Changeable conditions forecast for Spa

2017 Belgian Grand Prix weather

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Weather for the Belgian Grand Prix weekend is likely to run true to form.

Periods of sunshine, cloud cover and rain are expected over the next three days. The track action is currently expected to remain dry for the Formula One teams, though that may change.

Friday will be cloudy and warm with air temperatures passing the 20C mark. But rain is expected to arrive in the late afternoon and evening, and cloud last well into Saturday morning.

The track may still be wet when final practice begins, but should have chance to dry out before qualifying. By the afternoon the sun will begin to break through and temperatures could peak at up to 25C.

Race day is forecast to be cloudy but dry at the moment. Expect conditions to be a few degrees cooler than last year, when track temperatures were in the 36-40C range on race day.

This may come as some relief, as Pirelli has brought very soft tyres this weekend. It has mandated minimum starting tyre pressures of 23.5psi for the front and 21.5psi for the rear with slick tyres, which are the highest so far this year.

For more updates on the track conditions during each session keep an eye on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

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2017 Belgian Grand Prix

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6 comments on “Changeable conditions forecast for Spa”

  1. We’re in dying need of some rain this season with the relaxed rules re. wet weather. Some nice, changeable conditions would be epic!

    1. +1

      I want to see a wet standing start but with the history of those at Spa, we may not be allowed that even with the relaxed wet weather rules.


    Such a dramatic race! I remember watching this as a kid with my jaw on the floor

    1. Same here. What do you think – still might be one of the most expensive on track F1 accidents to this day?

  3. & as usual it wont rain & because its Spa,we might just have some overcast like 2013

    1. Going to be typical F1 Sunday then.
      Threat of rain all weekend and 10 minutes after the podium ceremony it starts flooding.

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