2017 Singapore Grand Prix championship points

2017 Singapore Grand Prix

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2017 Singapore Grand Prix

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24 comments on “2017 Singapore Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Although it sounds quite in poor taste, I certainly hope Hamilton retires of an engine failure in the next race to even things out in the championship.

    1. I get where you coming from, but I would argue against that. Because if anyone is to blame for the incident, that caused the multiple crash, it is Vettel. If it was an engine failure then I would concur it was more of a gift for Lewis.

      If you want Lewis to have a DNF to even it out, then Vettel should also have a problem with his headrest in one race too ?

      1. +1
        Did Hamilton try to race off the line and make up the gap from 5th at the first corner? No. An earlier incarnation might have done, but he has the experience – which Vettel should really have too – to be aware of getting tangled in an unnecessary dispute with the full race ahead. If there’s anything such as a ‘fair’ DNF, this would be one. Vettel was the most at fault, even if it was just aggressive racing.

    2. We already had a random mechanical failure decide the outcome of the championship last year. I’d prefer the results to reflect the skill of the drivers than have random elements interfer.

      Vettel was clumsy and threw away a chance to retake the lead. If Hamilton throws a result away then fair enough. But if he keeps performing at this level I want the driver who deserves it most to win.

      1. I agree that the championship now needs something big to make it tense again, so I see where you are coming from. @kimiraikkonen1207, but I think @philipgb and Kwaw make good points why you should think again. Let me just say – what a great start by Kimi!

    3. Hoping for trouble is not what an F1 fan should wait for. Furthermore Ferrari can only blame themselves for today.

  2. Championship over.

    With the tracks coming up and Mercedes engine advantage a retirement or two is needed. And Red Bull isn’t going to take points from Mercedes from now on since this was the last track where they had a chance of winning on pace.

  3. Well unless Lewis has some rotten luck in the next few races, then Seb has no chance now.

  4. I hope Hamilton and Vettel continue to fight for the championship without motor failures.
    Today Lewis Hamilton was absolutely superb!

  5. @keithcollantine
    You got an error in the WCC positions 7 and 8 – they’ve been put in reverse.

    1. and also in the WDC table, Palmer and Vandoorne have the right numbers, but are placed below Wherlein and Kvyat in the table.

  6. Since Verstappen had been helping Hamilton championship more than Bottas (the one who been passed by the worst driver on the grid) did, we could expect him to be in Merc in 2018

  7. Michael Brown (@)
    17th September 2017, 15:21

    Remember after Malaysia 2016 when Hamilton said there was some force stopping him from winning the championship? Seems like it came around for him nicely this time.

    1. I do and I was thinking the same thing.

      It works in mysterious ways

  8. Sorry, but…
    What’s Kyvat doing in F1? There’s no reason why, in 2017, Toro Rosso driver should be 19th in the WDC. Kyvat is faster than some of the usual suspects (PAL, STR, maybe even WEH and ERI), but if you’re driving on a mid-grid team and your pace isn’t bad but nothing special, you should at least be able to bring the car to the finish line.

    1. The difference in points between Sainz and Kvyat is pretty shocking, isn’t it @mxmxd, even considering Kvyat did have some bad reliability, he also manages to not show results when it counts – now that STR seems to have turned a corner, and Palmer is out of contract+saved Renault’s behind a bit this race, well, I guess it is good there still is ERI binning it to keep the red lantern burning.

    2. Can’t help but think Vergne deserved a shot at Red Bull instead of Kvyat.

  9. Of the remaining circuits, which would you say favour Merc and which favour Ferrari?

    1. Maybe Brazil, Japan and Abu Dhabi are Ferrari circuits with Malaysia, America and Mexico being Mercedes ones.

      I don’t expect Merc to struggle in Brazil or Japan though.

    2. Toto said mexico and abu Dhabi will suit Ferrari.

  10. Vettel got his chance for win in Aijerbaijan but he blew it. Atleast Ferrari saved engines today.

  11. Good job Lewis! Show them how bad man perform under pressure!

  12. @keithcollantine you might want to check the rank of palmer and mid-low classification

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