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Robert Kubica has made his first appearance for Williams in today’s test at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

Here are pictures from today’s test.

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20 comments on “Abu Dhabi test day one in pictures”

  1. Interesting to see aero bits on the halo already (McLaren)

  2. look at that halo on the mclaren

    1. Doesn’t look that bad. I think we will get used to it in time.

    2. Interesting to see some aero elements on the top of the halo.

      1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
        28th November 2017, 13:05

        I don’t think Todt and co. would be too pleased about that.

    3. I think it even looks good!

      1. Oh yeah, it just looks awesome.

  3. With the Halo I want to know what everyone thought of it.

    1. I absolutely loathe it from the bottom of my heart, and it is the reason I shall not be watching anymore F1 races.

      1. You say that now but you’ll be back! :D

  4. First thoughts:
    – Not another Renault engine blowout
    – Wow, Ferrari are running a street sweeper

    1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      28th November 2017, 13:07

      With Alonso’s luck, Renault will be the turbohybrid era Honda of 2018 onward.

  5. in f1 tests drivers without out a superlicence must have a green light on back of car… kubica today didn’t have that. doesn’t the team need to apply for superlicence? its not needed for a test. and don’t the team also have to show a contract when applying for superlicence? looking nice for Kubica, the team even gave him extra 2 hours more then planned for today (at the expense of stroll). Nico Rosberg was at the track looking pretty happy with his managing client. we might get a qualifying sim tomorrow from kubica, today he put in super consistent times, at the end some even witing thousands or a second.

    1. I believe because of his scenario, to get a superlicence he just needed to a certain number of km in the car, which he did at Renault

      1. I know that, but I thought a team has to apply for the superlicence, and not it being granted instantly to a driver. for a test the team does not need to apply. correct me if I’m wrong on the application part then.

  6. Some sponsors missing from some cars (McLaren, Force India [Rear wing]). I guess this classes as pre-2018? Some sponsorship’s run out on the last race of 2017?

    1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
      28th November 2017, 13:13

      The Force India rear wing was sponsored by Johnnie Walker. I don’t think they came up with an alternate design for the Abu Dhabi GP. The McLaren rear wing, on the other hand, was self-sponsorship. Maybe they managed to bag someone?

      1. Rumours abound that either or both of Santander and Petrobras are looking at McLaren.

        1. Sundar Srinivas Harish
          29th November 2017, 11:57

          Santander is a possibility, given that ‘Nando is in McL. I doubt Petrobras would be willing to sponsor right now, since they’ve been doing some corporate financial restructuring recently. I doubt the Board would be eager to sponsor a racing team, especially one without a Brazilian driver.

  7. Hundreds of millions of pounds spent, and McLaren just screw the Halo on with a couple of self tappers…. the spirit of the Garagista lives on
    Love it :)


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