Rate the race: 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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123 comments on “Rate the race: 2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. An hour and a half lying on my sofa asleep, what could be better?

    1. having your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner/wife/husband there to have fun with?

      1. Papo Chicharra (@)
        26th November 2017, 23:58

        nah…too many people.

    2. Past Abu Dhabi GP’s would’ve been worse. Not wanting to sound pessimist next season’s new logo, new Halo, Abu Dhabi GP will be worse.

      1. even years are decided in Abu Dhabi – did not check, i may be completely wrong

    3. Well, I really enjoyed this last race. I switched off the TV
      after ten minutes and took the dog for an hours walk
      in the pouring North Devon rain. Infinitely preferable
      it was to the tragic borefest on that artificial island in that
      artificial country.

      We all know that in F1 money talks, and that really big
      money talks loudest. I’m pretty sure Liberty must be reading
      the commercial signs as well or better than anyone else.
      Lets all hope they get the message very, very loudly.

      The perfect way to destroy the F1 Golden Goose is to
      continue to allow total mediocracy to end each F1 season.

      F1 needs Abu-Dabi like a very large hole in the head.

      1. I switched off after 10 minutes too. I didn’t take the dog for a walk, I went to bed. (Southern Hemisphere)

    4. So another mechanical retirement for Ricciardo then.

      If I’m not mistaken, that makes 5 for Dan and only 4 for Max. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we hear from all and sundry last season how Max was going to destroy Dan this year? And earlier in the year all we heard was that Dan was only leading Max because Max had more mechanical retirements?


      1. Well, the reason why ricciardo is farther than verstappen now is verstappen lost more points through retirements, as he ended up retiring from better positions and ricciardo gained places often cause of verstappen retiring in front; ricciardo also had less crashes as it’s well known that verstappen always goes for overtakes at the start, even when risky.

  2. I usually always stay positive, concentrate on the good about a race and I accept it won’t be a great race every time… but must admit that this one made me glad the season is over.

  3. Processionary. I think the only overtake in the top 10 was Alonso jumping Massa.
    A bit of excitement with Hamilton chasing down Bottas, but I wasn’t expecting any changes.
    Surprisingly the bit of excitement came from two drivers who’ve received their share of criticism – Grosjean and Stroll.

    1. They finished in the same order as they started ok Daniel dnf not counted.

  4. I would vote… but the lowest rating I can give would still be too high. This was the most boring race of the season, I even switched the tv off a few laps before the end.

    1. @spafrancorchamps – with your handle named after a brilliant (and my favourite) circuit, I can see how you – like many of us – struggle to find anything positive in this circuit and its races.

  5. Where did Bottas find that speed all of a sudden??

    1. Watching Rosberg’s Vlog?

  6. Quite straightforward overall, but at least there were battles for a position both at the front and further back to some extent.

  7. 3/10. A depressingly familiar parade without any substantive action. Only some lower midfield battles. The second worst race of the season after Sochi. Two soulless, semi-street circuits with too much run off yet at times too tight corners where following is impossible, funded by oligarchs and dubious characters. F1 in 2017.

    On another issue I’m curious. Ricciardo retired from a technical issue a lap or two after hitting the wall. Are other people like me, in that I’ll automatically assume it was his fault, ie not a mechanical? Just wondering.

    1. +1 for soulless

      3/10 too, though it should be an automatic 0 for this circuit being the season ‘finale’ and a -5 for the pit lane exit.

    2. It depends, @hahostolze and we won’t know without further info.

      Christian Horner said that it was a hydraulic issue that caused his retirement. Now, if he’d hit the right rear tyre, then maybe some shock could have made its way up the axle to the gearbox, potentially affecting the hydraulics in the gearbox.

      What I saw on screen seemed like it was just a bit of bodywork that flew off, though I can’t even accurately say which part of the car it was – it looked like the end-plate / fences, but his front wing didn’t go near the wall.

  8. Bi ba boring. Nothing at stake. No real threats. Even the start was pretty meh. Last race without halo deserved more…

  9. It was better than the icy cold next few months with no racing at all – so that’s positive !!!

    1. @ahxshades – this is the nicest thing one can say about this track. Imagine going into the inter-season break after a thrilling Brazilian GP (like 2008, 2012, 2016) – the withdrawal symptoms would be excrutiating.

