Kvyat to return to Toro Rosso at US GP

2017 United States Grand Prix

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Daniil Kvyat will return to Formula One at the United States Grand Prix with Toro Rosso, the team has announced.

The Russian driver was replaced in the team’s line-up by Pierre Gasly two races ago. However with Carlos Sainz Jnr making an early move to Renault, Kvyat will now return alongside Gasly.

The news means Gasly will miss the final Japanese Super Formula round at Suzuka. He lies second in the championship, half a point behind Hiroaki Ishiura.

Kvyat has scored four points so far this year. His most recent points finish was ninth in the Spanish Grand Prix.

The 23-year-old made his Formula One debut with Toro Rosso in 2014 and was promoted to Red Bull the following year. However he lost his seat four races into last season and returned to Toro Rosso.

2017 United States Grand Prix

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    33 comments on “Kvyat to return to Toro Rosso at US GP”

    1. It’s a minor thing, but I’m curious to know which car / which side of the garage Kvyat will be in. As in, would he return to his, and Gasly get swapped, or will he directly replace Sainz

      1. @strontium – you beat me to it, I had the same thought about the musical chairs.

      2. @strontium Good point, you would have thought back to his side to avoid more disturbance, with Gasly only on his second race. If Kvyat gets beaten in the remaining 4 races by Gasly pretty sure that will finish off any lingering confidence he has. I can’t see him in the seat for 2018.

      3. Currently, Gasly is counted as Kvyat’s replacement and uses Kvyat’s quota of engines, etc.

        FIA will look at this as Kvyat replacing Sainz. So Kvyat will now use Sainz’s quota of engines, etc.

        As far as the internal mechanics and engineers, yes, I think Kvyat will go back to using his crew and Gasly will have to switch to Sainz’s crew.

        1. Very sensible points, Sumedh.

    2. Sad the Super Formula title is played that way. Would’ve like to see Gasly have a go.

    3. Kvyat has more right being in F1 than Palmer, or indeed almost any of the current crop of F2 drivers who would feasibly be ready for this seat. I hope he grabs his chance and remains in F1, the talent is undeniable.

      1. Why is his talent undeniable?

      2. @hahostolze Yes but Daniil’s character is the problem, he has become slower and slower as time goes by.

        1. the young man can drive but at 23, emotions and self confidence are tough especially with the stakes involved for the conglomerate owners. id say a traveling counselor/protector as verstappen and hamilton had in their fathers will get him on track. hes going it alone with no one but putin supporting him. thats tough.

          1. He has no support from Russian business, nor from Russian government. His main supporter is American company run by Russians immigrants – Acronis.

    4. Crazy… Mid season swaps… Kvyat is poor last two years. But before that he showed Seinz level of talent.

    5. Are there any other drivers Red Bull could promote alongside Gasly next year?

    6. Really rooting for the lad. Hopefully he’s equilibriated mentally and battles back to form in the coming GP.

    7. Kvyat has shown some signs of being pretty hand at car control and opportunism. But for whatever reason, he got himself into a bad headspace and just couldn’t pull any results off. Unfortunately, there are just too many drivers who can match or exceed him for talent, and not crack like he has.

      Unless he’s going to toe the line for Honda next year and just provide them with mileage rather than chase his own results I honestly don’t understand why they’ve stuck with him.

    8. Shame!

      They should bring someone with ties with RB, but give a new opportunity to someone or a 2nd chance. Kvyat has had too many tries had failed. This is F1 ffs!

      1. Every time Kvyat leaves the team Verstappen scores.. so maybe it’s the secret weapon of RBR the next time Kvyat is replaced.

        1. Indeed, was thinking the same, looking forward to next demotion!

    9. The only purpose of Toro Rosso is to produce drivers for Red Bull. Why Kvyat wasn’t booted out of the whole thing last year is beyond me. He’s been battered twice by Sainz, and really has nowhere else to go. Why would you keep him now? For what purpose, given that he has already been to the senior team and failed?

      The grid is four cars too small as it is, F1 can’t afford to have all these mediocrities floating around the sport. Palmer is going, hopefully Kvyat and Magnussen can follow him within the next 13 months.

      1. Magnussen a mediocrity floating around the sport ??? are you serious, scoring a podium finish on your first ever race and being a mediocrity ? surely the guy have some behaviour issues but his driving isn’t, last year smashed Palmer and scoring 11 in hist first ongoing season with Hass isn’t a ridiculous performance at all.
        Kvyat outscored Dani in 2015 on merit showing that he was eligible to a Red Bull seat but his psychic was destroyed by the Red Bull / Toro rosso machine and believe me when you lose self confidence your out in any field not only motorsport.

        1. Yes, I’m serious. Neither Grosjean or Magnussen are of much use, frankly, but Grosjean is at least quick, if reckless. Haas would have been better served to keep at least one seat open for the talent coming through.

          Smashing Palmer (if that’s what he did), isn’t particularly impressive. But that’s not quite what happened. In the 12 races they both finished last season, it was 6-6. Compare that with what the Hulk did to Palmer and you can see why I’m unimpressed with this childish idiot.

    10. TheTorpedo will strike back on the US soil.

    11. The person selecting the pictures is evil.. I remember how dark and sad was the picture of kvyat leaving.. now his face look full of light and alive lol

      1. Josh (@canadianjosh)
        7th October 2017, 17:31

        Lol, +1
        This picture makes him look like he eats crayons and always tastes the glue during art class.

        1. javier javier
          8th October 2017, 3:40

          I was thinking something like that on the second time I saw the picture… He doesn’t look like a Russian.. maybe..more like a failed lab experiment but definitely not from this planet

    12. Anyone knows what Kvyat was watching when he got this call?

      1. The Walking Dead.

    13. It just shows how empty is Red Bull’s queue of drivers. Honda looks a bit silly with their top 3 target if their best hope for points is Kvyat. I mean really?

    14. @keithcollantine Keith, in the history of F1, are there any drivers who have been given more chances to prove themselves than Kvyat?

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