2017 Italian Grand Prix interactive lap charts

2017 Italian Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo climbed 12 places from his starting position to finish fourth in the Italian Grand Prix, which was the biggest gain of any driver in the race.

Often drivers who make up large numbers of places do most of it at the start, but this wasn’t the case for Ricciardo, who gained only one position on the first lap. He made steady gains from there on, however, ultimately catching and passing Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari for fourth place.

Max Verstappen was running ahead of Ricciardo in the other Red Bull before picking up damage while trying to pass Felipe Massa’s Williams. Had it not been for that, he might have had a chance of beating Sebastian Vettel for the final podium position.

2017 Italian Grand Prix lap chart

The positions of each driver on every lap. Click name to highlight, right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

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DriverStart positionLap one position changeRace position change
Lewis Hamilton100
Valtteri Bottas402
Daniel Ricciardo16112
Max Verstappen1353
Sebastian Vettel603
Kimi Raikkonen500
Sergio Perez1011
Esteban Ocon31-3
Felipe Massa70-1
Lance Stroll2-1-5
Fernando Alonso1922
Stoffel Vandoorne182
Carlos Sainz Jnr1521
Daniil Kvyat8-3-4
Romain Grosjean2025
Kevin Magnussen9-1-2
Nico Hulkenberg1421
Jolyon Palmer17-2
Marcus Ericsson11-3-7
Pascal Wehrlein12-8-4

2017 Italian Grand Prix race chart

The gaps between each driver on every lap compared to the leader’s average lap time. Very large gaps omitted. Scroll to zoom, drag to pan and right-click to reset. Toggle drivers using controls below:

2017 Italian Grand Prix

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2 comments on “2017 Italian Grand Prix interactive lap charts”

  1. Keith, I love the analysis that you do on the different aspects of this sport! Want a homework assignment? How about a proposal to change the engine component penalty system that EVERYONE is complaining about? Something along the lines of 1 Constructors’ point taken for each of the first two components taken in a race weekend that exceed the limits, 2 points for each component after two. If 4 or more are changed in a race weekend, the points taken are augmented by that car starting at the rear of the grid. Is it possible to do an analysis of this for a couple of the previous races, see what the impact would be? And yes, I know how hard the Constructors are going to fight this type of a penalty system!

  2. “”Daniel Ricciardo climbed 12 places from his starting position to finish fourth in the Italian Grand Prix, which was the biggest gain of any driver in the race.””

    This is not entirely true… Yes he gained 12 positions, from 16th to 4th (=12) and although he overtaking was grand, he did not do the most overtaking. Max starting from 13th on the grid gained 5 places in the first 2 laps and forced by a flat tire (which was as much Massa’s doing as Verstappens) he had to start all over again from the back in 20th position. He caught nr.19 in lap 15 but he also climbed through the field to position 10, executing 10 more overtakes. So during the race he performed 15 overtakes.

    Comparison positions gain Ricciardo / Verstappen

    Ricciardo Lap 1 +1 Lap 3 +1 Lap 5 +1 Lap 6 +1 Lap 7 +1 Lap 16 +1 Lap 17 Ocon pits +1 +1(Perez) Lap 18 +1 Lap 20 +1 Lap 32 +1 Lap 41 +1. = +12 positions gain.

    Verstappen Lap 1 +5 Lap 3 flat tire falls back to position 20 resulting in a 70 seconds gap to nr.19(Gros.) > Lap 15 +1 Lap 18 +1 Lap 20 +1 Lap 26 +1 Lap 31 +1 Lap 33 +1 Lap 41 +1 Lap 43 +1 Lap 45 +1 Lap Lap 46 +1 = +15 positions gain.

    Ricciardo is called driver of the day and driver of the weekend with 54%
    Verstappen gain in the vote for driver of the weekend is 0%.
    While he has beaten his teammate in all practice sessions and in qualifying and gained 3 more positions in the race.

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