Magnussen tells Hulkenberg “suck my balls” after five-second penalty

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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An unimpressed Kevin Magnussen told Nico Hulkenberg to “suck my balls” after being penalised for forcing his rival off the track during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Hulkenberg approached the Haas driver, who forced him off at turn two during the race, and called him “once again the most unsporting driver”.

The stewards sided with the Renault driver and gave Magnussen a five-second time penalty which dropped him from 11th to 13th in the final classification. The Haas driver also received two penalty points on his licence, putting him on a total of seven.

The stewards ruled Hulkenberg was entitled to be left room on the outside of turn two when Magnussen forced him wide.

“Hulkenberg was overtaking Magnussen around the outside of turn two on lap 62,” the stewards explained.

“Hulkenberg was fully alongside Magnussen in the manoeuvre, and in fact a little ahead, and thus had the right to the racing line at the exit. Instead, Magnussen continued to use the full width of the track and forced Hulkenberg off the track at the exit of turn two.”

The stewards’ decision left Magnussen confused. “I don’t really understand the penalty,” he said.

“He (Hulkenberg) didn’t get anything for what happened at turn one when he smashed into the side of Romain, which finished his race effectively.”

“I didn’t even touch him. He could have chosen to back out, as I had the corner. I was on the inside and we were side-by-side. If anything, I was a little bit in front. I just chose my line.”

“It’s not like I moved off the racing line. We braked late, so it’s natural you go wide and push on the entry. He put himself in danger on the outside.”

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    142 comments on “Magnussen tells Hulkenberg “suck my balls” after five-second penalty”

    1. Deserved.

      1. And childish from Magnussen to say “suck my balls” after he was clearly the driver in the wrong.

        1. John Schmidt
          30th July 2017, 16:53

          Childish of Hulkenberg to go out of his way to interrupt an on air interview with Magnussen in order to insult him. A harsh reply was well deserved.

          1. Exactly. Say dumb things, expect dumb responses. Hulk ruined Grosjean’s race and has the nuts to say anything?

        2. Hulkenberg is a narcissistic Idiot, and the stewards always favor the big teams. Hulkenberg should have been penalized many races ago + this one. Stop defending him, he’s just like a Vettel but with no wins and podiums.

      2. I know your thumbnail is Hulk’s helmet nevertheless you are totally right. Magnusses is wrong and lucky in my opinion not to have accumulated more penalty points this season. Magnussen is not going very far with his attitude, nor his speed. I know he’s signed for next season but some time soon, not only he’ll be disliked by his peers but also the fans, after that its game over.

        1. Magnussen has a big mouth, but not the talent to back it up. The guy edged Palmer last season, look what Hulk is doing to Palmer.

          1. Not the talent to back it up? He is definately one of the most talented drivers in F1 and he even has a podium place in an inferior car to back that up. He did put Palmer in his place 1st half of the season, but it started declining as the old Lotus started running out of sparepart ins the 2nd half and especially after the turned down the Renault 1 year contract deal, they then gave the new parts to Palmer. (Which is normal when he is the one they then signed instead).

            Hulkenberg never had a podium, even while driving a competible Force India where Perez scored podiums.

        2. What are you talking about. After Hulkenberg crash into Grojean, he should not be a cry baby. Magnussen just kept his line, he did not crash anyone. And then Hulkenberg interrupted a live interview to throw insults at Magnussen. If the move Magnussen did was done by anyone in the top teams, no one would have been penalised!!!

          When should Magnussen have gotten more penalty points? You must have some examples. Last year Grojean left Palmer behind ALL the time. Magnussen is on level with Grojean. So? Remember, total different cars this year.

          1. Sviatoslav (@)
            30th July 2017, 21:01

            Kim Jensen – it doesn’t matter what happened between Grosjean and Hulk. These incidents are not related (even if Hulk is to blame in case with Grosjean, I didn’t see that).

          2. @Kim Jensen In the 1st lap incident the stewards ruled Hulkenberg didn’t have the space to give much room to Grosjean – and anyway, is MAG saying that he took a page from the Vettel playbook by “showing who’s the man” for something he (wrongly, see VET) thought the guy did to his teammate? – while in the 2nd corner overtaking, they ruled Hulkenberg was if anything ahead of Magnussen (so MAG is wrong in what he says above about that too), and MAG had plenty space to give, as he should have, but didn’t.

            1. Mark (@melmgreen)
              31st July 2017, 6:45

              Where is the link, that mag said “showing who is the man”? @bosyber

            2. I was visiting my mother @mhelmgreen, and then had to take the train back to Berlin, so I didn’t look back at that radio message from Magnussen early in the race, talking about Hulk, but I’m sure it will appear in the race radio talk from keith soon.

