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Lewis Hamilton headed both practice sessions on Friday as he bid to take a fifth win in six years at the Circuit of the Americas.

But Mercedes’s rivals aren’t far behind. Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel made it three different manufacturers inside the top three.

Can they take the fight to the silver cars this weekend? It’s time to make your predictions.

There are prizes to win every race weekend and at the end of the season for the top scorers. The F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship is free to enter. You will need an F1 Fanatic account to place so sign up here if you haven’t got one.

Enter your predictions for each race using the form below, and scroll down for more information on the prizes and the rules.

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One comment on “Make your 2017 United States Grand Prix predictions”

  1. My predictions so far –

    Malaysia – engine failure (win)
    Suzuka – Spark plug failure (win)
    US GP – Front axle failure
    Mexico – Back axle failure
    Brazil – Rear wing failure
    Abu Dhabi – Wins finally (Illuminati failure)

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