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Caption Competition 134: Ricciardo in the cockpit

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Daniel Ricciardo had a run-in with his team mate at the start of last week’s Hungarian Grand Prix. But what surprised him in the garage when this picture was taken?

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 129 comments on “Caption Competition 134: Ricciardo in the cockpit”

    1. I… I… Is that Max, Christian? Quick! Hide the car before he breaks it! Maybe if I hide in my helmet..? Oh no… It’s too late… He’s seen me… Ahhhh!!!

    2. The horror when you realize Red Bull “Gives you wings” and you hate to fly.

    3. Goulash Vengeance

    4. Is that who I think it is?! *censored *censored *censored

    5. Let me at him!

    6. Christian, put some clothes on!

      1. Ahahah, awesome!

        1. Oh my eyes!!

        2. LovelyLovelyLuffield
          11th August 2017, 4:54

          AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND Now I’m scarred for life.

    7. “Neymar cost how much?!”

    8. “Why am I wet? Wait, is this Buttons’s seat from Monaco?”

    9. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      5th August 2017, 12:05

      Someone from Red Bull ‘accidentally’ left the old Toro Rosso nose on Daniel’s seat.

    10. Oops I farted…

      1. Rather:
        “That wasn’t a fart!”

        1. Redbull Gives You Wind.

        2. My winner:)

    11. RIC doing his best BUT impersonation

    12. What!! We are getting a Honda engine next year!!!!

    13. Derek Edwards
      5th August 2017, 12:29

      My hands are on the wrong way round..!

    14. Daniel is informed that in order to reduce costs, every pair of racing boots must now last an entire season.

      1. Haha first goodun.

      2. nice one

      3. Haha, yep! nice :)

    15. Sergey Martyn
      5th August 2017, 12:33

      Who is behind the wheel of the motorhome truck coming head-on?

    16. Daniel Ricciardo shows how much you have to try to not go cross eyed with the Halo on.

    17. “Kvyat will be replacing me?!”

    18. Must be the first time Ricciardo clapped eyes on Christian Horner in those lederhosen at the race in Austria!

    19. “It is Bernie! But why is he in a Red Bull uniform?”

    20. “Verstappen’s signed a contract extension for how many years? Helmut you b@@@@@d!’

    21. Engineer: Dan, are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost?

      DR: I think I just saw Yusuke Hasegawa walk into Helmut’s office…

    22. ”We demoted Verstappen back to Toro Rosso. Kvyat is now again your teammate.”

    23. “Daniel watches Seb & Max playing bumper cars”😂😂

    24. “MY steering wheel is upside down!”

    25. That feeling when you realise your immature, amateur team mate has put super glue on your cockpit seat.

    26. After winning the “Widest grin” competition in the paddock, Daniel is looking to win the “widest eyes” contest

    27. Red Bull’s 2018 team merchandising includes a deck chair with the name ” ‘Nando ” on it?!

    28. Dan’s reaction when he see’s on the timing screens that Max is going to line up behind him on the grid.

    29. What do mean “Max gets my new front wing for qualifying”?

    30. Daniel’s reaction when the Halo was confirmed for 2018

    31. “Who peed in my seat?”

      1. Max: IT WAS ROSCOE!!!!

    32. Daniel practices the new visual orientation exercises in preparation for next year’s halo cockpit structure.

    33. There were renewed calls for closed cockpits as a creepy crawly made its way into the Red Bull.

    34. the spanner had been missing for about half an hour before ricciardo found it

      1. Nice, very nice.

    35. Max prank Dan by putting a pin on the seat….

    36. Daniel’s reaction after he saw Marko having filed a complaint to the stewards about him impeding Max at turn 2 of the Hungarian GP.

    37. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      5th August 2017, 15:49

      Daniel instantly regretted parking in front of Kevin Magnussen’s motorhome

      1. Oh man…

      2. Yep, that’s another good ‘un

    38. Hey Daniel, did I tell you we’re gonna be powered by Honda next year?

    39. “What’s the Hulk doing to Kevin!!!!!!!”

    40. Podium? How did I manage that this time?

    41. “Who glued my shoes to my feet?”

    42. With team radio accidentally left on, Ricciardo hears Dr. Marko giving Verstappen his first-lap instructions.

    43. Ricciardo, the doctors think they’ve found the cause of Brundle’s stomach bug, they think it may have been caused by his shoey in Austria.

    44. …that moment you realise they’re not talking about a new version of Halo on XBox

    45. Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go..Bohemian Raphsody in the headphones

    46. “What, Marko’s gonna force me to drink from my shoes again if I don’t get P1?