      This race sets us up for the boredom of the next three-ish months.

      1. @phylyp, I was trying to be positive – damn . . . 3 months !!!!!!!!!!

      2. Common denominator of the 3 races you mentioned? It rained!

    2. So you are saying it’s actually a good thing this track really doesn’t give any great racing because then we would suffer harsher effects from going cold turkey after it @ahxshades :-)

      1. @bascb, tha’ts a perfect translation man

    3. Well… think about the nice / useful things you can do on a Sunday afternoon the coming 4 months.

      Today I did threw away 2 hours of my life. Wasn’t expecting much, but reality was even 100 times worse.

      1. @bascb – I am in mourning for the fact that I stayed in to watch an Abu Dhabi race rather than a quiet afternoon out in several bars !

  10. Matt (@hamiltonfan1705)
    26th November 2017, 14:45

    Would rate it 0.0000001/10 if there was an option

  11. Gave it a 1 and it was too high. What an awful awful race at a disgusting track. I hope a meteorite falls on it when no one is around to get us rid of this abomination

  12. 5, inc. +1 for Hamilton giving it a go. Terrible circuit. Good drives from Massa and Hulkenberg, excellent from Bottas well deserved win.

  13. Eh. Was okay. Had potential for battles but everyone just stayed 1.1s behind each other. Abu Dhabi, what can I say.

  14. at last this season ends.complete rubbish start to finish of 2017.another procession of limited power,limited fuel,limited development and very little entertainment for the paying public.track limits,red tape and useless replays and pit shots of various family members instead of racing coverage.i will not be renewing a subscription.

  15. Nought out of ten.

    Hateful, capitalist race track with right-wing facilities, and a circuit which despite having a blank canvas on, they designed a bunch of chicanes and 90 right with no challenging corners to test drivers and the only fast corner is flat out anyway. And it has the cheek to be the final race of the year!

    Abu Dhabi… get lost you pathetic excuse for a circuit.

    1. I look at Abu Dhabi and think, “Nivelles-Baulers was pretty good”

    2. “Hateful, capitalist race track with right-wing facilities”


      1. I’m just angry :P

        1. @brickles
          Yeah, but calling facilities ‘right wing’ makes about as much sense as calling someone’s hair ‘stupid’ … ^^

          1. Yeah looking back it was a rather strange thing to say.

  16. worst race of the season. As exciting as listening to a chess match in the radio

    1. Russia was worse, I think.
      Here we had a few overtakes and battles. In Russia we only had one overtake or so during the race

      1. You’re right. Let’s call it even?

  17. The dullest race I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m struggling to find redeeming qualities to it. Yeah, there were a few moments where it looked close between the Mercedes, but I always got the impression Valtteri had it in hand. The fact that this circuit hosts the season finale is absolutely criminal. Heck, the fact that it is anywhere on the F1 calendar is criminal.

    I miss the good old days where we always talked about the Hungaroring as F1’s dullest track. We had no idea just how bad it could be…

  18. Boring, lacking any action, mundane, processional, soulless, etc, etc. Words already used by other people to describe this desert GP in the most sterile of atmospheres.

    However, I enjoyed it. I wish it was more exciting, but that does not determine my ability to enjoy the contest. We need move past this mindset that a race must be filled with overtake galore, spectacular accidents, incidents between drivers, or challenges for the lead, before we claim it as enjoyable.

    This is not WWE wrestling.

    1. I get your point, but you’re going from one extreme to the other in your comparison. Those that do not enjoy watching cars race at the Abu Dhabi cookie cutter are not those calling for more WWE ‘overtakes’.

      The frustration lies with years and years (and years) of comments on how rubbish DRS is, how the front wings need to be smaller, and how Tilke monopolised track design to generate style over substance circuits with constant radii turns.

  19. What a snoozefest. Easily the worst race of the year. Yas Marina and rock solid tyres (one-stop) is a great recipe for disaster. And halo is on for next year…

  20. Voted a 3, along with Monaco and Russia, the worst races of the year, pretty much nothing happened as of note except for the ‘race’ for the lead by the Mercs.

