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2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Formula One has revealed a new logo. The new design replaces the logo which has been in use since 1994.

It was revealed in a short video following the podium ceremony at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The previous Formula One logo
Formula One Management say the logo is “strongly inspired by the feedback from thousands of fans across the globe”.

The new design was created by branding agency Wieden and Kennedy London. It is intended to reflect the style of a Formula One car: “flat, low to the ground and with a suggestion of speed”.

F1’s director of marketing Ellie Norman said they wanted it to be a major departure from the previous design.

“When we talked to fans about what made Formula One amazing, what we heard was people loved the real, exhilarating, unpredictable and incomprehensibly fast elements of the sport,” she explained. “It was about racing.”

“But many felt those days were behind us and that the sport has become almost impenetrable for fans, particularly new ones. It was clear we were going to need to address some fundamentals of our brand, if we were to realise our ambition to make Formula One a major entertainment player and claim our rights to be the global media brand we should be.”

“What we say and do now is so important for our future, but it must always be driven by our fans. They come first.”

F1’s commercial director Sean Bratches said the new brand “symbolises the wider transformation taking place in Formula One as we aim to broaden the sport’s appeal, attract new audiences and build stronger connections with existing fans.”

“We set out to create a logo that captures the speed and excitement of the pinnacle of motorsport and this reveal signals the beginning of a new era for Formula One.”

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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    Podium, Yas Marina, 2017

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    146 comments on “New Formula One logo revealed”

    1. *Crofty at Australia, 2018*

      And welcome back, to another season of italicised r on top of another r 1.

      1. Someone get this man a beer!

        1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
          26th November 2017, 15:19


          1. @fullcoursecaution – ha ha, nice one. This can be read as ‘F1’, ‘FI’, or ‘RRI’.

            1. Or Ferrari F 1 in new red …

      2. Also, in about 3 minutes I improved 2 of the 3 proposed logos for them – Unfortunately the 2nd one just couldn’t be saved.

        1. No… No you didn’t. At all.

          1. Each to their own. They’re still fundamentally bad as they’re based off the one’s they presented, but I think especially the edits of the one they ended up using are alright.

            1. well, when i didn’t think it could be worse than this new logo… you surprised me

        2. If you could straighten the font, keep it white as in the video and then FOM started making grid slots in the shape of the new logo, I’d say the new logo could work really well. I understand that we need a new image for the new image of the sport. We’ll see what Liberty can do for F1, though I reckon F1 doesn’t need “Liberty” at all, more like freedom.

          1. Yeah, a change was definitely needed for this new era of the sport.

    2. Why they change it in the first place? It doesn’t look bad in the dark but looks horrible on the white.

      1. because they’re in control now and everyone needs to know.

        burn the bridges.

      2. Hamilton looks like he just turned around and saw it. “Really??”

    3. It looks about as good as the Halo.

      1. Alex McFarlane
        26th November 2017, 17:40

        Looks like the side profile of halo.

    4. I like it. It’s obviously been refined slightly from the versions we saw earlier. Looks simple and clean to me.

      As much as I can care about a logo, I like that one. And I completely understand why the sport’s new owners want a clean break from the old regime.

      1. @keithcollantine Agreed. Looks much better in red too.

      2. Yeah, I can see why they want to get away from the past and into the future they build up. Also it’s an advantage to have a single colour logo, that is far easier to use in diffent materials.

        And while I did see the 1 in the old logo for the last couple of years, it actually took me quite a few before I got that old logo (well, and it kind of has the Bahrain flag in it, right) so having something more straightforward is not bad.

        I take it as a sign they are building up towards a better F1, although off course a logo in itself doesn’t change much.

      3. Could’ve very easily done this with that design though –
        Are they trying to make it looks like tyre marks? Doesn’t work for me, and doesn’t look like an F at all.

        1. @hugh11 After sdeeing several attempts at you plugging your own stuff, you are not the graphic designer you think you are. Having to spell things out is not what this is about. There is abstraction, imagination and flights of fancy.

          You are just reducing this to something which you think is good graphic design, but to my mind you’re just writing with a stylised font which leans heavily on the actual design.

