Dull Hungarian GP still gets better rating than last year

2017 Hungarian Grand Prix Rate the Race result

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After two popular Hungarian Grands Prix in 2014 and 2015, this year’s race was the second in a row which left F1 fans hoping for more.

F1 Fanatic readers gave it an average rating of 5.9 out of ten. That’s significantly higher than last year’s race received, but well short of the nine-out-of-ten peaks of a few years ago.

With the top five drivers starting and finishing in the same order, it wasn’t hard to see why many found this a processional and unexciting encounter. Here’s what you said about Sunday’s race.

Rate the what?

Can a group of cars circling a piece of Tarmac like this be called a race? We saw Verstappen make a mistake on lap one and a Haas mechanic make a mistake in a pit stop. Nothing else happened.

If a Ferrari one and a half seconds off the pace cannot be attacked by its closest challengers, if the important decisions are not taken behind the steering wheel but behind a desk in the pits, what’s the point anyway. Poorest showing so far in a poor season anyway.
Leo B

If only these cars were capable of actually racing each other in close quarters we could have had a much better race. In the end it all fizzled out because nobody was able to get close enough to pass. Still, with a few drivers at least showing race winning potential made gave the race some suspense, even if this turned out to be in vain.
Tim (@Gusty)

Hungary produces two types of race. Tension inducing edge of seat racing and terrible boring processions. This time it was a great race, tension from Vettel’s handling issues and Hamilton pushing hard on the back of Raikkonen for the final 20 laps.

Credit for Hamilton for returning the position back to Bottas on the final corner.

I did feel the stewards were harsh on Verstappen for the penalty, especially given that Grosjean got slammed hard on the first corner (hard enough to lift the car) and Alonso and Sainz on the restart, both of which were no worse than that of Verstappen.

With virtually no chance of any competitive overtaking this was a dull race, Vettel’s steering was broken but Raikkonen still could not overtake and while faster than Raikkonen, Hamilton could not get past him either, it was pointless watching the last half.

As was the case in Russia, a close race at the front is all well and good providing there’s a belief an overtake could happen. In Hungary it seemed few believed a change of positions was possible.

Steady gaps throughout the field, no interesting strategies, one good overtake that I can remember (Alonso on Sainz).

Even the ‘close race’ at the front in the final stint wasn’t exciting to me, because there was no real possibility of a change of position happening without one of them making a sizable mistake. That wasn’t at all likely, and without the chance of an overtake, watching three cars driving round between one and two seconds apart doesn’t push me anywhere near the edge of my seat.

For the most part it was a very boring procession, rather than a race. Don’t think it was the worst GP of the season so far, but it’s on the podium.
Neil (@Neilosjames)

Gutted that Ricciardo was taken out. I really bargained on Red Bull mixing things up at the front. I enjoyed the tension towards the end. Would anyone attempt a ballsy dive? Will anyone make a mistake? Will Vettel even finish the Race? Will Ferrari swap their cars? Not every race can be filled with lots of overtakes! The suspense is what made it. Sure it was no ’14 or ’15 but hey, at least there was a bit of tension keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Kudos to Vettel for keeping in front with dodgy steering and Raikkonen for not making a single mistake when under pressure. So far this year Ferrari not issuing team orders kept my respect for them higher than for Mercedes but, that said, my respect for what Mercedes and Hamilton did giving the place back to Bottas! It was very unexpected and I tilt my hat to them for sticking to what they said they would do. Big kudos to them!

I thought it was an okay race, while watching I felt some tension – in the sense of – will Raikkonnen indeed hold, will Vettel’s steering get worse or will he be able to keep the win; will Hamilton keep up trying, hm, Verstappen is getting close to Bottas, what’s happening there, and will Hamilton even be able to swap back, if he wants to? I also loved Alonso getting that fastest lap too.

I’d say, while I predicted quite wrongly, had I been able to see final practice, I’d probably should have expected something like the race result we got, though I hadn’t counted on Verstappen’s zeal.

By no means a classic but a good tense little race. Impressed with Hamilton giving third back to Bottas, I never expected him to do that. Also impressed Vettel was able to hold onto the lead given how bad his steering had become. Definitely a bit of an own goal by Red Bull though.

Good, if unspectacular.
Adam (@rocketpanda)

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The generally negative reaction was evident on Twitter too, except among those who had actually been at the Hungaroring.

