2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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“Two weekends of hell” was how Lance Stroll described his final races of the year at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in pictures
It had been a trying race for the Williams driver, who from the outset was unhappy with his car’s balance, urging his team to give him more information anf hurriedly calling for an early pit stop. He ended up making three visits.

For the rest of the field just one stop was obviously the way to go, though it left them with little room to manoeuvre in terms of strategy. Esteban Ocon tried to ‘over-cut’ his team mate by staying out longer but the tyres wouldn’t hold up long enough.

Fernando Alonso was one of few drivers who made progress after the first lap. As the race drew to a close he was lining up for a crack at the fastest lap time, but fell short. Nonetheless he joined in the celebratory doughnuts at the end, describing it as “practice for next year”.

However Alonso did manage to hold Felipe Massa off until the end. As in Brazil, the Williams driver had enough emotional farewell exchange on the radio after the chequered flag had fallen on the 2017 season.

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2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRFrom Lewis Hamilton

It’s quite windy out there.
PRTo Lewis Hamilton

To Hamilton: Still headwind turn two, it may have rotated compared to yesterday so more of a tailwind turn eight. Still predominantly the same direction, though.
PRFrom Romain Grosjean

Grosjean: Thanks for waiting, I’ve finished my drink.
PRTo Romain Grosjean

No problem, that was a big drink.
PRFrom Lewis Hamilton

Is the temperature still dropping?
PRTo Lewis Hamilton

Yeah it should be dropping. The sun’s just disappearing behind the grandstand. It should be down.
PRTo Fernando Alonso

Fernando tyre info: prime [soft] runners are Wehrlein, Ericsson and Hartley, everyone else on option [ultra-soft].
FLFrom Lewis Hamilton

The fumes have been pretty strong.
FLTo Lewis Hamilton

Yeah that’s Ricciardo behind you quite smoky.
1From Kimi Raikkonen

Something flew out of my car, hit me in the head on top of the car, don’t know what it was.
2From Sergio Perez

Hulkenberg cut the corner.
2From Nico Hulkenberg

He pushed me off the track, he made me run wide there.
2To Nico Hulkenberg

OK Nico understood.
2To Kevin Magnussen

Magnussen spun off on the first lap.
We don’t see vibrations, and pressure are fine.
2From Kevin Magnussen

Yeah it’s all good.
2From Sergio Perez

He needs to give back the position, then.
2To Sergio Perez

Understood. Charlie is aware.
3To Lance Stroll

Go race, Lance.
3From Sergio Perez

What’s going on with Charlie, man?
3To Sergio Perez

It’s with the stewards. Tell us what happened.
3From Sergio Perez

They don’t have to be a genius to realise that he cut the corner and he gained an advantage.
4From Sergio Perez

We discussed that on the drivers briefing.
4From Esteban Ocon

By the way Hulkenberg cut the track.
4To Esteban Ocon

Copy that.
6From Stoffel Vandoorne

Honestly I have no rear grip. Is there anything I can do?
6To Stoffel Vandoorne

Difficult to help that with diff. You can go forward on brake balance but we risk front locking.
6To Max Verstappen

How’s things Max?
6From Max Verstappen

Yeah little bit stuck so I can’t really do much.
6To Max Verstappen

Understood. Daniel is increasing the gap to Kimi so the tow effect will start to reduce.
6From Kevin Magnussen

These tyres are finished, they’re gone.
6To Kevin Magnussen

The temperature is coming back slowly so probably they’ll come back a bit.
6From Sergio Perez

Come on Charlie.
6To Sergio Perez

Hulkenberg will get a five second time penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage.
6From Sergio Perez

That’s not fair. But anyway let’s focus on this.
6To Sergio Perez

We understand. Focus, he will get that added at the pit stop so let’s get close to him.
7From Lance Stroll

Really struggling with the rear guys. Can you give me more information, you’re being very quiet.
7To Lance Stroll

Diff entry two, mid two. We are checking, Lance.
8To Pierre Gasly

You can use overtake sector one to get into his DRS.
9To Kimi Raikkonen

I would try at the minute to close the gap and have a go, Kimi. Let’s try and have a go.
10To Romain Grosjean

You need to obey turn 11 dotted line.
10From Romain Grosjean

I can crash if they want. Honestly I’m starting to get a bit fed up of their rules.
12From Lance Stroll

Can we box this lap? I would really suggest it. I would rather go all the way.
12To Lance Stroll