          It needs to say more than just the obivous…

          1. Thanks for saying what I was thinking

          2. @psynrg ah yes, 2 is several. I don’t think I’m a graphic designer, I was just showing how I thought they could improve their logo in something that took me literally 3 minutes for 4 logos.
            And I literally said that I used the actual designs to make them, I just moved the bottom ‘r’ across to actually make it an F, and got rid of the indent on the 1 in the other one. That’s all I did. This wasn’t original at all, I even said that in the original post so I have no idea why you think otherwise.
            And like I’ve also said, I don’t think it’s good. It’s fundamentally bad because it’s based off of their designs, which are bad.
            Try actually reading my comments before coming to conclusions!

            1. But the point is they are not improvements. At all.

            2. From an actual graphic designer: your improved versions of the logo are bad. They look rushed and unpolished. Designing a logo is not a 3-minute job, otherwise we wouldn’t charge for it the way we are.

              Your first version is blocky and doesn’t convey speed at all, but more importantly it’s not pleasant to the eye. Your “F” has both bars cut at different angles and its apex is cut by yet another angle. Similarly the number one, you cut it at a different angle at the top and different at the bottom. The whole design lacks balance and the “Formula 1” font doesn’t match the logotype. I can’t imagine anyone wanting this to be their trademark.

              “F” is top heavy and out of balance. “1” has a random vertical cut at the end which just looks like it’s badly cropped. The subtitle doesn’t match the design (the part of a lowercase “a” called a bowl has a definite angle to it, your “F1” symbol is positioned at a different angle and there is no synergy between the two at all). It took you 3 minutes and that’s probably what it’s worth.

            3. My mistake. It looks like they were the part of the original proposal. That’s not good. Your improvements still aren’t good, but in my opinion there were huge design flaws in the originals. The logo they chose is actually fine, but if they intend to use it with the proposed font, then it’s a bad choice in my opinion.

      4. Looking at their presentation of it on twitter – they seem to also be planning to use a different font for driver names, events etc to go with it

        1. Right, a new graphics package we will see for Australia.

      5. @keithcollantine I can totally understand Liberty wanting to refresh F1’s brand with new identity and logo, I just personally feel the chosen logo is a weak replacement.

        Like @glynh suggests, it looks like something out of the late 80s early 90s to me. Has a ‘retro futurism’ feel to it rather than feeling truly 2018. It reminds me of the old McLaren logo from the McLaren F1 roadcar days.

      6. Creative review piece on the new logo.
        Best part: “Quite frankly I just thought, look, there’s no way that we’re going to do an ‘F’ and ‘1’ any better than they’ve done it; it’s a beautifully simple way of doing it. ”
        Also, the logo comes with 3 fonts: F1 Regular, F1 Torque, and F1 Turbo.

        1. Very strong resemblance to the espn logo. All red, stylized rounded letters with a white line through it. Coincidence?

          1. Are you referencing the article quote: “The Formula 1 project came about through Wieden’s previous work with ESPN in New York, says Turley”

      7. I totally agree with you Keith. Not sure what all the hate is about. People like to flip at change and I don’t get it.

        There is an article online which shows concept merchandise, concept track markings, concept graphics etc and I think with the new fonts it looks cool and modern.

      8. I liked the old logo and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with, but the new one actually makes it look dated.

      9. Agree with Keith, I like it.

        The moaning on Twitter about this is hilariously over the top.

    5. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
      26th November 2017, 15:05

      Wow Force India’s new logo looks great.

      1. I have been thinking the same the whole time

      2. They’ll be gone next year anyway.

    6. Ironically it looks like an old game logo from the nineties. It’s not terrible but the old one was better and changing a logo seems wrong to me – they might as well rename the sport to ‘Ultimate Excitecars’ if they really want to change the image.

      1. @glynh – agreed – this new logo’s ribbon style is reminiscent of the 90s. In fact, I was shocked to hear that the previous logo (which I really liked) was introduced in 1994. For a logo that old, it has aged remarkably well, and one can only hope time is as kind to this new logo.

        1994 – (shaking my head). My god – that’s when Schumacher won his first title, we lost Senna & Ratzenberger, and when safety started making great strides.