          3. Hulkenberg didn’t crash into Grosjean. He had to go slightly wider to avoid the Force India’s, and unfortunately Grosjean turned in at the same time.
            Magnussen did not keep his line at all, he was a mile away from the racing line, in last years cars, he’d of had to lift through 3 with the line he took. His only intention was to push Hulkenberg, (who was ahead at a point so had the corner as the stewards said), off the track.

            How this isn’t obvious to absolutely everyone is beyond me. This shouldn’t even be a discussion, it’s so clear what happened, but somehow people seem to think Hulk was in the wrong both times. No idea how.

            1. @hugh11: come show the world your Hulk tattoo…you are the one who neglect that he and Vettel always complain about everything and everyone. Take a drive in your Renault Kangoo, smoke some cigarettes, and then get back in the saddle as the F1 guru ;-)

            2. Eh? Vettel always complains about everyone, yeah, but Hulk really doesn’t complain much. Magnussen and Grosjean complain about other drivers more than him in fact.
              To the last part, I have no idea what you’re saying.

      3. RP (@slotopen)
        31st July 2017, 2:15

        Perhaps it is derserved, but I think there are two drivers more deserving.

        Riccardo clearly could tell Versappen to vacuum clean his teabag.

        And there are at least two people who should vacuum clean Kimi’s teabag. I hope he is getting a big bonus for his work covering Vettel.

    2. Suck my BIIIIP

      1. Matteo (@m-bagattini)
        30th July 2017, 18:17

        [censored by FOM]

      2. BIIIIP! Now available in cherry flavour!

    3. I see the stewards are being consistent as usual, Hulkenberg forced Grosjean off, but no penalty for that?

      1. It was consistent with the general rule that lap 1 incidents are looked at differently. The field is tightly packed, and some crash and bash is definetly expected, so the stewards are more lenient to such incidents.

        1. Lap 1 different why was Verstappen penalised? if Verstappen was penalised why was Bottas not in Spain and Baku?

        2. @fer-no65
          What about Sainz shoving Alonso off the track, quite deliberately?

          And how ridiculous is it that you get 2 points for squeezing someone out with no real consequences, and you also get 2 points for ramming someone off the track, puncturing their radiator and making them retire?

    4. At the start, wasn’t Magnussen complaining about Hulkenberg, when he ran into Grosjean? Something pretty ominous like “if Hulkenberg’s allowed to get away with that, it’ll be an ugly race”? I didn’t clearly hear the radio transmission.

      I wonder if that earlier incident was at the back of Magnussen’s mind when he was battling with the Hulk.

    5. Neil (@neilosjames)
      30th July 2017, 15:44

      Yeah, deserved. If you take a normal line it’s OK to push a rival wide at this corner (happens all the time), but Magnussen went wide too early at the exit (didn’t maintain a normal racing line), so I don’t think he can have any complaints.

      1. Except Hamilton would NEVER have been penalised!!!

        1. Neil (@neilosjames)
          30th July 2017, 20:09

          I have no idea what Hamilton has to do with this…

    6. Amaury Diaz
      30th July 2017, 15:45

      Suck my b@115.. . That was hilarious 😂😂😂

    7. Adam (@rocketpanda)
      30th July 2017, 15:55

      LOL. Like I’m just saying… but I’d watch.

      Really Magnussen was a bit rude driving Hulkenberg off track, but other drivers have done that before anyway? Also Hulkenberg was lucky not to get punished for shoving Grosjean earlier. So… personally I’m on K-Mag’s side here…

      Haarsh from the Haas.

      1. @rocketpanda Hulkenberg understeered trying to avoid the Force India drivers at the first corner. Did you even read the article on why Hulk and Sainz were cleared of blame?

      2. Um… 3 wide into turn 1 on lap 1 and being pushed into Grosjean by cars on his inside is in no way comparable to forcing a driver off the track while being well off the racing line yourself. Magnussen clearly intended to force Hulkenberg off the track, no question about it. How you can be on his side after that is beyond me, even as a slightly biased Hulk fan myself.

        1. No one pushed Hulkenberg. He had too much speed into the corner.

          1. He was forced wider than he wanted to be by the Force India that was on the apex, meaning he had to flick left a tiny bit to avoid contact, just as Grosjean tightened his line. Unfortunate. But he wasn’t carrying too much speed, he could’ve easily made the corner.

            1. No he was not
              Magnusson did show him back down or take the grass
              So stop your crying and many listen to what many others say in here
              If it has been Hamilton or others of the top drivers there would not have bin a pennelty

      3. @rocketpanda Damon Hill the anti Ferrari sky walker, accused Vettel of using his car as a weapon, and that such behaviour is a crime in the real world, Vettel acted like a fool but he didn’t do any of the above Mag did, he forced a car off the road, that’s disrespectful and dangerous.

