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2017 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa’s son Felipinho must have the distinction of being the youngest person to make an appearance in the team radio communications. He sent a special message at the end of his father’s final home race.

Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures
Massa had plenty to be proud of at the end of a race in which he successfully resisted the attack of his former Ferrari team mate Fernando Alonso. Earlier in the race Alonso revealed his plan to stay within range of Massa in order to be able to use DRS to see off the threat from Sergio Perez behind. That worked, but his straight-line speed deficit meant he wasn’t able to find a way past the Williams.

Max Verstappen was also calling the shots on his strategy. Late in the race Red Bull advised him that if he took the opportunity to make a ‘free’ pit stop he would end up further behind the front-runners and less likely to benefit if any of them suffered a late-race drama. Nonetheless, Verstappen came in and took on a fresh set of tyres.

It was a tough race for Massa’s team mate, however. He was astonished by Romain Grosjean’s traction while stuck behind the Haas, then locked up his front-left tyre which, despite his engineer’s assurances about its safety, threw part of its tread and forced him to pit again. His team were quick to urge Stroll to get out of the way of his team mate when Massa and his pursuers came by.

Grosjean lost time due to his first-lap clash with Esteban Ocon and subsequent 10-second penalty. His team didn’t bother telling him about the sanction until the time came to serve it, some 50 laps after the incident, and Grosjean was not impressed to discover he’d been held responsible.

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2017 Brazilian Grand Prix team radio transcript

Lap* Driver Message
PR To Kimi Raikkonen

OK Kimi I’ll go through the normal stuff in a second but just to bring you up to speed where we are, the reason why all the fuss earlier was we saw an issue with the telemetry signal being a bit weak so we’re worried we migh tlose telemetry in the race. We did then have problems connecting to the car but that seems to have resolved itself. So the only thing to remind you of in the event we do have a problem with telemetry is to look after your fuel. You’ve got your display, you know how to use it.

Potentially an issue with Raikkonen’s engine. It looks like that might be potentially resolved now. Keep an eye out.
PR To Esteban Ocon

Hamilton also started on softs.
Three soft starters: Ricciardo, Ericsson, Gasly
PR To Valtteri Bottas

So no change track temperature and wind.
FL From Felipe Massa

Massa prepared for his final home grand prix with a special pre-race message.
So guys I’m here. Just an amazing feeling to have here in Brazil for my last race in Formula One. The only thing I can say is thank you very much to all of you guys. I love you, I love you for everything that you guys did for me, really thank you very much.
FL From Lewis Hamilton

Thanks for getting the car ready, guys.
1 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel any damage, question?
1 From Daniel Ricciardo

I’m not sure, I’ll keep going.
1 To Daniel Ricciardo

1 From Romain Grosjean

This message was heard on television broadcasts on lap 21.
[Censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] I’ve been touched by Ocon from behind. I don’t know if I’ve got any damage. I’ve had a spin, I don’t know what’s the car like.
1 From Stoffel Vandoorne

This message was heard on television broadcasts on lap 3.
I got squeezed.
1 To Stoffel Vandoorne

Copy. Is the car OK?
1 From Stoffel Vandoorne

1 To Stoffel Vandoorne

OK Stoffel. In that case if the car’s broken both switches. Right-hand side, ten second pause, then left-hand side.
1 To Esteban Ocon

This message was heard on television broadcasts on lap 3.
If you can drive back it would be very slowly back.
1 From Esteban Ocon

I’m not sure I can drive back. Should I try or not?
1 To Esteban Ocon

Yes. Go to race plus. I can’t tell what the car’s like from here. OK park it, find a safe place, turn the engine off.
4 To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando bit of a race update for you then. The cars behind are Massa, Perez and Hulkenberg. Grosjean, Wehrlein and Ricciardo have pitted. They mat try and go to the end from here.
5 From Kevin Magnussen

