The one that there’s a video of in the round-up? :-)

  5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    30th July 2017, 10:25

    Apologies if this has already been covered but did anyone see Sean Bull’s idea for personalising each drivers halo in their helmet colours? He did a few photoshop knock ups as well. I thought it was a great idea, would be better for identifying the drivers than the helmets themselves. Made me feel a lot better about the halo (if they take up the idea that is).

  6. “Verstappen in no position to criticise rivals after Hungary”- Ricciardo

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