        1. Adam (@rocketpanda)
          30th July 2017, 17:58

          I’m confused why people are up in arms about this. I’ve watched drivers in the past take wider lines specifically to stop other cars getting by, effectively making them choose whether to back out – which they can – or drive off the road. I’ve seen Verstappen do it a lot, Hamilton do it, Ricciardo do it and Vettel and while you could say it’s a bit unfairly harsh I can’t recall seeing them getting penalised for it, so why here? Like not everyone is a gentleman racer and will let them just walk through a wide open gap. Some get hailed for this and others get attacked?

          Like Verstappen literally did it the last race and walked Vettel off the track – Vettel could have backed out but didn’t and went on the grass. Same thing here? Hamilton did it a year ago with Rosberg too – can’t remember the track – took a ridiculously wide line to walk Rosberg off the track. They, and Magnussen, were the leading car – they can take what line they want as long as they don’t change direction, and he didn’t. So apart from being uncompromising and perhaps a bit harshly brutal I’m not sure what he did wrong?

          Also coming up to Magnussen while he’s doing an interview to sarcastically mock him in public is rude – you got an issue then sort it out in private don’t do it like that. Like what response did Hulkenberg expect to that?

          1. @rocketpanda

            hey, and Magnussen, were the leading car – they can take what line they want as long as they don’t change direction, and he didn’t.

            That’s the problem mate. Magnussen was not the leading car.

            As you can see in the stewards report (It was also shown on the timing screen temporarily), Hulkenberg was ahead midway through the corner. Even when you’re exactly side-by-side, you’re expected to give the other driver some space at least. Magnussen didn’t give any…and simply just pushed Hulk off the track.

            What bothers me the most is the intention behind that move I believe Magnussen had. He had said something like “If Hulkenberg get’s away with this, it’s going to be an ugly race”, regarding Hulk’s incident with Grosjean (It’s not clear if this is exactly what he said, but it was something along those lines).

            Magnussen was so far off the racing line in his incident with Hulk that I can’t help but think that there was malice in his defense. Even before that incident, Hulkenberg had been complaining about Magnussen driving dangerously. I can’t comprehend why a driver would prefer ruining someone else’s race over driving his own, especially considering how Mag was running 11th and could have finished in the points if someone ahead had a retirement.

          2. @rocketpanda

            Like what response did Hulkenberg expect to that?

            Um…anything other than “Suck my balls”. That’s way more rude…and anyway Magnussen hadn’t been a saint to Hulkenberg in the race. If Magnussen’s heat of the moment response is justified, then so is Hulkenberg’s approach to him in the heat of the moment.

            Even the controversial Lewis Hamilton replied with a “Leave me alone” to Felipe Massa in Singapore 2011. “Suck my balls” is an overreaction.

            1. Wow you are something else… Suck my balls as a reply is WORSE than interrupting a live interview trying to humiliate a guy?
              Yes Hulkenberg may have been ahead midway in the corner, but that was because he had too much speed and braked late, so he would have run wide anyway, Mag just kept his speed and was again ahead of him when they left the turn, Hulkenberg had several chances to back off.
              Its called racing and sometimes the stewards dont like racing from the lower end teams, so they give them a penalty.

    8. What is Hulkenberg doing interrupting an interview? That alone justifies the comment from Magnussen. Regarding the incident, well Hulkenberg just got the same treatment he gave GRO. But no contact. This is FUBA.

      1. Penalties should not be given out depending on the resulting contact or absense thereof.

        Hulkenberg suffered from understeer while avoiding the Force Indias while Magnussen shoved Hulkenberg off deliberately.

        1. So if Magnussen went into the side of Hulkenberg, everything would ok?? That’s what I understand from your comment!

          1. Sviatoslav (@)
            30th July 2017, 21:04

            Just stop.

    9. Suck my balls?

      This depresses me. Even if Kevin thought that Hulkenberg was at fault at turn one of the first lap, at least Hulk didn’t do it out of malice…he understeered trying to avoid the Force Indias. What Magnussen did was pure evil. It was revenge for something that didn’t even affect him in the first place.

      If drivers are more inclined to ruin other peoples’ races than driving their own, I am really really disappointed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to like Kevin now.

      1. Kevin is not evil, he just gave the Hulk a choice. Break or hit the grass. Kevin’s comment regarding the ball’s?? Well that could have been better. But the Hulk should have not have done as he did. In front of the media.

        1. Why should Hulkenberg brake? He was side-by-side with Magnussen, and as the timing screen indicated, even slightly ahead temporarily. You are supposed to give space to the other driver in such circumstances.

          Obviously, Magnussen must have been able to see where Hulk was, and still, he chose to force him off the track. I can’t see how it was not deliberate, especially considering that he was upset with Hulk in the beginning of the race.

