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Team radio messages give us rare, revealing and often amusing insights into Formula One drivers’ unfiltered views on their races and their rivals.

But while team radio messages have only become commonplace in the past few seasons, they’ve been a part of F1 coverage for 30 years.

How well do you remember F1’s most memorable messages? This new quiz tests your knowledge on 20 of them. For the first ten you need to name the race they’re from, and for the last ten you need to identify a driver connected to the message.

Oh, and none of them involve Juan Pablo Montoya and a deer. Good luck!

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As always do boast about your score in the comments but make sure you don’t give any clues about the questions or answers.

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13 comments on “Quiz: Do you remember these 20 team radio messages?”

  1. I dont know if this happens to me,but when i go to the link,it send me to the 2016 season review quiz

    1. Yeah the same happens to me, its not playing the team radio quiz.

      1. @miltosgreekfan @jsmith944 @jerejj Apologies, that should be fixed now!

  2. Yeah…Especially the 2nd one must have been a terrible “deja vu” :/

  3. I submitted again to view the leaderboard, but that has meant that zero is now my score as the quiz was reset! Oh well, I only got 7 anyway first time. It’s a good quiz this one, I have no idea how anyone can score 16 or 17! Respect.

  4. Accidentaly pressed Enter and finished the quiz after 12 questions with a score of 6. Looking at the answers I’d have got 10 or 11, possibly 12 right. Fun quiz!

  5. 16/20 so far with the correction Keith made in one question.Not bad & i dont think i could have done any better.Those 4 that i lost were totally unknown for me.

  6. Very difficult quiz. Got just 10 of 20
    Keith, one suggestion, it would be easier if there were multiple options to choose from rather than entering first few letter and selecting from the dropdown. It makes it easier to do the quiz on mobile phones. Also, the instruction to write drivers’ names from question 11 onwards was not there on the quiz page but only on the main page. Had to re-do questions 11 and 12 after I realized on 13 what was happening.

  7. @keithcollantine a technical kind of question: if the drop down list contains an answer twice, does it matter which of those same two I pick?

    1. @andrewt No it doesn’t matter. Can you send me a message via the contact form letting me know what the duplicate is, please?

  8. Oh deer!

  9. When you don’t enter the previous question, the dropbox for the next question contains incorrect answers (i.e. GPs instead of driver names)

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