“It’s been a pleasure”: Japanese GP team radio highlights

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jolyon Palmer thanked Renault after finishing 12th in his final race for the team at Suzuka.

But it was a disappointing race for Sebastian Vettel again as Ferrari found themselves in trouble from the start

Here are the team radio highlights from the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ferrari discovered a problem with a spark plug on Vettel’s car before the race began. The fault was still there on the formation lap, during which time teams are not allowed to communicate to their drivers.

Vettel: “I know you’re not allowed to talk to me but if there’s anything for safety or reliability let me know.”
“Driver default delta two off.”
“Driver default alpha four six when you can.”

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It was an early bath for Carlos Sainz Jnr in his final race for Toro Rosso

2017 Japanese GP in pictures
“Puncture, rear-right. Stop the car, Carlos. Engine temperature rise. Stop the car.”
Sainz: “Yep, sorry guys.”
“Temperatures are decreasing. Is the car damaged?”
Sainz: “Yep, I’m really sorry guys. I just went for it, didn’t happen.”
“It’s OK Carlos. Shame to close the race like this. But anyway thank you for all this time.”

Vettel: “Power back on, correct?”
“Yes correct.”
Vettel: “I still have the same issue out of nine.”

To Verstappen: “If you can have a look at Hamilton then do so, Max.”

To Hulkenberg: “OK Nico so tyre pressures are all high. All four tyres on the high side.”

Esteban Ocon passed Daniel Ricciardo at the start but the Red Bull driver soon got back ahead.

To Ricciardo: “Nice job mate, let’s get stuck in.”

Wehrlein: “I’m just sliding everywhere.”

Vandoorne: “I have a problem. I have vibrations.”
“We’ll take a look. Can you give us more information? What kind of vibrations?”
Vandoorne: “Hard to tell what it is.”
“Do you feel it in the steering or just in the chassis?”
Vandoorne: “In the chassis and a little bit in the steering.”

After his pit stop Lewis Hamilton was briefly delayed behind team mate Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton: “Hoping he’s not out for too much longer because this is compromising my pace, my tyres.”
“Copy that Lewis, we are on it.”
Hamilton: “Struggling with my rears.”

Perez: “Guys can I attack Esteban? He’s just too slow.”
“No. Hold position.”
Perez: “He needs to pick up the pace. This is too slow.”

Gasly: “Big flat-spot, I need to pit.”

Nico Hulkenberg was forced to retire when his DRS failed.

Hulkenberg: “My DRS is stuck open. It doesn’t [censored by FOM] close.”
To Hulkenberg: “No tyre change, we’re just going to try to close the flap.”

To Magnussen: “Good boy!”

Stroll: “Something’s wrong with the car.”
“Are you OK?”
Stroll: “Yeah.”

Perez: “What Esteban is doing?”

Hamilton: “Got a vibration on these tyres.”
“Copy, we’ll have a look.”

Max Verstappen closed on Hamilton when they hit traffic in the final laps but wasn’t able to get past.

Verstappen: “Am I allowed to give it everything?”
“As long as you’re sensible.”

“Get in there Lewis boy. Beautiful work, Lovely managed race. That’s a fantastic result.”
Hamilton: “Got some vibrations on this in-lap.”
“OK copy so is that from PU or just tyres?”
Hamilton: “Yeah from the PU.”
“Copy, we’ll advise.”
Hamilton: “After I shift.”

Palmer: “Thank you mate. Thanks everyone. It’s been a pleasure.”

The full race radio transcript will be published later this week.

2017 Japanese Grand Prix

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5 comments on ““It’s been a pleasure”: Japanese GP team radio highlights”

  1. I am glad to have Jolyon out of the Renault but i hope he will find another seat in F1, I am sure he would do well in/for a team like Haas or Williams.

    One thing no one can remove to Jolyon is his class and respect for his team and fellow competitors. Many driver, regardless of their pace, should be inspired by this. As a man, from an outside perspective, he has earn my respect.

    1. His attitude has always been impeccable and he’s only been getting brighter as an example in that department.
      As for his pace, well, they can’t all be Buttons, unfortunately.

      1. William B Davis
        11th October 2017, 11:18

        by attitude, I think you mean ‘polite’ – not something I care much for in an f1 driver…

        he’s way too bland an unexciting.

    2. Think Haas are very satisfied with MAG and GRO right now – and pretty even too.. despite their difference in age…


    Hamilton: “Got some vibrations on this in-lap.”

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