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Vettel expects close battle with Red Bull after ‘unbelievable’ pole

2017 Singapore Grand Prix Qualifying

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Sebastian Vettel anticipates a tough fight for victory against Red Bull in Singapore after taking an ‘unbelievable’ pole position.

The Ferrari driver produced a storming final lap to secure his third pole position of the season ahead of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, despite the Red Bull having looked the stronger package in practice.

Despite his excitement at snatching pole from the Red Bull duo, Vettel expects the team will put up a hard challenge during the Singapore Grand Prix.

“I shouted probably as loud as the crowd, it was unbelievable!,” says Vettel. “I’m still full of adrenaline, so maybe whatever I say won’t make any sense.

“I’m happy that we got the car where it deserved to be and then we’ll take it from there. Tomorrow’s a long race. These Red Bull guys are very, very quick. We had a difficult night yesterday, a better night today and I’m sure the car will be like today tomorrow, so it should be better but it will be a very close race.”

Asked after the session where he had found the pace to beat the Red Bulls, Vettel admitted that he didn’t know.

“I struggled also this afternoon,” explains Vettel. “The car was tricky, but it came alive and was getting better and better and better as the night progressed. I’m really happy that we got it done.”

With the longest race of the season ahead, Vettel is enjoying having put Ferrari back on top once again.

“I think I need to calm down first, but for now I’m very very happy. The car was amazing, it’s an amazing track if you feel that the car is coming alive and you can do what you want to. I knew we had it in us. It was a bit of a struggle to get there, but now I’m just happy.”

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    1. That was a serious lap by Seb.

    2. Give Vettel the championship.m
      Hamilton is the best driver out there, but has no weapon to fight.
      5 championships. Shame.

      1. @liko41
        Hamilton should be well and truly in the lead but he messed up Russia, Monaco and Hungary all by himself.

      2. You missed the sarcasm tag, isn’t?

      3. has no weapon to fight.

        5 championships. Shame.


      4. Drunk? Stoned? Troll? Or just plain stupid?

      5. We’ve come into a phase on this site where you cannot distinguish serious opinions from blatant provocation or as one on the internet would call it



    3. Ferarri goes on full support mode as Vettel had mention that both Charles Leclerc and Antonio Giovinazzi has been in the simulator all night long to refine qualifying setup after Friday practice. With Marchionne poised to place both youngster in Sauber in 2018, Ferarri can only getting stonger.

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