Pink ultra-soft tyres for United States GP

2017 United States Grand Prix

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Pirelli’s ultra-soft tyres will be coloured pink instead of the usual purple this weekend to support breast cancer awareness.

The pink colouring has been chosen to support the work of the Susan G Komen foundation which raises money for breast cancer research. Pirelli say the change of colours is a one-off.

It is one of several initiatives in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month which will take place during the United States Grand Prix. Pink-themed merchandise will be available at the track and fans will be encouraged to share their experiences of those affected by breast cancer using the hashtag ‘#DriveForTheCure’.

Force India, which races in the pink colours of a major sponsor, will continue to display a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Care this weekend, as it also did in Monaco, Canada and Britain.

2017 United States Grand Prix

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    20 comments on “Pink ultra-soft tyres for United States GP”

    1. I wonder how many people at the track will think that Force India painted their cars pink for this weekend for breast cancer awareness.

      1. @pastaman
        Who says they didn’t? Maybe they were just playing the long game …

      2. @pastaman, it might cause some confusion, but in some ways it might be a positive thing if people were to think that.

      3. Sundar Srinivas Harish
        17th October 2017, 11:02

        FI did use the pink livery as an opportunity to raise funds for a breast cancer foundation during the Monaco GP.

    2. Liberty doing so much more for engagement in this short period of time. Good for them.

    3. There’s a German euphemism for something ugly, which can be translated (very crudely) as “beautiful is different”.
      Well, I think this tyre looks … different.

      Sarcasm aside, remember when Bridgestone started marking the softer compound of grooved tyres with a stripe of pale green in order to raise ecological awareness? Yeah …
      The moral of the story is: It could be a lot worse. This time at least, there is no obvious hypocrisy at work.

    4. A good cause, however…

      Call me heartless, but this is total lunacy. Drivers are not allowed to change helmets during the year for fear of “confusing viewers”, but apparently changing the colour of the tyre compounds is now totally fine. If it means that much to them, could they not replace the Pirelli logo with the relevant “Breast Cancer” logo?

      1. Very nice point :-) @ben-n

      2. Michael Brown (@)
        16th October 2017, 20:44

        @ben-n I know. My fragile mind will struggle to identify Alonso since he is not wearing his usual helmet. In addition, drivers can change teams no problem at all.

        Whatever. I’m comfortable that I will see my favourite driver, Jolyon Palmer, racing for Renault this weekend.

      3. Surely Pirelli are aloud one race per season where they can change their design :)

    5. The cynic in me says this is also a very subtle marketing campaign for the Pirelli color edition tires.

    6. What’s with the outrage. It’s just a one off colour for this GP.

      Now, I’d like to see the halo next year permanently pink…

    7. ”Look out, everyone. There’s some killer titties on the loose. Could’ve swore I heard them coming through the roof. Pssht! Officer! We need to get an APB out on those titties! They’re armed and dangerous!”

    8. This is a terrible idea and it’s disheartening that COTA or Liberty decided to work with SGK instead of a better rated charity.

    9. Michael Brown (@)
      16th October 2017, 20:44

      Meh. Unless you paint the whole tire pink, you’re not trying hard enough.

      1. @mbr-9
        That I would love to see!
        And the Softs could be all white, then we could have Marshmallows.

        1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
          17th October 2017, 11:05

          Which would turn into s’mores after Grosjean starts complaining about his brakes.

    10. Nice opportunity for a photoshoot at the Force India garage!

    11. To keep things fair to everyone why single out breast cancer? Why not support Cancer Research which will cure ALL cancers in both male, females, children and animals? I’m sure if testicular cancer was being supported there would be complaints.

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