        1. That means 2017 was 1994 part 2?

        2. in my eyes it looks dated already. not too optimistic..

        3. @phylyp @glynh side by side, the new logo looks more dated than the old one, and in a bad way. It looks exactly like an old video game, especially with the 3D animations.

    7. New logo is probably the best of the 3 we saw, But still don’t think it’s as good as the old one…. Think it’s pretty uninspiring & I can’t say that I like it at all.

    8. Judging by the ‘crossroads’ in the new logo, the future of Formula 1 can go one way or another ;-)

    9. It’s not a bad design, in fact, it’s a nice one… But it is neither memorably nor conceptually strong as it should be, like the previous one.

    10. I keep reading it as FI and not F1. They should have put a little serif at the top of the ‘1’.

      1. @phylyp It looks to me like rrI, as well as a serif they should have made the F a single piece which splits, in my opinion. That would also make it appear less squashed

        I’m hoping it will grow on me but as it is now, I doubt it will

        1. Ah, so it’s the new logo for “Ridiculous Racing Initiatives”.

        2. @strontium – that was in reply to you.

        3. So… the argument for changing the logo was that too many people didn’t see the “1” in the negative whitespace of the old logo.. and then they fix it by making a new logo where the “1” becomes an “i” or maybe and “l”…nice.. well i fixed it.. so now everyone can read it… New logo fixed

      2. I wonder how much ‘Wieden and Kennedy London’ were paid for this design which, as designs go, is not especially clever or witty or memorable or pleasing. I guess a few million dollars. Daylight robbery. But hey, Liberty can afford it.

    11. Am I the only one who is seeing a narrow track surrounded by oceans of tarmac run-offs in this logo?

      In any case next year’s Formula-1 fully deserves this one.

      1. You’re not, it’s dreadful

      2. @serg33 – you’re not the only one.

        Warning – cannot be unseen:

        Image credit to @socksolid

    12. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      26th November 2017, 15:17

      Looks like a right turn into a dead end

    13. I’d like it better if the 1 was checkered

    14. Not a fan of it myself & i’m hearing that it isn’t getting much love in the paddock either.

      Got a text saying it was getting some boo’s from the crowd during/after the unveiling & that those that weren’t booing were completely silent & that nobody in the stands seemed overly excited, enthusiastic or impressed.

      1. I was expecting a response like that, not remotely surprising (but fully deserved)

      2. Thanks for the inside take on this. Not surprised to be honest, and I have to disagree with Keith above. It looks too ‘fat’ and not particularly refined. Would get a B- in GCSE graphic design perhaps. Shame.

        1. On reflection, maybe I’m too harsh. It could be worse, it’s ok.

    15. I like it, the old logo was looking very dated makes sense for Liberty to refresh and modernise the branding.

    16. Michael Brown (@)
      26th November 2017, 15:22

      Has a 90’s feel to it, which I like. I liked the new video more than the current intro, actually.

      Still looks like rrl

      1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        26th November 2017, 15:26

        RRL on ESPN 10.00ET

    17. It doesn’t suggest motorsport to me. It looks like a corporate logo from one of those anonymous American conglomerates that does who-knows-what but is worth billions of dollars.

    18. Force India could use it without problems.

      1. You mean Force 1? ;)

    19. It’s horrible. Looks like a logo Force India would use. It’s not F1, it’s FI or rrI.

      The previous one was clever. Like amazon’s “a to z” or Carrefour’s C hidden in it. I understand they are trying to separate from previous eras, but this looks wrong. If this is the sign of things to come, the new stuff won’t be as good as the old stuff, and that’s not how you “improve”.

    20. Don’t like it, don’t dislike it either. But it’s a step forward in burrying Bernie’s forgettable legacy. Next year they could change it again with a better logo.

    21. Anyone found the “glitch” effects to replace the old f1 logo somewhat “rude”?

      1. Duncan Snowden
        26th November 2017, 16:05

        I was convinced they were going for the third one when I saw that.