      1. Oh no, not a “Shoey” by Max…

    47. Late news; FIA bans the Shoey!

    48. Oho God i have to start next to maxanado the driving crashing bal

    49. Why is my seat wet?

    50. Oh **** how do you start this thing

    51. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      5th August 2017, 17:34

      No, Daniel……that is not where you attach the halo.

    52. I really like Max’s sister

    53. Maxxxxx, why??????

    54. Eight cans of Red Bull is TOO MUCH RED BULL!!!

    55. Max Verstappen finds use for super glue.

    56. When Daniel sees Max in his mirrors

    57. Maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I can outrun Hamilton on the straights….
      *pops a vein*

    58. Red Bull to be Honda powered in 2018

    59. “P5, great qualy, mate. Max and Dany will start right behind you.”

    60. Alonso did what ? Fastest in a mclaren and finished race !

    61. Someone left a tool in my seat…

    62. When the after effects of a shoey kick in

      1. I was thinking exact same thing as you did.

    63. A side effect after a shoey.

    64. Man I reeaaalllyyy neeeedddd a shoey.

    65. “Lewis let… what?”

    66. Team to Riccicardo: “We TOLD you six cans of Red Bull just before a race was too many!”

      1. haha, winner for me!

    67. “F1 isn’t just happy that sometimes it pours with rain, now it’s snowing outside and we’re racing?”.

    68. Max has dirty-Sanchez me.

    69. “I got the Mercedes upgrade and Max didn’t???”

    70. Halo is coming!

    71. Red Bull gives you “Wings”………. not the whole bird.

    72. Andre Furtado
      5th August 2017, 21:22

      “Verstappen!!!!!” Just like khan in the Star Trek movies.

    73. “At 225 km/h an F1 car will travel 100 metres in exactly 1.6 seconds, or, if a car is 2 metres to the left of you and the driver decides two cars can fit in a space for one … At least Max won’t do that … Actually … he would, but …nah! Never happen.”

    74. Dan’s reaction to seeing Pastor Maldonado drive past the Red Bull garage on an out lap after actually landing a race seat.

    75. Hey Daniel, look in the mirror… Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.
      No halo, eh?

    76. Daniel decided to take a leak in the cockpit and then and he feels the warm flow reach his feet remembers he’s at a track he might be on the podium for…

      1. Daniel decided to take a leak in the cockpit and then as he feels the warm flow reach his feet remembers he’s at a track he might be on the podium for…


    77. Marty (@lickitysplit101)
      5th August 2017, 22:19

      “so, THAT’S why you’re called ‘Ginger’ spice….

    78. Daniel responds to the rumours linking redbull to Honda.

    79. Not a caption, but viewing this image upside down seems to turn Ricciardo into Michael Jackson. It’s pretty spooky actually.

      1. @john-h – hahaha wow that’s weird.

      2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        6th August 2017, 12:50


    80. Updating software, please do not shut down your car. Update complete. Welcome to RB13-Honda. Let’s start.

    81. Dan knew it had gone too far when he was greeted to his cockpit by an actual Honey Badger

    82. Er Dan,

      Don’t you think you should wait for us to fit your seat before climbing in?

    83. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      6th August 2017, 2:29

      We wantsssss it, we needssss it! Must have the preciousssss!

      1. Daniel been ordered to drink from Mr Verstappens boot after latest victory.

    84. Since watching the shining, Daniel has never been the same when he is called Danny boy down the radio.

    85. Redbull announces surprise deal with honda to use their engines in 2018.

    86. Evil Homer (@)
      6th August 2017, 12:17


    87. If… I… can … just get …. this helmet….. off, then Max won’t know it’s me !!

    88. Em guys, a little help, my helmets stuck, quick get it of before max comes and breaks it

    89. “Red BALLS baby.. Cocaine in a can!”

    90. Wait – Max has a grid penalty and is starting behind me??

    91. Damn, still have my slippers on…

    92. When Ricciardo realises that he is starting a race trapped between Verstappen and Kyvat….

    93. “Here’s Danny!!”

    94. Kubica is coming back!

    95. What? He wasn’t penalised? Fark!

    96. Who stole my picture of Magnussen?

    97. RedBull show they have forgotten how to do mid-race refuelling in a disastrous mixup for Dan.

    98. Is that a tire heading right at me? Quick, get me a halo!

    99. Max wired the ERS to my seat!!

    100. “Hey Daniel, PR department just came up with an excellent idea: every single race weekend, a lucky fan can offer you a shoe for you to drink on.”

    101. Max in the background: Danny: You have a problem. Your nose needs to be reduced to pass the F1 regulations. Brought a Doctor.

      Daniel: A Doctor?

      Max: He is the best plastic surgeon.


      Max: You were eating my mom’s pies? Doctor: Show me how to use the scalpel!!!

      Daniel: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    102. The moment Daniel saw the group of feminazis talking about something he had said at Monza

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