Sainz admits he risked too much on last start for Toro Rosso

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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Carlos Sainz Jnr admitted he took to big a risk after crashing out of his final start for Toro Rosso.

Yesterday Toro Rosso confirmed Sainz will join Renault from the next round of the championship, taking Jolyon Palmer’s place. He started today’s race from 19th but crashed out at the first corner.

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“In a one-stop race at the start you need to risk, obviously, and I was trying my best to gain some positions at the start,” said Sainz.

“It didn’t work, I definitely found a lot less grip than I was expecting to the outside of that corner there, a lot of dust and simply lots of cars.”

“So there’s no real excuse, just say sorry to all of them because it’s not the way we wanted to finish. But sometimes in life when you want to risk and do something special sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

With the next race two weeks away, Sainz has a limited amount of time to get used to his new Renault.

“Obviously it’s going to be a big challenge to try to adapt to this new car. For me, in the middle of the season , it’s going to take some time to adapt and find my way around it. But I’m there to do a job and I’m confident I can do it pretty straight away.”

Sainz said his three years at Toro Rosso have been “an ideal preparation” for him.

“The driver I am today, compared to the driver I was in 2015, is a more complete and better one, and this is thanks to Toro Rosso, who are a great group of professionals who have helped me a lot to become the driver I am today. It’s going to be quite emotional leaving the track tonight.”

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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    6 comments on “Sainz admits he risked too much on last start for Toro Rosso”

    1. Good that he’s admitting his error. I’m looking forward to seeing how he’ll fare against Hulk in the same machinery.

    2. Typical Saintz once again. Trying too much. I am really surprised that Renault took him. He had some good results but equally as many silly errors.

      1. Agreed. A pretty silly way to end his tenure at TR.

      2. Ben Rowe (@thegianthogweed)
        8th October 2017, 17:28

        I know that many won’tlike me saying this, But Sainzez season on the whole hasn’t been a good one. He’s been responsible for more retirements than any other driver on the grid, and they includes Kvyat. He’s had several very good races and got many good points for the team. BUt he’s cost himself oppertunities for better results nearly as much as Kvyat. Sainz has been responsible for his own retirement 3 times while Kvyat only caused himself to retire one time. Kvyat was involved in more incidents I think and got a lot more penalty points, but the incidents Sianz has been involved in have often looked worse and had a worse impact. As 2 of them caused himself and another driver to retire. And on top of these, he got 2 penalty points and 2 3 place grid drops for both of them. And similar to Kvyat, I think both these drivers are about the worst when it comes to language used on the Radio. I personally don’t think Sainz has done well enough to deserve a better team next year. Although he has got a fair amount of points this year, I think he was quite a bit more solid and consistent last year, but still did’t look as ready as other drivers for a better team. As he does often show very good pace, I am sure he often will perform well. But he needs to cut out these very costly mistaks.

        1. IMHO Sainz is a bit like Grosjean. Seems to have lots of potential, shows it now & then, but on the whole is not consistent enough to be a real top driver. I believe Renault in its current state is as high as he can get.

    3. As I always say, Stupid Sainz.
      Reno will soon realize he is not worth the hype.

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