My suspension is gone. Do you want to stop on the track?
5 To Kevin Magnussen

5 To Max Verstappen

OK how are the track conditions, Max?
5 From Max Verstappen

Yep, sunny.
5 To Max Verstappen

Yeah, any more debris left?
5 From Max Verstappen

Heh, no.
5 To Max Verstappen

5 To Max Verstappen

And you’re racing from Safety Car line one, Max, a pass into turn one if possible.
8 From Carlos Sainz Jnr

Very poor drive-ability.
8 To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Understood, we’re looking at it
9 To Nico Hulkenberg

OK right-hand-side tyres are starting to get into the danger zone.
10 To Brendon Hartley

Radio check Brendon, radio check. Press the radio button if you can hear me.
11 From Romain Grosjean

He just moved at the last minute, I had to avoid him. Cannot do that.
11 To Romain Grosjean

Understood, we’ll report.
11 To Daniel Ricciardo

Nice job mate great stuff. Gasly next one.
12 To Sergio Perez

Hamilton is now the car behind, one-and-a-half seconds behind on softs, he’s eight tenths a lap faster.
13 To Daniel Ricciardo

Very good. Next one: Sainz.
15 To Daniel Ricciardo

Next car ahead Hulkenberg. Let’s get after him.
16 To Max Verstappen

Max how is our pace relative to Kimi ahead?
16 From Max Verstappen

I’m faster but I’m stuck.
16 To Max Verstappen

Understood, thank you.
16 From Lewis Hamilton

I see Vettel’s pulling away.
16 To Lewis Hamilton

Gap to Vettel at the moment 15 seconds. He needs to start managing some more.
17 From Kimi Raikkonen

The tyres don’t feel great, it’s moving around a lot.
17 To Kimi Raikkonen

Understood Kimi. Rear-right temp’s high as you’ve seen. Hopefully they’ll start to come down.
19 To Daniel Ricciardo

That’s a good lap, 14.6, same pace as Hamilton, same pace as Verstappen on his supers.
19 From Brendon Hartley

Radio check one-two.
19 To Brendon Hartley

Yep radio is back.
19 From Brendon Hartley

OK. Copy.
22 To Valtteri Bottas

It’s important to close that gap now. Close the gap.
22 To Fernando Alonso

Ricciardo has passed Hulkenberg. You’re doing a really good job. Pit window is full at the moment. We are plan A, target lap.
22 From Max Verstappen

The rear tyres, they’re getting warm.
22 To Max Verstappen

22 To Daniel Ricciardo

Pace is great, mate, you’re doing a good job, keep it up.
22 From Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate, keep me posted.
24 From Marcus Ericsson

I thought he was supposed to pull away from me?
24 To Marcus Ericsson

Copy that. Stay behind him. Keep pushing, he’s faster than us in sector two.
25 From Pascal Wehrlein

I am losing a lot of power.
25 To Pascal Wehrlein

Copy Pascal we’re still checking, keep pushing. At the moment pace is still good.
25 To Fernando Alonso

We are P9. There are two cars in front yet to stop. That’s Ricciardo and Perez. You are much quicker than Perez. Both should come out behind you. How you are driving the tyres should be good to the end.
25 From Fernando Alonso

Yeah I would like to catch Massa to have the DRS.
25 To Fernando Alonso

OK so it’s important to close that gap now, close that lap.
26 From Lewis Hamilton

The super-soft’s looking quite good, huh?
27 From Max Verstappen

I’m struggling a lot now.
27 To Max Verstappen

Copy Max.
27 From Lance Stroll

It’s very hard to overtake this one. He has very good traction out of the hairpins.
28 To Fernando Alonso

Fernando G6. 100% pace. How’s the balance.?
28 From Fernando Alonso

A little bit oversteering. And I cannot use G6 now, it’s wasting.
28 To Fernando Alonso

29 From Max Verstappen

Yeah this is almost undriveable now.
29 To Max Verstappen

OK copy that.
29 From Max Verstappen

OK I really want to box.
29 To Max Verstappen

Just stay out for this lap, Max.
29 From Max Verstappen

Yeah but look how much time I am losing.
29 To Max Verstappen

29 To Sergio Perez

Checo plan B.
30 From Carlos Sainz Jnr

Yeah front tyres are nearly finished because of many flat spots. Rears five more laps, something like that.
31 From Lewis Hamilton

