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2017 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “2017 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Some very telling patterns in these championship standings:
    – Red Bull are over 250 points behind Mercedes, yet Red Bull at #3 have twice the points of Force India in #4 (both teams have great driver pairings, though more fireworks in FI than RBR)
    – Force India in #4 have over twice the points of Williams in #5 (I think this is more drivers, and to a lesser extent the cars)
    – 6/7/8 – nice tight and fractious battle
    – Sauber proves that the money saved on year-old engines doesn’t compensate enough; so its probably a decent decision by the new owners & the new team principal to get current engines for 2018.

    1. They shoud creat 2 categories for F1 like LMP1 and LMP2, it’s a big gap.
      Force India car was the 4th fastest in almost all the races. But Williams should be very close (or a bit ahead) if they still had Bottas/Massa as drivers, as Massa had is usual misfortune in his better days. Stroll money will not pay out and they will be a good example for the others teams.

      1. But Williams should be very close (or a bit ahead) if they still had Bottas/Massa as drivers … Stroll money will not pay out and they will be a good example for the others teams.

        This is a very interesting point, and got me wondering. If Williams still had the Bottas/Massa driver pairing, would they have beaten Force India? I think not, I’d think that Ocon has turned out to be an incredibly talented replacement for the Hulk, not to mention the Force India is a well rounded-out car.

        In hindsight, Williams might have made the right (monetary choice) – fifth + whatever millions Stroll brought in is better than fifth + Bottas’ salary.

        2018 will be a different tale – they’ll need all of Paddy Lowe’s talent to keep the car ahead of Renault and McLaren.

  2. So if Vettel outscores Bottas at the final race (which he should and I would not be surprised if Vettel wins again to close out the year strongly). That would be the first time that a driver would beat a Mercedes driver in the standings since 2013.

    1. @arobbo Vettel doesn’t need to outscore Bottas. An 8th place is enough for him to secure P2 in WDC, irrespective of what Bottas does.

  3. That points gap to Ferrari… ! Also, McLaren’s number of points… unreal!

  4. I look for McLaren to get in the fight with Red Bull next year. Would be interesting if Team Renault finished next year as a the back marker for the three Renault powered teams.

    Wild card next year will be Toro Rosso with the Honda. Honda could be more of the same or a massive improvement.

  5. Watching the point gaps, all i can think of is:
    “Remember, remember,
    The month of September!”

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