Ricciardo, Hartley hit with power unit element change penalties

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo and Brendon Hartley have both received grid penalties of 20 places for the Mexican Grand Prix after they both received new power unit elements

The stewards confirmed that Red Bull had installed a new internal combustion engine, turbocharger and MGU-H in Ricciardo’s car, while Hartley has received a new turbocharger and MGU-H.

Due to these being already excessive elements on both cars, the pair will drop to 16th on the grid for Ricciardo and 17th on the grid for Hartley.

Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly also has a new turbocharger following his failure in FP3, but will start from the back of the grid after technically failing to qualify.

2017 Mexican Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Ricciardo, Hartley hit with power unit element change penalties”

  1. Let’s see how many places Daniel recovers. Let’s hope this engine and the better setup will bring a lot of points.

    1. @erikje +1.

    2. If Ricciardo starts on the grid, then he will have to use the setup he used in Qualifying due to parc ferme regulations. If they want to change the setup, then he will have to start from the pitlane.

  2. Alonso should be starting to worry right about now

    1. RBR is still ahead of McLaren in the constructors championship though ;)

    2. @mrboerns, no doubt that Renault also has a bad record in what comes reliability but still less penalties than McLaren (and they are on 3 teams) and it is a race winning engine (only one 1 team, but the other 2 engines also only powered a single team each to wins).

      1. @bakano well but ever since anouncing the Macca deal there have been Renault PU’s going left right and center. Which personally i find terribly funny :D

  3. Last weekend, and I guess it was after the PU failure that lead to his DNF, Ricciardo was saying that for sure they would have to change elements and would get a penalty in the coming races, so doing in Mexico was almost certain.
    Surprised that they only did it after qualifying (or else it would have been announced sooner).

    1. @bakano

      If he had qualified well perhaps they would have risked it. But with him near the back of the fast cars I’m not sure there is reason to wait. He can’t really help Versappen. He’s not likely pass the fast cars given his poor pace.

      However, he’ll be able to get around the midfield, maybe recover to the same position, and have a fresh engine for the last races.

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