Stand by.
12From Lance Stroll

No time to stand by.
12To Lance Stroll

Stand by, Lance.
12From Lance Stroll

Yeah but I have two major flat spots… Box box box. I have to box. Box now.
12To Lance Stroll

OK, box this lap, box this lap.
12From Fernando Alonso

Tell me the distance with Massa on the start/finish line every lap.
12To Fernando Alonso

OK understood.
13To Lewis Hamilton

And Lewis if you could take turn nine in second gear, just seen a bit of vibration there. Valtteri was a 42.6.
14From Daniel Ricciardo

Understood. For high-speed I need two to three clicks less. But I want to keep a bit for low so maybe down two.
14To Daniel Ricciardo

OK Daniel understood. Track temperature will keep dropping, I’ll take that into consideration.
16To Daniel Ricciardo

Verstappen has pitted so it’s all going to kick off now, let’s push.
17From Max Verstappen

Ah I missed a gearshift, somehow it jumped out.
17To Max Verstappen

Copy that, keep on it.
17To Lewis Hamilton

Think about forward on B-bal and going up on your diffs to keep the rear under control.
17From Lewis Hamilton

Just keep the talk to a minimum, please.
17From Lewis Hamilton

Turn nine’s losing me time, guys.
18To Pierre Gasly

Gasly spun.
Is he car OK? All OK with the car?
18From Pierre Gasly

All OK, I lost the rear completely.
18To Pierre Gasly

Understood. The race is long. Keep pushing as much as you can.
18From Stoffel Vandoorne

It’s like driving a rally car.
19From Sergio Perez

What did you do with front wing?
19To Sergio Perez

Exactly what you asked.
19From Sergio Perez

And what did I ask?
19To Sergio Perez

You didn’t want to go too low.
19To Daniel Ricciardo

Are the tyres still OK, Daniel?
19From Daniel Ricciardo

They hit a step that last lap. I’ll let you know. I can keep this pace.
19From Romain Grosjean

Are we racing these guys or not?
19To Romain Grosjean

Let’s fight, let’s hold them.
20From Daniel Ricciardo

I’ve got a puncture, boxing. Sorry. Something felt wrong on the front.
20To Daniel Ricciardo

It will be close to Raikkonen but you should be clear. We will be close.
20From Daniel Ricciardo

OK. I don’t know if something in the front broke. I’ll let you know.
20To Daniel Ricciardo

No worries. Just push on the way out.
21To Daniel Ricciardo

All feel OK with the car question?
21From Daniel Ricciardo

I think so. Just down at 19 felt weird.
21From Daniel Ricciardo

Something on the front still feels weird.

OK mate we’re looking into it.
22From Daniel Ricciardo

I think I’m losing power steering.
22To Daniel Ricciardo

OK understood. Do not shift gear if you can.
22From Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo sighed loudly after this message.
Want me to stay in sixth? It’s gone, it’s gone.
22To Daniel Ricciardo

OK mate. We’ve got a hydraulic problem. Go mode one and switch off mate. I can see what you’re doing, just pull as far off the track as you can. You were doing a really good job until that point. You were quicker than Raikkonen behind you. Go to P0.
22To Max Verstappen

Daniel is slow ahead.
22From Max Verstappen

What happened to him?
22To Max Verstappen

Car issue.
23To Fernando Alonso

One hundred and one percent please Fernando. And Ricciardo is out of the race.
23From Esteban Ocon

Got no grip on the fronts.
23To Esteban Ocon

So we need another four to five laps at this pace. If we can get another four or five laps at this pace we may over-cut, so keep going.
24To Fernando Alonso

Alonso got ahead of Massa.
Excellent job Fernando. Use the overtake if you need it.
24From Felipe Massa

Just no deployment at all.
26To Valtteri Bottas

Just be aware Lewis is pushing hard.
26To Fernando Alonso

And gap to Sainz only 21.4.
26From Fernando Alonso

OK mate but it is what we have. I would love to be quicker, I would love to have more deployment, I would love to have many things. This is what we have.
28To Stoffel Vandoorne

Gap to Magnussen was two seconds on the start/finish line, this is good now Stoff, this is good.
28To Nico Hulkenberg

Gap to Perez 5.3 seconds,
28From Nico Hulkenberg

28To Sebastian Vettel

Tyres are healthy.
30From Lance Stroll

[Censored by FOM] disaster. I’m trying to do everything I can but I’m just going backwards.
30To Lance Stroll

OK understood Lance. We reckon Ericsson should stop soon. Lance…
30From Lance Stroll

