Toro Rosso switches from Renault to Honda for 2018

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Toro Rosso has confirmed it will use Honda engines next year following the termination of its agreement with Renault.

In a related move, Carlos Sainz Jnr will leave the team and race for Renault next year.

“Everyone in our team is very much looking forward to working with Honda” said team principal Franz Tost.

“Honda has a long history in Formula One, dating back to 1964 when it first entered the sport with its own team and, as an engine supplier it has taken five drivers’ world championship titles and six constructors. This heritage, together with the full confidence that we have in Honda’s capabilities to succeed, make me strongly believe that we will achieve a fruitful future together.”

Honda president Takahiro Hachigo thanked Liberty Media and the FIA for “their co-operation toward the realisation of this partnership.” Toro Rosso’s union with Honda has come about following McLaren’s split from the Japanese manufacturer. McLaren will take over Toro Rosso’s Renault supply next year.

“Honda and Toro Rosso will work as one team to strive for progress and a successful future together,” added Hachigo. “We appreciate the support of our fans as we begin this challenge.”

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11 comments on “Toro Rosso switches from Renault to Honda for 2018”

  1. You just know that next year Honda are going to turn up with the best engine on the grid….

  2. “Everybody is looking forward” says Tost. To what? To see if they can finish more races than McLaren?

  3. Toro Rosso already have multiple engine failures a year so they’re used to it…

  4. This means that Toro Rosso will for the first time be a ‘de-facto works team’ of its PU supplier. For a season at the very least.

  5. It’s a shame Sauber didn’t take the Honda PU, would have made an interesting competition at the back of the grid.

    I do hope Honda crest an awesome engine and keep RedBull interested in the sport.

    RB aren’t stupid and are clearly looking for something that isn’t readily apparent. Either F1 exit or domination. I’m guessing exit.

    1. I do not think RedBull will ever exit F1. Even if they are moderately successful and keep themselves top of the mid field they will continue because I think they are in F1 mainly for the marketing perspective,

      but yes if they are making losses in the millions they might consider to quit but don’t think the reason will be cause they aren’t winning anymore.

  6. If by some miracle Honda turns up next year with a power unit superior to Renault I’m pretty sure Alonso will retire from F1 on the spot. Remember Honda wouldn’t need the best power unit, only to be better than Renault for it to be yet another disastrous move for the McLaren and Alonso camp.

    I’m astonished how terrible Honda have been. I had no notion of them beating Mercedes within just a few years. But considering how badly Ferrari got it in 2014 and how badly Renault got it in 2015 yet both still bounced back, it beggars belief that Honda after 3 years has neither reliability or power.

  7. I pray that with the presence of Honda in F1, it could give Alexander Rossi a chance to get back on the F1 grid once again. He mention that he still has unfinished business in Formula 1.

  8. Time to work the red bull magic on Honda. Red Bull seems to have brought Renault power To the podium, now it is time for Honda to be improved.

  9. Definately a $$$ move…. don’t discount Honda though

  10. 2018 Torro Rosso / Honda combo definately an audition for a 2019 Red Bull / Honda deal

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