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No matter how glitzy and glamorous the race, motor sport couldn’t happen without the efforts of volunteer marshals.

Here are the Singapore Grand Prix marshals showing their enthusiasm for this year’s tenth running of their race.

Can you come up with the funniest caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the F1 Fanatic Round-up.

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93 comments on “Caption Competition 138: Singapore marshals”

  1. The McLaren mechanics respond to the news that Renault is confirmed as their engine partner for 2018.

  2. Celebration after being up close to 2 Ferraris and one RedBull after the first corner alone.

  3. Hey! Came inside here everyone, you can do it. this year!

  4. Marshals go through drills for keeping reptiles off the track.

  5. We’re rich!!! We’re rich!!!

  6. Track temp at this year’s Singapore Grand Prix was so high that workers couldn’t touch the asphalt.

  7. Airplane Trevor didn’t fit in at Rogue Squadron training camp

    1. @fullcoursecaution
      I read this, scrolled back up to the picture, then sprayed tea everywhere. Thanks.

  8. Bribe me! No me!

  9. We’ve had durians for lunch and now we can FLYyyyyy!

  10. Oh what a feeling!… oh hang on, Toyota aren’t even in F1

  11. Hamilton appears to have paid the marshals to distract Vettel during the start of the Singapore GP.

    1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      23rd September 2017, 12:32

      Very good!

  12. The floor is Palmer beating Hulkenberg.

  13. “While the start carnage happens, marshals celebrates the possibility of the Singapore GP being cancelled due to the low number of cars so they could escape the borefest”

  14. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    23rd September 2017, 12:31

    Verstappen fans celebrate another classic bit of four-wheel jujitsu.

  15. Vettel’s on board camera shows what he moved across the track to avoid.

  16. A passing Force India’s new stegosaurus fins caused some unexpected aerodynamic effects.

    1. Very nice.

  17. Despite the large crowd and several gaps the two Ferrari fans still managed to bump into each other.

  18. The marshals’ sweepstakes team gambled big on a Ferrari DNF.

  19. ‘Many hands make lights work!’

  20. Marshal on the left is clearly the one to blame, he is cutting to the right unnecessarily, causing the ones in the middle to tangle their legs. However, stewards deemed the action as “marshaling incident”.

  21. 11 out of 12 marshals are under investigation for jump starts

  22. Track workers celebrate Ferrari’s 1-2, departure from the race

  23. “Marshals react to Ferrari’s Tweet blaming entirely Veratappen for the first lap crash”

  24. The McLaren boys celebrate their most successful moment of 2017 with a brief spell in 3rd place for Alonso.

  25. Mercedes’ new volunteer raindance crew just after hearing that they’ll get a free vegan lunch.

  26. Hi, I’d like a photo of myself stood on the circuit.
    Is anyone willing to accept a bribe?

  27. “Singapore GP marshals respond to Liberty Media’s request to help gee up the crowd with a spirited pre-race performance of ” Y.M.C.A” by The Village People …”

  28. members of the Adrian Sutil fan club react to Hulks new record.

    1. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      23rd September 2017, 17:55

      @broke84 this made me laugh out loud!

  29. Marshals have just seen “the floor is lava” online

  30. OK….we know one of you is not a real marshal….so just put your hands up and come quietly….

    I’m Spartacus…………I’m Spartacus……I’m Spartacus!……I’m Spartacus!….I’m Spartacus…..

  31. “How many Singaporeans does it take to change a light bulb?”

  32. Marshals receive official confirmation that Maldonado will definitely not be taking part in the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix.

  33. The strict Singapore marshal team celebrates graduating from the elite Refusing Bribery school. The photographer was the lone failure.

  34. “Alexander…” (all whisper, clear throats) “…Lewis Hamiltoooooon!”

  35. Thanks to that couple who wanted a picture, we’re going to Disneyland!!!

  36. The floor is a democratic presidential vote!

  37. Yeeeeah, Jo scored points.

  38. Liberty Media finally implemented an Ecclestone idea that’ll really spice up the racing: randomly activated anti-gravity plating beneath the track surface!

  39. Marshals at the Singapore Grand Prix express their delight at their earnings this weekend, while the fans notice many downward slopes in the on-track action.

  40. ‘Huzzah’ they did away with VSC this year.

  41. We cleared debris on time.

  42. Hamilton fans celebrating after the start- illustrated

  43. Redbull gave me wings… I should have just jumped

  44. In a game of Twenty Twenty Air Cricket Singapore verses the World “Sachin Tendulkar” is out for a duck, bowled out by “Wah Sim Ah Krim”. Final Score is Singapore 600 runs, The World nil.

  45. As storms clouds gathered over Singapore, marshalls put the FIA’s lightning strike prevention strategy into action.

  46. The lizard’s behind you…

  47. Stewards happy; Vettel to race with XXL- mirrors for rest of the season.

  48. Following fear of unemployment there was great rejoicing when the news came through of Honda’s presence on the 2018 grid.

  49. Accusations of team bias denied by Singapore Marshals

  50. Marshals were relieved to be found innocent of bribery, an offense which carries the death penalty in Singapore

  51. Jean Todt steps down

  52. Driver’s who collide are to clean up their own mess.

    1. Excellent 😄

  53. Marshall’s got the wrong idea when they were told to keep off the track.

  54. More track trespassers…………………

  55. CRASH?! Finally something for us to do!! Team, SCRAMBLE!!

    ps: I’m in the photo. 😎

  56. Marshals in Singapore GP proves track requires very high
    down force…

    1. Sponsored by Eeyoor :())

  57. New FIA cost-cutting plans have compelled Liberty Media to replaces F1after-race concerts with marshall’s performances

  58. Open audition for Singapore’s Got Talent 2017.

  59. Singapore Airlines. A Great Way To Fly!

  60. Marshals Cheering SGP extension
    “4 More Years!, 4 More Years!”

    1. Something out from the movie “Dave” courtesy from Jay Leno: The Singapore race promoters asks to hold the event for 4 more years. But for the impostor marshal: He will be looking at 6 to 10.

  61. Come fly with us by the Flyer before the lights turn on for the night race!

  62. Marshals begin training for new Singapore space mission

  63. Singapore marshals get caught out as the new gravity reduction system is introduced.

  64. Somehow, YMCA didn’t translate well in Singapore….

  65. The marshalls vehemently signal Kyvat to come down the escape road.

    1. @ninjenius As an ex-driver, I came here for this. Literally laughed out loud.


    After learning about the latest Singaporean spiced up egg roll WITH A SECRET HOT SAUCE, none of the marshals did not want to try it. But 1 of the marshals went like this.

    Let’s give it to Daniel. He can eat anything.

    Marshals together: HE LIKES IT!!! HE REALLY REALLY LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Verstappen now regrets giving the marshals Red Bull before the beginning of the race at Singapore !

  69. A coffee break finally!

  70. Hurrah, no problems with Alonso and Sainz this time!

  71. The marshals respond to Ferrari finally some trouble and giving them an interesting race to watch

    1. Lance, the pit road is this way!

  72. Yeeeyyy our shift is over!!!!
    Singaporeans celebrate their end of work day.

  73. “F1 Singapore Grand Prix extended for another four years to 2021”

  74. A rare photograph of Jolyon Palmer’s fans.

  75. Volunteers have increased in 2017 for the annual Singapore GP Marshal “Run with the (Red) Bulls”. 2016 only saw one contestant running on the track.

  76. “We don’t need to bribe anyone!”

  77. Tercel!

    (Google it, kids)

  78. This Way, SEB!!!

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