Malaysian prime minister says F1 may return

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In the round-up: Yesterday’s race may not be the final Malaysian Grand Prix, according to the country’s prime minister.

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Cynical, but funny:

When I was thinking of what the most likely way Ferrari would get Raikkonen out of Vettel’s way today I never considered they’d just put his car on a trolley and wheel it off of the starting grid.

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  • Niki Lauda clinched his second world championship title 40 years ago today, then quit Ferrari

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19 comments on “Malaysian prime minister says F1 may return”

  1. @keithcollantine well, Rubens raced in Buenos Aires this weekend, with the Stock Cars completing the line up leaded by the 200 KM of Buenos Aires. The Super TC2000 raced in the old Number 15 layout.

    Try to give it a look for an appearance as a special guest for the weekend racing wrap up, Keith. The track looks absolutely horrible, even if it was resurfaced not long ago. It shows how far we are from an Argentinean GP return.

    1. The way TV broadcasters handled the race was as atrocious as the circuit. I’m sad to say it because I love Argentinean racing, but AFAIK the race was delayed, transmission was cut in free-to-air TV and on cable it was littered with ad breaks. Where I am, in Uruguay, the race was advertised, yet it was overlooked, a random football match broadcasted in its place.

      On the bright side, our own Santi Urrutia, runner-up in IndyLights this year, grabbed a podium finish in the official Chevrolet. So that’s nice.

    2. I’ve just watched some highlights now, for sure it looks like it has severe drainage issues to say the very least. It was a swamp.

      The entire place looks quite run down, it would definitely require a lot of work to get it up to F1 standard

  2. Love that COTD :-)

    Palmer suffering from wind, well yeah, sorry Joylon that can happen in FP sessions, but in the race you really shouldn’t be caught out like you were

    1. It was indeed extremely windy; two spins and almost taking the race leader out ;)

      1. Probably Palmer was Windy too..

    2. He’s a fan of vindaloo apparently.

  3. And still Vettel keeps pretending that he’s blameless in all the incidents he’s been involved in. Which explains why he doesn’t to learn from these mistakes and keeps making them. It’s ‘crash kid’ all over again.

    1. @patrickl

      Vettel has the Schumacher trait, which makes him believe that he is never wrong. Mentally, Sebastian was always a tantrum throwing baby, so I’m not at all surprised with his comments and behaviour.

  4. For the sake of the championship, please let Ferrari get a penalty free gearbox change! But after watching pictures from the car following STR and VET I would understand if FIA does not exempt Ferrari…

    1. no please don’t give free hand outs for any championship stakes. rules are there to be enforced. had VET been more cautious upon the cool down lap and factored in through his own experience that STR being a rookie may not have seen him wouldn’t be in this position.

    2. Michael Brown (@)
      2nd October 2017, 16:40

      I’m tired of weak or no penalties for championship contenders. It’s simply not fair.

    3. @jcost, no, I would rather that they did not bend the rules just because Vettel is a championship contender – as others have said, it is a fundamental point of principle that the rules should be applied evenly and fairly to all and should not be bent in favour of particular teams or drivers just because they are more popular.

  5. News-ish, but the reason Verstappen was so weak after the win yesterday (resting his neck, asking for sugar) was because he was ill all weekend. Not as bad as Perez, but not fit either.

    1. @hahostolze All three podium drivers seemed exhausted in the waiting room. Malaysia is a very tough race because of the combination of high g-loads and high temperatures. Didn’t read much into Verstappen being weak yesterday, but thanks for the info. It’s nice to see that F1 is very physically demanding (again).

      1. it’s a pity this circuit will be lost for F1.

  6. Palmer reminds me of Webber’s quote: “No one’s interested in a shopping list of excuses…”

  7. God that COTD is savage, gave me a huge laugh

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