Quite good pace but the rear doesn’t feel spectacular.
31 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel Max is the next car behind you now around three seconds behind you. He is on fresh soft tyres, don’t hold him up please.
31 From Daniel Ricciardo

33 To Kimi Raikkonen

OK Kimi quick update: Option pace looks good on Hamilton, he has been quite quick so I think it’ll be fine for us too. He has got some blistering but it’s not affecting his pace. And obviously Hamilton is going to be as threat to us at the end of this race.
34 To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando, Perez, who has stayed out, has lost time. We want best pace to the end.
34 From Fernando Alonso

What is the gap to Massa and who is quicker?
34 To Fernando Alonso

Gap to Massa 2.2, he’s managing his pace.
35 To Kimi Raikkonen

Nice lap Kimi, quickest man on track.
36 To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando race update. We are P9. There are two cars in front yet to stop, that’s Ricciardo and Perez. You are much quicker than Perez. Both should come out behind you. And Fernando how you’re driving the tyres should be good to the end.
36 From Fernando Alonso

Yeah. I would like to catch Massa to have the DRS.
38 From Pascal Wehrlein

Yeah there’s nothing I can try.
38 To Pascal Wehrlein

Understood Pascal. Nonetheless last lap time was good, three-tenths quicker than Gasly and we are racing Gasly.
39 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK for info the leaders pitted after around 27, 28 laps on their super-softs. They were starting to struggle. Remember there was quite a lot of Safety Car laps involved as well. That’s why we think it’s still a bit early at the moment. There are still 36 laps to go.
39 From Daniel Ricciardo

OK. Undestood. I think I can hold this.
39 To Daniel Ricciardo

Yeah that’s good stuff mate.
41 From Fernando Alonso

Gap to Massa every lap.
41 To Fernando Alonso

Last lap 2.8. Perez plus 6.7.
41 From Fernando Alonso

Perez I don’t care. He will come, nothing we can do. We catch Massa or we are in danger.
41 To Fernando Alonso

OK, let’s go get him then.
41 To Lance Stroll

Jesus he has good traction. How is this possible with 30 lap tyres?
42 To Brendon Hartley

Box Brendon box we are to retire the car.
42 From Brendon Hartley

Copy, box.
42 From Lewis Hamilton

I’ve lost time to Vettel.
42 To Lewis Hamilton

Yeah copy. He’s got to get through them too.
44 From Daniel Ricciardo

Starting to strggle.
44 To Daniel Ricciardo

44 From Daniel Ricciardo

Just can’t lean on it any more.
45 To Max Verstappen

OK so this will be blue flags for Stroll and Grosjean. They’re racing.
45 From Max Verstappen

They just keep racing.
46 To Lewis Hamilton

OK Lewis currently P5 at the moment. We are chasing a podium.
47 To Felipe Massa

That’s Ricciardo behind. He has DRS. Don’t make it too easy for him but he’s not really in our race.
48 From Max Verstappen

Is the wind increasing in turn three because I’m all over the place?
48 To Max Verstappen

It is gusty in three.
48 To Pierre Gasly

Fantastic job.
49 From Lewis Hamilton

Lost another two seconds just there. Wouldn’t let me by.
49 To Lewis Hamilton

Yeah copy we saw that.
51 To Valtteri Bottas

So based on Lewis’s wear we’re not concerned about your wear.
52 From Romain Grosjean

OK if I’m faster than the guy, can I overtake or can I not?
52 To Romain Grosjean

If you’re faster you can overtake. He has to pull away.
52 To Romain Grosjean

Box now Romain, we have a 10-second penalty, box now.
52 From Romain Grosjean

For what?
52 To Romain Grosjean

For the Ocon incident.
52 From Romain Grosjean

You must be kidding me. You must be kidding me.
52 To Romain Grosjean

Yeah so we’ll just be sitting there before the stop, before they commence work.
53 From Lewis Hamilton