          1. The reply from Magnussen, comes to Hulkenberg as he abruptly interrupts Magnussen while doing a live interview in the mix zone, sarcastically congratulating him on being the most unsportsman driver… – Magnussen hot headed reply as to “get out of my face” became a more legendary response :)

      2. What are you going on about? Kevin didn’t crash into Nico!! You can see in Kevin’s face that he was shocked when Nico interrupted his live interview so Kevin reacted – fair enough.

        Are you new to motorsport? When you try to overtake on the outside, you do so at your own risk. Countless drivers have been forced of the track this way and it rarely lead to any penalty.

        1. Countless drivers have been forced of the track this way and it rarely lead to any penalty

          You are clearly unaware of the details of this incident. Hulkenberg was ahead of Magnussen midway through the corner, and that’s when you HAVE to give space to the other driver. Anyone would have been penalized in this scenario, contrary to your beliefs. You can’t blame me for considering his defence malicious as Mag was very far off the racing line at that moment and had also made spiteful comments against Hulkenberg after his incident with Grosjean in the beginning of the race.

          Please just stop for a moment, think about this and read the article carefully before you start running your fingers over the keyboard again.

          1. I’ve seen the exactly the same scenario in many forms of motorsport and never seen a penalty.
            Also happened many times in F1’s hybrid era and it depends on the driver’s as to who gets a penalty, nothing more.

          2. Mark (@melmgreen)
            31st July 2017, 6:57

            @neutronstar u need to take it to the drivers point of view. As a viewer we are blessed with a screen and that we can see small time margins.

            It the heat of the battle, mag couldn’t see that hulk was ahead with 0,078 in 1 second. So no he shouldn’t give the space. But mag shouldn’t have driven so far out, because he knew that hulk would be on the side.

    10. Well, I thought the reply was funny and Hulk was a clown to interrupt an interview, but what I’m really interested in is how is Magnussen going wide any different from what Verstaffen did to Vettel at Silverstone?

      Both Hulk and Seb tried to take the outside line and was denied by the oppenent going wide – but Max wasn’t punished afaik?

      1. Well what Verstappen did was at least the racing line, even if Vettel was ahead and therefore should’ve been given the space. What Magnussen did was a mile off the racing line, with clearly no intentions other than forcing Hulk off the track.

        1. OK, but Hulk could just have lifted? They were side-by-side into the corner as far as I could see – I would really like to see the situation from Magnussen’s onboard camera.

          Besides, I thought any racer worth anything knew that if you try the “hero line” on the outside of a corner you will be put on the grass…

          Anyway, the stewards gave the smallest possible penalty so at least they don’t se it as “pure evil” as someone else in this thread. 🙄

          1. Besides, I thought any racer worth anything knew that if you try the “hero line” on the outside of a corner you will be put on the grass…

            That’s exactly what happened to Alonso when he tried the overtake on Sainz, right? Your reasoning astounds me. It is clear that what Magnussen did was deliberate, since he was so far off the racing line.

            1. I completely agree that it was deliberate, but that was exactly the point of comparing it to the Vettel/Verstaffen incident at Silverstone – I don’t think they were different. Just the Stewards are inconsistent.

              And btw: Sainz / Alonso did have a moment earlier in the race.

          2. He was ahead, so why should he have lifted? And Magnussen was nowhere near the racing line – if it was in last years cars, he’d have had to have lifted in turn 3 he was so wide in turn 2. You don’t expect a driver to do that in formula 1.
            It wasn’t really a hero line either, he was expecting Magnussen to have the respect that Sainz had for Alonso, and stick to the racing line, or at least leave a cars width like the rules state.
            The penalty should’ve been harsher, but the license points make up for it. Where did anyone say “pure evil” on this thread? I don’t see that.

            1. Just seen the pure evil, but it wasn’t me who said it, like I thought you were implying, so it’s not really relevant

        2. @hugh11 Don’t agree, the 2 incidents were no different, it’s just the stewards typical inconsistency. Max even said he did it on purpose and as a retribution.

      2. Forcing a driver off is also more dangerous when there’s grass outside the corner instead of asphalt.

      3. Sviatoslav (@)
        30th July 2017, 21:07

        @Mads – What do you think about Vettel forcing Verstappen off the track in Silverstone? Why didn’t you mention that? Oh, sorry, double standards, I forgot.

    11. Richard (@)
      30th July 2017, 16:06

      Another example of why F1’s fan base is declining.
      The inconsistency and favoritism displayed so frequently by the sewards leave F1 with diminished credibility .We all have seen much,much worse go unaddressed . It is clear that in F1 it is not so much what is done as who does it so I understand why Magnussen was upset especially as he felt that Hulkenberg’s prior transgression was overlooked.
      Rule however you like but ,do it the same each race and for each driver and team .

      1. It is inconsistent but it’s not like it’s a first either. There have been plenty of punishments for similar moves.

      2. John Schmidt
        30th July 2017, 17:01

        Great comment!
        I could not have said it better my self. I clearly describes the feeling a lot of F1 fans have.

