Qualifying crash “very unusual” – Hamilton

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton said his crash in qualification for the Brazilian Grand Prix was “very unusual” for him.

The Mercedes driver was taken to the medical centre after he hit the barrier at Ferradura in Q1. He said he was “OK” following the crash which put him out of qualifying.

Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures
Hamilton said he didn’t know how the crash had happened. “It happened really quick,” he said.

“You saw it, it is what it is,” he added. “Of course it’s unfortunate.”

“I tend to look at it as challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them makes like meaningful I guess I’m just going to try to take whatever bubble of negativity comes from that experience and move forward.”

“It’s very unusual of me but it just shows that we’re human and things happen.”

Hamilton was last in qualifying but will move forward on the grid due to other drivers’ penalties. He said he will “try to have as much fun as possible” in tomrorow’s race.

“Years ago I came from quite far behind and had a great race.”

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Qualifying crash “very unusual” – Hamilton”

    1. Michael Brown (@)
      11th November 2017, 17:17

      Hamilton was last in qualifying but will move forward on the grid due to other drivers’ penalties.

      But according to the Sky commentators, Hamilton will start last because he did not set a time, unlike those who had penalties.

      1. They might as well give him a brand new car, new engine, new gearbox & all components, if he’s going to be at the back anyway. Might help him in Abu Dhabi too. Should be fun, especially if it rains. Shame I can’t afford Sky…

        1. Like millions of others, I’d rather find scraps from other sources than pay for SKY tv.

          1. I’ll be watching it in my loval, The Black Bull in Standish (other pubs are available).

            1. Local of course . . . not loval (and I hadn’t been drinking either).

        2. If it was to be a wet race it’d be worth a punt on Ham to win. Verstappen anywhere else.

          1. Verstappen is very similar to hamilton in the wet, if it rained I’d bet on him excluding mechanical dnf ofc, hamilton would recover more than he’d do in the dry.

      2. The way i remember it, the penalties are applied at race day.
        So Lewis last as this is determined during qualifying day, and tomorrow the penalties are applied.

        1. Obviously Lewis has to ask permission to race as he failed to set a time.

        2. I imagine he’ll start from the pits anyway.

    2. what a whopper on your first quali after clinching the title. What example does that set.
      Tut. Tut. Tut.

      1. What an overreaction. Well it sets the fact he’s just won his 4th Championship after a year where he’s become the top pole scorer of all time. A spin pushing on a fast lap hardly detracts from that at all. We’ve seen mistakes from everyone on the grid this year. I think it’s only fair we see one from Hamilton too

      2. Completely unacceptable, unworthy champion, Hamilton is so bad and can’t even beat a brand new team mate after he joins the team. Great shame.

    3. I am surprised no commentator mentioned the car bottomed out just before Lewis lost it. Seemed something was awry with the rear suspension.

      1. Possibly too low pressure in the tyres, could be due to Lewis uncharacteristically not getting them prepared correctly for the prevailing conditions.

      2. @svianna On the UK Sky coverage Paul di Resta talked about this on the footage immediately after the event.

    4. new engine GB etc

      start from the pits and trim him out for max speed

    5. Looks like he’s pulling a Michael Jackson pose here.

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