        This one? Meh. It’s okay. Don’t love it; don’t hate it either. I felt the same about the old one, mind you. If anything, this is marginally better, in that it’s a cleaner design. Although it’s a bit bland. Doesn’t say “Formula 1” as clearly as the old one. It could be a multinational food business, or a new smartphone, or anything.

        And, given that Liberty’s beef with the old one was the supposed lack of clarity in its “negative space”, I’d chalk that up as a fail. Just, but still a fail.


      F1’s marketing head Ellie Norman said the design of the logo was based on two cars going around a circuit and battling for the finish line.

      “It takes inspiration from the low profile shape of the car, two cars crossing a finish line,”

      1. A logo is no good if you have to explain it.

        1. @serg33
          So in other words the previous one wasnt good either.

          1. @rethla, the previous one is obvious; it straightforwardly reads “F1” (regardless where is viewer finds the “1”) in a checkered-flag color pattern.

          2. @rethla I don’t recall ever having anyone explain the old logo to me

    23. Tonnes of runoff. This is what happens when you let Hermann Tilke design your logo!

      1. I do like the idea of incorporating a gravel trap into the logo though :)

    24. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
      26th November 2017, 15:40

      Liberty is anticipating the 2020 slot car formula when the cars go fully electric in a few years time – Ross Brawn’s scheme to improve overtaking has been revealed. ;-)

    25. What a logo!? I thought that my browser was stuck at picture download…, and expected to see more :-/

    26. As usual there’s all the bitching and whining from “fans” over every change.

      1. Indeed, but isn’t that just people telling the truth? Probably preferable to saying what others want to hear or even worse, becoming apathetic.

    27. FWIW here is my version of the new logo.

      1. Looks like “fj”. I’m afraid you are working with a sow’s ear here.

    28. At least the best of the three proposals won and its also all in red killing all the “They wanted Ferrari out of the logo” jokes.

    29. I definitely want to see some Ultimate Excitecars!!

    30. I just showed it to my sister who isn’t a fan of the sport or F1 & asked her what she thought……. Without the text name underneath she didn’t know it was F1, She thought it was heavily stylized odd looking N or something.

      At least when you saw the old logo you could easily tell what it was.

    31. Michael Buffer…silly regulations…corny logos. Not long from now in Austin, Texas, The Budweiser Avis Rent-A-Car Tostitos Wally’s Auto Parts Gran Prix.

      1. Hats with “Make F1 great again”

    32. 80s called, they want their logo back.

      1. Now I know what this logo reminds me of – Sega.

        A football-crazy friend of mine said the logo reminded him of the Juventus club’s logo.

        1. Yup. Remind me a lot of – this

        2. ROFL 🤣. I even sang the Sega jingle in my head when reading this @phylyp

    33. Change my profile picture for this.

      1. If you want a proof how bad the new logo is, just look at F1 twitter profile pic. Unreadable.

    34. Well, if i summed up what i think about that new logo, the comment would get deleted.


    35. I quite like it; better than the 3 teasers.
      We’ll get used to it very quickly (except for those who moan about everything)

      Great promo clip.
      I like the way they promote F1.

    36. Rubbish. It looks like a 9 year old designed it and thought it was for something called F-I.

    37. Although I find the new logo OK, I still prefer the old one, but regardless, I’m sure I’ll get used to it straight away from the first 2018 race weekend.

    38. Looks like someone set the wrong screen resolution on their computer. It probably looks great in 640×480…

    39. How common is having no serif at the top of the 1 ? The serif is taught in most mainland European countries iirc.

    40. I feel that the logo itself is too plain and simple, which might turn out to be a good thing eventually. For now the blunt change (we only see the logo itself) from what we had makes it seem to lack the cleverness and dynamics of the old logo. But with Wieden + Kennedy as the creative team behind it I’m eager to see how they’re gonna apply it. In the end the old logo was really just a logo. Now I feel they have the ability to turn it into a brand.