      3. Exactly! Well put. Any top team driver would NEVER have been penalised.

        1. I still can’t believe VES insane block on RAI was unpunished last year at Spa.
          I mean the dude changed direction multiple times at 300 km/h right in front of RAI with him having to hit the brakes in order to avoid a deadly collision, it was disgusting and shameful.
          Reminded me of Mario Kart.

    12. People should actually watch the interaction between them before commenting.
      Hulkenberg interupted Magnussen mid interview.
      Magnussen replied instantly to the public insult.

      1. So this justifies Kevin spitting out something 10 times more insulting, especially when he knows why Hulk interrupted the interview? He was more intent on ruining Hulk’s race than driving his own, even though he was running 11th and given McLaren’s reliability woes this season, would have score points if something happened to Vandoorne.

        Speaks clearly about his mentality.

        1. John Schmidt
          30th July 2017, 16:49

          Kevin was doing an interview when Hulkenberg interrupted it and insulted Magnussen on air. Magnussen was caught off guard and made a harsh reply.
          Hulkenberg was the initiator.
          If you find replying to an uncalled for insult 10 times worse, it speaks about your mentality.

          1. If you find replying to an uncalled for insult…

            Uncalled for? Um, what? Have you even considered why Hulkenberg approached Magnussen? Even before Magnussed deliberately pushed Hulk wide, the latter was complaining of him driving dangerously. Magnussen is definitely not a saint here, so please don’t treat him like one.

            1. It’s also not the first time Magnussen’s done it. Thinking back to Canada, when he cut across Hulkenberg when he was making an overtake, causing Hulkenberg to have to brake on the pit straight to avoid a hefty collision.

            2. @hugh11 Right. Maybe that’s why Hulk called him “once again the most unsporting driver”. Although he was wrong to publicly approach Magnussen, I feel that it was a cumulative result of the problems he has had with Magnussen in Canada and this race.

        2. Speaks out about your mentality too that you not see the situation…hulkenberg vent for fame and got shamed..just messed with the wrong guy.

      2. I watched it, @hugh11 still right. Hulk interrupted an interview, apparently that’s a carnal sin, Hulk went to shake hands with Mag, Mag refused. I guess that’s the part some of you didn’t see.

        1. He certtainly didn’t interrupt to shake his hand! What on earth are you talking about?

        2. Well Hulkenberg was sarcastically trying to shake hands with him, but Magnussen’s response was still harsh and stupid.

        3. Neither driver did right in that scenario, but Magnussen’s reaction was far worse. Magnussen was at fault for the incident.

          1. I agree Magnussen overstepped, but i Think Its importens to understand Some of the language Background Magnussen comes from. The insult is NOT as harsh in Danish as it is in English. Due to the impulsive Nature of the respons’s i dont Think it was intended nearly as harsh as interpreted.

    13. WilliamB (@william-brierty)
      30th July 2017, 16:13

      How old are you, Kevin?

    14. It was pretty obvious Magnussen was going to get a penalty for that. I don’t know if he hasn’t looked at the video yet or something but it seemed clear cut to me.

      If you compare it to Sainz/Alonso, there it was clear Alonso wasn’t ahead so Sainz didn’t get a penalty. But Hulkenberg was, so Magnussen did.

      1. @keithcollantine Ted on the notebook, saw it differently. How? Some things I don’t understand. It’s clear as water that K-Mag was on the wrong.

      2. Mark (@melmgreen)
        31st July 2017, 7:06

        @keithcollantine Yeah he should get the 5s penalty. But 2 penalty points. That’s just harch.
        Really don’t get the penalty points system. It seems they are throwing the points around.

        As a F1 fan, I love that the drivers start to have attitude. I have been missing that.
        As a Dane I loved the reply from Mag, think it was the right comeback answer to hulk, who wanted to stir mag up. Come on, interrupted a live interview. Not ok.

        And the situation, penalty 5s was fair. Mag was overdriving that corner.

    15. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      30th July 2017, 16:25

      This just in: Magnussen replaces Roiland on “Rick and Morty” cast.

    16. Watching this was cringeworthy. Kevin regretted it as soon as his brain caught up with his mouth. I like both guys. Just a bit of frustration from both of them. At least their is passion there, somewhat missing from some drivers out front.

      1. I like them both, i thought its funny on both parts, hulk interupting and then kev’s response. F1 needs a bit of attitude and these driver fueds. Like you say, its missing from some of the guys further up the field.

    17. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      30th July 2017, 16:34

      I don’t like this new unofficial rule where running a car on the outside of you off the track is perfectly legitimate. Obviously K Mag went a step too far today but we see it so often nowadays. It was brought into the mainstream by Lewis bullying Nico on a couple of occasions (Austin and Canada) spring to mind and since then it’s turned into a driver on the insides ‘right.’ I know it’s always happened (Schumacher and Montoya spring to mind) but it’s almost every time someone tries a move on the outside these days. Although when it happens at a street circuit we deem the driver on the inside to be at fault (Ocon on Perez at Baku), so the same rules should apply whether there’s run off or not.