    Here’s two interesting stats too which I just noticed, each time Vettel and Hamilton have been on the podium other than their wins, they have finished 3rd and 2nd. And since 2014 the winner of this GP has gone on to take the title the year after (the same can be said for Brazil and Mexico since 2015 for both).

    1. Vettel and Hamilton have been on the podium other than their wins, they have finished 3rd and 2nd.

      Wow!!! You dont say!

      1. I assume Alex means they have not finished Vettel 2nd and Hamilton 3rd this season

      2. I was meant to say throughout the years the race has been held not just this year lol.

  21. tgu (@thegrapeunwashed)
    26th November 2017, 15:11

    I enjoyed that one! I was cheering on The Hulk – Renault deservedly beat Toro Rosso, the perfect response to their bitching! And Bottas drove the perfect weekend. 7/10.

    1. So first they took away their star driver, then they gave them poor engines and only then they finally manage to beat their customer team. I don’t think that’s something to cheer about.

      1. @f1infigures

        then they gave them poor engines

        Sorry, but that’s nonsense. They’re homologated engines, after all.

    2. Uhm, Toro Rosso bitching?

      That was just a reaction to Abiteboul who claimed that the Renault engine failures were due to the way Toro Rosso integrated the engine in the car. Something they decided over a year ago, in conjunction with Renault…
      Tost basically said that if Cyril believes it is no coincidence he must be right, but Toro Rosso were not to blame; implying Renault made them fail.

      Just tit for tat and quite ignorant from Renaults side; don’t start a fire if you can’t stand the heat.

  22. Awful race, on an awful track (the worst layout of the championship).
    1/10 for me.

  23. I think the new logo revealed post race drops it down to a negative. Absolutely horrid.

  24. At the moment the average rating is 3.86 which makes it the second worst race since 2008.

    Awful race and awful track

    1. The worst must be Valencia right (anything but 2012 that is)?

  25. -1 because of the unveiling of the dreadful f1 logo at the end. Kind of like rubbing salt on a raw wound.

  26. 2/10…. but it would have been 1/10 without the final doonuts, the only interesting thing in this race !

  27. If only they’d make the chicane between the two straights a fast corner, and let go of the T5/6/7 combination and just used the tiny straight towards the hairpin,…

  28. Back at my hotel after watching from the South Grandstand at turn 11. Just 2/10 for the twelve lap battle between Moanin Grosjean and Stroll. Ended sadly when Stroll pitted.

    1. Did you travel for this race, e.g., from the U.K.? If so, I’d love to hear your thought process. Is the race an excuse for the warm weather and beach time?

      1. Yep. Just out for the race with a mate. Left the wives at home. Out Thursday, back in the morning.
        Do one or two races every year. Clocked up 32 foreign races so far. Best was Brazil 2012. Now that was a cracker. Also saw Kubica crash at Canada in 2008 when Hamilton won his first GP.

        1. You meant 2007. That is when Hamilton won his first GP.

          1. Happy to be corrected by you @emerckx. I’ve been to a lot of races, and I can get my dates mixed.

  29. All the people who proclaimed last week that they “rather see a race long battle without an overtake, than 100 DRS passes” got exactly what they asked for today. Let’s wait and see (to use a Kimi-ism) if it gets the 8-or-so out of 10 rating such a dream race deserves…

    1. A race long battle without an overtake would be fine if there was actually a battle going on, which there wasn’t really.

    2. Where was the race long battle? I don’t know about you but to me a battle is where cars are actually attempting overtakes, getting alongside. Except for Grosjean and Stroll briefly, there was none of that either. You can’t call what the Merc’s did as battling.

      1. @brickles @weeniebeenie
        There were many long battles: for the lead, Raikkonen vs Verstappen, Hulkenberg vs the Force India’s, Massa vs Alonso, Magnussen vs the Saubers & STR’s. There were just very little overtakes, exactly the thing some people seemed to ask for last week in the discussions about DRS and Vettel’s comments.

