2017 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Italian Grand Prix

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2017 Italian Grand Prix

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2 comments on “2017 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Ferrari – what a pathetic joke! Despite having the best or nearly the best car all season (Monza & Silverstone, the exceptions, negated by Monaco & Hungary) they are a massive 70 pts behind the Mercs due to the subpar performances of Kimi who is behind Riccardio, who by his standards, is not having his best season.
    Yet to keep their precious no 1 driver happy they will continue to keep this non-entity in a top seat! At least get Hulk, Perez or Ocon in, if Seb is too scared of Dan, Max or Alonso. What a waste for all F1 fans and ultimately a waste for Ferrari who could at least be in the hunt for another title. If Ferrari win nothing this year, heads should roll.

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