What? Tell me.
30To Lance Stroll

We are looking at an alternative. I’ll let you know.
30From Lance Stroll

Yeah I’d rather stop again.
30To Lance Stroll

Yeah push, push this lap. Then we see.
31To Pierre Gasly

OK push now, push now.
32To Valtteri Bottas

Lewis had a lock at turn 17. So he’s now gapping 1.8.
32From Valtteri Bottas

Was it a big one?
32To Valtteri Bottas

Not a major one.
33From Carlos Sainz Jnr

Yeah one tyre is not on. [Censored by FOM].
33To Carlos Sainz Jnr

Stop the car please. Try to avoid causing a Safety Car. Try to stop the car somewhere where they can recover it well.
33From Carlos Sainz Jnr

[Censored by FOM].
33To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK don’t forget to go to P1 and P0.
33From Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK. Anyway good effort guys. What a shame.
33To Carlos Sainz Jnr

OK sorry.
36From Fernando Alonso

Where is Stoffel?
36To Fernando Alonso

Stoffel P12. Had a problem.
36From Fernando Alonso

Nothing we can do to help him get in the points? How far he is?
36To Fernando Alonso

No Fernando there’s nothing we can do. There are 21 laps to go including this one. The lead cars are slowing down so we’re not sure if we’ll be lapped. C3 position one please. Follow the dash.

37From Lance Stroll

Maybe, can I just box? Just to do something different with the tyres? Maybe I can learn something. Because right now it’s kind of a waste of time.
37To Lance Stroll

OK box, Lance, box.
37To Marcus Ericsson

That was a very good lap. That was a lap from the cars in the top ten. So keep pushing.
39From Lance Stroll

What should I do? Give me a little bit more information. Should I manage the tyre more?
39To Lance Stroll

Watch Hulkenberg. We are thinking the front is too cold. Try to bring up the temperature in the front and see about the balance.
39From Lance Stroll

39To Pascal Wehrlein

Ahead of Magnussen is Vandoorne and he seems to struggle. Keep the pressure high on both, you are quicker.
40To Brendon Hartley

You can use DRS. Let’s try to follow these guys and get past Wehrlein in front.
40To Nico Hulkenberg

You are getting some warnings on your dash. You can ignore them.
40From Nico Hulkenberg

41From Sebastian Vettel

Can you confirm the left-rear sensor is wrong?
41To Sebastian Vettel

Yes I can confirm, tyres are healthy to the end.
42To Brendon Hartley

Come on, Brendon.
42From Lewis Hamilton

Can’t follow this [censored by FOM] here.
43From Romain Grosjean

The front didn’t like at all the blue flag.
43To Romain Grosjean

Understood the temp will come back a bit.
43From Pascal Wehrlein

Oh my God, they are so fast on the straights. I can’t believe it.
43To Pascal Wehrlein

It’s OK Pascal, keep pushing, was good overtake so far.
43From Max Verstappen

Clearly sarcastic.
Wow they did really well there. Unbelievable.
46To Stoffel Vandoorne

Stoff you’re doing a good job with the issues we know we have. Ten laps to go after this one. You’re doing a good job.
47To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus that’s the right thing what you’re doing with the mode push.
47From Marcus Ericsson

Yeah it is not good.
47To Marcus Ericsson

Copy. Use overtake button.
47From Pierre Gasly

I have so much vibration.
47To Pierre Gasly

48To Marcus Ericsson

OK Marcus, Gasly’s complaining about his tyres, he has a lot of vibration, we need to get him now.
51To Sebastian Vettel

Bottas, Hamilton 42.4.
51From Sebastian Vettel

Whey are they so slow?
51To Sebastian Vettel

They have some traffic.
51From Sebastian Vettel

OK, copy.
51From Fernando Alonso

I will do a G1 last lap.
52From Fernando Alonso

Four or three laps? Because we are one laps behind.
52To Fernando Alonso

There are three full laps after you finish this one.
52From Fernando Alonso

Because here on the dash I have three now.
54From Fernando Alonso

What is the fastest lap?
54To Fernando Alonso

Bottas has done a 1’40.65
54From Fernando Alonso

It’s 1.7 from my delta?
54To Fernando Alonso

That’s correct, Fernando.
54From Fernando Alonso

So next one will be the final lap?
54To Fernando Alonso

Yes mate next one will be the last lap.
55To Fernando Alonso

OK Fernando fastest lap now a 1’40.5.
55To Fernando Alonso

Correct it’s a 1’40.65. Let’s have yellow G1. Last lap.
55To Nico Hulkenberg

This is the last lap.
VLTo Valtteri Bottas

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So well-managed. Thank you Valtteri.
VLFrom Valtteri Bottas