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14 comments on “Dull Hungarian GP still gets better rating than last year”

  1. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    3rd August 2017, 16:15

    …but was the second-lowest.

  2. I just don’t get F1. With the dumb rules and the ridiculous aerodynamics and the boring tracks where’s it going? How can the best of the best fight each other when who’s in front stays there because no one can pass? I’m sorry but, although strategy plays a part it shouldn’t play the whole game. What are these people thinking? Will F1 bet on keeping fans with its new circus acts or will it finally take action and make the necessary changes to turn this into a racing sport? I don’t see Vettel as the winner so much as the sport the loser. This big talk, no action disease seems to have infected the whole planet. I think the manufacturer teams don’t care. They know this is ego-stroking because racing does not sell cars. Ironically these are the teams that are allowed to spend the most money.

    1. It’s a team sport, the drivers work together to help the team, the’re not meant to go for personal glory. That’s what makes it so interesting!

  3. Problem with current (and previous) gen cars is the front wings and the cooling. They run too close to the cooling limit for aero advantage, so can’t follow closely for long; and even if they get close, they can’t attack due to loss of performance from stupid complex front wings.
    They can’t overtake on a track like this because they can’t build an attack, they can’t get close enough for long enough.

    The cars are designed to run in clean air, which is ridiculous when you think what event they’re designed for.

  4. I’m sure people voiced their suspicions regarding the consequences of the extra turbulence the current rules generate when they were first announced, so this sort of outcome isn’t a surprise. The problem I see is we can expect more boring and low rating races like this.
    All vehicles travelling at speed produce turbulence, but the problem with F1 cars is designers have a vested interest in leaving a turbulent wake that hinders overtaking (team orders aside), and the outcome of the Hungarian GP is proof of this. The wings of the cars, especially the rear wing, need clipping or be removed entirely, but this can’t be done with the wheels being open.

    1. joe pineapples
      4th August 2017, 10:25

      I think it was Hamilton who was most vocal about it before the season started. Called it as it would turn out to be.

      1. joe pineapples
        4th August 2017, 10:25

        (from the drivers at least)

  5. A couple harsh ratings this season, it’s true that cars don’t follow each other more easily than last year, the delta has increased, it’s true that tyres don’t degrade which doesn’t allow the required delta for overtaking, but in my view this season has been much more entertaining than last years. The second half of 2016 was horrendous in terms of racing, racing tends to decline as cars get quicker down the season. I hope the second half of this championship doesn’t decline.

  6. The Simple problem in the past which made it quite a big one recent years is the Nose Height change. Previously despite running more or less same downforce to current cars of 2017 the cars are able to follow because there is less turbulence with High Nose styles as it gets along with dirty air which allows the cars to follow each other.Now with the Low Noses the Air gets much more less than past and technically it made what ever the air intake is already low and thanks to that design they ramped up the Front wings to much much higher levels of cascading which makes the dirty air effect multi fold than it should be.
    This also increased with the Front wing having to cover half of the tire instead of full which made the tires to get the slip more than usual when following the other car. This is the way it is since 2015 when teams understood how to work with the nose rules. FIA needs to go back to Nose height of atleast 2012/13 if not 2010/11, Which reduces the dirty air effect a bit more than what we now. But dont forget the racing is depended on track layout as well.

  7. Worrying race again. Going through the motions. FOM and FIA please act. We are at a stage that all spectators know that after the first lap the deck is shuffled. Cost control and less aero on the front wing please. Starting 2018, please no excuses #letsgetridofthiswaytoocomplexfrontwing

  8. I seem to have missed the tension on Raikkonen and the attacks of Hamilton some people saw.
    There was never a serious attempt by Hamilton to take the lead or to pass RAK. His only pass was Bottas.. oh wait… ;)
    The only slowly growing tension came for the charging VER on Bottas , but even then he probably would be unable to pass.
    It was a boring race.. with little suspense and strange stewarding ( again)

  9. Overtaking problems notwithstanding, Hamilton’s radio fault and Verstappen’s first lap silliness kept us from seeing a tighter contest.

    1. the hungaroring began life as a boring track, and over the course of twenty odd winters matured into abumpy, quirky circuit that began throwing up interesting races. then it was re-surfaced. and here we go again…

  10. Everyone talks about the aerodynamics of this year, but in my opinion, the biggest influence is given by the harder tyres that don’t allow different strategies and thus many of the “mock” passes of the last years.

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