      For more on the process and mockups of the logo being applied, I found this article:

      1. Duncan Snowden
        26th November 2017, 23:01

        I have to admit, having read that and seen some of the mockups, I tend to agree. The logo itself is a bit bland, but it looks like the wider identity they’re constructing around it has been well thought-out. Some of the secondary designs they’ll be using alongside the new logo – the laurel wreaths, the vaguely 1-shaped “swoosh” – are quite impressive. And it’s interesting that they mention the way that much of F1’s identity is actually down to other logos – the sponsors’, the teams themslves’ – rather than the official one, and cite people like Designers’ Republic as influences. You definitely see how they intend to make a virtue out of that branding chaos rather than attempting to impose uniformity, much in the way TDR used to. I think we’ll get used to it surprisingly quickly.

        I found the work-in-progress booklet fascinating, incidentally. One looks a lot like the McLaren F1 logo (don’t know if that was intentional), there’s a couple of Ferrari knockoffs, one that I’m sure I saw on a PS1-era F1 game, and it appears they gave serious consideration to just refreshing the existing one at one point. Very interesting.

      2. Thanks for that link, it made for good reading.

        I fully agree with Duncan that the new logo is bland (particularly on a white background, it looks better on black/red), but the overall mockups look good, such as the trackside branding (e.g. 2018 Singapore GP).

        That said, I’m a little concerned at the mockups that plan to use the F1 Regular typeface for on-screen elements – that typeface seems to be style at the expense of readability, with the width of characters being too wide. Imagine showing the table of qualifying times on screen in this font. I’m surprised an F1 Condensed typeface wasn’t rolled out as well.

        The F1 Torque typeface is neat, I look forward to that.

        I’m still amused that all these 3 typefaces have serifs for the ‘1’, but the logo doesn’t.

    41. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      26th November 2017, 17:55

      Is this Force India’s new logo? :-) It reads FI a lot more than it does F1.

    42. Michael Brown (@)
      26th November 2017, 17:57

      Twice as many dislikes as likes on the video of the new logo on the F1 YouTube channel

    43. Alex McFarlane
      26th November 2017, 18:20


      Looks like the symbol for the electric windows in my car, perhaps a foreshadowing of an electric future for F1, and not in the sense of being exciting.

    44. The F for me was inpired in the RAI / Vestappen events at US. Below you have RAI’s line and on top VES

    45. The old one was cool for nostalgia reasons but as logos go it looked old. This one has maybe a bit too much length on that F, but looks nice.

    46. Force India…. Or perhaps a well known gaming franchise:

    47. Nick (@theawesomefish)
      26th November 2017, 18:40

      I’m fine with it, personally. I can see why they’d want to make some kind of fresh start after Bernie’s reign, and the old negative space logo was inexorably tied to that. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and see where they go with the graphics package and the like.

      Admittedly, though, it doesn’t look much like an F or a 1. So I went into Paint.NET and tried to make it clearer, here’s what I ended up with:

      1. @theawesomefish I hate the new logos but your efforts look superb! That’s what they should’ve done. It even looks like it’s going faster.

      2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
        26th November 2017, 20:30

        Agree with Fer. Well played @theawesomefish top tinkering!

      3. Looks much better!!!

      4. @theawesomefish – I like it, looks great, even in monochrome.

        You do realize that it’s not just drawing up a stylish logo, right? You need to do a write-up of a few hundred words where you waffle on about how this evokes speed and passion and energy, how the lines are reminiscent of the oil lines from the tank to the pump, etc.

    48. Wow exciting logo…Zzzzzz…

      Never seen any logo looking more booring….what about changing i to a black color on a black background…..zzzzzzz

    49. It’s not great. It doesn’t t read as “formula 1” for the uninitiated. But the old one was hideous, if ultra-literal.

    50. I don’t particularly like it butI think that it it very important for Liberty to give it a new look to create some space between the old regime and the new.

      1. Yes, I think you’re right. You can’t please everyone, so this one will do. As I think about it, how it works as an animated GIF image could make this a great icon.

    51. it could be worse tbh. i agree with the above. if you have to explain it, it’s not good.

      @keithcollantine can we have a caption contest with what those 3 on the podium think about the new logo behind them? can we? can we?