Yes. That felt good. It’s a nice way to end, like this.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Well done Lewis. P2. It’s been one hell of a season mate. Well done.
VLFrom Lewis Hamilton

Fantastic season guys. Thank you so much for all your work. It’s an honour to race for you and I’m grateful for all the hard work you do all year and everyone in the factory too.
VLTo Lewis Hamilton

Thank you Lewis, really appreciate it.
VLTo Nico Hulkenberg

That’s it Nico, fantastic.
VLFrom Nico Hulkenberg

Thank you guys, good job, good job.
VLTo Nico Hulkenberg

Absolutely Nico. There was a few errors there we need to sort out but otherwise really great stuff. We’ve got what we needed. Absolutely brilliant. Well done mate. Thank you for your part, superbly judged.
VLFrom Nico Hulkenberg

No worries, it’s what I’m here for. Thank you guys too. Enjoyed the first year. Let’s look forward to the next few at least, also. Let’s just pull hard to go for bigger results.
VLTo Nico Hulkenberg

Thanks a lot. Magic. Merci.
VLTo Sebastian Vettel

P3 Sebastian, P3. Nice job. Thank you for the season.
VLFrom Sebastian Vettel

Thanks to everyone. Thanks for all your hours. Your hard work, commitment, your passion, your love for racing. Thank you.
VLTo Max Verstappen

Well done Max. Pretty boring race but well done. Bad luck. We will expect a good drawing of the rear of that Ferrari, tonight.
VLFrom Max Verstappen

Yeah it was really, really boring. And a bit frustrating because we were a lot faster than him. I think if we got past him it would be a completely different race.
VLTo Max Verstappen

There was not much action out there to be honest, mate. It was pretty processional. Hamilton followed Bottas for the whole race as well.
VLTo Max Verstappen

Yeah it was a good effort Max. Unfortunately as GB said none of the cars could get close enough today. So it was a pretty boring race, we were hoping for a Safety Car when Daniel stopped but it wasn’t to be. You’ve driven a great season this year. Well done and look forward to next year.
VLFrom Max Verstappen

Yeah exactly. Maybe this was not the most interesting race but at least we got some good results at the end of the season so that is promising for next year.
VLFrom Esteban Ocon

Good job guys. Great season. Let’s keep this going next year.
VLTo Esteban Ocon

Yep well done mate, great year. Sorry we couldn’t do anything strategy-wise.
VLFrom Fernando Alonso

I did some doughnuts practice for next year.
VLTo Fernando Alonso

Yes mate I saw.
VLTo Felipe Massa

OK Felipe great job. Sorry we lost out to Fernando there but we picked up a point. Good drive.
VLFrom Felipe Massa

Yeah thank you guys thank you. Unfortunately we lost a position but thank you very much for everything. Really enjoyed to be here for this year but also for these 16 years. So thank you guys, I love you guys.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Thank you, Felipe. It’s been brilliant the last three years, really good, really enjoyed it. So thank you very much and congratulations on a really great career.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Hi Felipe this is Paddy. Thank you for a great race, well done today, and thank you for a great career. All you’ve brought to Formula One, absolutely amazing, thank you.
VLFrom Felipe Massa

Thank you Paddy, thank you everybody. All the mechanics, thank you boys, great job, I love you all. Everybody from the team, everybody from outside, all the fans. And my family, thank, I’m very lucky.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Well done mate, another good drive. Thanks for the last 12 years or whatever it was.
VLFrom Felipe Massa

Yes thank you mate. Was really, really great. Thank you Rob.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Massa’s wife also contragulated him in Portuguese.
Say hello, daddy.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Hello daddy.
VLFrom Felipe Massa

VLTo Felipe Massa

Good race.
VLFrom Felipe Massa

Thank you.
VLTo Felipe Massa

VLFrom Felipe Massa

I have no power any more.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Are you sure you’re supposed to be there?
VLFrom Felipe Massa

Yeah I’m here man.
VLTo Felipe Massa

Yeah fair enough. It’s like you’re third.
VLTo Romain Grosjean

Good drive man. Wasn’t enough but you did great, really good drive.
VLFrom Romain Grosjean