      1. @rdotquestionmark
        There is also T4 at Bahrain, a favourite ‘easing wide’ corner. Still, there’s a difference between following the racing line and deliberately driving wide, which is essentially blocking in my book (see Rosberg on Verstappen at Hockenheim and Hamilton at the Red Bull Ring ).

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          30th July 2017, 17:36

          Yes good examples @george

          Rosberg specifically said at the start of 2016 he had been working on his race craft and was going to be more aggressive and this was one technique he was very aggressive with after Lewis used it on him a few times in previous seasons.

      2. 100 percent agreed. All we see now instead of racing is drivers pushing each other off the track because the stewards have decided to give less penalties out. We saw Alonso/Sainz, Hulk/Grosjean, Perez/Ocon and Magnussen/Hulkenberg all in one race.

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          30th July 2017, 18:05

          As Jacques would say ‘It was like a video game.’ 😂

      3. @rdotquestionmark

        this new unofficial rule where running a car on the outside of you off the track is perfectly legitimate

        I’m not keen on it either but it’s definitely not new, it’s been this way for years.

        If anything I’d say what’s new is they seem to have become tougher on drivers doing it to drivers who are ahead of them, as with Magnussen yesterday and as with Rosberg on a couple of occasions last year.

        1. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
          31st July 2017, 10:57

          True @keithcollantine.

          I just feel over the last few years we’ve seen a lot more of it and I also feel Max’s aggresive arrival in the sport has made everyone up the anti when it comes to aggressive driving. A little like how Marques re-wrote the riding style in Moto GP.

    18. John Schmidt
      30th July 2017, 16:41

      Hulkenberg is an idiot. You dont interrupt other peoples interview an insult them. A harsh reply was deserved.
      Hulkenberg should have kept quiet, since he also should have been penalised for ramming into Grosjean. There was no contact between Magnussen and Hulkenberg, but there was clear contact between Hulkenberg and Grosjean. This once again shows, that the stewards interpret the rules depending on who is the driver.

    19. Dear F1,
      I’ve loved you since childhood, but lately you’ve become such a wuss always calling Charlie for help to settle arguments, instead of settling it like the man I fell in love with. You’re become so concerned with safety and following the rules that I’ve lost my attraction to you. I want a real man, a bit dangerous, a bit angry, and none of this whining where in spite of having the benefit of two DRS drags that you didn’t in the past, you still whine when you’re shut out from going around the outside. You had to brake and wait for a better opportunity? Well, yes that’s why its called racing for position.
      Now you’re telling me you’ll wear a safety helmet whenever we are together next year, just in case a freak accident might happen? Sorry but I used to like your rugged looks, but I didn’t marry a safety helmet… F1, you’ve changed and I don’t love you anymore. I hope KMag goes to Indy someday and I’d marry that hubba-hubba combination instead. Goodbye,

      1. But you still feel the need to comment on here ? Just stop watching. Sorry to sound harsh but no one cares if you choose not to.

        1. Well, Tom, sorry if it hit a nerve and you felt obliged – was not originally intended toward you, but meant as a comment on the direction of F1 and thus somewhat appropriate in a F1 forum; but anyway… Considering how much you don’t care I’ll still extend my sincere thanks to you for taking it upon yourself to answer on behalf of the entire internet all at once. Very generous of you.

          1. Just keeping a theme going.

      2. Sviatoslav (@)
        30th July 2017, 21:16

        Yeah, and if Hulk would kick Kevin, you’d be telling, “Whattahell! Drivers where gentlemen before. That’s unsporting.”
        I’d punch Kevin if I was Hulk, but that’d be stupid.

    20. Is the FIA going to stick to its word about bringing people to its tribunal who are being offensive to other drivers and officials? There was such drama last year after the race in Mexico. Or maybe they only care about themselves being on the receiving end.

    21. ”How would you like to suck my balls?”

        1. Ha ha ha ha ha. My fav SP moment ever. Thank you.

      1. “Produce them.”

    22. I might be forgetting something, but so far this incident ranks 1st in my list of most cynical moves in 2017. Pushing a driver out of the track a good 5-10 meters before the natural track out point, with a bloody grass runoff is no joke. Every other push-out I remember happened at the track out point with a tarmac runoff, which is at least not completely awful.

      This was just disgraceful. Magnussen should count himself lucky he only got a 5s penalty (when Verstappen got a 10s penalty for something that was clearly a driving mistake) and 2 points on his license.

