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Suzuka and Interlagos will suit Ferrari – Hamilton

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton expects Mercedes will be competitive at the next race in Malaysia but at least two of the upcoming track will favour Ferrari.

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Has the downturn in the World Endurance Championship prompted you to stop watching too?

I only watched the first two hours of WEC Mexico and didn’t bother with the Circuit of the Americas race at all.

The announcement of Porsche’s departure and the calendar panic has sucked the life out of it for me. Bloody sportscars and their boom and bust cycles!

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  • Berger put his Ferrari on pole position at Estoril on this day in 1987

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  • 2 comments on “Suzuka and Interlagos will suit Ferrari – Hamilton”

    1. Yes, Suzuka is a high-downforce circuit like the Marina Bay Street Circuit, but unlike the latter, most of its corners are high to medium-speed similar to Silverstone and Spa, so it should suit Mercedes.

      1. This.

        There is lots of missconception sorrounding Ferrari/Mercedes strengths regarding different track configurations.

        Ferrari have better overall low speed balance and more downforce overall. Mercedes seemed to have had issues early in the season, but now who knows.

        On high speed corners Mercedes is quite good. On stop and start tracks Mercedes is excellent.

        Then there are low speed flowing tracks, that ia where Ferrari is good. There are very few of those.

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