  30. I don’t understand all the hash critique here. It was a solid race with some fantastic wheel-to-wheel battles and HAM closing on BOT. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Strategy didn’t play any part, which was the only negative I can think of. We’ve seen many races worse than this even this year. 7/10.

    1. There was one wheel to wheel battle, and it was down the field. What else was there?

  31. We got to see a bit of fighting for the lead, but it already felt a foregone conclusion, you knew Hamilton wasn’t making it past Bottas.

    They have so much run-off area I never understand why the corner profiles aren’t changed to something that allows passes.

  32. It’s that Lance was passed otherwise and very boring race so an 3 from me

  33. Once the championship was sorted, it’s a bit of an anti climax for me….however any small amount of enthusiasm I may have had was crushed with this excuse of a track for F1 cars…..sadly it’s a place that will feature for many years as they have the money…
    They could have put out a safety car for Ricciardo…that may have livened it up a little…and am sure Lewis was not really trying to pass Bottas
    Looking forward to next season…

  34. A processional race, not helped by a really bad tv director. The critical part of the race as far as the win was concerned was around the Mercedes’ pit stops. We spent most of that watching Daniel Ricciardo wandering around, talking to marshalls, pushing his car… Would have been nice to see the drivers at the time they were actually pushing flat out but we missed it.

  35. ILuvSoundtracks (@)
    26th November 2017, 16:17

    4. Boring just because the WDC battle is over.

  36. Apart from a few battles, this race defined what is wrong with this track: everything. Please remove it from the calendar, or change the cars in a radical way.

    As a race this was just an afterthought to a long season, with only Renault overtaking Toro Rosso in the championship as a significant moment.

  37. It is no problem the race is boring because you’re being paid in the milllion of dollar scale, all in all.

  38. The only suitable rating for this race, and more precisely for this track is given by the limit of 1/x as x –> 0, otherwise known in mathematics as a singularity. A black hole of corporate, crypto/monarchy/fascist, where no light nor excitement can escape.

    1. Even the architectural firm ‘Asymptote’ designed the Yas Island Hotel. You couldn’t make it up.

    2. Excellent analysis!

  39. 5,only for the Stroll-Grosjean battle & the Alonso-Massa fight part 2…

  40. First time I ever score a race lower than 5. I gave it a 1.

    Only real position changes were when some car failed…

    Hamilton was much faster than Bottas. No chance to pass… Vettel was 20 seconds from nearest driver, Max was gaining on Kimi, no chance to overtake.

    Start was boring pit stops uneventful, safety car non existant, podium was flat.

    Venue had more asphalt run off than actual track. So lowest grade from me, I can hardly imagine the race being less entertaining.

    Meanwhile in the morning I watched e-Sports F1 race, that one was excellent.

    A mix of poortrack, performance disparity and end of season then.

    1. I understand your feelings regarding this race, but remember the Russia GP.
      Here we had a few battles, in Russia there was 1 overtake during the race (?)
      Comparing these GP’s, don’t you think this one was even ‘much’ better than the one in Russia?

  41. I can’t understand why everyone thinks this race was worse then Australia, Monaco, Austria, Hungary, Monza, Austin and Mexico??It was the same processial rase there and the layout of Yas Marina isn’t worse then Albert Park, red Bull Ring, Monza and Mexico

    1. Oh come on, this has to be the only race where the top 12 was in the same order as the grid order for most of the race.

  42. Worst race of the year.

  43. Well I am not that generous a marker but I gave it a 6. There was a bit of a battle for the lead but it did not really matter.

    Some interesting battles down the field though between Grosjean and Stroll and Massa and Alonso. I am sure I have seen worse races than this earlier in the year. I think it was Russia I gave a 4 to. My lowest mark was 4 and my highest a 9 for Azerbaijan.

    I still think it bad that Abu Dhabi is the host for the final race of the season. It was better when the last race was Brazil or Japan but then they did provide very exciting races either this year.

  44. 2
    So so so dull.

    The morning’s GP3 race rated a 7.
    The F2 race; easily a 8 (or 9), especially Rowland coming thru’s the pack and Albon / Leclerc overtake on last lap.
    Nothing wrong with the circuit; junior races overtaking all over the place & odd corners.
    Fix F1 cars, not logo.

