2017 Mexican Grand Prix championship points

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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5 comments on “2017 Mexican Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Williams secured 5th & Stroll passed Massa,thanks to Felipe’s awful luck…

    1. Stroll race was pretty solid (the best of the rest after Ocon/Magnussen) but he is still slower than Massa by a good margin.

      1. Stroll is not terrible as some were saying(by calling him crash kid etc),but he doesnt deserve to be infront of Massa…

  2. So, will the next 2 races be a battle of the two #2 drivers chasing for a higher WDC standing? BOT vs VET and RAI vs RIC?

  3. Interesting that Verstappen can’t even catch Ricciardo now.

    Reliability wise they haven’t been that far apart. But incidents that though Verstappen has been blameless in, you could argue a more experienced driver would have kept out of.

    Reminds me a lot of Hamilton in his early career. Frighteningly fast and fearless wheel to wheel but couldn’t always be counted on to get the car home. Hamilton started coming into his own around 2012 when he made a marked step up, and it’s a step Vettel still doesn’t look to have made yet. Plenty of time for Verstappen and he could still likely nab a championship or two getting there.

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