2017 Malaysian Grand Prix Predictions Championship results

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Unusually the top three Predictions Championship players in the Malaysian Grand Prix weekend all had different scores, meaning the pole position time tie-breaker wasn’t needed at all in this round.

Sebastian Vettel’s qualifying misfortune meant he didn’t figure as highly in the result as many of you expected: 68% had tipped him to win. That meant it was a somewhat low-scoring round. @Defixio won a copy of F1 2017 by Codemasters by scoring 24 points, two more than @Gosi4k and three more than @Aiden, who took the other prizes in this round.

There are still prizes to win every race weekend and at the end of the season for the top scorers. The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is free to enter. You will need an F1 Fanatic account to place so sign up here if you haven’t got one.

Enter your predictions for each race using the form below, and scroll down for more information on the prizes and the rules.

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