    52. I see a lot of people trying to fix the logo. Sit back and look at what you’ve done and you’ll see why your “fixes” don’t work. As a graphic designer I see what they were going for. I think the F is slightly too long and I don’t like the typefaces at all. I don’t think the typefaces they’ve designed go with the logo itself. Those look like they would be better suited to a music festival or a rave. That’s exactly what they remind me of typefaces that were heavily used in the early 2000s on Electronic and Psychedelic CD compilations. I can see that he tried to emulate curves and fluidity in the last one like a circuit but I don’t think they’re legible, especially from a distance and in all caps. They needed a simpler typeface to gel better with the simplicity of the logo. The two together are a bit contradictory. Do I love it no but I will get used to it. I do like the simplicity of it though and I appreciate the creative process behind it.

    53. Definitely a step in the right direction. Good Call. This logo will still look up to date in 15 years time, which is I am sure what they were trying to achieve. When you put it beside the current logo, the current looks like a kids logo from the 80s.

      But they could have executed it just fractionally better. The 1 just needs work, but it would be almost impossible to get the 1 spot on without compromising the F.. and making the F a clearly obvious F would just kill it.

      This has a lot of sophistication, very clean and renewable, and has a future.

      Just still.. there’s something that its missing that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it looks too Indycar/ESPN-y?

    54. Yeah…no…it’s definitely NOT an improvement over something that was both clever and good looking already.
      But like the 2014 cars and their ugly noses, we’ll probably get used to it over time…

    55. Well, there’s no easily discernible ‘F’ in there or a ‘1’.
      All part and parcel of the fuzzy message that Liberty is putting out for F1.

      1. Well, I thought the RR was an obvious F, and you can see a 1 in both the right hand upright, and in the shape of the logo turned on it’s side with the right upright as the base of the one, and the line in the middle also forming a 1, so there are several. It’s still bad, though.

    56. I prefer the old logo, but this is fine…whatever. What I do find funny is the quotes used in the article to describe what they were trying to achieve with the new logo. Who looks at this and feels “speed & excitement”? It’s just a logo. This was probably not money well spent.

    57. So, will this improve overtaking?

    58. As some posters mentioned above , there are espn and corporate America elements in the design. I would like to add that there are some shared design impeessions with the ufc logo as well .

      As an aside , anyone think that the gap between the 2 ‘r’ is too narrow ? At long distance you cannot see the gaps and it looks like just a red blob.

    59. So this logo has been brought in to herald a new age in F1? Well, it’s boring as &^#$. That’s not a good sign.

    60. david kilpatrick
      27th November 2017, 2:19

      Who cares? What a waste. Spend the money on something useful, like nutting out the grud penalty fiasco.

    61. Turn it 90 degrees clockwise and we have a very beautiful thin while number 1 in the middle surrounded by a thick red number 1 on the outside.

      VERY CLEVER ❤️

    62. There is a hidden something here as well. Turn the logo 90 degrees. Boom there’s a one. Now put that one with a much cooler F and there’s your awesome logo.

    63. Nice rendition of Casey Carey’s sofa!

    64. I don’t mind it. The hidden 1 in the old logo was an amazing idea, but the old logo does show its age when placed next to the new one. I think the supporting typefaces will date quite quickly though. “F1 Turbo” is awful – just looks ridiculously stretched!

      The only thing I would possible tweak on the new logo is to make it look a touch more like an ‘F’ and less like ‘rr’:

      1. The only thing I would possible tweak on the new logo is to make it look a touch more like an ‘F’ and less like ‘rr’:

        Like this

      1. This is a lot better.. nice work!

      2. That’s a big improvement.

    65. Nooooo!
      Wake me up from this nightmare…

    66. Oh my God! What is it! rr1 or rrl or rri or A or is it Halo side view?

    67. I actually quite like it.

      It’s better than the old one.

      Didn’t even realise that had a hidden 1 in it until a few weeks ago.

    68. For me i instantly liked the look of the new logo which is strange as i am someone who usually dislikes change like this at first (including my own company’s logo when it was recently changed). However branding is not a science it is an art and i think this logo does look fresh and in my view the old logo looked very dated and badly in need of an update.
      I am glad we are leaving the Bernie era behind and liberty are right to re-brand and drive F1 forward with a clear vision. I just hope they now make good racing improvements.

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