Just to make a note of car feeling different.
53 To Lewis Hamilton

OK, copy.
55 To Max Verstappen

Do you think you can cope with plus one on your brake balance offset?
55 From Max Verstappen

No. The tyres feel like rocks. So stiff. Unbelievable.
55 From Lance Stroll

Ah this [censored by FOM] flat spot.
55 To Lance Stroll

The flat spot is OK in terms of safety so no problem.
55 From Lance Stroll

Yeah I know it but I can’t drive because the balance is killing me, the understeer.
55 To Lance Stroll

56 From Daniel Ricciardo

Did Max’s right-rear run hot as well on this compound?
56 To Daniel Ricciardo

Yes right-rear same temperature as you now. Your left-rear is nice and cool but your right-rear is the same as he had. He did 28 laps.
56 From Daniel Ricciardo

Was he in trouble at the end?
56 To Daniel Ricciardo

Yeah same as us on the soft, same symptoms you had on the soft, that’s why we’ve been a bit cautious, mate.
60 To Max Verstappen

Alright nothing you can do about that Max. So we just need to bring this home now, mate.
60 To Lewis Hamilton

Nice work Lewis that’s P4. Raikkonen next car ahead.
61 To Sergio Perez

Tyres now fine to push until the end.
62 From Max Verstappen

Can we make a pit stop because the tyres are horrible?
62 To Max Verstappen

Max at the moment our preference would be to stay out just to be able to capitalise and stay as close as possible to the guys ahead. I’m afraid that is the quickest way to the end of the race at this stage.
62 From Max Verstappen

Yeah but I don’t think we will stay close if within ten laps I’m drifting all over the track.
62 To Max Verstappen

I understand but with the laps remaining you wouldn’t necessarily make up and get back to your track position on the super.
62 From Max Verstappen

Oh sure but we will stay in fifth anyway so what’s the problem. This is just a lot more difficult to drive. Ah rear tyres are gone.
62 To Max Verstappen

64 To Valtteri Bottas

Ten laps remaining. Vettel has been told to look manage his tyres so if there’s anything left let’s go and attack him.
64 To Daniel Ricciardo

OK so for info Verstappen has boxed again. Same issues as we had at the end of our stint, same issues. I’m happy with our tyres the way they are.
68 To Lewis Hamilton

Go HPP7 to position two for a bit more poke.
69 From Lance Stroll

Woah the tyres, something’s on the tyre.
69 To Lance Stroll

OK, understood.
69 From Lance Stroll

Yeah I think it’s finito.
69 To Lance Stroll

Watch out behind is Felipe. Felipe racing eh, let Felipe go. There’s a train of Felipe, Alonso, Perez.
69 From Lance Stroll

OK but I’m boxing?
69 To Lance Stroll

Yeah you box.
69 To Max Verstappen

OK so Stroll has suffered a tyre failure. Possible debris around turn eight.
70 To Lewis Hamilton

Just keep the pressure on, Lewis, nothing to lose.
71 From Pascal Wehrlein

How many laps to go? I think the tyres will explode.
71 To Pascal Wehrlein

You finish this lap and then it’ll be the last lap.
VL To Sebastian Vettel

Yes! We won it! Great drive.
VL To Sebastian Vettel

Seb, grande gara.
VL From Sebastian Vettel

Woohoo. Grazie ragazzi. Forza Ferrari. Grande gara. Grazie! Danke!
VL To Valtteri Bottas

So good job Valtteri. Just didn’t fall our way today.
VL From Valtteri Bottas

Yeah sorry guys we lost it in the start. Otherwise the pace was OK compared to Ferrari but there was nothing we could do. Thank you guys.
VL To Kimi Raikkonen

Nice job Kimi nice drive. Thank you mate. Perfect.
VL To Kimi Raikkonen

Bravo Kimi. Well done Kimi.
VL To Lewis Hamilton

Nice work Lewis. That was close mate very close but P4, got to be hapy with that, only 5.4 seconds off the lead.
VL To Max Verstappen

