2017 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Malaysian Grand Prix

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2017 Malaysian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2017 Malaysian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. ham just need to keep racking up points

    as Ive said from the start the season will be deceided on DNFs

    If Ham doesnt have one its done over

  2. Meanwhile, Vandoorne is now in front of Alonso.

    1. Yeah when was the last time that’s happened?? 2007?

      Alonso got caught up at the start and that was pretty much it. I guess Mclaren had little choice other that going for the split strategy, and going long didn’t work out. Its one of those weekends.

      Didn’t seem like he was entirely happy with the new floor they were running either, perhaps they haven’t sorted try setup?

      Take nothing away from Stoff though, great result and massive effort!

      1. Actually it was Button in 2015 who finished ahead of Fernando. Jarno Trulli did have more points than Fernando when he was fired from Renault in 2004, though.

    2. +1 I was a tad worried with his performances in the beginning of the season, but now he has really come alive and further proved himself as a future talent of F1. I will definitely be excited to see him in a revamped (hopefully) Mclaren Renault.

  3. Good to see Max a bit more clear from Perez in the standings. Still far off Ricciardo, but it would really put a damper on things if he ended the season with less points than a Force India.

    Impressive to see Vandoorne in front of Alonso in the standings, could he well be en route to being only the second driver to be a team mate to Fernando that scores more points over a full season.

    There seems to be some wiggle room between positions 8 and 13 too, will be interesting to see if any shock results can influence that.

  4. Missing P.Gasly.

    1. I understand that Button and Di Resta do not make the list as they failed to finish a GP but Gasly should now be in the standings.

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