    23. PMccarthy_is_a_legend (@pmccarthy_is_a_legend)
      30th July 2017, 17:41

      L.O.L! Hulkenberg fully deserved KMags invitation to suck it.
      Walks in the guys live interview all high and mighty trying to be Mr Righteous. Serves him right. Besides that penalty was utter nonsense, you are on the outside of course the driver on the inside will run you out. It happens all the time, including several times this season. No biggie in my book providing there is no contact.
      Actually if anybody deserved a penalty here it was Hulk crashing Grosjean off the track on the first lap. Verstappen did something similar Ricciardo a couple of corners later and got a penalty.
      Well done KMag!

      1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend seriously…???
        Magnussen was nowhere near the racing line – if it was in last years cars, he’d have had to have lifted in turn 3 he was so wide in turn 2. You don’t expect a driver to do that in formula 1. He had no intention other than to push Hulkenberg off the track. That is a clear penalty.
        At turn 1, it was 3 wide, he was being pushed out by cars on his inside and Grosjean closed the line at the point at which Hulkenberg had to go wider to avoid the Force India’s. That is no penalty, especially as it’s lap 1 and there are so many cars.
        Even as a slightly biased Hulk fan myself, I don’t understand how this situation isn’t clear as day for people who should be competent in the rules of the sport.

        1. Great argument you’ve made for why I’m wrong!
          Clearly can’t dispute anything I said as it’s all correct, so you’ve resorted to petty insults.

        2. PMccarthy_is_a_legend (@pmccarthy_is_a_legend)
          31st July 2017, 18:50

          Slightly biased…
          Says it all really! No point in arguing, you have made up your mind.
          I do find it slightly amusing the fact that you admit being biased in one sentence and go on to say how you don’t understand why everyone else isn’t seeing this “clear as day” situation like you do. Newsflash! It is because not everyone has the same bias as you. LOL

          1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend That makes no sense. Just because I admitted to being biased towards Hulk (which if I hadn’t of said it, you would’ve), doesn’t mean anything I said was wrong. What I’m saying is even taking into account personally that I am biased towards Hulk, so trying to ignore that and look at it from a neutral viewpoint, if it was say Ericsson for example who was in both incidents, my opinion would be the same as it is now.
            Liking a driver doesn’t always mean that everything you say about them is seen through rose-tinted glasses. For example, when he crashed at Baku, that was entirely his fault, I can admit that, because even though I am slightly biased, I have brain cells. In this scenario though, he did nothing wrong. I do think that interrupting the interview was a bit silly, but still.

            1. @hugh11
              We are going to have to agree to disagree. I really enjoyed Kmag’s response to Sulkenberg. In this overly sanitised F1 paddock it is refreshing. More of the same please.

    24. Great reaction. Love it. More ofcthis please.

    25. It is clear that Magnussen shut him out. Overall, think that Magnussen struggles to accept the rules of F1, because the rules have gotten too strict compared to the vision of racing he has. He just needs to get it into his head that in F1 losing 1 place to Hulkenberg is better than losing 3 to hypersensitive-rules. At least if he wants to stay in F1 long term. If not, find another category where a bit of bump and grind and intimidation is permitted.
      As for the comment: Hulkenberg interrupts a live interview and makes derogatory comments on TV. Magnussen being surprised just reacts to the rude interruption.

      1. Sviatoslav (@)
        30th July 2017, 20:54

        Thomas – I’d love to fight with you on a go-kart track and push you off the track. And I’d love to tell you that that’s okay, it’s the rules that are too sensitive.

    26. I haven’t laughed so hard watching a video on repeat for ages XD

    27. Sviatoslav (@)
      30th July 2017, 20:45

      There’s a difference between being bold [in statements] and being stupid. Kevin doesn’t know that difference.

      1. Obvoiusly Hülkenberg doesn’t know the difference either.

    28. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose – the more it changes the more it remains the same.

      In 1989, FIA and FISA president Jean Marie Balestre personally intervened to disqualify Ayrton Senna from the Japanese GP in order to insure that compatriot Alain Prost won the title. In 1994 Michael Schumacher, who had just slid off on his own into the wall and severely damaged his car, drove deliberately into a charging Damon Hill and was allowed to get away with it because at the time there hadn’t been a German DWC and in addition, 2/3 of F1 was owned by German interests. In 1995, the mysterious ways in which Schumacher was allowed to infringe the rules without incurring penalties had a frustrated Damon Hill publicly ask for a clarification of which of the rules of F1 still applied. In 2012, Pastor Maldonado was penalised harshly when he and Lewis Hamilton clashed but some years later when Lewis Hamilton executed a carbon copy move of Maldonado’s, the other driver was judged to be at fault. And so on.

      It has always been this way; certain drivers *will* get away with what others are punished for. The more popular a driver is and the greater the economic interests behind him, the more he gets favourable treatment.

      1. Totally correct.

    29. Sviatoslav (@)
      30th July 2017, 20:56

      It’s not like I moved off the racing line

      – but you did! What the hell is this?!!