Alright Max that’ll be it. Fifth place.
VL From Max Verstappen

That was a good effort Max. Unfortunately we didn’t have the pace today. You got the fastest lap at the end of it but a bit of a static race unfortunately.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Good race today mate. Good recovery.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo

Yep. Thanks guys. Can’t complain. Cheers, thank you.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

For info the incident with the three cars at turn two at the start of the race is going to be investigated after the race. We’ll see what happens.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo

OK. Obviously I was on the outside I couldn’t really see much. So I’ll let you tell me after.
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

Yeah understood mate. It looked like Vandoorne clipped your left-rear. Right-rear, sorry
VL To Daniel Ricciardo

That was a good effort Daniel, some nice moves into turn one.
VL From Daniel Ricciardo

Thanks Christian, cheers boys.
VL To Felipe Massa

Brilliant job Felipe.
VL From Felipe Massa

Come on!
VL To Felipe Massa

Thank you Felipe, terrific job, that was such a great drive. Thank you. It’s been an absolute pleasure.
VL To Felipe Massa

Obrigado, Felipe. Absolutely brilliant drive. Nice job. It’s been an absolute pleasure.
VL To Felipe Massa

Well done mate, brilliant drive. Thank you so much. Excellent, excellent drive.
VL From Felipe Massa

Thank you mate, thank you.
VL To Felipe Massa

Daddy I’m so proud of you and wherever you go I will support you. I love you. By the way, I loved your start.
VL From Felipe Massa

Thank you, I love you all. Thank you so much. I love all of you guys.
VL To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando nice race. P8. Almost had him.
VL From Fernando Alonso

Yeah very good. We definitely deserved the points today. Deserved the points many times but today we achieve it. Obviously with a normal speed we could finish top five, top four easily. So next year’s going to be fun.
VL To Fernando Alonso

Yeah mate. Great race and a great weekend.
VL To Sergio Perez

Good go Checo but P9 I’m afraid there.

Note: Only includes messages which were broadcast in the race coverage.
Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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    13 comments on “2017 Brazilian Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. Tyres. Tyres. Tyres. These Pirelli tyres are just something else.

      They are inconsistent within the same batch. They are inconsistent across different stints (on same car), They are inconsistent regarding operating temperature range and windows – even when they are identical. They are inconsistent across the cars in the same teams. They are inconsistent across different cars and different teams. They are inconsistent in practice, qualifying and race – even when conditions are the same

      They simply cannot be relied upon to behave in a consistent manner using ANY parameter. How on earth did we get here where a tyre manufacturer finds it impossible to build a compound/s that behave consistently in ANY given circumstance??

      1. @kbdavies You’re being harsh. It’s only logical that drivers and teams constantly communicate about tyres, tyre condition is one of the most important parameters in a race. I’m sure that in the Bridgestone era there were many messages about tyres too.

    2. From Romain Grosjean
      [Censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] [censored by FOM] I’ve been touched by Ocon from behind.

      5 other people since then have come out exposing Ocon for his unacceptable behaviour.

      1. Assuming you meant Grosjean.

      2. +1 , Historical incidents presumably? :-D

      3. @eljueta – funny and contextual in a non-F1 way, nicely done :-)
        @ho3n3r – two words: Harvey Weinstein.

      4. @eljueta Well done!
        On a serious note: in what parallel universe does Grosjean live that he actually believes that Ocon touched him from behind? Or was he referring to the first corner where he allegedly got a puncture after contact (with Vandoorne I believe).

    3. ‘Felipe Massa’s son Felipinho must have the distinction of being the youngest person to make an appearance in the team radio communications. He sent a special message at the end of his father’s final home race.’

      are you sure?
      wasn’t Max Verstappen younger than Felipinho is now when Max first raced a formula 1 car?

      1. Hmm… Felipinho is 8 years old

        1. Exactly……

    4. Grosjean is such an annoying character when behind the wheel… Loudly blaming Ocon for his own lack of caution.

      1. It was all ‘crybaby’ Alonso’s fault.

    5. Felipe’s son on the radio is my favourite ever team radio moment.

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