  45. Typical Yas Marinas – second most expensive parade of the year (exceeded only by Monaco).

  46. 4; -1 for horrendous new logo. 3 it is.

  47. That was a horrific race, if I was a new viewer watching F1 for the first time, I very much doubt I would make any effort to watch another one.

  48. Wow, why is everyone rating this race so poorly?!

    I gave it 6 out of 10.
    Sure I didn’t give it 10 out of 10, but I’m still sort of human and can see a dull race when I see one.

    Why 6 when everyone’s choosing around 3? Well we still saw a full field of F1 cars driving as fast as they can (better than 6), we still had strategy decisions that could make or break races (like 2010, although less impact on championship) to think about, and drivers were still actually trying to pass on one of the most difficult tracks of the series… it’s not like they were on a slot car track driving single file.

    Lewis was wringing the neck of that Merc in the first sector to be in DRS range when Bottas hit traffic, just to have a shot if something happened. I guess you guys might have missed that? This is an F1 Fanatic site yeah?

    There’s always more to a ‘boring’ race…

  49. Keith — could you please add “zero” to the possible votes? I voted 1, but only to add to your total number of fans voting. This had to be the most boring race I have ever seen in sixty-four seasons. Apart from Ricciardo’s hydraulics, and Alonso making up a place, the results were as per the starting grid. The new logo sucks, the commentators nearly fell asleep, even Brundle said that next year is more of the same, no changes to the regs (he did mention the totally ugly halos.) The Sky interview with that dumb designer Tilke was an anti-climax. The pizazz of F1 has gone down the drain — and that appears to be the way Liberty wants to push it.

  50. If pre season testing is screened live on the YouTube channel it will be better than today’s race. I like watching Friday practice and testing if available but this was very bad. Next year this race will be so much better as things are being changed….no shark fin or coat hanger wings, the addition of the halo and a new F1 Logo will make this race a classic next year.

  51. Race…. awful. I think the only reason I stayed with this was to listen to Diffey, Hobbs, Matchett and Buxton one last time. Their commentary is always great. Even if the race is a pile of …… you know.
    I think the most exciting thing was the fireworks show.
    Now we have a long winter ahead of us with no racing, cold dreary days and even colder nights. Usually i won’t get in a bad mood until the end of january but this race put a rush on that. 1/10
    On another note….. I would like to know who rates these races a 10 every single time. And why?

    1. At least Hobbs finally commented on the Laurel, and Hearty Handshake (thank you, Blazing Saddles!).

    2. Yep, a sad moment indeed, they were special and unique, I’m amazed they could keep it together today, if I’d had a shoe and some bubbly I’d have drank with them at the end.
      Leigh Diffey “I have the fortune of speaking to a lot of interns and young people who want to be on-air and tell them that you have to get along with your colleagues off-air.”
      And it showed, you’d be welcome in my home to watch a race anytime guys, via con dios.
      I reckon NBC did a pretty damn fine job with F1, unless someone at ESPN comes to their senses, it’s the end of an era.

    3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
      27th November 2017, 3:00

      I can’t believe we have to say goodbye to Diffey, Hobbs, Matchett, and Buxton – they made the races so much fun to watch. I just hope we get to see them again someday.

      I loved the Shooey at the end!!! That was awesome! Too bad Will wasn’t there to toast with them! I will also miss Sam Posey’s pieces.

      I’ve been very spoilt in my sports coverage – from Nick Harris in MotoGP to Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen on Bein and the guys on NBC F1.

      I hope ESPN brings them back!!!

      Cheers to you fellas!

  52. The best part of the show was the double helix flyover before the race began.
    Atleast the qualifying session was entertaining.

    1. I didn’t see that on the syndicated feed here, thanks both for pointing that out @ferrox-glideh @budchekov

  53. What lunatic voted that parade a 10?

    If Ricciardo hadn’t DNF’d, the top 10 at the flag would have matched the starting grid– No, wait, Alonso passed Massa.

  54. 3, try to be positive but it was a boring race.