    30. Magnussen is great value for money! Seems to speak his mind a lot more freely than a lot of media trained drivers on the grid.

    31. Best headline EVER on F1fanatic!

    32. petebaldwin (@)
      30th July 2017, 23:10

      So…. K-Mag is Cartman? :D

    33. Well that’s quote of the year for me XD More fire in the belly from these guys is always better than less. Personally anyways I prefer some good in your face reactions in sports rather than one recylced cliché after another.

    34. Kevin show that on top of being a mediocre driver, he is also childish and immature… pathetic.

      1. Mark (@melmgreen)
        31st July 2017, 7:11

        But still a top 20 driver in the formula world. Guess he will survive

      2. So mediocre to achieve a podium in his debut. Also, Hülkenberg interupting a live interview to humiliate another driver is also childish and immature… pathetic as well. Biased much?

    35. I lol’ed so hard when Magnussen said that. It’s hard not to, honestly.

    36. Could you imagine what some of the old Legends would do if a driver commented like that on their live interview?

      1. Mark (@melmgreen)
        31st July 2017, 7:11

        Fight club

    37. Absolutely Legendary!!!

    38. MAG went too far on the track… and he was penalised (correctly) for it. Yes, there are then inconsistencies in F1. In the same race one could argue the situation was very similar to SAI/ALO, but that does not change it.

      That said, MAG was absolutely in his right to respond to HULs pathetic and sarcastic interruption during an on-air interview. You do not try to humiliate someone like that and get away with it, and he got a response (maybe not so much the words) he deserved.

    39. Could turn out to be a really great season.

      It’s been years since there has been any genuine needle between drivers.

      Now we have Hulk vs Magnussen, Ocon Vs Perez, Max and everyone, wherlein vs Ericson.

      Might even be a puch or two thrown (OK that might be a bit too far) but it’s great…. Drivers actually being passionate instead of heavily scripted robots.

      It’s also an indication that there’s a lot more cars closer together so there’s more to play for.

      Bring it on

    40. It doesn’t matter what happened on the racetrack – its very rude to interupt an online interview. HUL should know that after 10 years in F1 (without a podium). He got what he deserved…could have talked to MAG afterwards.. and talked to GRO at the same time – he gave one and got one…

    41. Søren Olsen
      31st July 2017, 11:51

      It’s so funny how the expression: “Suck my balls.” is perceived throughout this thread and in general across the internet. As a Dane myself I am of course a KMAG fan and therefore somewhat biased in this. But anyway I hope you will read this.

      Firstly, the race situation. Did MAG deliberately go wide to stop HULK from overtaking him, yes! That’s obvious to all who follow F1. We see moves like this all the time, sometimes you get punished and sometimes you don’t. It’s like watching football, so times you get a yellow card and sometimes you don’t. My personal opinion on MAG’s defensive driving is somewhat irrelevant, but I find it to aggressive and the stewards have their eyes on him. (Again like football, when the ref has you in his eyes you easier get punished.) The move MAG made forced HULK to choose either the break or the grass. HULK is a committed race driver and went for it, MAG being a committed race driver kept the door shut.

      Lastly I felt a bit of a message from MAG to HULK: “Don’t mess with my team mate!” (Reference to HULK bumping into GRO).

      All in all; MAG’s move was in the gray zone of what was legal and got punished. HULK could have hit the brakes and tried again, he knew he had the faster car.

      Secondly, the interview. HULK interrupted the interview being obviously sarcastic in his gestures of congratulating MAG on his driving. Provoked by his interference MAG reacted by saying: “Suck my balls.” (Info on Danes: The Danes have a very informal approach to how vocal we can be in general, which I guess is very opposition to other cultures). Filled with adrenalin from the race, hormones in a young man’s body and suddenly interrupted by HULK (… and being a Dane) MAGS response is understandable but not wise. Would either of them have acted the way they did during an official press conference, of course not!

      All in all; HULK should not have interrupted the interview, MAG’s response might not be proper but what should he have said? “Hi Niko, I hereby solemnly decline your insult on my person and my ability to handle my motorized vehicle. To you good Sir I say good day!”
      Come on – its 2017

      – Søren

    42. I have an opinion
      31st July 2017, 12:31

      Magnussen has a poor attitude. He did this same manoeuvre against Ricciardo at Silverstone, which neither the FOM feed nor the stewards caught sight of properly. Thankfully, this time he was caught and appropriately punished. I hope we are not seeing a return of 2014 Magnussen.

      1. That was Grosjean, and Ricciardo was not in front, so Grosjean did not get a penalty for choosing his line before Ricciardo, whom knew he was racing the “hero line” were as Grosjean simply shut the door. All racing.

        1. was RIC and GRO – but have seen the misunderstanding on several medias…

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