“I love you all”: Massa reveals special farewell helmet

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa has revealed a special helmet design he is using for his final F1 race this weekend.

The design incorporates the colours of the Brazilian flag and features the message “Thank you! I love you all! 2002-2017 F1” on the back.

Massa is bowing out of F1 this weekend in what will be his 269th grand prix start. He previously announced his retirement last season, but returned to drive another season for Williams after Valtteri Bottas moved to Mercedes at the end of last year.

Pictures: Felipe Massa’s last F1 helmet

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    16 comments on ““I love you all”: Massa reveals special farewell helmet”

    1. Slick colour. Alcohol free Williams stripe is just ruin it.

    2. It’s getting a bit overly melodramatic now. Where was all the fanfare when Button left? Sure, he went into a ‘sabbatical’ but we all knew he was gone. I hope we don’t have his kids all over the pit lane yet again.

      1. @selbbin You do realize that the “melodrama” is heavily affected by the driver’s actions, right? It’s not like people are sad over Massa’s second retirement because they think he’s a great driver, but just that it’s quite emotional for him personally and he has decided to express his emotions publicly (Like bringing his son to the race in Brazil), thus giving the F1 audience a chance to react to them.

        It must have been emotional for Button too, but if he wanted fanfare, he could have got it…he just decided to go quietly about his ‘sabbatical’. He will definitely be missed but if you wanted him to get a Massa style fanfare, he would have had to act like Massa too.

    3. Get rid of the Martini helmet and we’d have one of the most beautiful helmets ever.

      1. *Martini helmet stripe
        Keith, edit feature please!

    4. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
      24th November 2017, 13:51

      Massa had a better farewell helmet when he left Ferrari.

      1. The same but in a single shade of red with more offensive sponsor stickers is better? The contrasting visor was good, I’ll give you that.

    5. Just go away already.

    6. Here we go again

    7. Enough already.

    8. I really dont know why some react…He just had a different helmet for his last outing,saying something to his few,but loyal fans.

      Its one off Felipe’s best ”one off” helmet,i would like a bit more yellow on the top of the helmet.

    9. Helmet Design change =》 grid penalty?

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        25th November 2017, 7:33

        How will I ever identify the drivers??

    10. What a beautiful helmet.

    11. farewell Massa, until next time you retire (next year?)

    12. hm. I would not be at all surprised if Williams has to recall him from retirement. I am a fan of Felipe, one of the nicest guys on the grid, and now they have got two paydrivers in the car, who are actually slower than Felipe. Time will tell if they took the right decision, but I sincery doubt if they did..

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