    When one of the highlights / lowlights is the wheelman messing up on the Renault…

  55. Paul Ortenburg
    27th November 2017, 2:39

    I watched most of the race at between x8 and x30 speed with the occasional normal speed when Riccardo and Sainz went out.

    I don’t think I missed anything.

  56. a brief glimpse at F1 2018. F1 is dead.

    1/10 and I would have given it a 0 if I could.

    Bye. F1.

  57. I feel like a minority on this one. I gave the race an 8

    I thought it was pretty entertaining throughout the race. There were a ton of battles – between Lewis and Valterri at the top, between Alonso, Massa and Sainz, between Grosjean and Stroll, and the Magnussen train towards the end.

    Also thought we saw some of the best overtakes on this circuit today. Grosjean pulled a great one on Stroll, Alonso pulled a mega overtake on Massa.

    Overall the nature of this track makes it difficult to overtake, but there was a lot of tension with the cars chasing today, and there were fewer than expected sham DRS overtakes.

    I actually thought this was the best Abu Dhabi Grand Prix I’ve seen since 2012.

  58. It was boring. For all the hype, from Channel 4’s Ben Edwards (who sounds like he wants to have Hamilton’s love child), Hamilton was never going to win in AbDrab.
    He was ‘taking one for the team’ in an effort to secure second spot in the championship for Bottas. There were at least half a dozen times he could have sailed past Bottas into the lead but held back. If Vettel had suffered a DNF Bottas would have had second spot in the championship, but only if he won in AbDrab.
    There was a comment, again from Ben Edwards, that the race was a ‘sell out’. Looking at the aerial shots of the race of the sparsely filled stands and the half empty car parks it would seem that the ‘sell out crowd’ bought tickets but didn’t bother to turn up, a bit like the rest of us if this rubbish continues.

    1. it would seem that the ‘sell out crowd’ bought tickets but didn’t bother to turn up, a bit like the rest of us if this rubbish continues

      LOL, @lotus49

  59. 1 – Because of the New Logo during the post race

  60. My wife and commented about 14 or 15 laps in that the top 10 or cars were all in the same position as when they started.

    Personally Grosjean was the star of the race, his battle with Stroll was probably the only bit of great racing I which got me verbalising “ooohs” at the screen!

    1. *and I

  61. Wasnt the worst race in the world, the lack of overtaking opportunities made me appreciate Grosjean and Stroll more. A little anticlimatic but no way the worst race I’ve seen. Certainly beats 90s races with minutes between cars and less than 10 finishers.

  62. I ironed 15 shirts whilst watching this race, so it was a quite productive time.

    1. @lubhz – I kid you not – I was doing the same thing for the upcoming working weeks. Probably the only reason I stayed awake.

  63. Very laaaaazy race! Sleeeeping! Nothing happens! No overtake in the front, only some battle beteen Massa and Alonso, Stroll and Gorsjean, but its very few!
    This circuit have to be changed! Its impossible to overtake there! The cars had to be changed – it will not happens since FIA hasn’t published anithing abou changin the cars -, becouse in all season we had very few moves…

  64. I was a little bit ‘in drink’ and fell asleep at least once, but the bits I saw were classic Abu Dhabi – absolutely nothing happened.

    Will try to watch it again to see if my rating was fair.

  65. I gave it a 1
    Feel a bit bad because its not the worst race I ever seen, its just how I feel,
    weirdly im not over excited about next year, I dont want halo, I dont want any more processional races, I still dont fully accept the hybrid engine but its all getting shoved right in.

    Lastly it still irks me that I have to pay sky to watch F1, I expected liberty to do something good, I definitely expected more from Ross Brawn.

  66. I could not watch it, had to work, but in the end I missed nothing. Therefore no rating. Maybe they (f1) should not change the cars but the circuits.

  67. An uneventful and dull race I only rated it a 3.

    As is sometimes the case I thought that barring car troubles the main places would all be decided after the first lap and that was the case. There were a few overtakes lower down the order but not enough to earn the race a decent rating.

    I normally leave a longer comment for rate the race but I think the fact I didn’t says more about what I thought about the race.

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