Yeah probably one of the best of the season to be fair. Just a bit unlucky with the blue flags and with Stroll. Anyway, thank you everyone for the season it’s been great, I’ve enjoyed it. Proud of you, I’m looking forward to next year.
VLTo Romain Grosjean

Thanks a lot. It’s been fun. We’ll do more next year.
VLTo Stoffel Vandoorne

Good job Stoffel. Well done hanging on to that. We know there are issues with the car. Not sure what, we need to investigate after the race.
VLFrom Stoffel Vandoorne

Anyway thanks guys for the season, it’s been not an easy one for everyone.
VLTo Brendon Hartley

Unfortunately Hulkenberg is P6.
VLFrom Brendon Hartley

Ah sorry guys. Not much I could do mate. Very hard to get close enough with the aero loss.
VLTo Brendon Hartley

Yeah copy that. Anyway the pace was more close to the other guys today so it’s good.
VLFrom Brendon Hartley

Thanks guys. Sorry about that.
VLFrom Pierre Gasly

[Censored by FOM] hell. [Censored by FOM]. [Censored by FOM]. Sorry guys. [Censored by FOM].
VLTo Pierre Gasly

It’s OK.
VLFrom Pierre Gasly

It’s not OK. First of all I’m not P6 and second I did a [censored by FOM] race. [Censored by FOM].
VLTo Pierre Gasly

Radio off.
VLFrom Lance Stroll

I just want to say, anyways, to everyone. Thank you for a really great year I think in general. Some of the results have been really, really good. Let’s forget about the last two weekends of hell because that’s not what we’re capable of doing. Let’s remember the good moments, take some time off, work hard in the off-season, come back and be at our best level.

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    12 comments on “2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript”

    1. Comedy gold. Interesting Alonso’s team player mode. What can you say about Romain? He’s just really funny and I mean that in a nice way. Stroll, really pushing the team. Interesting. Not much radio from the top flight which tells it’s ownstory…

      1. Stroll, really pushing the team. Interesting.

        I’m surprised by how positive and uplifting his attitude has been throughout the year, even when he has been abysmal. With his current mindset, he is only going to improve.

        1. positive, uplifting vs delusional – it’s a fine line.

          1. @jimmi-cynic Stroll has never been delusional, unless you’re saying that he shouldn’t be in F1, which I don’t necessarily agree with yet. When he’s bad, he admits it. If he says that he can do better than what he did in Abu Dhabi and Brazil, I’d gladly believe him because of his performances in Canada, Baku, Monza, Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico.

            What I meant by a “positive” attitude was that he doesn’t let bad results negatively affect his mindset and approach to a race and continues to believe in himself.

            1. Yes, I don’t feel his was ready fro F1. His driving style hasn’t evolved much either. He was sawing at the wheel in his first F1 race and reverted to sawing away at his last. As others have said, he doesn’t seem to have much feel for the car.

              He can have all the positivity money can buy, but if he doesn’t learn from the negatives, how will he improve? And the $50 million dollar question still remains to be answered – would he have an F1 drive without Stroll Sr’s billions backing him?

    2. @keithcollantine
      When watching the race ric clipped the wall but there wasn’t much coverage on tv.

      Do you know if this was a result of the hydraulic issue or potentially a cause, or completely unrelated.


      1. Tom – Ricciardo first noticed the issue when he had steering difficulties – he suspected a puncture or a suspension failure, and pitted. However, despite the tyre change it didn’t improve. It was a lap or so later that the team detected the hydraulic failure and asked him to retire.

        See these radio comms on laps 20-22: https://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2017/11/30/2017-abu-dhabi-grand-prix-team-radio-transcript/#20

        It does appear to have been unrelated to him clipping the wall, as that was a rear tyre impact, which would have manifested itself first as gear shifting or gearbox sync issues, not as steering issues.

    3. Stroll just seems completely lost. I hope he manages to find something next season, or his career is basically over at such a young age.

      1. It’s rare to see a driver almost panicking during a race. He has had a lot of practice when you include the private test sessions. I think he may lack feel. The ability to get feedback from the car and what it is doing at any given moment. The faster the vehicle the more feel you need. I want to see young drivers do well. They are the future of the sport. However I can think of a few young drivers with the potential for greatness who could be in his seat. Williams is being made to look foolish and needs to react to the situation. If the lack of points were down to an engine they would swap to a different maker. Like McLaren did.

    4. The TR drivers had a huge amount of expectation and pressure put on them by the team for the race ..bit unfair with a few races under their belts

    5. That was more exciting than the race.

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