Gasly and McLaren pair to get power unit penalties

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Three drivers are set to receive grid penalties for this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix for exceeding the maximum allocation of power unit parts.

Both McLaren drivers will take penalties. Stoffel Vandoorne will use an entire new power unit this weekend and receive a 35-place penalty. Fernando Alonso is set to take a 20-place penalty.

Pierre Gasly will only have a five-place drop as his team has fitted the fifth different control electrics to the power unit he is using, having joined the team at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

This article will be updated.

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Gasly and McLaren pair to get power unit penalties”

    1. With Hartley’s power unit problems and Gasly’s power unit penalty, there’s no doubt Torro Rosso is sparing no effort in preparation for the next year with Honda.

    2. @keithcollantine

      This article will be updated.

      No doubt.

    3. How surprising!

    4. With the reduced Power Unit allocations for next year, the expectation is that the Midfield Teams will be used by the manufacturer’s to test and develop engine systems prior to installation with the Big Boys. This will mean loads more grid penalties.
      Question then …. what is the “system” when as in the current case, several drivers are facing penalties.?? Is it First to take the penalty is at the head of the line. If there are 5 drivers with full grid penalties, ie…. starting at the back, who gets moved up 5 places, 4 places and so on.??
      Gonna get really crazy next year.

      1. Califormula1fan
        27th October 2017, 23:04

        Start with qualifying position and then from P1 down to P20 apply grid penalties. Say P2 gets five spot penalty, they are now P7, P3-P7 each move up a spot. If The new P6 (originally P7) takes a 30 spot penalty, they drop to P37, P7-P20 move up a spot. If the driver in P19 takes a 10 spot penalty, they are in P29.

        Since there isn’t really a P29 or P37, P29 moves up to P19 and P37 moves up to P20.

      2. I believe it’s the order that gets declared. eg driver 1 declared on FP1 that will need a new engine and will loose 30 places on the grid.. Then driver 2 declared another engine failure on FP2 and will loose 30 places. Driver 3 will loose 10 places but declared it on FP3. they then qualify. and after qualification driver 1 gets the penalty first (back of the grid) driver 2 then takes the penalty (back of the grid pushing driver 1 one place up) then driver 3 takes the penalty . he had qualified 9th so he will start 19th pushing driver 1 one place up . so driver 1 gets to start 18th.

    5. This didnt happen with Porsche I bet.

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